frickie, so my brother came into my room to watch natsume with me (new season jsut in the process of coming out, we very excite) and he was wearing sleep shorts so i was like bruh, dont sit on my pillow, i put my head there i dont want ur ass there

and then he was quiet for a moment then started laughing hysterically and i was like ??? what are u laughing at

and he was like ahh, i thought of something really mean and i was like ??? wHATiss it? 

and he was like….. i was gonna say, ur probably used to it becauseeee ur such a shithead

I’m treating myself watching the radiohead shows at glastonbury 2003 and 1997 and goddd i can’t wait to see the glastonbury 2017 show and die

goddd is homestuck not over yet?……. i feel like i just watched a man get stabbed forty-nine times behind a walmart and then stand up and start doing the gangnam style dance

hs Spoilers:


i love rose and kanaya and im crying im so happy theyre together and that they got Married like holfy shit!!!! Holy Shit!! and calliope and roxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my GoDDD

look honestly im like whatever at d/ave*kat but i swaer 2 god i love jadedavekat and you all will have 2 pry jade/dave/kat out of my cold dead hands because thats my ot3 and im honestly so happy theyre living together fuck oh my fuck Holy FUUUCK im so happy


i will literally never get over this lmao rifp my soul

So I fought with my Scanner all day to no avail, sorry for the quality in advance.

Anywhoo: Autumn Carrot!

Sorry for the long wait, I hope you like it!


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you know that art you reblogged from @runmonsterun? is it from something, or is it just cool art, cause i AM IN LOVE WITH IT.

i think its original! they have amazing personal art like this thats why i love their art so much is so vivid and cool and just,,, goddd. im reading their webcomic tho!! “51/100″ its Really Good