The video I found Noel in Godiva’s (Noel Fisher’s part is from :36 to about 1:06)

The candy industry sucks at innovation. Most candies can be described in one of three basic categories. First, you got your chocolate family, which starts with a chocolate base and mixes and matches nougat, caramel, wafer, and peanuts and includes Snickers, Milky Way, Reese’s, and everything Hershey has ever done. Then you got your pure sugar candies, which are just wads of corn-syrup-paste of varying density and elasticity that all promise to be flavored after some kind of fruit or spice but really just include one tiny facet of the flavor they promise to deliver. This includes Skittles, Jolly Ranchers, Starburst, etc. They come in two broad varieties: sour and not sour – and sour is better. And then, finally, you have your exotic candies, which might contain fruit or weird nuts you’ve never heard of and cost three times as much as normal candy so you buy them only when you’re trying to fuck someone (Godiva, Toblerone, and so on).

To be frank, I find this lack of variety unacceptable. What if there were only three types of movies, and they were all re-releases of movies that first came out when your grandfather was a kid? You’d be furious. You’d ramp the gates of your movie theater in a motorcycle and rip the projection screen to shreds. You’d string the ushers up by their necks in the town square. You’d burn the Weinstein mansion to the motherfucking ground and burn a pile of Spy Kids DVDs in effigy. And yet, for candy, we endure this injustice.

5 Reasons Modern Candy Is Total Bull$#!t


They had stayed in New York longer than they planned, neither minded at all, first there was thanksgiving and Hanukkah was around the corner, the entire family was there, even her others side from Russia and they all just adored Adam finding him eccentric yet very charming and his looks didn’t hurt their opinions either.

With Hanukkah, Phoebe wanted to do some Christmas for her Adam or as she calls him stuart, she took him to Rockefeller plaza for the trees, to Macy’s in Herald square for she claimed they did a better Christmas show than Harrods, she took him ice skating at central park AND Rockefeller plaza, they saw the Nutcracker, On Christmas Eve she even had a room booked at the Plaza hotel  so they would spend their own little Christmas together and she made sure to get him some nice gifts (a watch, a sweater she knitted herself, a box of Godiva chocolate, a gift basket of Christmas meats, cheeses, chestnuts, and spreads, and the book by Dr. seuss How the Grinch stole Christmas), it was even a grander holiday than thanksgiving where Babooshka tried to stab Uncle Morty over the tongue, and also the Macy’s Day parade well, with stuart being a first timer it was even more magical.

Now it was February in New York, the city so white with ice and snow it could easily be confused with Moscow. It was morning at the Kassems, her parents decided to go on a spritual awakening trip to Tibet, Vivien was in Argentina on a job, it was just them just stuart and Phoebe in her childhood bed with her wearing his shirt snuggled warmly in his embrace, she stirred awake with a wide yawn feeling very happy as well as well as hungry. The young woman stared up at her beautiful boyfriend, she has never seen anyone like him or met anyone like him, he was surreal yet kind and down to earth but eccentric and unexpecting, with a kiss to his nose she got up to go make him something to eat and herself of course.


Mall Hauled with @gayestlifter today

Socks: $24
Slip on socks: $6
Cups (x12): $72
Moon spells: $12.95
Wiccapedia; $14.95
Healing stones: $12
Dress: $69
Dress: $59
Instax: $100
Shirt: $29
Dream catcher: $29
Sunglasses x2: $40
Coconut oil: $6

Bath and body works:
Lotion x3: $39
Fragrance mist: $14
Shower gel x2: $25

Massage Bar: $10.50
Something idk my friend grabbed it: $11.50
Dusting Powder: $8.95

Shirt: $15.90
Shirt: $12.90
Necklace: $14.90

In total: like $40 idk

Wet Seal:
Necklace: $11.99
Necklace: $8.90
Necklace: $12.90
Bracelets: $10.90
Shirt: $12.50

Brandy Melville shirt: $21
Kate Spade flask: $60

American Apparel:
Dress: $79
Hat: $35

Charming Charlie’s:
Hair clip: $14.50

Knives: $34
Wine: $25

Brush cleaner - $25


An excellent alternative for Godiva, titled ‘Umbran Elegance’ by CACCHANG  

One of the original concepts for Godiva’s design.

 I’ve always envisioned her maintaining a dignified, if not sensual grace about herself - showing significant enough skin to tease and tantalize, without showing too much. Slit dresses also happen to be one of my favourite aesthetics, and I was hard pressed to decide between this, and two other designs. In the long run, this was my second choice. The elegance that it conveyed was simply too neat for me to even consider tossing aside. 

Below is a writing sample! Do enjoy!

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