Deadpool #18 (Volume 4)
written by Gerry Duggan, pencils by Mike Hawthorne & Brian Level, ink by Terry Pallot, colors by Jordie Bellaire & Rachelle Rosenberg

That time when Wade casually reveals one of his most private secrets to Rogue and gives her the job of mutant godfairy. Fairy godmutant? Their interactions on Uncanny Avengers are great, but scarce and I’m kinda sad some people will miss the calm moments they share in this issue. Indestructable pouch buddies with skin problems - I love them.

anonymous asked:

whoosh ✨💕🌈🔮 you have now been visited by your Lesbian Godfairy. she has blessed u with an infinite sense of inner peace and love. everywhere u go u will smell of roses. u shall receive a hundred kisses per day. or no contact whatsoever if u don't like being touched. take care of urself kid

// <3333 I’ve been blessed!!