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Hopes for season 3:

- Wally!!!!!!
- Nightwing coming back to the team
- Kaldur finding love please, he’s so lonely
- Bluepulse becoming canon
- Mal and Karen either moving in together or getting engaged
- Finding out who Raquel married/will marry
- Jason Todd as the Red Hood
- Supermartian getting back together
- Wally and Artemis being together and happy again
- Beast Boy and Conner having a brotherly moment
- Dick and Barbara openly flirting or getting together
-Barbara as Oracle because Mal isn’t ops manager anymore so it would be the perfect opportunity to have Babs as Oracle and Steph or Cass as Batgirl
- Roy being a good dad to Lian
- Ollie and Dinah getting married
- Darkseid creating chaos
-G Gordon Godfrey getting punched in the face
- Either Raven, Starfire, or Cyborg. At least one, please
- Dick making up just one more not-word, please I need it
- Someone watching Hello Megan! again just once
- M'gann baking again
- Roy and Jason becoming besties
- Red Hood and the Outlaws
- I want to cry at least twice during the season



this has gotta be the dumbest thing i’ve ever contributed to this tag but the text post just EMANATES the Reach to my 1 am logic

Reasons to bring back Young Justice
  • To find out more about Martian Culture
  • What happened to Match?
  • Red Arrow/Arsenal team up
  • And the rest of Genomorph City
  • More of the Forever People
  • What they meant by “If Superman ever turns from The Light.”
  • So Wally can come back
  • More Klarion
  • Tim Curry is not getting any younger, and G. Gordon Godfrey is clearly in cahoots with Vandal Savage
  • So Khary Payton can play someone aside from Cyborg for a change
  • So I can sleep peacefully at night

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1. Do you bite/pick your nails? nah

2. What are the best socks you own? honestly, i have multiple socks i adore. batman socks, harry potter socks, and fuzzy socks with rubber grips on the bottom so i don’t slip and I LOVE THOSE THINGS

3. Shower in the morning or the evening? evening

4. How’s your hair? damp. how’s yours?

5. Have you gone back to school yet/Are you still in school? nope! skipped college, went to work. best decision ever.

6. What’s a poem you like? i rediscovered “Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore” today and i recommend you google it.

7. What’s one book you’d like to recommend and why? AGH. well, i’m currently rereading “The Thief” and i forgot how much i love my trash son Gen and how much i enjoy the plot twists. go read it, it’s amazing.

8. Do you/did you ever doodle on your homework? oh yeah

9. Favorite comfort food? ooh…maybe chocolate ice cream?

10. Do you still have your first baby toy? not to my knowledge

11. How do you feel right now? i feel quite happy with life

my questions:

1. where do you wanna travel?

2. top three tv shows?

3. what do people find surprising about you?

4. what’s something you’re really looking forward to this year?

5. what’s one hobby of yours that you adore?

6. who do you most aspire to be like?

7. what is one thing that you want to improve on this year?

8. do you enjoy flying?

9. who is one of your favorite characters and why?

10. are you any good at conflict resolution?

11. what’s one dream you want to accomplish?

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fire-fira  asked:

Elusive, Reachpeach, and Turtlebug for the shipping ask. :3

Elusive (Black Beetle (Dawur)/Green Beetle (B’arzz O’oomm))

who’s the cuddler: They can both be pretty cuddly if they want to. It just depends on Dawur’s mood at that moment if he’s the cuddler or not.

who makes the bed: They both do, but B’arzz is the one who spends the time to make it look nice. Dawur will just throw the sheets back on and leave them in whatever haphazard condition they end up in.

who wakes up first: B’arzz, who usually gets up pretty early. Dawur stays in bed for as long as possible.

who has the weird taste in music: B’arzz seems to enjoy music from Earth, which Dawur doesn’t really care for at all.

who is more protective: Dawur.

who sings in the shower: B’arzz. He usually only does it early in the morning because he’s worried that since Dawur doesn’t like Human music, he’ll probably also not care much for Martian singing. Dawur doesn’t know B’arzz does this, because whenever B’arzz is singing, Dawur is concentrating on ignoring his scarab who keeps yelling at him to get out of bed.

who cries during movies: B’arzz.

who spends the most while out shopping: Both of them are pretty good about not spending too much, but Dawur is more likely to spend more if he sees something that he thinks is cool.

who kisses more roughly: Dawur.

who is more dominant: DAWUR

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 8

Reach Peach (G. Gordon Godfrey/Reach Ambassador)

who’s the cuddler: Gordon.

who makes the bed: Gordon. The Ambassador likes to leave it messy to annoy him.

who wakes up first: The Ambassador. Gordon has a weird sleep schedule and ends up sleeping in when he can. When that happens, the Ambassador will sometimes stay in bed with him for a little while.

who has the weird taste in music: Gordon, although it’s just that he’ll listen to songs he hates right before he goes on air just to get his rage going (it’s usually pop songs or stuff like that).

who is more protective: Gordon.

who sings in the shower: If he’s tired enough, Gordon will sometimes accidentally be mumbling the lyrics of some of those pop songs while in the shower. If the Ambassador hears him, he’ll usually make fun of him for it after.

who cries during movies: Neither.

who spends the most while out shopping: Ambassador. That man is materialistic as all hell.

who kisses more roughly: Both. It switches between the two of them.

who is more dominant: Gordon.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 8

Turtlebug (Zarkon/Reach Ambassador)

who’s the cuddler: Zarkon.

who makes the bed: Neither of them really bother with that. If they’re on Zarkon’s ship, one of the Galra drones will take care of it. Otherwise, it just stays messy.

who wakes up first: The Ambassador.

who has the weird taste in music: Neither of them really have strong feelings for any sort of music. They’ll both listen to whatever happens to be playing, but overall they don’t care too much.

who is more protective: Zarkon.

who sings in the shower: Neither.

who cries during movies: The Ambassador will pretend like he’s about to cry. Zarkon’s seen it all, so movies really don’t do much for him. But if the Ambassador is also bored with what they’re watching and wants attention, he’ll become very quiet and tense whenever they get to the “sad” part of the movie. And when that happens Zarkon notices pretty quickly and usually goes for an arm around the Ambassador’s shoulder, and the Ambassador responds by leaning against him. (the Ambassador is curious to see how long he can do this before Zarkon figures it out (Zarkon actually already figured it out he just doesn’t feel like stopping the Ambassador))

who spends the most while out shopping: THE AMBASSADOR

who kisses more roughly: The Ambassador. Zarkon is usually worried that if he’s acting too aggressive it’ll escalate and he’ll force the Ambassador into a situation that he may not be entirely comfortable with. So Zarkon pretty much lets the Ambassador do what he wants whenever they’re making out, and because he’s an ass, the Ambassador will try to goad Zarkon into doing more.

who is more dominant: Whenever whatever it is they’re doing starts out, the Ambassador is usually the one in the more dominant position. But at a certain point Zarkon will just be like “fuck it” and take over.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10

Thank you~

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fire-fira  asked:

Just because I'm in a weird mood: Godfrey.

My otp: Reach Peach (Godfrey/Reach Ambassador)
My most hated pairing: I haven’t actually seen him in too many pairings, but I don’t like the idea of him being with Desaad (because Desaad is gross) or Cat Grant
My unusual otp: N/A
My crossover otp: (I really don’t ship him with too many characters XP )
My brotp/friendship otp: Kanto
Character headcanon: He’s really tired all the time because he’s been keeping up the image of an angry tv news anchor for so long, and that makes him really grumpy and frustrated, which he channels whenever he’s on the air. He also drinks a lot of coffee.
A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

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depends on my mood~

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