Come on people. I can’t be the only one who’s genre-savvy enough to know where this-

-is gonna be heading in Season 2. 

I’m actually really excited about this, too, because this is a MUCH better explanation for why Chat Noir and Ladybug can’t know each other’s civilian identities then ‘what if it puts your family/friends in danger?’ is. Their civilian forms are when they’re most vulnerable, after all, and if the wrong person were to take advantage of that vulnerability and obtain this power, it could be disastrous. It’s a precaution, much like locking up a gun and the ammunition in separate places so there aren’t any accidents.

Plus, I’m 90% sure that there’s some kind of drawback or backlash to using this Absolute Power. I mean, if it were really that easy, why wouldn’t Fu just use it himself to stop Papillion and just be done with it? The series has gone a long ways so far in emphasising things like balance, teamwork and the need for BOTH of the heroes to work TOGETHER. Fu specifically sought out TWO people to give the miraculouses to rather then just giving both of them to one person. There must be a reason why it’s a no-no for someone to use both the Ladybug and Chat Noir miraculouses at the same time.

Until we find out what that is though, I’ll just be sitting over here, gleefully waiting for Chekhov’s gun to go off. XDDD

Day’s Child

The Burning One

Lusin: Demigod of Day

Once upon a time he was not what he is now, a deity of the sun, and of daybreak.

But that matters little now don’t you think?

For now he is a violent light. Splendid but searing. Untouchable and fiery, but magnificent in its brutality. It illuminates everything, even the most unpleasant and harsh aspects of the day and of those who are under it.

However, he is not just austere and destructive. There is a passion in him for creation, and for beautiful serene things. For colors and for contrast.

He offers his protection for those in the dominion of day, but his wrath can turn just as quickly on those who have done wrong in his eyes.

He, like his brother, is a young god still getting a handle on his abilities.

He balances out his brother.

Spirits worshipped in religion as “gods” and “goddesses” are incorporated into magic spells. There is a crucial distinction between magic and religion though: religion may involve devotion to and worship of these spiritual entities. Magic invariably requests a reciprocal, cooperative relationship, although it may be a relationship characterized by love, respect, and awe. Both spirit and human are perceived as having needs, which, ideally, are mutually fulfilled by a successful magic spell.

Ultimately the most potent, powerful magic derives from spiritual partnership, working with guardian and allied spirits. This is also for many the most challenging, hard to access and believe magic, because it doesn’t feel real to many people. It may be hard to believe or comprehend that a rock has a memory, but at least you can hold the rock in your hand. When you’re working with spirits, are you actually working with anything or is this all just the stuff of myth, fairy tale, and make-believe?

Discussions about finding the goddess within, although perhaps extremely valuable from a spiritual or therapeutic perspective, present a further magical obstacle. If the goddess (and, by projection, any other magic power) is truly an aspect of oneself, why bother with any of the physical materials at all? Magic spells are, in general, a partnership between inner and outer powers— powers that are part of you, and those that are distinctly independent from you.

Our limited word pool also compounds the problem. Because we approach spirituality literally, we also approach religion. Seemingly neutral simple terms like god and goddess are actually highly charged with personal meaning and resonance. We think that when we use these terms we are all on common ground, but that’s not necessarily so. Some use these terms to indicate supreme creators of the world; others use the terms for any type of spiritual entity. So to level the playing field, let’s just use the term spirits to name those powerful entities that resist human efforts to define them.

—  Illes, Judika. The Element Encyclopedia of 1000 Spells: A Concise Reference Book for the Magical Arts (Kindle Locations 1337-1353). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition. 

Night’s child

The Shattered One

Arev:  Demigod of the night

Once upon a time he was not what he is now: a deity of the night, and of darkness.

But his night is not an inky, amorphous, blackness of fear, gloom and isolation.

His night is all the aspects of it that make it wondrous. Starry skies and bright moons, meteor showers, long conversations into the early morning, nightlife, comforters, dreams, bonfires, and of mischievous fun.


If any being tries to use the cover of his night to wreak destruction, fear, and death-

-know that If you bring terror to those who are shaded and protected by his dark, by his starlight, he will show you true terror. Glimmers of what could be if he reverts.

But he is a young god, still getting a handle on what he can now do. One that prefers joy, mischief, star falls and fun over such things. He’d rather show that the night doesn’t have to be something scary.

He balances his brother.

Opening his optics, The Generous One blinked,staring at the line where the floor he lay on met the wall. Returning to awareness was different for mortals, so physical in nature.

He’d also forgotten how quickly and easily mortal vessels tire and apparently when limitations are met, there is little control over whether one wishes to rest or not. The decision is made for you. And so he’d rested where he fell on the floor.

Picking himself up and continuing down the hallway, The Generous One would take into consideration his vessel’s limitations to prevent a repeat of such events.

For now, The Generous One will continue his exploration, gathering items from this ship that will make suitable gifts for his fellow gods.


I am no longer calling myself a god. I am not a god. I am also not otherkin anymore. After some soul searching, I’ve come to realize that I was never any of the things I thought I was, and I feel slightly foolish for believing so. I will still keep my “godform” as an OC however, because I still feel quite attached to it.

So, yeah. I’m just good ol’ Sam. Not Kroisk. Not a god. Just a person. 

I will probably still keep this blog, just in case I want to use it for reblogging dark aesthetic things, but otherwise, I will not be here. 

If you want to still see me on here, you can follow me at @samueldamniel

Thanks for the good times, everyone.