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What is your favorite and least favourite Austen book and why? Also this blog is great 👌👌

Thank you, anon!

Favourite is Persuasion – it’s just so mature and bittersweet and different to the others. There’s not really all that much courtship in it, or falling in love, so much as rediscovering what was believed to have been lost. It’s achingly tender and reflective in a way that just appeals to me as I’ve gotten older. If you’ve ever got drunk and cried listening to Landslide, this is the book for you.

Least favourite is probably Emma. It’s got its good points, don’t get me wrong, and one of the best ‘sequels’ I’ve ever read is an alternative version of it (Mrs. Goddard, mistress of a school by Joan Austen-Leigh;) but if I pare it down to the protagonists and their arcs…ehhhh. They’re interesting, but not exactly what I’d call sympathetic. I don’t want to hang out with Emma Woodhouse at the age of twenty-one, but maybe Emma Woodhouse at the age of forty could be tolerable enough to befriend.

Marilee Burt was born January 28th 1955 and died February 26th 1970. Marilee’s death is a tragic one, When I first heard about this cold case I knew it had to be the first one on this blog. I had to really get into this case, See what I could figure out and tell Marilee’s story. Marilee was a bright, vibrant, beautiful 15 year old when her life was cut tragically short on a chilly evening in February 1970. Marilee attended a Goddard Middle School basketball game for which she was a cheerleader. Upon leaving the game Marilee made the life altering decision to go to a friends house without notifying her mother of the change of plans, That she wouldn’t be at the school to be picked up. Her mother left their home and went to get her daughter at the school. Marilee wasn’t there. Marilee had decided to go ahead and walk to her home on Wedge Way in Columbine Valley, Colorado. Around 7pm that fateful night Marilees’ brother Ray was driving along and saw a girl with pig tails, He didn’t recognize the girl as it was dark and Marilee never wore her hair in pig tails. After driving down the road a ways he looked in his rear view mirror. He saw a pick-up stopped beside the girl. This girl indeed ended up being Marilee Burt, She never made it home.

Highway worked found her nude and violated body under a bridge in Deer Creek Canyon in Jefferson County, Co. A mere 6 miles from the home she shared with her Mother. She was nude, her clothing and belongings stripped from her body and never to be found.  The cause of death was determined to be strangulation, she was also raped.

In 1981, it was suspected that the volunteer gym instructor had something to do with it, given his extensive record of sexually assaulting girls and disabled women. However, in the early 2000s his DNA was processed through the database and came back as not being a match. The authorities in the case have stated that the DNA sample they are testing from the Marilee Burt case could be that of an accomplice, Which would not clear the volunteer gym coach of the crime, just of the sexual assault.

Baring in mind that her family stated to the police that Marilee always followed the strict family rules about not taking rides from strangers, It’s my opinion as well as the opinion of the authorities that Marilee must of known the person in the truck in order for her to get into the truck with them or even stop to talk to them, as her brother witnessed. This to me would point the finger directly at the gym coach, As she was due to participate in a gymnastics exhibition the following week, Which would of involved practice or at least communication with the gym instructor.  It is not stated whether the gym instructor had a two-toned truck or knew of anyone who had such a truck.

Marilee was an active, social, beautiful young woman cut down in her prime. She dreamed of going to New York, joining a ballet company, marrying the man of her dreams. She enjoyed swimming, diving, gymnastics and water skiing.

Marilee will be missed by those who remember her, If you have any information regarding the murder of Marilee Burt, Please contact Investigator Bruce Isaacson of the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office at 720-874-4022.

On 21 January 1985, 14 year old James Alan Kearbey entered his school, Goddard Junior High School, armed with a rifle and a pistol. Before he could reach the cafeteria, two teachers and the principal, James McGee, confronted him. Kearbey turned around and opened fire on the principal, hitting both him and a female teacher. Another teacher and a student tried to stop Kearbey, but he shot both of them in the legs. After that, he ran away from the school, and was caught an hour later. Police found the pockets of his coat jammed full of bullets. The shooting left one dead, McGee, and another three wounded. Because he was a juvenile, Kearbey was held in state custody until his 21st birthday, and then released in 1991. This and another case were the reason that Kansas changed its law in 1990 that lowered the age when a juvenile can be prosecuted as an adult from 16 to 14.

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Is there any Jane Austen continuation books , like life after the end of her original books. i saw one at the book store about Mary bennett and it seemed interesting but i was wondering what you recommended .

There are fanfics and sequels everywhere, I think. I can’t think of any I really have to recommend, and even the one that I really really do like isn’t a sequel so much as a side-quel: Mrs. Goddard, mistress of a school by Joan Austen-Leigh is Emma re-told from the perspective of letters between Mrs. Goddard in Highbury and her sister. It’s got its own plot and original characters and sassy older ladies and some beautiful structure in the letters that still reveal a good deal of character. Overall it’s delightful.

Followers, any recommendations for sequels?

When I was little, I used to be in Goddard School. There was this little boy who was my best friend, and the first person I said I ever loved, lol. I was put in a private school for kindergarten and I never saw him again. I don’t remember his name (for some reason my mind is telling me it’s Brandon, but I’m probably wrong), but I never forgot about him. I always wished I could meet him again, my first best friend. Maybe if this was passed around, it might ring some bells to someone. Help me out?

I’d never seen anyone so beautiful and elegant, except at a distance. Although she had a delicious sense of humor, she still occupied a pedestal, and I was quite in awe of her. Someday, I told myself, I would be like her.

Lana Turner , Paulette Goddard’s partner in Dramatic School