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DAY 3 (10/21): Favorite Quote ★ World of Ruin

           "The boy has become a man.“

kiwi-swirly-sundae  asked:

Y O L O!! *hugs Grim tightly* ((Worth it. -w-))

* i am singlehandedly gonna keep the local monster goods store in business with how much gold i’m slippin’ ‘em after hours for all the monster candy i am carryin’ around. you are all too sweet - but be careful, alright? no need to go riskin’ your wellbeing for me, heh.

* also, ’m afraid that it’s not that easy, Star. y’might take care of the headache, but you’ll still have no luck in the memory department - and it’ll cause distress even if you’ve taken care of the headache later if you get pushed to try and recall that slot of time. so… try to not go ‘n get a bad case of recurring ‘n inexplicable amnesia for my sake, alright? couldn’t bear to see ya in that kinda distress so frequently.

(…. He proceeds to use a rift he created with his scythe to bring the taffy into Void territory and immediately puts more than the recommended amount in his mouth. Zero regrets are visible on his slightly glued-together mischievously pleased expression.)

goddd, there are so many podcasts to listen to!!!! but i just want everyone to know that i have been listening to The Falcon Banner, and it has my heart. It’s a completed 10-part, hard scifi space opera, following a crew that aims to restore freedom to humans. It’s your classic space opera, but its podcasts, so it’s very very gay. Which is exactly how scifi should be, imo.

anonymous asked:

concept: kurama threatening to eat shisui, who can't take a fucking hint and thinks that grumpy is flirting with him in his own way. and then he finds out about kurama's furry secret and everything clicks and after initial processing of it he's like. "oh. so THAT's what he meant. ugh goddd i'm so stupiddddd." so many cringe attacks. poor shisui. also the idea of kurama being fucking horrified - and in denial - that he caught Feelings for an uchiha is so funny like what a tsundere. i love this.

This is amazing and I am snickering so hard right now. 

Bella's Lullaby (cover)
Carter Burwell