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Hopes for season 3:

- Wally!!!!!!
- Nightwing coming back to the team
- Kaldur finding love please, he’s so lonely
- Bluepulse becoming canon
- Mal and Karen either moving in together or getting engaged
- Finding out who Raquel married/will marry
- Jason Todd as the Red Hood
- Supermartian getting back together
- Wally and Artemis being together and happy again
- Beast Boy and Conner having a brotherly moment
- Dick and Barbara openly flirting or getting together
-Barbara as Oracle because Mal isn’t ops manager anymore so it would be the perfect opportunity to have Babs as Oracle and Steph or Cass as Batgirl
- Roy being a good dad to Lian
- Ollie and Dinah getting married
- Darkseid creating chaos
-G Gordon Godfrey getting punched in the face
- Either Raven, Starfire, or Cyborg. At least one, please
- Dick making up just one more not-word, please I need it
- Someone watching Hello Megan! again just once
- M'gann baking again
- Roy and Jason becoming besties
- Red Hood and the Outlaws
- I want to cry at least twice during the season



this has gotta be the dumbest thing i’ve ever contributed to this tag but the text post just EMANATES the Reach to my 1 am logic

anonymous asked:

Would you rather have J. Jonah Jameson or G. Gordon Godfrey as the leader of your country?

I’d go with J Jonah Jameson. He’s brave enough to use bad grammar in front of Godzilla and we all know how much Godzilla hates it when people mix up your and you’re.

Batman #401

Alright, time to drift over to the Bat books for a bit. Batman #401 was published in November 1986 and is part of the Legends event which introduced the ‘New Earth’ (aka Post-Crisis) to the readers. 

It’s the official start of Post-Crisis over in the Batman world. 

So we open with a case where a jewelry thief is booby-trapping items. Gordon knows who it is but they’re having problems providing it. Bruce stages a party and the Magpie (the thief) strikes, while G. Gordon Godfrey spews his anti superhero rhetoric. 

Jason first shows up after the disastrous party

Pretty standard Robin stuff here. He’s the voice of the reader, getting the exposition. 

I hate it when he’s always right, too, Jay. 

Jason gets her, for sure. Accidentally ripping her entire outfit apart. That’s what you get for wearing impractical villain outfits, I suppose. I quite like that they actually went there played on that. 

Jason is, uh…embarrassed, to say the least.

Good Kid - 4

I’m really glad they had him do this instead of something joking about taking a peek or whatever they might’ve done. It fits in with Jason’s characterization as respectful to women, as well. 

The problem is that he freaking traps them all in the room with the deadly lasers so maybe he could stand to be a little less respectful of the villain’s modesty lmao. Good going, kid. 

Death by lasers! I love comics. 

Anyway, what I get from this is that Jason’s legs have always been strong, no wonder his thighs end up so impressive. 

Magpie dropped her shiny thing under a bench and was like ‘no no i can’t leave it’ and that’s basically how they catch her. She serves as a good lesson on…not being a magpie. If Batman is after you, just let the jewel go and gap it, villains. 

Reasons to bring back Young Justice
  • To find out more about Martian Culture
  • What happened to Match?
  • Red Arrow/Arsenal team up
  • And the rest of Genomorph City
  • More of the Forever People
  • What they meant by “If Superman ever turns from The Light.”
  • So Wally can come back
  • More Klarion
  • Tim Curry is not getting any younger, and G. Gordon Godfrey is clearly in cahoots with Vandal Savage
  • So Khary Payton can play someone aside from Cyborg for a change
  • So I can sleep peacefully at night

puddingmcmuffin  asked:

Jaime Reyes, Starfire, Hunk, Danny Phantom, Wally West and G. Gordon Godfrey for the 6 character ask.

Oh gosh my children ok um (doing this on mobile so I can’t bold anything drat)

do the sexy love™ with - I did this one last ironically and all that’s left is Wally West which of all the options I guess is the best???????? (As someone who’s ace I like…didn’t think about how I would answer this question too well)

sacrifice myself for - Jaime Reyes. (He and Hunk were toss-ups in their respective categories because they are precious and i love them)

kick - Danny Phantom, because I love him but hopefully he’d see it coming and phase out of the way in time. Alternatively he is an idiot sometimes and deserves a good kicking to knock some sense into him.
take to prom - Hunk!!! (As I said it was a toss up between him and Jaime. They are both my precious sons, too good for this world)

abandon in jurassic park - G Gordon Godfrey. It was this or push off a bridge but…

push off a bridge - Starfire because she can fly and she’d be fine.

mind-your-fingers  asked:

for the headcanon ask, the usual suspects: black beetle, the scientist, and just for the hell of it, g gordon

Black Beetle

A: what I think realistically

He and the Ambassador have never gotten along, and are constantly arguing over what course of action should be taken. The Ambassador usually wins by pulling rank, which only makes Black Beetle hate him more.

B: what I think is fucking hilarious

The fact that he didn’t pack any spare clothes he just wore his scarab armor the whole time. And then when he lost his scarab he’s just walking around in his underwear because he has no spare clothes.

C: what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends

He actually does care about B’arzz and Jaime, as he sees the scarab connection as a sort of kinship. The decision to destroy Green Beetle and Blue Beetle was one he was forced to make as the problems they were causing were costing the Reach far too much.

D: what would never work with canon but the canon is shit so I believe it anyway

He and the Scientist were initially pretending that they were a thing just as a way to annoy the Ambassador, but then it turned into a thing of “oh shit I actually have feelings for you.”

Reach Scientist

A: what I think realistically

In the alternate timeline where the Reach win, she was the one who killed Jaime when Khaji-Da needed to be rebooted to be put back on Mode. She was also the one who put Khaji-Da on the new host (Christopher Smith) and the one who performed the experiments on the members of the team that were captured, who were then used to enforce Reach rule after they took over Earth.

And when Virgil was talking about the teens that he never saw again, she was the one who ordered them to be disposed when the results they were showing weren’t good enough (she and Black Beetle are the two from the Reach that have the most blood on their hands).

B: what I think is fucking hilarious

She’s really interested in medieval torture devices. On her downtime she likes watching documentaries on them (and the Saw movies).

C: what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends

After the events on Earth, Apokolips kidnaps her so she can work with Desaad (the Light sees her work and figures she can be useful to them).

D: what would never work with canon but the canon is shit so I believe it anyway

And then she runs off with her Kryptonian girlfriend Mala and they have space adventures while they run away from Apokolips and the Green Lanterns. (also known as one of the other fanfictions I need to get working on. :P )

G. Gordon Godfrey

A: what I think realistically

Gordon has been on Earth for years, even before the team was first formed and he even had his show. His time before his job of bashing superheroes was spent establishing his human identity and for him to learn how to use his powers to influence the people on Earth most effectively.

B: what I think is fucking hilarious

I like the idea that the Light at first tried to get Queen Bee to control the Reach Ambassador by using her mind-control seducing powers, but when that didn’t work (because her powers don’t work on aliens and also he’s not into women) they went to Gordon and he was like “yeah, I’ll seduce him.”

C: what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends

He took complete advantage of the Ambassador and lead him on to believe that he was trustworthy, then humiliated him on tv which lead the Ambassador to be irrational (not so much heart-crushing for other people, but it sure is for the Ambassador).

D: what would never work with canon but the canon is shit so I believe it anyway

He’s going to wear that stupid outfit that he had from the comics when Apokolips takes over and he reveals himself to be a secret agent. At some point the Ambassador will see a picture of it and just be like “I can’t believe I liked that loser”.

Reasons to Watch Young Justice So it Comes Back

In case you didn’t already have enough reasons to keep binging Young Justice so it gets renewed, here are some more:

-If you don’t, I will die of a broken heart and my blood will be on your hands

- Wally needs to come back from the speedforce

- Artemis deserves to be happy again

- Jason Todd as the Red Hood

- Bluepulse getting together

- Conner and Megan getting back together

- New characters being introduced

- Karen and Mal moving in together

- We need to find out who Raquel married

- Amistad hasn’t shown up yet, nor has whomever his father is

- It is crucial that we get to see Kaldur be happy for once

- Nightwing and Batgirl being a couple

- More teenage Billy Batson

- It’s impossible to watch Young Justice and not have a good time doing it

- More Dick-tionary words

- The Light still hasn’t yet been defeated

- Darkseid

- Apokalypse story arc

- More Garfield being adorable

- Barbara becoming Oracle

- Either Stephanie Brown or Cassandra Cain becoming the new Batgirl

- More of Wally and Artemis’ dog

- Wally and Artemis still haven’t said “I love you” face to face on screen yet

- Don and Dawn the Tornado Twins

- Red Tornado being the team’s den mother again

- Black Canary and Green Arrow on screen kiss

- Tim Drake having more screen time

- Original Roy and resurrected Jason becoming besties and forming the Outlaws

- Starfire

- Cyborg joining the Justice League

- If you don’t help the fandom out, we will suddenly grow sharp teeth and claws and go on a rampage, destroying everything in our paths

- Let them tear Wally’s hologram memorial down after he’s alive again

- Dick will never be happy ever again until his best friend comes back to life

- Dr. Fate still hasn’t released Zatara

- Seeing the team beat up Joker because he killed Jason that one time

- Bruce still has not hugged one of his children on screen yet

- We only got to see Alfred twice

- More Dick and Tim brotherly moments

- Tim and Kon aren’t Bffs yet

- Black Canary is the new chairman of the League

- Lex Luthor may become the new US Secretary General

- G. Gordon Godfrey still hasn’t gotten punched in the face yet

- More of Bart talking about his past/future

- Cissie King Jones

- More Lian Nguyen-Harper

- More Clone Roy being a good dad

- M'gann growing her hair back out

- If you don’t keep binging on Netflix, you will not be my friend

- Spitfire proposal or baby

- Raven joining the team and dating Garfield

- There has not yet been a canon team movie night

- More Spitfire domestic life

- Seeing Nightwing without his costume and mask