goddess top

things girls can wear that will make them look like goddess

     ♥ bikini top and shorts: gorgeous. a free summer fairy. probably has wet hair too. amazing.

     ♥ sweater with long sleeves: a cuddly bean. beautiful. +1000000 points if she has other cozy clothes. wonderful. she emits warmth and love. 

     ♥ a just a tshirt and underwear: wonderful!!!!! if these are her pj’s and she has just woken up it’s even better. 

     ♥ things with low backs: yes. gorgeous. bonus points if it’s a gown????? a goddess. 

     ♥ jeans. everyone looks good in jeans. you and you and you and you. every girl. they are all beautiful. 

     ♥ flowers or jewelry in her hair???? PERFECT. 

     ♥ anything. girls can wear anything and can and will look amazing. girls are really great. they are all beautiful. 

Dress-Up Witches: “Quartz rings, triple goddess tank tops, and wide rimmed black hats with matching laced up shoes and millions of Tumblr posts that I don’t understand!”

Legit Witches: “I can’t wait to get my fucking taxes back so I can buy some more jars and a god damn alter desk to set some of this shit on.”


Aaaand here are the best body selfies of this year ☺️

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