Goddess Reading: Zaramama

Zaramama is the Inca Goddess of grain, corn in particular. Sometimes when an unusually shaped ear of corn is found it is dressed as Zaramama and is used as a symbol for good luck to the finder, a cause for celebration. Stalks of corn are sometimes hung in willow trees as a way to honor Her and celebrate.  She is the goddess I pulled for today.

In the Surcadian Oracle, Zaramama is the number 3 card found in the South position on the wheel. She sits in the East direction of the southern point on the wheel opposite of Sante Muerte. While Sante Muerte is about introspection and moving inward, Zaramama is about inquisitiveness and reaching out.

She asks us to celebrate the uniqueness within us. She asks us to explore and celebrate the uniqueness in others. Approach life with a childlike wonder. In that are the seeds for new growth. The seeds you plant today quickly take form and will be ready for harvest soon. Watch what you are planting. Let go of your fears and anger. If possible get into the dirt today, do some gardening, release and recharge with the help of Earth. Be playful if you can. Look at the things in your life that you can celebrate. They may be tiny, like a seed, but they will grow.

Sunshine is important as well. Get light into you. If it’s cloudy where you are, go outside anyway. Remember that the rain is necessary for growth as well.

Zaramama can teach us patience and acceptance. She teaches us to be aware and in tune with the world and it’s energies. Pay attention to your physical self and it’s needs. Like the corn sprouting, it can sometimes be hard to push through the earth and begin your journey upward. An accepting loving attitude can help with the transition. Be kind to yourself.