September 2014

I reflect fondly, trapped in bittersweet memories of the last 12 months. I have traversed through a myriad of emotions, and always land back at the same point. Content.. content and thankful. Everything has culminated to a point of acceptance. Things change, life goes on. The one unchanging deity in my forefront view is her. The goddess of my dreams, ruler of my world. The reason I wake up in the morning, the face that dashes across my mind as I drift off to sleep. She has made everything worthwhile. Without her, I would not be here today. Such connectivity between humans is uncommon, a rarity unbeknownst to many. True love. I am blessed to have you. You are my soulmate, my other half, the dextro enantiomer to my levo enantiometer. I smile as I realize the obsidian bonds of pure sanctity and power our relationship carries. I would not cross you if ever given the opportunity. No matter what. You are the only one I want and the only one I will have. No matter the distance, the length of time, I will stay true to you. I love you more than anything. You complete me.

3 things about this vote flip

1. Michelle is a goddess

2. Paulie/Corey/Nicole think Tiffany will owe them her life and that she will come crawling to them - but in reality Tiffany will go right back to Day and Michelle, and by extension James and Natalie, and we will get the alliance we deserve. Especially because Day has been keeping Tiffany up to speed all week about the other side of the house and the showmance alliance. (ALSO, catch the tea on Michelle playing both sides here in order to get Tiffany to stay. Amazing)

3. Wouldn’t the showmance alliance want the vote to be 8-1 instead of this close 5-4/6-3? That way, the responsibility would be diluted and if Frank gains power they can all just blame it on “the house wanted it”  If the vote turns out 6-3 (due to Day’s sympathy vote)  Frank is gonna know two of the votes were him and Natalie. Meaning that the 3rd vote couldn’t be BOTH Nicole and Corey. He probably wouldn’t think Z and Paulie would split their votes either. Frank is gonna believe it’s James over anyone else. 

These guys are fucking themselves and this backfire is gonna be delicious. AND TIFFANY is gonna slip right through with an improved position while everyone else’s messy gameplay knocked them down a few pegs for next week.