goddess in heels and cute clothes

the sign's style

*check rising 2*
*disclaimer: this is just how i imagine them*

aries: leather jackets and red lipstick, maybe a nose ring. long, straight hair. gives off a very cool, intimidating vibe. wears heels.

taurus: earthy colors, flower crowns, flowy clothing. very sweet feel, with natural makeup and softly curled hair. ballet flats or sandals, whatever’s there.

gemini: pumps and leather skater skirts. up to date on what’s popular. cute, choppy pixie cut. several ear piercings. eyebrows on fleek, great nails.

cancer: major soft grunge vibe. pastels and perhaps some ripped clothing. cat eye eyeliner and either long curls or a choppy bob. ballet flats or combat boots. black nail polish.

leo: attention grabbing clothes. high heels. makes good use of golds and silvers. eyebrows on fleek, always. long, wind blown, tousled hair. also gives off an intimidating vibe, but less aggressive, more goddess like.

virgo: very clean, polished look. straight hair held back in a ponytail or french braid. simple clothes, but tasteful. white v neck t shirts with skinny jeans.

libra: floral patterns. cutest clothes of all the signs. subtle but flawless makeup. cute skirts and dresses, maybe paired with a jean jacket or cardigan.

scorpio: intimidating vibe, combination of goddess like and aggressive. can rock some dark lipstick. wears oversized sweatshirts and leggings, looks awesome anyways.

sagittarius: easy clothes and hair, for the most part. jeans and a t shirt, with vans or sperrys. still manages to look fantastic without trying.

capricorn: borderline looks like they’re a ceo of a successful business that’s going to work. clean makeup and hair, similar to virgo. pretty blouses with jeans.

aquarius: pushing the boundaries, and very inconsistent. could be in a sweatshirt and leggings one day, and wearing better clothes than libra the next. very intelligent, mischievous vibe.

pisces: cutesy clothes. skirts, ballet flats, and lace accents. natural makeup and hair for the most part. will occasionally whip out some badass clothing and drop everyone’s jaw.