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@bumblecree It is done!

Over a month ago I made these lil’ hats after seeing this adorable comic. I finally got all my shit out of storage and viola! So relieved the hat fits, I had to extrapolate the appropriate diameter ‘cause the figurine doesn’t have measurements for the turret.

Put the extra one on Satya ‘cause- well, look how cute!

Sent out a couple @freespiiiritlife #SoulBeads orders today. Sometimes I get tempted to keep all these babies for myself, but I like gracing fellow Goddesses with divine adornments just a bit better.

SoulBeads available at freespiiirit.com Orders of 2 or more 15% off until Wednesday. Message to apply deal


Corvus Corone LUXE

These beautiful dresses are made with the highest quality black stretch velvet and the delicate glass detailing involves up to 6 hours of hand beading per dress!

For more info, to buy, or to request a custom beading design, visit our Etsy shop - www.etsy.com/shop/CorvusCoroneFashion


New Prayer Beads:

Resin beads with lotus locket and silver metal work

I particularly like this one because it’s very lightweight and the lotus locket can be used for personal aromatherapy. You take a small swatch of cloth and place a few drops of your favorite essential oil fragrance upon it. Take the piece of cloth and put inside the locket. The aroma will seep through the slits of the lotus design as you wear it.


Moon Goddess Prayer Beads and Bast Prayer Beads will be restocked in my shop around March. Let me know if you would like to reserve a prayer bead :) I will only be making a few.

If you want to stay updated on the prayer beads, you can favorite them on Etsy:

Moon Goddess Prayer Beads

Bast Prayer Beads

Also in March, I will be making Persephone/Spring Equinox Prayer Beads along with new Aphrodite Prayer Beads.

Crafts of Little Kitty on Etsy