With the flick of the wrist Mystery threw one of his daggers into the wall in his apartment.  He sighed as the dagger stuck deep into the wall.  Lately his emotions were not his and it showed in his work.  Walking over to the wall he pulled it out with a small grunt.  He didn’t even hear the front door open as he walked back to his spot to take aim.  Taking aim he whipped the dagger back into the wall.

Bronze Statuette of Aphrodite Entering Her Bath

Egypt, said to be from Alexandria

2nd century A.D.

H. 15.0 cm (6"); H. (including base) 18.0 cm (7 3/32")

The goddess has a decorative hairdo with rolled up sides and a bowtie (krombylos) at the crown, and two loose tresses falling onto her shoulders. In her right hand she holds up a folded cesta (girdle) or a headband decorated with engraved designs, whose strings are visible along the inside of her arm, and she relaxes on her right foot, with the left one drawn back. The goddess is preparing to step down into her ritual bath. The motif of the naked Aphrodite posing on a stepped basin with an object in her hand was fashionable in Roman Syria; however, accomplished versions from Roman Egypt are also known.

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Marilyn Monroe In The Pool - Rare/Raw “Somethings got To Give” Outtakes 1962

Rare/Raw Marilyn outtake footage with original audio from the unfinished movie “Something’s got To Give in 1962. Most not seen in documentaries etc.

Letting go of resistance, especially when you want to resist the most, puts you in a state of flow, and from this state of flow you will inevitably arrive at bigger and better rivers, eventually looking back with gratitude on the challenges that elevated your environment to align with your intentions.

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