Ra in a squabble with his daughter, Tefnut

This picture, I feel, perfectly symbolizes life in Puerto Rico for me. The weather can’t decide whether or not it wants to be sunny or rainy, alternating between the two multiple times a day. Every day. It’s simultaneously beach day and also stay at home weather. Such is life in the Caribbean! Personally, I give this whole island over to her.

NEW Adriana with the participants of “ Fight For Peace” in Brazil. A project Adriana teamed up with that aims to keep unprivileged adolescents in Brazil off of the streets. They were included in Adriana’s Vogue Brazil editorial to draw attention the program. Proud of Adriana for joining and helping this project 👑❤️ #adrianalima #brazil #vogue #models #model #victoriassecret #vsmodel #vsangel #vsmodels #vsangels #beauty