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concept: kurama threatening to eat shisui, who can't take a fucking hint and thinks that grumpy is flirting with him in his own way. and then he finds out about kurama's furry secret and everything clicks and after initial processing of it he's like. "oh. so THAT's what he meant. ugh goddd i'm so stupiddddd." so many cringe attacks. poor shisui. also the idea of kurama being fucking horrified - and in denial - that he caught Feelings for an uchiha is so funny like what a tsundere. i love this.

This is amazing and I am snickering so hard right now. 

i have the option of getting up early to try to talk to a counselor about transferring back here From community college once i’m more stable but honestly i could also just… not………………………………..

Bella's Lullaby (cover)
Carter Burwell

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✓ , ✌, ❀ !!!

✓ : funniest word in your language

oh my goddd there are so many, you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make up ridiculous words in this cursed language alksjakljlkajs i’d say my favorite one is “priquito”? it’s just a very lowbrow way of saying ‘vagina’ lmao. it just sounds rly funny to me

✌ : favourite proverb/saying from your language

randomly selected again bc i don’t know many:

“A fome é o melhor tempero.”

it basically means that hunger can make anything taste delicious 

❀ : which language(s) would you like to speak fluently?

japanese and russian for obvious reasons 😭😭😭 also french probably. how about,,,,,,,,,,all freaking languages??? yep that would settle it.

Follow me (Mark's rap)
You gonna get it girl, I'm a pretty boy.
Quit playin' hard to get, you’ll never find a better boy.
So come along with me if you wanna do it right.
'Cause I can show you how to have a good time, all night.
So tell me what'cha think, doesn't it sound nice?
So follow--follow me if you want that good life.