31 Days of Witchcraft
  1. How did you discover your path?
  2. How long have you been practicing witchcraft?
  3. What kind of witch are you?
  4. What specific path/tradition do you follow?
  5. Do you have any ethnics or moral codes that you follow?
  6. Are you a Solitary witch or have you worked with others in a Coven?
  7. Do you practice divination? If so, what techniques?
  8. Would/Do you read for others? Why or why not?
  9. Do you believe in anything supernatural/paranormal?
  10. What are your beliefs on an Afterlife?
  11. Does your family and/or friends know you practice witchcraft?
  12. Do/Will you teach and practice witchcraft to your children?
  13. Matron Goddess [If you have one. If not, list goddesses that you favor]
  14. Patron God [If you have one. If not, list gods that you favor]
  15. Favorite pantheon [Group of gods]
  16. What are your Sun/Moon/Rising signs?
  17. What’s your Element?
  18. Favorite season?
  19. Favorite tree?
  20. Favorite flower?
  21. Favorite gem?
  22. Favorite color?
  23. Favorite animal?
  24. What’s your familiar?
  25. Favorite book on Witchcraft?
  26. Favorite website on Witchcraft?
  27. Famous witch that you favor?
  28. Favorite divination tool?
  29. Favorite altar tool?
  30. Do you have an altar?
  31. What phase is the Moon currently in?
Greek Goddesses and Moon Magick

As a lunar witch, I love the practise of using different phases of the moon for different types of magick. I think it’s really helpful to keep not just full moon water, but water from every phase of the moon. That way you can utilise the properties of all the phases even when they’ve passed. 

 Something I recently discovered is helpful is to associate the different phases with deities and call to those deities for help when casting spells based on lunar phases. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of Goddesses that I personally associate with the lunar phases. I used Greek Goddesses because I feel the most affinity towards them, but I’d be really interested in anyone else’s lists of deities from other cultures.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t necessarily believe in the existence of deities as conscious beings, but I do believe in the existence of their energies. When I use these names in spells, I am not calling to a deity but rather I am calling upon the energies that the deity represents.


The new moon is a time to plant seeds (both literally and figuratively) and focus on new beginnings, so the Goddess of fertility and harvest is perfect to call upon for help in this phase. She is also the Goddess of the cycle of life and death, so her energy will surround you as you begin this new cycle.


In Wicca, this is the moon phase of the Maiden and so in this time I like to call upon the ultimate Greek Maiden, the virgin huntress Artemis. This is a time for constructive magick, for attraction, success and luck in your endeavours and so it is great to have the energy of the patron of hunters; she provides us with luck and protection in our own hunts. She is a protective figure, but will cause great harm to those with bad intentions.


The first quarter is a time for action and driving your goals forward with passion and determination, so the Goddess of victory and strength is perfect here. It is a time for spells to help increase motivation, energy, vitality and creativity and these are all skills that are deeply valued by Nike. She is pictured on Olympic medals and her name was used for the shoe company because of her links to speed and strength. 


Persephone, like Artemis, is another maiden who is associated with the waxing phase in Wicca. The waxing gibbous is a time where you should be seeing the fruits of your labours, so I like having it represented by the Goddess of vegetation. She is also the Queen of the Underworld, and that darker energy that she carries should help with the spells for courage and patience that are common around the time of the waxing gibbous. As Terry Pratchett said,  “A witch ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest, because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her.”


In Wicca, this phase is the moon phase of the Mother, so it makes sense to call upon the Great Mother, Mother Earth; known in Greek Mythology as Gaea (or sometimes Gaia).  She is an omnipotent motherly figure, nourishing and providing for all things and her intensely powerful energy will help guide your magick during the full moon.


The waning gibbous is often known as the thinking moon, so it is ideal to ask for the energy of the Goddess of wisdom. This is a time for meditation and strategy, which Athena is well versed in. Undoing curses and bindings are good spells around this time, and it is good to have Athena’s courage around when doing that.


Hestia is often overlooked, which is sad to me because her energy is so important. She is the Goddess of the hearth, and she looks after and protects our most important things - our home and our family. This energy is perfect to call upon in the last quarter, when the most powerful spells involve clearing negativity out of our minds and the space around us. She helps us to banish negative spirits in our house and in our souls.


In Wicca, this is the Crone moon phase and Hecate represents the Crone. The protector of Witches, the Goddess of Magick, her power and wisdom only grows stronger in her old age. Her energy will help you in your waning crescent spells to find atonement, knowledge and balance. She is a master of the life cycle and will allow you to be able to let go and move on. 

A Blast from the Past (Part 4)

Originally posted by sassmastersarahkv

Summary: You didn’t know what to expect when you entered that factory, but you sure didn’t expect running into him.

Characters: Reader, Reader’s little sister, Simon, Negan, the Saviors

Pairing: NeganxReader

Word count: 1100

Warnings: Swearing, violence

(Y/L/N) stands for your last name.

(Part 1)-(Part 2)-(Part 3)

You just stood there, staring at the man because at this very moment, you didn’t know what to say. Only one word popped into your mind.


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Felcities of Rapid Motion- Chekov x Reader

A/N: I’ve survived two 8am lectures and I’ve got another two to go. Also, archaeology is the bastard lovechild of Science and History, pass it on. I’m so sorry it took so long, anon, I got a little stuck but then I figured it out. Also, thanks to everyone for sending in prompts, they should all be finished very soon :) I’m still open for all sorts of things though :)))))))

This is just a little Jane Austen inspired, but like not really, I decided Regency AU was a terrible idea unless you wanna 60k fic it. Also feat Bond!Karl Urban (hehehehe). Also, I wanted to try something a little new with romance that isn’t as IN YOUR FACE is kinda just starting out and blossoming, hopefully it’s still good???

Title: Felicities of Rapid Motion
Tags: Chekov x Reader, Blatant Archaeology, Bones’ southerness
Ratings: T (I really should wash my mouth out with soap)
Prompt: “You look… You like you should; eyes filled with stars and a smile that could make a goddess jealous.”
Prompt List: here (x)
Master List: here (x)

The Felicities of Rapid Motion

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Vulcan High Councillor and a Star Fleet Captain in possession of mutually beneficial intentions must be in want of a ball.

It was a rare occasion aboard the Enterprise, and rarer still back in the Academy. But the thought of a Ball wile drifting in the endless stars and galaxies of the universe was enough for every crewmate aboard the scientific vessel to fucking wet themselves.

“And you, missy? You got a date?” You rolled your eyes at Bones and returned your eyes to the fragments of stone you had been gently scraping away at. Perhaps if you were lucky, there would be traces of the ancient civilisation’s DNA left in it, before it was severely affected by the meteor impact.

“I don’t know, Bones. I mean, I’m so close to figuring out this little detail. You know, it could completely re-write Xenoarchaeology’s interpretation of the fall of-“

“Okay Ensign Y/L/N, we get it, you’re gonna conquer the universe with your historical mumbo-jumbo.” Bones gently rolled his eyes before leaning on the bench, a little concerned. “But you gotta have a break, kiddo, can’t have you fallin’ asleep in the labs and on equipment.”

“No, I mean I can’t even find a date!” You laughed a little, though really not minding the fact. Or at least you thought you didn’t… never mind. “And besides, as if I have a ballgown or something to wear.”

“Well unfortunately for you, I’m a doctor not a fairy godmother.” Bones twirled a stirring rod that you had left beside a couple of beakers and test tubes. “Well, about dates, you can’t ask the people you have lunch with, can you?”

“Well, I tried setting up Montez with Fonteyn and that absolutely failed because Montez it turned out just wanted to get into my pants,” You began ticking off people in your little dining hall group. “And, well, It just doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would-“

“What about Russian Whiz kid?” Bones tried with a raised brow.

“God no, I turned him down because I thought it was a joke. Turns out it was a real date.” You shuddered a little at the memory. There was no way that Ensign Chekov was serious, or so you had thought. You’d scoffed a little in the turbo lift, unable to believe what it was you were hearing. But it turned out he’d been in earnest.

And then the guilt began to eat at you, your heart sinking in complete and utter terror, unable to believe how callously you’d just turned Chekov down.

You thought for the briefest glimmer of a second that you’d seen the hurt pass before his hazel eyes. But in an instant they glimmered mischievously once again, a puppyish grin pulling at his mouth and his fingers raking through curls.

You’d fucked up. You’d done fucked up.

So you did whatever was humanely possible to avoid Chekov until the whole fiasco had blown over.

So pretty much until the galaxy collapsed in on itself.

Chekov realised that in retrospect, using the phrase “Did you know that the phrase cinePADD and chill was actually inwented in Russia?” to pick up a girl, was a terrible mistake. Especially if the intention to date said girl was rather serious.

But now, sweating in his rarely-worn tuxedo, he was genuinely worried. Ensign Y/L/N didn’t have a date as far as he knew (Bones told Uhura who told Sulu who told Kirk who told Spock who told quite literally the entirety of the Bridge), and while not everyone was required to have a date, he hadn’t seen her all night. Well, the night was still young.

Perhaps he just hadn’t seen her amidst rich silks and sumptuous velvets. Perhaps he’d just missed her, wearing a thin waft of chiffon and dissipating like autumn fog.

But as the gala drew on and the band played more songs, it became apparent to Pavel that she simply wasn’t there. She wasn’t mingling with remaining members of Vulcan council, trying glean pieces of history, or with Star Fleet officials, trying to find a post to some undiscovered planet.

“She’s not here,” Bones raised a ridiculously well-groomed brow, taking a sip of whiskey. It was rather difficult for Pavel to get a word in with the doctor as he had been besieged with various members of the crew, attempting to get laid, preferably with Bones still in the suit. “Decided to stay behind in the labs,”


“Don’t worry Chekov, you had nothing to do with it,” Bones clapped him hard enough on his shoulder blade for his grimace to give way to a slight wince of pain.

“Do you zink she’s lonely down zere?” Pavel hazarded a question, sure that Bones probably wouldn’t cuff him behind the head. The gentle implications of his statement said that it was definitely his fault that she was spending her time alone. Probably enjoying her time alone as it meant a certain escape from him or anyone else.

“Probably not, son, she’s got millennia-old bits of dead bastards.” Bones replied before swiftly walking away at the sight of an engineering lieutenant who seemed to have her feelers wrapped tightly around Bones whenever in the vicinity.

It seemed rather rude, Pavel finally decided; to simply leave her alone without at least saying sorry. Perhaps she had just panicked? Or perhaps she really did not like him, either way it warranted a proper apology. And someone had to be concerned for her wellbeing.

It soon dawned upon him, after several minutes she was not in any of the labs. He couldn’t spy her studious form in any of the reflective, sanitised surfaces- the sharp, alcoholic smell assaulting his nose.

Eventually he found himself wandering to the emptied mess hall, hoping that perhaps she was helping herself to a serving of synthesised ice-cream.

And there she was, sitting cross-legged upon the floor, still dressed in her uniform and her hair in it’s usual carefree style. She stared out quietly, head resting in her hands, seemingly unaware of the distant noises around her as her eyes glittered with the colourful glow of the nebula.

“Y/N?” Pavel hesitated a little as he slowly drew nearer and nearer, locked in her gravitational pull and unable to leave- not that he would want to. “Are you alright?”

“Hm? Oh, it’s nothing. I never really liked galas that much anyway.” She shrugged slightly before turning to face him, her cheeks dampened with slight tears. “I’m- I’m sorry about the whole… shitfest,”

“Eets’s alright, I vas terrible,” He laughed, deciding that it would be for the best to join her on the cold floor tucking his legs and wrapping his arms around them. “What?”

“The tuxedo suits you,” She smiled, reaching out to tap the bow-tie Sulu had painstakingly knotted for him as he fidgeted, Kirk adjusting Chekov’s insignia cufflinks. “Did everyone look lovely?”

“Qvite,” He nodded enthusiastically in memory of what could only be described as a blur of fabric and spilled drinks. “Bones vas running avay from everyone, Uhura vas dancing, Kirk vas singing. You’d look lovely with them,” he added as an after-thought.

“Me? No, no…” She protested quietly, turning her head away from his gaze and facing the nebula once again, the now golden glow casting swirling patterns of light, dancing upon her beautiful face. “I look terrible-“

“No. You look… you look as you should,” Chekov refuted in all earnest before softening, realising how much he was telling the truth. She did look at home, at peace with the uniform, wearing it with pride. “Mesmerising, vith eyes filled vith stars and a smile zat could make a goddess jealous.”

“That was… poetic.” She admitted, shaking her head but her dazzling smile gracing her face, wiping away the now drying tears. “Was it true?”

“Of course,” He answered. “Are you lonely? Vould you rather be at ze party?”

“No, no. I’ve got you, haven’t I?”

She was right, Chekov thought. He was incandescently happy by her side, simply sitting back and watching the nebula, the gala drowned out in the stillness and her presence.

Friendly reminder to PJO OC creators...

Do not use a virgin goddess! Stick to deities that have had demigod children in the source material, meaning in the actual myths. 
Now, some of you may, “Athena is a virgin, and she has children in the books!” Well, as pointed out in Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, Athena did in fact have a child. With Hephaestus of all people. He was not born traditionally, but neither are her children in the book, so, yeah.

So, here’s a list of goddesses that are off the tables:
- Hera (And Juno)
- Hestia (And Vesta)
- Artemis (And Diana)
- Britomartis
- Aura
- Hygeia
- Bona Dea (Only Roman)
- Astraea
- Electyrone
- The Muses (Clio, Urania, Melpomene, Thalia, Terpsichore, Calliope, Erato, Polyhymnia, and Euterpe) THIS CAN BE DEBATED, THOUGH!

Another thing to avoid is choosing a deity that doesn’t have much history with interacting with mortals at all. Take most of the Protogenoi, as example. Also, deities that have shown to dislike mortals also wouldn’t make much sense, like Khione. I also personally believe this is why Demi-titans aren’t that popular. (An example of an exception being Hecate, of course.)

How Do We Begin To Covet

@jewliesparks asked for “Haunt Me - Loki and Sigyn”.

Fic inspired by an  original Thor comic storyline. Title inspired by “Silence of the Lambs” :/

Sigyn couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched. It had started not long after her engagement feast, a ridiculous affair hosted by the king and queen of Asgard, and the feeling had not abated. She did her best to put it out of her mind and clung tightly to Theoric’s arm as they walked through the marketplace, doing her best to pay attention to him as he talked excitedly about his latest promotion.

After Theoric returned her home, placing a chaste kiss upon her hand, Sigyn confided in her mother.

“I feel eyes on me everywhere,” she lamented. “It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, but no matter how much I look I can never see anyone. I feel like I’m going crazy.”

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Things to do for Imbolc
  • Take a white candle an inscribe it with a bind-rune or sigil symbolizing new beginnings. Then sit quietly with it and watch it slowly burn down, while meditating and visualizing everything that you want 2015 to be, what you want to accomplish, lessons you want to learn, and make peace with the year that has just passed. Invite the light back in. 
  • Bake some bread! Plaited loaves are fairly traditional for this time of year, but baking any cake or bread is a good way to start the new season.
  • Make a Brigid’s cross. You can create these from rope, string, corn or stiff grass stems, and once you get the hang of them they’re fairly easy to create. Hang them up in a doorway to welcome the fresh new energies of spring into your home. 
  • Spring clean! Clean everything as much as you can, from top to bottom, and collect anything that you don’t want anymore and give it away to charity. Sprinkle some banishing powder around your floor and as you sweep up that and the dirt imagine all the negativity and toxic energies from the previous year behind swept away to be replaced with good vibes. Be sure to dispose of the sweepings outside your home, rather than in an indoor bin. You want to remove them completely!
  • Acquire a white length of ribbon and on the eve of Imbolc tie it up somewhere outside your home, for example on your front door handle or on a tree branch if you have any trees in your garden. The legend goes that Brigid will visit your home and bless the ribbon, making it grow longer! Be sure to measure its length before and after you bring it inside to check if you’ve been blessed! You can then tie it around your Brigid’s cross or make something with it. Just be sure to display it somewhere in your home to bring you the luck of the Goddess. 
  • Make a list of things you want to achieve in 2015, and read them aloud. The Universe is listening and will help you to achieve them. 
  • Make an Imbolc alter to honour the festival and the Goddess Brigid. You can decorate your alter with whatever you deem to be spring-like; candles, snowdrops, herbs, white ribbons and bread offerings are all fairly traditional. 
  • Make an Imbolc lunch/dinner. Invite everyone you love around and cook something special. Traditional springtime dishes include potato and leek soup, curd cheese, lamb stew, eggs, crescent cakes, soda bread, roast lamb, oat cakes and homemade bread. 

Have a safe and blessed Imbolc everyone!

Failed Deliverances of Forbidden Girls || Aisha R. 

There was, I assume, a list that was made long, long ago. It was a special list. A list so incredible, that it was followed, always, with no questions asked.

Written down, numbered, and categorized were the things that were Allowed and the things that Weren’t.


The first time I heard the word lesbian was in fourth grade. My English teacher had said it, though the context escaped me at the time. All I knew was that I was supposed to ask for the meaning of words I didn’t know, and so I did. My teacher froze up.

“A lesbian is—” She said. “A girl. A girl who, uh. Who. Well, how do I say this? You know, I think you’re too young. You don’t need to know.”

The first time I heard the word tibo was in sixth grade. It was muttered in hushed tones, punctuated by giggles and stutters as my classmates spoke in the corner of the classroom. Confused and curious, like all kids were, I asked them what it meant. Instead of answering, they laughed and laughed.

“What does it mean?” I asked. They gestured and spun sentences round and round, avoiding the question, until finally, they pointed to another classmate.

“Ayun, oh.” They said, pointing at the short haired girl in class who was good at basketball. “That’s tibo.”

The first time I heard the word homosexual was in seventh grade. We were to have our Confirmation, and before this, we were required to have Confession. Our facilitator gave us these little brochures, and while they were passed around, he explained that these were a list of sins. He explained that if we committed any of these, we were to confess and receive forgiveness.

All the abridged failures of humankind printed, copied, and distributed to thirteen year old girls, and there it said this: “It is a sin to have homosexual thoughts or do homosexual actions.”

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God’s/Goddess’ of DECEMBER

Below lists the dated on which many pagan Gods and Goddess’ are honored


  1. Poseidon
  2. All patron Goddesses of Japanese Craftswomen
  3. Cybele, Bona dea (the good Goddess)
  4. Minerva, Chango (Yoruban God of Lightening bolts)
  5. Poseidon Lucina
  6. -
  7. Demeter
  8. Astraea (Greek Goddess of Justice), Amaterasu, Neith
  9. Tonantzin
  10. Liberty
  11. Bruma, Arrianrhod, the Snow Queen Goddess, Yuki Onne
  12. Coatlique, Tonantzin, the Black Madonna
  13. Lucina
  14. -
  15. Alcyone
  16. Sapientia, Athena, Kista, Maat, Minerva, the shekinah, spider woman,Hawk maiden
  17. Saturn
  18. Diev Epona
  19. Ops, Sankrant
  20. -
  21. The Horned God
  22. -
  23. Laurentina, Balomain
  24. -
  25. Invicti solis, lutzelfrau, prechta
  26. Frau sonne, Igaehindvo, the star faery, sunne, yemaya
  27. Freya
  28. -
  29. Andromeda, Ariadne, Artemis
  30. -
  31. Hogmagog

cjbolan  asked:

Love your Rejected Princesses!!! Have you thought of adding any goddesses to the list? If you could do Nüwa (Chinese goddess), or anyone from Greek mythology, that'd be awesome :D

I tend to stray away from goddesses, since I find them less inspiring than historical people or fables - when I do cover them, they’re usually the “WTF?” portion of the site. Some examples I’ve done: Corn Maiden, Etain, and Pasiphae (who covers your Greek mythology request). I might at some point end up covering other Greek heroines like Atalanta or one of the amazon figures (Myrina, Penthesilea, etc).

On the goddess end of things, I secretly yearn to cover Hawaiian goddess Kapo, who had a detachable flying vagina, and Coyolxauhqui, whose 400-breasted mother was impregnated by a ball of feathers.

(I’m kind of a weirdo)


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