Finding the Perfect Godly Guy
Girls, I know it’s something we all struggle with-love. How can we be so committed to God and find the right guy? Maybe you feel like you’re ‘too caught up in God’ to even find him. Well the truth is, we can be so lost in God and find the perfect guy we’ve all been waiting for. Actually, we should be so lost in God that we’re seeking Him first, to find the perfect guy He has planned out for us. A godly-girl who is so lost in God that she uses Him to find the one she’s been waiting for is SO attractive to a true godly-guy. Save yourself for that godly-guy, it’ll be so worth it! God has someone out there who is made for you. You’ll find him when the time is right, just leave it up to God. Give your heart to God before you give it to some silly guy.