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“And who, I wonder, is Quill when she’s free?” - “I am war itself.”


Spring Lady silk scarf is hand painted on a natural Habotai silk scarves.

It was designed with a picture of Greek goddess Flora (based on a amazing “Feather” art of Alphonse Mucha), surrounded with flowers. Delicate, stylized for Art Nouveau style.

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✨Acrylic on canvas painting✨
A fraction of the whole. Stay tuned in for the unveiling of the finished piece.
“Goddess of the sacred feminine, embodied in your vessel of light. Let us honor your infinite intelligence, that shines bright though all of the night. As a symbol of forgiveness, of empowerment and strength. An eternal flame of wisdom, carried with every breath that you take.”
~Artwork & poetry by Tori Bird Pope aka @jah-feel ~


Archaeological Museum of Heraklion:

Goddesses with upraised hands and the “Poppy Goddess”

The large figurines crowned with birds on their diadem were found in Karphi along with three more figurines, and are the largest found to date in Crete. The objects were derived from various parts of the settlement, indicating that cult activities took place throughout the site. 1200-1100 B.C

The poppy goddess is the largest figure found in Gazi. It also is the only figure crowned with models of the opium poppy fruit (papaver somniferum). The symbol of opium, a hallucinogen known for its sedative and healing properties conveys the message that the goddess relieves pain and heals worshippers. (1300-1200 BC)

They are stealing you from me,
those gods and goddesses
with hands like thieves,
fingers trying, prying
to take you from me.
I am the rusted lock
on the chest, no keys-
keys, we swallowed like moans
in the middle of the night,
wrapped around each other,
gilded were we when we entwined.
They are envious, filled with greed
you’re a treasure they wish to keep,
and if they’ll not have you,
you’ll be a lesson to lovers.
But they don’t know,
we love like rabid animals
both of us dying of this disease,
with the other’s name
frothing between kisses.
And with their eyes 
swimming in ambrosia 
they just can’t see- 
we are already a tragedy.
—  Aconite || O.L.

H E A D C A N O N ;;    S U P E R N A T U R A L    A U

       ::  W E A K N E S S E S

                  while powerful, persephone has a handful of weaknesses
                  including her own flaws and outside entities. her family
                  will always be hard to go against especially zeus and apollo,
                  who are both gods of the sky and light. in the supernatural 
                  world there are three items that persephone is pursuing
                  that are hidden in the mortal realm, none of them can be
                  found by a god and she can only possess the item if a human
                  chooses to bestow it to her.

      1. Psyche’s Box of Darkness

                  despite being the one who enchanted the golden make up
                  box, persephone had give it to psyche as a way to test her
                  but mostly mess with aphrodite. though the goddess of
                  love never receives the box because the human opens it.
                  while the legend says that it puts psyche into a deep sleep,
                  that was because she was a mortal. the box holds a darkness
                  that can snuff out the light of human soul, taking it for its own
                  and used to mask the darkness of the creature who possesses

                  if a vampire or ghoul gets a hold of the box, it can mascarade 
                   as a mortal so long as it feeds the darkness. no salt or silver, 
                  no incantation or mystical limits. the box, in essence, is a quid
                  pro quo. if it were to be turned on a god, the darkness could take
                  it’s divinity though it could not hold it for long. but the god in
                  question would be left as a mortal until the darkness returned
                  their immortality.

       2.   Chains of Demeter 

                  over the millenniums and with the lack of prayers and faith in
                  the pantheon, persephone no longer had to return to olympus
                  for spring. there was no enough power to maintain such realms
                  but humans would always believe in death so she remined the
                  queen. what most do not know is that in order to keep the 
                  mistress of the underworld from rebelling or going back on 
                  the deal, her mother created golden chains that were fused 
                  with the flowers from her garden. once the golden cuffs were
                  snapped on, whoever put them on had the goddess of spring
                  under their control until removed by another.

                   the chains were lost to the human realm when olympus had
                   fallen, both a grave threat to persephone as well as the human
                   realm depending on who had them in their possession for
                   there would be few who could stop her.

      3. Perseus’ Sword

                   perseus was given a sword by the hesperides made of
                   adamantine with a sickle protrusion along one edge near
                   the tip of the blade. this blade was made to slice through
                   the neck of a gorgon to take its head therefore has the
                   capacity to injure immortal creatures and deities.

                   persephone is capable to healing herself from mortal wounds,
                   ones made by guns, knives and anything made by mortals.
                   perseus’ blade was forged by the gods to defeat a creature
                   born of olympus and touched by athena. this blade could kill
                   the goddess and she knows it.  

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For a while I’ve had this idea where Link carries the Master Sword more as an item than a weapon.

Retrieving it from the Sacred Grove, he quests back to return it to Zelda - seeing himself as just a messenger and never thinking to wield the blade of evil’s bane himself.

Until he brings it to the princess, who blesses the sword with the Goddess’ magic, and hands it right back to him.