goddess of olympus

hekate · goddess of magic and witchcraft

Hekate was the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy. She was the only child of the Titanes Perses and Asteria from whom she received her power over heaven, earth, and sea. Hekate assisted Demeter in her search for Persephone, guiding her through the night with flaming torches. After the mother-daughter reunion became she Persephone’s minister and companion in Haides. Hekate was usually depicted in Greek vase painting as a woman holding twin torches. Sometimes she was dressed in a knee-length maiden’s skirt and hunting boots, much like Artemis. In statuary Hekate was often depicted in triple form as a goddess of crossroads.

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The signs as demigods
  • Aries: son/daughter of Ares
  • Taurus: son/daughter of Nemesis
  • Gemini: son/daughter of Hermes
  • Cancer: son/daughter of Demeter
  • Leo: son/daughter of Aphrodite
  • Virgo: son/daughter of Hephaestus
  • Libra: son/daughter of Apollo
  • Scorpio: son/daughter of Hades
  • Sagittarius: son/daughter of Athena
  • Capricorn: son/daughter of Zeus
  • Aquarius: son/daughter of Dionysus
  • Pisces: son/daughter of Poseidon

Hestia Aesthetic ; requested by @brokenshardsofmoonlight

In Ancient Greek religion, Hestia is a virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture, and the right ordering of domesticity, the family, the home, and the state. In Greek mythology, she is a daughter of Cronus and Rhea, and the eldest of the Olympian Gods.

hephaestus · god of fire and metalworking 

Hephaestus was the god of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges and the art of sculpture. He was the son of Zeus and Hera and married to Aphrodite by Zeus to prevent a war of the gods fighting for her hand. He was a smithing god, making all of the weapons for Olympus and acting as a blacksmith for the gods. Hephaestus’s ugly appearance was the reason Zeus chose him to marry Aphrodite, but despite this she had many affairs with both gods and men. In one story, Hephaestus builds a tricky invention which catches Aphrodite laying with Ares, the god of war, trapping them both in the bed to be laughed at and ridiculed by the other gods.

Children of the Gods: Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Forests, the Moon, and Archery

Goddess of virginity and protector of young girls, her adopted children are the Hunters of Artemis. She takes the worthy in, those with strength running through their veins; hidden or not. Their aim never wavers, their feet sprint along wooded paths as if they’ve known the forests their whole lives, following prey with hunter’s intuition. 

athena · goddess of wisdom and war 

Athena, also referred to as Athene, is a very important goddess of many things. She is goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. She is known most specifically for her strategic skill in warfare and is often portrayed as companion of heroes and is the patron goddess of heroic endeavour.