Toxic by Mr-Asquith

Godformer Oilslick is… interesting. I have to admit, I just had fun with this one, and haven’t taken the design as seriously as in previous installments; mostly because I really don’t know much of anything about Oilslick, or Chalchiuhtotolin, the Precious Night Turkey of Plague in Aztec folklore… still, this was fun. I hope Eternaldream15 likes it, since this was their choice for the Godformer to bust out in regards to the project wheel.

I was going for a sense of decay or breaking down, though how much it shows is up to the viewers, now.

Spirits worshipped in religion as “gods” and “goddesses” are incorporated into magic spells. There is a crucial distinction between magic and religion though: religion may involve devotion to and worship of these spiritual entities. Magic invariably requests a reciprocal, cooperative relationship, although it may be a relationship characterized by love, respect, and awe. Both spirit and human are perceived as having needs, which, ideally, are mutually fulfilled by a successful magic spell.

Ultimately the most potent, powerful magic derives from spiritual partnership, working with guardian and allied spirits. This is also for many the most challenging, hard to access and believe magic, because it doesn’t feel real to many people. It may be hard to believe or comprehend that a rock has a memory, but at least you can hold the rock in your hand. When you’re working with spirits, are you actually working with anything or is this all just the stuff of myth, fairy tale, and make-believe?

Discussions about finding the goddess within, although perhaps extremely valuable from a spiritual or therapeutic perspective, present a further magical obstacle. If the goddess (and, by projection, any other magic power) is truly an aspect of oneself, why bother with any of the physical materials at all? Magic spells are, in general, a partnership between inner and outer powers— powers that are part of you, and those that are distinctly independent from you.

Our limited word pool also compounds the problem. Because we approach spirituality literally, we also approach religion. Seemingly neutral simple terms like god and goddess are actually highly charged with personal meaning and resonance. We think that when we use these terms we are all on common ground, but that’s not necessarily so. Some use these terms to indicate supreme creators of the world; others use the terms for any type of spiritual entity. So to level the playing field, let’s just use the term spirits to name those powerful entities that resist human efforts to define them.

—  Illes, Judika. The Element Encyclopedia of 1000 Spells: A Concise Reference Book for the Magical Arts (Kindle Locations 1337-1353). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition. 
Wherein my mind wanders and I ramble a bit...

Sometimes, I sit here thinking about all the UPG’s people have. (that they mention on Tumblr).

My mind wanders to the folks who believe they’ve been “tapped” by this or that diety.

Then, I think about all the hungry spirits out there who need to eat. They are hungry for the spiritual energy units (I have no name for them) that us human beings generate. They will literally do anything to be fed. So many people believe (Insert name of major deity here) has taken a personal interest in THEM.

How many people ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, they’re being fooled? That their interactions with Loki (for example, as this is by far the most commonly mentioned one I see) are all just an illusion, created by a hungry spirit.

And does it really matter who the entity is? If it says it’s (insert name of your deity here), and it is fulfilling your expectations of that actual deity, what does it matter if it is really (insert name of your deity here) or not?


How many major deities started out as hungry spirits in the first place?

(Thanks Neil Gaiman, for planting these ideas in my head. I can’t get them out.)


Astralcryptix, a portal key to other planes. And a few personal deities:

There is a horny, doll-like, kitty kat, transexual, disco, stardust, mesmerizing, strobe light meaning to this.  If all art is an expression of an inner self, yes, part of me wants to dress up in silver glitter covered platform shoes… and you don’t really need to know the rest.  "Quad" because a second layer of eyes sees another plane of existence.  Cat because it’s cute and doll parts because that’s kiddo mondo anime sexy… and artificial.  I’m talking about a sexual attraction void of the act itself:  tiny penis.

Thinking about Magick and it’s fear effect.  This is a witch.  Western, Christian, Angelic symbols create a halo.  Alchemical symbols floating about the head of a veiled (possibly) Muslim woman.  I see power in the veil like a mask just as confrontational as the naked body.  Magick mystery is the confusion of being confronted with something that you can’t put a face to or link an emotion to.  This figure comes to you raw and concealed at the same time, open to your own interpretation.

I wondered what was so alarming about this figure.  The robot is a child.  Not only that, the head resembles a “Peanuts” cartoon head.  An amped up evil Linus.  There is a projected psychic wave of communication broadcast from it’s head (Twitter!)  The robots are in constant conspiratorial communication.  I put him in a Moonscape to amplify the robots’ superiority to mammals and it’s ability to thrive in desolate environments and it’s loneliness from doing so.  In my own life, I do a lot of communing with this one.

By Tom Baumgartner.


SO as I’ve mentioned on this blog a couple times I pray to Jack Frost and Old Man Winter during winter, for all things snow- and winter safety-related. And I was thinking about what godforms I might work with for the other seasons (because the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons pantheon just doesn’t quite work for me, especially since I have yet to see HTTYD). And I came up with:

  • Lady Spring–kind of like Persephone only… I don’t know Greek mythology well enough to work with Persephone proper, and anyway I kind of think of Persephone as the wife of Hades first and the goddess of spring second.
  • Summer Running–a young girl, full of energy and life. Wears a white dress and goes barefoot at all times.

And I had someone for autumn but I forget.