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Josephine Baker (3 June 1906 – 12 April 1975) 

Born Freda Josephine McDonald. French vedette, singer and entertainer, whose career was centered primarily in Europe, mostly in her adoptive country of France. During her early career she was renowned as a dancer, and was among the most celebrated performers to headline the lavish revues of the Folies Bergère in Paris. Her performance in the revue Un Vent de Folie in 1927 caused a sensation in Paris; her costume, consisting of only a girdle of bananas, became her most iconic image and a symbol of the jazz age and the 1920s. She was celebrated by artists and intellectuals of the era, who variously dubbed her the “Black Pearl”, the “Bronze Venus”, and the “Creole Goddess”. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, she renounced her U.S. citizenship and became a French national after her marriage to French industrialist Jean Lion in 1937.

Baker was the first person of African descent to become a world-famous entertainer and to star in a major motion picture, the 1934 Marc Allégret film Zouzou. Baker refused to perform for segregated audiences in the United States and is noted for her contributions to the Civil Rights Movement. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Cover detail from Les mémoires de Joséphine Baker. Recueillis et éditées par Marcel Sauvage. Paris, Corrêa [1949]

Josephine Baker

Talking about Josephine Baker, author Ernest Hemingway described her as “the most sensational woman anyone ever saw.” The American-born French actress, dancer and singer had an undeniable attraction and charisma that quickly earned her names such as Creole Goddess, Bronze Venus and Black Pearl. Fluent in both French and English, Baker kicked off her career as an entertainer during the Harlem Renaissance. She performed at the famous Plantation Club and had roles in Broadway shows such as Shuffle Along and The Chocolate Dandies. Baker made history as the first black woman to star in a major motion picture, when she appeared in the 1934 film Zouzou.

A New Theory...
  • *me, sipping lemonade with friend*
  • Friend: ...Hey, Remember that look the pearls shared during The Trial? When they mentioned Pink Pearl?
  • Me: Of course, I analyzed that scene for reblogs. What about it?
  • Friend: So, like, you know how normal Pearl refuses to shapeshift?
  • Me: Uh huh.
  • Friend: And how she seems really shaken up about 'Pink Diamond' shattering?
  • Me: *sips lemonade thoughfully*
  • Friend: Ok, but, what if Pink Pearl <b>shapeshifted</b> into her master, Pink Diamond, and when Rose (or whoever shapeshifted into Rose) came along and stabbed PinkPearl/Diamond, Pearl was like 'oh sh!t. My lesbian earth goddess just shattered a pearl... And I am also a pearl...', And that's why she's so scared whenever Pink Diamond is brought up, cuz she watched her hubby shatter one of her gem cousins.
  • Me: *stops sipping straw, and slowly puts down glass*
  • Friend: ...
  • Friend: ... you goo-
  • Me: *Spittakes into moms herb garden*
Meet the Witch

Hey guys, been debating about doing this for a while so I figured I might as well~

Basic Info

Name: Storm
Age 25
Birthday June 2nd
Zodiac Signs: Gemini // Goat

Current  Interests:

Storm Magic

Pop Culture Magic
  *Pokemon - Everything. I legit mean everything.
  *Sailor Moon - Princess Serenity and her court
  *Card Captor Sakura - ClowCards for divination
  *Skyrim - Shouts/spells
  *Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Songs
  *Steven Universe 

Crystal/Gemstone Magic

Elemental Magic


Things I’d like to learn more about:

Kitchen Witchery
Astral Travel
Fairies and their courts

My Pantheon: The Jeweled Court

Little mix of Pop Culture and Personal representations.

The Emerald God aka The Green Man/ Jack of the Green
~God of the Forests and Earth/Luck Elemental Master

The Sapphire Queen
~Goddess of Oceans and Water Elemental Master

Princess Amethyst - From Dc’s Amethyst Princess of Gem World
~Goddess of Knowledge and Time Elemental Master

Princess Rose Quartz
~Goddess of War and Courage and Fate Elemental Master

Lord Diamond
~God of Traveling, music and the Arts and Air Elemental Master

Lord Ruby
~God of Trades and Crafts and Fire Elemental Master

The Silver Lady aka Princess Serenity/ Sailor Moon
~Goddess of the Moon and Space Elemental Master

The Gold Knight
~God of the Sun and Light Elemental Master

The Pearl Empress
~Goddess of Life and Duality and Chaos/Order Elemental Master

The Obsidian Emperor
~God of Death and Darkness Elemental Master

so uh yeah that’s pretty much me in a nutshell :’D Feel free to message me about anything <3 I am always up to talk about stuff! >;D

PS: i’d love to meet you guys too! If you make one of these feel free to tag me in it or in the tags so i can see! 


A: Mom, please click this :3 *shows my phone and points at the spin buttob*
B: where? Here?
A: yes
B: what is it? Is it spooky things?
A: nope it’s not :3


I’ll definately will ask my mom to do the spin on the coming lotteries lmaooooo 😂😂😂

  • Aries: Fire, passion, Mars, brutality, anger, violence, action, rage, danger, head, ram, aggression, diamond, sheep, adventure, leadership
  • Taurus: Food, luxury, stubbornness, fixation, bull, ox, cow, earth, life, throat, neck, practicality, emerald, cheap, flowers, gardening, southern, Venus
  • Gemini: Talking, twins, hands, legs, fingers, books, pairs, bipolar, flexible, changeable, intelligence, energetic, speech, agate
  • Cancer: Moon, motherly, crab, beach, ocean, water, love, passion, tears, goddess, breasts, stomach, sensitivity, pearls, caring
  • Leo: Lion, loyalty, sun, leader, fixed, stubborn, pride, ego, cat, energy, dynamic, heart, back, bold, royal, demanding, ruby, fire
  • Virgo: OCD, neatness, virginity, purity, virgin, cleanliness, perfection, maiden, passiveness, shyness, critical, earth, Mercury, peridot
  • Libra: Beauty, grace, love, peace, fairness, shallow, fashion, materialism, harmony, balance, intricacy, healing, scales, air, opal, Venus, hips, buttocks
  • Scorpio: Scorpion, spider, water, polarizing, mysterious, darkness, death, sex, genitals, passion, murder, violence, Mars, Pluto, topaz, outcast
  • Sagittarius: Philosophy, archer, centaur, bow and arrow, intelligence, optimism, thighs, hamstrings, happiness, love, wandering, travel, restlessness, turquoise, fire, Jupiter, luck
  • Capricorn: Work, seriousness, guarded, aloof, sea-goat, earth, simple, hardworking, knees, ladders, Saturn, barren, solid, independent, leader, silence, garnet, mountain
  • Aquarius: Water, air, innovation, technology, fixed, Uranus, water-bearer, god, god complex, original, unique, intelligence, mind, amethyst
  • Pisces: Light, airy, water, ocean, fish, emotions, sensitivity, manipulation, flaky, flexible, adaptable, confusion, Neptune, feet, toes, fascination, obsession, aquamarine, twins

Athena by Jess Schultz

Postcard print 1/3. Pearl as Athena. I’ve decided to draw the Crystal Gems as Greek Goddesses because firstly, hell yeah Greek Mythology, and secondly, the gems are basically goddesses anyways. Pearl was the easiest to think up, being a strategic warrior and the emphasis she puts on being “a different kind of strong”. The background patterns were a pain to finish but I’m super proud of how this turned out. RIP hand, haha.

This is the first out of 3 new prints I’ll be selling at Special Editon: NYC (June 6-7). It’s gonna be my first time tabling at a con, so I’m a bit nervous but also incredibly excited. If anyone on here is going, feel free to stop by and say hi! 

Gonna post Amethyst in just a sec! And once Garnet’s done, I’ll post them all together. <3

Amethyst as Persephone

Garnet as Themis

Theory: The Moon Goddess Statue is Moonstone

So I was thinking about little things in Steven Universe and I realized something: You remember that Moon Goddess statue from “Cheeseburger Backpack”? Well I did some research, and it’s probably a statue of a Gem based on Moonstone.

Moonstone was actually referred to as “The Moon Goddess’ Stone” in ancient times, and was given to sailors to protect them at sea. Where does the Moon Goddess episode take place? The Sea Spire, a place in the middle of the ocean. In order to restore the Sea Spire from it’s architectural decay, they have to place the Moon Goddess statue at the top. Moonstone was also known as the stone of renewal and cycles, perfectly fitting with it’s ability to repair the Sea Spire. Moonstone was also said to focus the mind and enhance memory, which Steven could’ve used when he forgot the Moonstone Stature in his closet.