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The Signs as Egypt Goddesses

Bastet - Aries, Capricorn 

moon goddess, associated with ctas, protector against contagious diseases and evil spirits, also regarded as the goddess of perfumes, caring mother figure

Sachmet - Gemini, Pisces 

goddess of healing, her breath formed the desert, “the powerful one”, respresented by the searing heat of the midday sun, patron of physicians and doctors

Maat - Taurus, Libra

goddess of truth and justice, represents the primal laws of the universe, associated with balance and harmony, she decides whether a person would succesfully reach the afterlife by weighing their soul against her feather of truth

Nut - Cancer, Aquarius 

goddess of the sky, mother of the gods, barrier between the order of creation and chaos, “she who holds a thousand souls”, passionate lover, Milky Way is viewed as the celestial image of Nut

Neith - Leo, Scorpio 

goddess of war and hunting, powerful and popular, depicted as woman wearing the Red Crown of Lower Egypt, patron of weaving, wise, protector of woman 

Hathor - Virgo, Sagittarius 

fertility goddess, joyful and fun loving, associated with music and dance and alongside with Nut associated with the Milky Way, protector of desert regions, she greets the souls of the dead

the signs as celtic goddesses
  • aries: flidais –
  • goddess of the woodlands and wild things. she is a shapeshifter and is associated with protection and wild animals.
  • taurus: druantia –
  • queen of the druids and goddess/mother of the tree calendar. symbolises protection, knowledge, passion, fertility, growth and forests.
  • gemini: brighid –
  • goddess of fire and water. she is immortalised by many springs and wells. brighid was so loved that she was made a saint when christianity became onset.
  • cancer: cyhiraeth –
  • goddess of streams. her scream foretells death. she is the queen of banshees.
  • leo: arianrhod –
  • goddess of time, karma and retribution. keeper of the silver wheel of stars, a symbol of time and karma.
  • virgo: cerridwen –
  • goddess of moon, grain and nature. she is the patron of poets and greatest of all the bards. she represents luck, inspiration, the arts and astrology/zodiac.
  • libra: don –
  • queen of the heavens and goddess of air and sea. rules over the land of the dead. symbolises control of the elements and the moon.
  • scorpio: morrigan –
  • queen of phantoms and goddess of sensuality, prophecy, revenge and magic. often appears as a raven or crow.
  • sagittarius: cailleach –
  • goddess of disease and plague. she is also known as the "veiled one". she resides in the afterworld realm where she receives the dead.
  • capricorn: creiddylad –
  • goddess of flowers and love. connected with the festival of beltane (a celtic festival celebrated on may day) and called the may queen.
  • aquarius: airmid –
  • goddess of healing, medicinal plants and keeper of the springs. regenerates the dead and brings them to life again.
  • pisces: caer ibormeith –
  • goddess of sleep and dreams. often takes the form of a swan. singer of the sweetest, most restful music ever heard on earth.
Magickal Glossary

Types of Magickal Energy

Magick is working with these energies to manifest change. There are 3 main sources of energy used in magick, ritual, + spiritual practices:

  • Personal Energy: The energy that resides within you and is emanated from your body.  Psychics see this energy as your aura.
  • Earth Energy: The energy that resides within trees, plants, rocks, etc.  Nature, including the four elements.
  • Divine Energy: Energy from the God-dess; Spirit, Universe, Unknown.

Goddess Archetypes

In the book “The White Goddess”, Robert Graves categorized the Divine Feminine into three aspects: Maiden, Mother, + Crone.  These three aspects, now known as The Triple Goddess, seek to classify Her many faces, aligning Her phases and power with the stages of a woman’s life. (There are, of course, a number of other archetypes and life phases - but for purposes, you will only need to be familiar with these three).

  • The Maiden is the first aspect of the Triple Goddess. In human age, her age is birth to early twenties.  She is the little girl blossoming into womanhood, the image of beauty and love. She is the discovery of femininity, sensuality, and sexuality.  The embodiment of youth, learning, playfulness, and new beginnings, the Maiden is the personification of Spring.
  • The Mother aspect of the Goddess is at the peak of power and life.  She is in control of her circumstances and her sexuality, and is usually mated.  She is the harvest, the representation of abundance and prosperity, and our true Earth Mother. She is the midwife and protector of children, whether or not they are hers. The Mother is strength, resilience, and the knowledge of womanhood.
  • The Crone is the Wise Woman, She of the Kept Blood (menopause).  She is the guide, the counselor, and the infinite teacher.  She brings us to Death in all its terrible fury, then holds and nurtures us as we are reborn.  She is the darkness of Winter, and teaches the power of intuition and how to see what is unseen.

The Elements

The four elements are the basic principles of magickal practice, and the foundation of all that exists.  Earth, Air, Fire and Water (Spirit) are the physical and spiritual components of the Universe and each are a force of energy which contributes to the existence of life.

Each element has a variety of correspondences, as well as emotional and physical manifestations.

  • EARTH – muladhara, kappa, root, grounding, prosperity, abundance, material blessings, money, security, nature, harvest, fertility, growth, silence, calm, rosemary, sandalwood, cedar, ginger, harmony, foot, balance, recovering, shavasana, healing, red jasper, hematite, smoky quartz, peace , plants + herbs, home, morality, protection, motherhood, silence, birth, death, mystery, structures, physical body, winter.
  • AIR – anahata, vata, intellect, wisdom, heart, lungs, arms, shoulders, memory, learning, knowledge, study, mental clarity, happiness, joy, sanguine, cheerfulness, emerald, jade, rose quartz, divination, frankincense, lavender, rosemary, uttanasana, bakasana, self-knowledge, confidence, vitality, energy, elemental air, artistic endeavors, magick, travel, speaking, writing. spring
  • FIRE – manipura,  pitta, passion, desire, transformation, sex, anger, protection, punishment, justice, law, banishing, rosewood, rosemary, frankincense, sandalwood, rose, amber, bergamot, juniper, citrine, tigers eye, myrrh, chamomile, spirits, success, legal matters, prophecy, oracles, independence, liver, pancreas, stomach, lung, adrenal gland, human digestive system, transmutation, healing, the arts, inspiration, authority, creating and destroying, summer
  • WATER – svadhishthana, pelvic, kidney, urinary bladder, genitals, prophecy, bālāsana, natarajasana, oracles, love, emotions, sleep, dreaming, meditation, friendships, relationships, serenity, peace, red raspberry leaf, motherwort, fennel, clary sage, marshmallow, rose, jasmine, calm, advice, counseling, sensuality, divination, intuition, autumn, acceptance, empathy, health and healing

With reverence, 

Rosemary Milk 🌹


“Take my believing heart!”

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Herbs for Magical Teas

Alfalfa Leaf: home protection; money draw; prosperity; security.

Bergamont: money draw; success.

Black Cohosh: relaxation; turn worries aside.

Boneset: call upon devas; divination; protection; ward negativity.

Burdock Root: protection; purification; ward negativity.

Chamomile: calmness; meditation; prosperity; purification.

Chickweed: Crone Wisdom; divination; honesty; love; trust.

Comfrey: health; money draw; safety.

Damiana Leaf: attraction; divination; love.

Dandelion Root: divination; Fairies; good luck; honor/invoke devas; psychic power.

Echinacea: body’s self-defense; empowerment; invoke healing devas.

Elder Flower: Fairie blessing; honor/invoke the Goddess; healing; prosperity; rest.

Eyebright: mental sharpness; psychic awareness.

Fennel: healing; honor/invoke Horned God; protection; purification.

Fenugreek Seed: attract money; skill in verbal communication.

Feverfew: health; protection; purification; ward sickness.

Goldenseal: healing; honor/invoke the God; joy; prosperity; success.

Hops: comfort; good health; relaxation; well-being.

Hyssop: purification; ward negativity.

Irish Moss: invoke Fairies; luck; money draw; protection.

Lemon Balm: health; love; success.

Linden (Tila): love; luck; Otherworld; protection; rest.

Mint: Devas; money; protection; prosperity.

Mugwort: Hecate; divination; inspiration.

Mullein: between the worlds travel; courage; divination; health; protection.

Nettle: healing; love; protection; ward negativity.

Orange Peel: divination; love; luck.

Parsley: purification; protection.

Raspberry Leaf: Fairie blessings; health; love; protection.

Rose Hips: divination; consecration; Elves; protection; ward negativity.

Skullcap: healing (esp. headaches); hidden knowledge; Lord of Shadows; protection; wisdom.

Slippery Elm Bark: clear communication; persuasive speech; protection from envy, gossip, and slander.

Uva Ursa: divination; honor/invoke Artemis; purification; psychic awareness.

Valerian Root: Crone magics; love; protection; purification; psychic awareness.

White Oak Bark: fertility; honor/invoke the Green Man; health; protection.

Wild Cherry Bark: creativity; divination; love.

Willow Bark: health; mental acuity; reduce headache pain.

From Ann Moura’s “Grimoire for the Green Witch”

Goddess Aqua

Our cleric bard wanted to heal us with one of his songs

Bard: *rolls a nat 20*

DM: okay…what song do you want to play?

Bard: I know the perfect healing song

DM: you have to sing it for us

Bard:…. *proceeds to yell-sing “Barbie Girl”* 

DM: roll for how many healing point you are healing them for

Bard: *rolls a D12 and gets an 12*

DM:….And by the power of the goddess…. Aqua…. you are all healed for 12 HP

Signs as Egyptian gods
  • Aries: Osiris; god of the underworld and afterlife
  • Taurus: Isis; goddess of magic, marriage, healing, and perfection
  • Gemini: Thoth; god of wisdom
  • Cancer: Anubis; god of the dead
  • Leo: Ra; god of the sun
  • Virgo: Hathor; goddess of love and beauty
  • Libra: Ma'at; goddess of justice, truth, and order
  • Scorpio: Seth; god of evil, deserts, and storms
  • Sagittarius: Horus; god of war, sky, and falcons
  • Capricorn: Amun; king of the gods
  • Aquarius: Ptah; god of creation
  • Pisces: Nepthys; goddess of lamentation, sleep, rivers, and the night
Obsidian Dream Spell/Hex

I love my obsidian crystal ball, but I’ve always wondered what kind of magical workings I can do with it. Nyx has been coming into my dreams lately, which has brought a strange working with a Goddess that I’ve never known much of. Gaining some insight from the Goddess of the Night, I have come up with a dream spell, either to grant what you want those to see, or a hex to bring nightmares and discomfort.

If you don’t have an obsidian crystal ball or obsidian in general, use or create a black mirror. Something that channels the essence of darkness, can help with this spell. The object you use will symbolize the mind of your target and the black, darkness of the object is you manipulating their dreaming, subconscious mind.

First, channel the energy needed for you spell; it is always best to charge ourselves and use the desired energy needed before spells to put more power into our manifestations. Look into your obsidian/black mirror/object and visualize yourself looking into the mind of your target. Whatever your intentions, use the energy gathered and visualize yourself collecting the energy from your crown and pouring these dreams into your object from your third eye.

This spell can go in many directions. You can make the target dream of virtually anything you desire. For example, if I were to want to do love magic, I would make the target dream of me in a romantic way. If I want to give someone false hope, I would make them dream of winning the lottery. If I have a friend with depression, I would make them dream of things that’ll make them happy when they wake for easier days ahead. If it’s someone I don’t like…well, I’ll get pretty creative with nightmares. 

Remember, the object you’re using in your spell is the targets mind and you are the one casting dreams upon them. Your energy, intentions, and visualization will pour into their mind. It is up to you on how you use this form of magic. 

If you’re wanting to practice a little, start off with something simple and bring an object into their dreams, or have them see you in the midst of a dream they’re already having. See how their response is during conversation and once you feel comfortable in this form of dream magic, get creative. 

Have fun my Witches.

-The Black Witch


We are allowed to be fluid
We are fluid creatures after all
Constituents of ocean surround the landscapes of our inner framework
Somatic waves pulled, stretched and shifted by the moon
Why are we conditioned and tamed to be one, easily contained identity
And met with judgement when we are more than many women in one given day
I embrace the shape shifters
The ones who can’t be named and labeled and understood through the filters of socially acceptable finishing spray
I embrace the waxing and waning tides within myself
And allow myself to be wild gentle sad hopeful shy timid confident reserved erotic scared and bold all within the same day
We are one consisting of many
And many consisting of One ……
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Invoking the Power of your deities and archetypal guides

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A deity “Gods and Goddesses” is a natural or supernatural being considered divine and sacred. I believe that Gods and Goddesses exist and their stories live on so that we can re-member who and what we are and where our strength and courage draws from. I am connected to many God-desses for they have the same stories as I do. I Am Rosemary, but I embody many God-desses. I am Athena. I am Shakti. I am Ma’at. I am Epona. I am Aphrodite. I am Mary of Magda. I am Persephone. I re-member these God-desses and their ancient wisdom. I embody the fearlessness as I explore my inner fears, my shadows, my darkness + my limitations, and go to war with them by my side. I am not afraid for my God-desses are with me and I constantly invoke their powers. I see the path intended for me and I know that my future is full of endless possibilities.

Here is a little guide on how you too can also build a strong relationship with your own personal guides by invoking their powers.

Create an altar. Altars are great places to focus your intention, and your prayers, wishes, and spells, as well as to open a column of light for your angels + deities + guides + beings of light to join you. Dedicate a space, small or large, to bring a focus to your deity as your God-dess Guide. It doesn’t require a lot of room, even a dresser in your bedroom will work. Place an image of your deity, or small statue, flowers, stones, a candle and items of sacred meaning.

Invocation and Anointing. Invoke your deity by focusing on him/her and saying “Hello!!!.” Give the God-dess your thanks for their presence and their wisdom and blessings that s-he is bringing to you now. Bring the deity into your mind, in your heart, and in your words. Ask that s-he may initiate you into a higher state of consciousness, to heal your heart, your body and your mind.

Sacred anointing oil. Pray into the oil, putting in blessings of love and gratitude, forgiveness and grace. Then place it on your third eye, the back of your neck (particularly your medulla oblongata and brainstem), as well as your heart or wherever you feel called to. Breath it in deeply three times.

Sit in contemplation + prayer at the altar. Set aside time each day to sit at your altar, putting your attention on the great temple priest-ess. Sit after you have anointed yourself with the sacred oils that compliment your God-dess. You may also want to burn incense. Create a sacred temple space to strengthen your own energy field and to cultivate the heart of compassion and wisdom. Open to receive the pleasure of this quiet and fragrant energy. Listen and open to the guidance.

Journal Your Guidance. Keep a sacred journey and guide book from your temple space time with your God-dess. Draw, journal and open to the messages and feelings from meditation with him/her. Extend your focus beyond sitting at your altar or in your meditation. Ask that they come to you with  guidance in your daily life. Take notes when you feel, sense, know the synchronicities are born of your directed communication with your God-dess. This will continue to expand your awareness and cultivate your intuitive knowing.

Leave prayers and messages of love and gratitude on the altar. As with all relationships, gratitude grows all things and moves you more deeply into the frequency of love. Take time to write your prayers and messages. Bring her/him flowers and leave on the altar. The amount of attention you give, will always return to you in blessings beyond what you can measure.

Day Visions and Night Dreams. The more attention you give to any of your God-desses with your desire to connect to her/him and gain his/her guidance, the more she/he will appear to you in your daytime and your night time dreams. Take each step suggested and any you are also guided to take, and become receptive and curious like a child … How might s-he guide me today? What is it like to hear or sense her/him? Have a journal by your bed so you can record any dreams that come and write them down immediately upon rising. You will become more wise as you engage at this level.

With all of the light,

Rosemary Milk

Deep in the elder forests of flowing green the Wood Nymphs roam, They are mysterious creatures who blend into the scripted bark of swaying trees. The Wood Nymphs run through the forest their footprints molding into the mossy floor.

Wood Nymphs are the attendants of the Faery Queen. In ancient Greece Artemis (Diana) the Goddess of hunt and moon had Wood Nymphs as her companions. ” A nymph is any member of a large class of female nature entities.”

The Wood Nymphs bodies become part of the trees they inhabit, their beauty in they Nature Spirit form is mesmerizing. They are known to be the symbol of good luck, protection, lucid dreaming, and grounding energy.

When you go on a nature walk carry Tree Agate with you to connect with the Wood Nymphs. You can mediate in the forest to connect with the Fea realm.

Wood Nymph Tea

  • 1 tsp Green Tea
  • ½ tsp Ginger
  • ½ tsp Lemon