godddddd damn

Let me vent though

Most of Yall females be in relationships with niggas just to say Yall have him. He single & you in a whole relationship with no benefits but sex. Half of Yall be addickted I mean if the dick bomb that’s great but when the last time Yall went out? He out here on his fuck bitches get money shit & you at home crying over that same ain’t shit nigga. But hold up let me preach cus as soon as he say sorry you running back with that same tired ass line “this the last time” or “I’m at my breaking point” bitch ain’t shit broke but your brain. You spending your whole check on him Meanwhile that nigga won’t even buy your dumbass a 2 piece from Popeyes and if he do you not even getting a drink for that dry ass biscuit. Not that it’s any of my business & I should indeed sip my chai tea but godddddd damn how long Yall gone be dumb?

I mean, how hilarious and how much of a fuck you to traditional television relationships is the eventual outcome of that dual sex scene from 2x10? I mean Hannibal and Alana have sex, Will and Margot have sex, and later on Alana marries Margot and Hannibal and Will become murder husbands. Godddddd DAMN do I love this show.