ideas for bullet journal spreads


  1. goals (month, term, semester, year, life)
  2. habit tracker
  3. yearly / semesterly / termly / monthly / weekly / daily planning 
  4. budget
  5. to read / watch / listen
  6. tv series trackers
  7. upcoming book / tv / movie releases 
  8. birthday / christmas present ideas
  9. birthday / christmas wishlist 


  1. track your grades
  2. list of achievements 
  3. class schedule
  4. resource lists for each of your subjects
  5. assignment list (fortnightly, monthly, termly, semesterly, yearly)
  6. revision timetable or trackers


  1. favourite quotes / lyrics
  2. things to do when bored
  3. things to do when stressed
  4. things you’re grateful for

lists / ‘brain-dump’

  1. questions you want the answers to
  2. places you want to go
  3. diy and project ideas
  4. go-to recipes
  5. favourite books, songs, movies, shows
  6. things that make you happy
  7. things you want to learn more about
  8. favourite words
  9. favourite / useful websites

journaling and artsy

  1. pen swatches
  2. handwriting samples and experiments 
  3. stuck in tickets, brochures, recipes, etc. 
  4. letters to yourself + the important people in your life
  5. letters you’ve received 
  6. sticker or stamp collection 
  7. books read, movies watched, shows watch, etc. (monthly, yearly)
  8. best things to happen in… (day, week, month, term, year)
  9. conversations overheard
  10. playlist for [month]
  11. expenses records
  12. eating and workout records

dastardly-demolition  asked:

So, I was talking to my best friend today and she mentioned a war boy strip club. And the we started thinking about it being all chrome and I just thought, like, if Morsov was a stripper, whenever he was on stage, someone would scream "MEDIOCRE MORSOV" and he is so pissed about that, but the customers always think that that is his stage name, so everybody only calls him 'Mediocre Morsov'.

oh my god


I just