goddamnit tao

Thoughts on Tao

Goddamnit, where do I even start.

• When Kris left, every EXO member was mad at him, which is understandable because he left a few days before their long-awaited concert without even talking to any of the members or waiting until the concert is over.
Whereas all the other members kept quiet, Tao was bashing him openly, saying how disappointed and mad he was. How ironic.
• Then he was all like “I’m never gonna leave like that traitor.” and all that and even cried on their Happy Camp appearance as OT11.
• What’s next? Surprise, surprise: the news is spreading that Tao’s leaving and that letter written by his dad and all that shit.
• His dad confirmed that Tao agreed to leave EXO, whereas SM said they are still negotiating. Yet Tao is just giving more and more hints that he’s leaving.
• And the worst thing is - and don’t even fight me on this - Tao knows how anxious we are about it and yet he leaves us in the dark, causing more drama, more hate and more curiosity and doesn’t confirm or deny it even though - and that I’m 100% sure about - he already made his decision.
• Him opening his studio or whatever the fuck it is, announcing a solo album and apparently changing his stage name and posting on IG like it’s nothing is making me so angry. Because the solo album alone already indicates that he’s leaving.
• He should cower in shame for bashing Kris and then being like ten times worse by acting like it’s nothing, not confirming or denying shit AND after saying how he’ll never leave.
• What makes it worse: he always talked about how much he loves the EXO-Ls and his members and then he turns his back to them.
• TO ME, Tao was never a member I particularly liked or payed attention to because - and that’s not hate but my objective opinion/critisism - he came off as somewhat cocky, whiny and not really talented or entertaining, which is why I don’t think he’s a great loss to the group.
• I do feel sorry for Tao-biased fans though because they just received the worst form of betrayal by saying he loves them and will never leave and then leaving without saying anything.

• I have to admit that I don’t know much about Tao’s ankle injury but I can tell you 100% it’s not as bad as his dad made it out to be. I know a person that tore ALL the ligaments in his ankle and everythings perfectly fine without having to undergo a ‘professional treatment’ like Tao. Heck, I’ve had a series of knee injuries, one being serious and resulting in knee surgery and I’m not fully recovered and there’s not much of a chance I’ll ever be at a 100% again and THAT’S what I consider a serious injury. Tao was on crutches for a short time, didn’t even need to have surgery and his dad makes it out to as if he lost his fucking foot. Going to L.A for special treatment and studying? Are there no physical therapists or doctors in Korea? And by special treatment, do you mean going to Disneyland, recording an album, shopping and being on vacation while the other members are working their asses off? Wow, I really wanna try that treatment for my knee too.