goddess of sea

Hey, guys. I want to give you guy more snippets of the lore and world of Ethana, the world Fate is based in. So let start with some gods! (Long post!)

The Sister Gods are the three known gods, who created the three plane of existence in their own images and preferences.

Odia - The Sky Goddess - Maker of Rannagit and the Fae - Mother to all.

She is the oldest sister, the one of great sight and hearing. She created the world Rannagit inhabited by the Fae. To her children, she gifted knowledge greater than themselves, acknowledgement of destiny, gods and magic. Upon the death of her younger sister Allielie she adopted the world of Ethana and humans and gifted both with magic. She became the Sky Goddess, Mother to All, and trapped her sister Deanham, the betrayer, in her clouds.

Allielie - The Sea Goddess - Maker of Ethana and humans - The Dead Sister.

The middle sister, the one who brought harmony. She created Ethana, the world of humans creating them in her own image. To her children, she gave the power of change and to adapt. The gift of stories and many children. She held great love for her sisters and the world they created, to them she gifted song and music. Upon her death, at the hands of her sister, she became a great sea for her beloved humans.

Deanham - The Earth Goddess - Maker of Vetonil and demons - The Imprisoned Sister.

Upon killing her sister Allielie, Deanham was stopped and imprisoned by Odia. She has become Ethana’s clouds, forever in pieces blown by the winds. She has forfeited her ownership of her domain, Vetonil, filled with vile demons of no base or order. It has been left to perish with no godly guidance. Deanham’s name has been erased, her deeds forgotten. She will forever be the Imprisoned Sister, her name scattered as her body.

modern goddess: thalassa, goddess of the lonely shores

witches protecting trans girls

Witches who are good with make up teaching trans girls to do winged eyeliner that could kill and drawing sigils all over their make up brushes to protect them

Witches enchanting trans girls’ drinks to give them confidence in their voice 

Witches giving trans girls charged crystals to pluck up the courage and squeeze for comfort as they come out to family and friends

Witches taking trans girls for magical forest walks down to the river to charge themselves with feminine energy 

Witches decorating trans girls’ hair with flower petals saying how beautiful and magical they are 

Witches designing a candle in the trans colours for trans girls to burn and block out all the negative vibes 

Witches cursing transphobes and not letting anyone harm their trans sisters

Witches cheering up trans girls by comically sweeping out the house with their brooms to banish all their dysphoria 

Witches enchanting bath bombs to make their trans girl friends feel like a sea Goddess 

Witches falling in love with trans girls and stating out of everything in the whole world their girlfriends are the most magical thing they have ever seen

Witches protecting trans girls



Keto was the goddess of the dangers of the sea and, more specifically, of sea-monsters, whales and large sharks. She consorted with her brother Phorkys to produced a brood of fearsome monsters including the she-dragon Ekhidna, sailor-devouring Skylla, the hundred-headed serpent Ladon and the petrifying Gorgones.