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The signs and flirting:

Tries to flirt but can’t for shit. Ends up making a fool of themselves: Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces and Gemini

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Straight up creepy..stay the fuck away from them when they are in the flirting mood: Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Cancer

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Gods and Goddesses of flirting. Beware, will charm your pants outta you: Libra, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus

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Charming your jewelries

I feel this works best on handmade jewelry or something you’re attached to. I also prefer charming copper jewelries because I feel it absorbs the energy better but anything of your choice is fine.

First, cleanse your jewelry. You can do it whichever method you’re most comfortable with. I personally prefer the smudging method or if the jewelry  has any crystal or gemstone, I cleanse it according to the element to which it is affiliated. Salt water cleansing is a pretty efficient and easy method too.

Second, bless your jewelry. You can either meditate or use a spell to bless your jewelry with your intents or it’s “purpose”. You can also light colored candles to represent different purpose like green for wealth, brown for protection etc. If you’re making your own jewelry (which I often do), focus your energy during the making process.

Third, charge your jewelry. After you have blessed your jewelry, it needs to be bound to your energy and emotions to fulfill it’s intended purpose. So wear the jewelry for the next week only taking it off when absolutely necessary (showering, swimming etc.). 

And you’re done! 

Improvised charms for the travelling (or budget) witch

When you are travelling you cant always carry exactly what you need for spells or charms. Here are a few commonly found items that can be used to create an on the spot charm.

SOAP- Soap found in hotel rooms can be charged as an amulet to protect against negativity (can also be charged, blessed and used to wash away negative attachments)

MINTS- Mints are commonly found in hotel rooms, aeroplanes and cheap at shops, they can be used and charged as a charm for sweet communication

MATCHES- If you can find some matches bless them and carry them with you to banish darkness in your life

NAPKIN- If your stuck on an aeroplane flying across the ocean a napkin can be used to create a written charm for pleasant travel

SNACKS CONTAINING GARLIC- Garlic is a great protection herb, snacks containing garlic can be consumed for protection (this can work with most herbs with magickal properties)

 OLD VINES/ STICKS- Old vines and sticks (found on the floor not pulled from a plant) can be used to weave a pentacle or other symbol/ sigil 


Hajime Hinata

  • Normal human with no powers
  • Has dreamed of being a hero and attending the prestigious Kibougamine Academy for Heroes for practically his entire life
  • Pays to join the school under the ‘Hero Studies’ course
  • Is invited to join the 77th class as a ‘trial run’
  • He then becomes…

Izuru Kamukura

  • Undergoes surgery to attain powers artificially
  • He was to become “Super High-School Level Hope”, a Hero to put an end to all evil
  • The surgery works and he obtains every power Kibougamine has ever studied
  • However, he loses his humanity in the process (emotions, memories, morals, etc)
  • Joins Junko Enoshima’s “Despair League” - a gathering of supervillains who have infiltrated Kibougamine
  • “Super High School Level Hope” becomes “Super High-School Level Despair”

Komaeda Nagito

  • Has the power of good luck
  • However, whenever he uses his ‘good luck’, even if it is to help those in need, an equal amount of ‘bad luck’ will affect him
  • Is a cheery person who will help out however he can, but his self-esteem is destroyed and his hope for himself is nonexistent
  • Becomes best friends with Hinata and is utterly betrayed when he goes under surgery and becomes Junko’s right-hand man
  • Superhero name: “Lucky”

Chiaki Nanami

  • Obtains the powers of the playable character (protag) from the last video game she played
  • When she starts a new game, she can no longer use the powers of the playable character from the last game she played
  • Dreams of becoming a popular enough hero that someone makes a video game with her in it
  • Superhero name: “The Protagonist”

Kazuichi Souda

  • He can bring machinery to life
  • The machinery he breathes life into will do his bidding
  • He can only bring five things to life at a time
  • Although, because of his pet screwdriver, he really only ever brings four things to life at a time
    • This is because if e brought more than five things to life at a time, one of his creations would lose its life
  • He is known for chickening out and using his machines for self-defense
  • Superhero name: “The Steel Shark”

Sonia Nevermind

  • She has perfect aim and can hit any mark
  • Although she uses non-lethal bullets, she is known for never failing a job
  • She is regal and poised, but can take anyone down
  • Superhero name: “Princess Pinpoint”

Tanaka Gundam

  • Has the power to speak to animals
  • Knows just what to say to convince them to do his bidding
  • However, he never sacrifices them in order to get what he wants
  • His animals are his partners, not his shield
  • Is sometimes mistaken for a villain because of his costume/makeup/demeanor
  • Superhero name: “Alpha Demon”

Peko Pekoyama

  • All of her senses and abilities are enhanced
  • She uses her incredible swordsmanship to fight off criminals
  • During fights, she can feel where the attacks are coming from and where they are going
  • Superhero name: “The Swordswoman”

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

  • Can “persuade” others to do his bidding
  • Basically mind control, but it has its limits
    • He can only control a person’s actions as long as they remain within five miles of him
    • He can only control a person’s actions if he knows their name
    • If he controls someone for longer than an hour, he starts to lose energy
  • Wants to team up with Pekoyama, but she insists on being his sidekick
  • Superhero name: “The Boss”

Mahiru Koizumi

  • When she takes a photo of someone she is able to trap them inside the photograph, which is akin to another dimension
  • People can move and talk when photographed (think Harry Potter pictures)
  • She prefers to use her power as a way to rescue innocent bystanders during a crisis
  • Superhero name: “Dimension Girl”

Hiyoko Saionji

  • She can “steal” other people’s powers
  • Can only steal two at a time
  • However, she can keep their powers for as long as she wishes
  • Her dream is to become a team with her classmate Koizumi
  • Superhero name: “Mean Streak”

Byakuya Twogami

  • Shape-shifter
  • Mostly uses this power as either a disguise
    • Can turn into whoever they want
  • Or a tool
    • Can turn into whatever they want. Claws, feathers, wings, you name it. They could have it all if they so choose.
  • No one knows what they actually look like
  • Superhero name: “Doppelgänger” 

Ibuki Mioda

  • Her guitar playing projects sound waves that can knock people out
    • (Basically the same effect as Black Canary’s voice)
  • She doesn’t even need an amp, she can just strum her strings and bam. Temporarily deaf, disoriented villain.
  • She loves helping people, but she loves playing for them more
  • Every fight she’s in she takes as an opportunity to spread her music
  • Superhero name: “Guitar Goddess”

Teruteru Hanamura

  • Can charm anyone who eats his food
  • When someone is charmed, they cannot harm him
  • However, they have to actually eat his food to be charmed
  • He’s basically useless in a fight
  • Everyone keeps a close eye on him to make sure he never misuses his power, and he never does.
  • Superhero name: “Creepy Charmer”

Nekomaru Nidai

  • Has super-strength and enhanced empathetic abilities
  • Is known for trying to solve issues passively before resorting to using his powers
  • Encourages his fellow heroes more than anyone
  • Opens a summer “Hero Training Camp”
  • Mainly wishes to coach other heroes
  • Superhero name: “The Gentle Giant”

Akane Owari

  • Has super-speed and enhanced strength.
  • No one has more agility than she does. No one.
  • Is known for escalating situations and destroying property while trying to beat villains
  • Superhero name: “Ornery Owari”
  • (Don’t worry, people love her. The name doesn’t mean much).

Mikan Tsumiki

  • Has the ability to heal wounds
  • Whatever damage she heals is inflicted onto her own body at half of its original damage
  • Is known for messing up during jobs but still managing to win the fight
  • Prefers to stay out of fights if possible
  • Superhero name: “Healer”



Alexandra Savior @ SXSW 2017 by Kirk Stauffer
Via Flickr:
Alexandra Savior performs on March 16, 2017 at The Parish during the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, USA

Spell and charm bag for safe travels! (Requested)

Feel free to preform this spell whenever you need to ensure a safe journey.


You will need:

(spell only):

  • 2 orange candles*preferably small, you will let these burn all the way down*
  • *Amethyst and/or clear quartz
  • Sage and/or mint
  • Your favorite incense

(charm bag/satchel):

  • An orange pouch or drawstring bag
  • 2 orange candles *preferably small, you will let these burn all the way down*
  • Amethyst and/or clear quartz
  • Sage and/or mint
  • Piece of paper and a pen (black)
  • Your favorite incense

Light your two candles and put them infront of you along with your incense, feel free to roll your candles in oil and then the herbs (optional). Take in several deep cleansing breathes until you’re grounded. Sit with your legs crossed and sit up straight with your hands resting on your knees and your palms facing up.

If you are making the charm bag, draw on a small piece of paper a symbol of protection (this is your choice, can be a cross, pentacle, a protection rune, etc. anything that makes you feel safe!) fold the paper three times. Collect the items and place the stones, sage/mint and the protective symbol into the bag and seal it.

Visualize a white light slowly being absorbed into you and spreading throughout your body. Continue breathing deeply as you picture yourself getting to your destination safely and without harm. When you feel ready raise your arms up and repeat:

“Bless our journey and keep us from harm
With light of protection and amethyst charm
Our path be straight and free from strife
Many more adventures left upon my life”

If you are only doing the spell, sit quietly for a few minutes and rub the stones in your hands as you watch the candles burn all the way down. **PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE LIT CANDLES UNATTENDED**

Charging your charm bag:

Take your bag and pass it over the incense smoke or the candle (carefully!) to rid it of any unwanted energies. When you are ready, hold the charm bag and visualize the energy that you did earlier but will it to course through you and into the bag. When you are done place the bag inbetween the two candles and let the light from them surround the bag. Let the candles burn all the way down and then go about your day (:

Hope this helped,

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for anonymous | The Three Graces

The number of Graces varied in different legends, but usually there were three: Aglaia (Brightness), Euphrosyne (Joyfulness), and Thalia (Bloom). They are said to be daughters of Zeus and Hera. Frequently the Graces were taken as goddesses of charm or beauty in general and hence were associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love.


This was supposed to be the answer to one of my waiting prompts but my husbands train got in early and he is now waiting for me to finish typing so that we can have a coffee date - so please accept this one shot of Jamie and Claire set during the early days of their marriage. Fluff and silliness! Hooray! Han xxx

Jamie rolled on his back and made noise that was somewhere between a snort and a groan.

“Sassenach, I think ye may have nearly widowed yeself with that last!”

“Nonsense! You were hardly in danger of falling far.”

“I dinna mean the potential for a fall, though the way ye thrust back into me it’s a wonder I didna topple onto my arse,”

Jamie grinned and eyed her, clearly very proud of his gymnastic prowess.

“I meant the way my heart damn near exploded at the end.”

Claire stood up from the rug and stepped deliberately over her husband’s prone form, smiling to herself, pleased at this assessment of proceedings.

“That my lad is an orgasm, I thought you would be familiar enough by now…”

Tugging the quilt from the bed she turned back to find her husband propped up on one elbow watching her

“Do that again Sassenach, I like the way that tugging motion wobbles your arse and makes your thighs quiver.”

“My arse does not wobble, thank you!”

Claire snipped, her feelings of Goddess like charm evaporating as rapidly as they had descended upon her.

“Aye it does, when I flipped ye over and ye arched your back to give me a better purchase…”

“Well that’s the last time we do that then!”

Claire interrupted huffing towards him and throwing the blanket down rather more heavily atop him than was strictly necessary and crossing to the dresser to tug her nightdress over her head.

“I’ve offended ye?”

Jamie sat up, his head popping out from the heavy fabric as he settled it in a more gentle sweeping motion that Claire had deposited it.

“I didna mean any offence Sassenach, only to let ye know that I appreciate that aspect of ye, verra much.”

Jamie waited for her to come back but instead of collapsing into his arms, Claire sat primly in front of the mirror and began to brush her hair. With a faint sigh, he stood up and naked, made his way to her.

“Do women no’ like to think of their bodies as soft then?”

“Soft is one thing! Wobbly … If you’re trying to tell me that you think I’m fat …”


The word burst from his lips with comical incredulity and Claire felt her shoulders relax.

“Sassenach, if ye were much thinner I would be scorned as a man who doesna sufficiently feed his wife!”

He saw the corner of her lip turn up in a smile and pressed on, running his hands across her shoulders and down her ribs, delighting in the tiny squeak of protest as he drummed his fingers against the flat of her belly.

“Jamie lad, they would say to me, for all that ye might be a growing boy and need an extra bannock, is there not a scrap that ye can spare for your poor wee wife?”

Jamie slid his fingers beneath Claire’s buttocks, squeezing each one in his hand firmly, eliciting a much louder squeak.

“Oh for sure ye must feed her a bit for one look at her gorgeous round arse tells the truth of it, but can ye no spare a bit more? Fatten up those beautiful long legs? Or put a little meat on her graceful arms and elegant fingers?”

He paused to kiss down the length of her neck and jaw

“And surely only one chin of such magnificence is not enough! Feed her nout but the finest meats and cheeses until she grows three more beneath it.”

Claire was laughing openly now, her shoulders rising and falling against his chest and to Jamie’s surprise even that most innocuous of touches filled him with desire for her.

“Alright, I might have over reacted but I promise you, the word ‘wobble’ is never one that a woman wants to hear in connection with any part of her anatomy.”

Claire turned to kiss his bare shoulder and Jamie smiled, conceding the point.

“Ye’ll have me trained to a fine husband yet, lass.”

Jamie removed his hands from her bottom and straightened, offering her his hand in invitation. Claire took it and stood, drawn into his embrace.

“Though, I wouldna mind if ye were fat, ken? Ye have the sort of beauty that carries itself wi’out need of concern for ye figure. It’s how I ken that should ye live to be one hundred years auld, I will still need to chase the other men off wi’ a stick.”

“Well that’s reassuring and very sweet.”

Claire trailed her fingers from his temple down over the knife bridge of his nose and across the full red swell of his lips.

“You really are quite an unusual man, you know?”

Jamie’s lips curved into a smile beneath her fingers

“Coming from you, Sassenach, I will take that as a rare fine compliment.”


The Woman You Want to Be: Margery Wilson’s Complete Book of Charm

Another book in the series of why haven’t i completed you yet?! Everything truly occurs in its own time & while reading text I’ve been meaning to get to I keep reminding myself that the information was truly meant to come now… at this moment… in the present. All that being said, if you do get your hands on this book I would really appreciate it & take the time to at least read it front to back without being overly concerned with each & every exercise & just enjoy the wisdom.

  • 5.0/5.0
  • A must read for anyone, female & male included who’s simply interested in what makes life beautiful. Although written in the 1920′s & possibly marketed towards a particular woman, this book dispels such folly and gracefully presents it’s self to women of all walks. From laying on a hardwood floor while thinking of all things related to daisy’s, to taking time to meditate, suggestions on where to place your feet & hands, & above all how to live life peacefully; The Complete Book of Charm is truly one to be read over & over again until all information in naturally apart of one’s being.
  • The Woman You Want To Be is a book that I highly suggest purchasing for one’s own library. I discovered this gem while exploring the stacks while in undergrad & immediately took to the internet to find my very own copy. Fun Fact: This book new cost $2,900.00. Margery Wilson has also written a few other gems that I would love to spend some time with.