goddess of dischord

Eris: And now look my sea monster is dead, and I still don’t have The Book of Peace.

Eris: No doubt you’ve seen my likeness on the Temple walls.

Sinbad: Right– Right, listen. I’m really sorry about that.

Eris: That’s what I like about you. *advances toward him*

Eris: But- there’s just one little thing you have to do.

Sinbad: Cause, uh, I had my own plans for it. Ransom– get rich, you know, me stuff!

Eris: Steal the book for ransom and you’ll be rich enough to lounge on an island beach.

Eris: And the island, and the world.

Sinbad: I retire to paradise.

Eris: Sinbad, when a goddess gives her word, she is bound for all eternity.

Sinbad: Alright you’re on.

Eris: So when you’ve stolen the book, follow that star beyond the horizon. You’ll find yourself in Tartarus, my realm of chaos.

Eris: So where were we? Oh yes, you were holding your breath…