goddamnit richard

yall better listen up cause im about to drop my mixtape (and by mixtape i mean another goddamn batfam au someone stop me)

PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone hates it. but i feed off of the pain of others so this is happening lmao byE

smol grumpy freshman damian wayne who is both the reigning champion of the school wrestling team (though he occasionally gets penalized for unnecessary violence) and the president of the animal shelter club. slightly infuriating popular-but-not-in-a-douchey-way pretty boy dick grayson hangs around him a lot bc brothers and a multitude of dick’s friends (read: fans) are jealous. probably tries to bring his pets to school with him.

lame nerd sophomore tim drake being class president, as well as chess club team captain, and proud member of the model un and d&d clubs respectively. is tormented by his lil brother smol grumpy freshman damian wayne bc they’re both in the same art elective. damian tries his darnedest to make all of tims art look like horse poo next to his (and trust me it does).

adorable nerd sophomore stephanie brown, aka the best saxophone player the school has ever seen. probably has already been offered like 3 scholarships because of it. hangs out with that nerd tim drake but only because they are in the same english honors class. had to take p.e. three times because she and the douche teacher get into verbal skirmishes + steph does not watch her mouth

quiet and moderately distant but rlly nice sophomore cassandra cain who doesn’t talk much in classes but she’s really smart. probably president of the parkour club (im guessing that parkour clubs aren’t a normal thing in high schools but there was one at mine so im just gonna make it a thing). may be on a sports team (i could see her being amazing at soccer??). hangs out a lot with adorable nerd sophomore stephanie brown and mildly intimidating and dangerously intelligent senior valedictorian barbara gordon.

adorable cinnamon roll junior tam fox being class secretary and having the biggest, most embarrassing crush on the lame nerd sophomore president tim drake. its obvious to everyone (except for tim cause he’s dumb). probably taking (and acing) like 4 ap classes without breaking a sweat. junior class valedictorian + probably better than u. also in model un.

accidental occasional delinquent junior jason todd who everyone things is really cool bc he wears leather jackets all the time and bleached a tuft of his hair and he almost gets expelled every month bc he gets into fights and punches people in the throat for dealing drugs on campus. he’s actually really smart and gets all As which people are confused by because all the teachers lowkey hate him and he fits into the “unmotivated cool bad-boy highschooler” stereotype in multiple ways. part of amnesty int’l and gsa. is secretly a big nerd. doesn’t talk to any of his family members at the school.

mildly intimidating and dangerously intelligent senior valedictorian barbara gordon being… mildly intimidating and dangerously intelligent senior valedictorian. probably senior president, and if not, treasurer/secretary. probably gets into every single ivy league school. isn’t afraid to roll over ur toes in the hallways so you better fucking watch out (she actually did it to the douchey p.e. teacher once dont try her). had a brief fling with slightly infuriating popular-but-not-in-a-douchey-way pretty boy dick grayson in their sophomore year. 

slightly infuriating popular-but-not-in-a-douchey-way pretty boy dick grayson being that one guy that literally everyone in his grade (and various people from others) has had unholy thoughts about at least once in their life. he’s a cheerleader + does a great fucking job at it everyone is so goddamned jealous of all the other cheerleaders he throws and catches and puts up on his shoulders and stuff. got suspended once because he found out a good friend of his got roofied at a stupid high school party and he beat the perpetrators bloody on school grounds??? straight a/b student other than that. whenever there’s a pep rally, he’s the guy in the mascot costume running around and doing cartwheels like a nerd. has hooked up with more people than he can even remember tbh.


So @ten-bobcats said “Richard’s wedding, Jared ties his tie” and I guess I thought it’d be a good idea to write THIS for some reason:

Why the fuck do I have to wear this, Richard thought, leaning toward the mirror in his embarrassingly-opulent hotel suite. If this is supposed to be the best day of my life, why should I have to spend it looking like a moron, in a sweaty, uncomfortable tuxedo, choking on a bowtie I can’t even tie right.

If it was up to Richard, he would’ve gotten married in a hoodie and jeans. He would’ve gone to City Hall, not to the Palace. He would’ve invited a few people he genuinely gave a shit about, instead of hundreds he’d never even met. But it wasn’t up to Richard. None of it was. Ever since the company took off, and the buyout, and the other guys left him, ever since his life had become nothing but an endless succession of media opportunities and investor dinners and soulless, phony, Hooli-Pied Piper Foundation charity events, nothing had felt like it was up to Richard at all.

“Goddamnit,” Richard murmured to himself as the loop of his bowtie came loose once again. “God god fucking damnit.”

There was a knock then, gentle and quiet, on the door to his room. Couldn’t they see he’d put up the Do Not Disturb sign?

Richard padded across the thick, plush carpet and, enough for the chain to catch, cracked open the door. He looked through the gap at the person standing before him. Surprise, surprise, thought Richard, and even more surprising (Richard thought, though he made no plans to admit it), it was a decidedly pleasant one. Like finding something you hadn’t realized was missing. Or like the glasses he’d finally agreed to get after months of squinting at his laptop; suddenly things he hadn’t realized were out of focus became shockingly clear.

“Jared,” he said, almost gasping. “I didn’t think you’d be here.”

“Yes, well.” Jared shrugged his shoulders. He smiled a little sheepishly. “I heard someone would be wearing a very nice tuxedo, and I couldn’t miss the chance to see.”

“Do you want to come in?” asked Richard. He gestured at the bowtie dangling lamely from around his neck. “Maybe you can help me tie this thing.”

Jared stepped back, moments later, admiring his handiwork in the suite’s dim, romantic light. How much he’d missed that look, thought Richard. That admiration, that dedication, that sense that when Jared focused on him, nothing could go wrong. And that even if it did, somehow it couldn’t hurt him quite as badly. He remembered how he used to go to Jared, even after everything. Nights spent in the dingy, windowless apartment where Jared lived then. Too hot always, because of the broken thermostat. Digging his fingernails into Jared’s broad shoulders, gasping his name into the dark. Then, back to Richard’s own house, cold and dispassionate, more of a museum, really, in the most glamorous part of town.

“You look so handsome, Richard,” Jared said. “I – I don’t mean to – but, oh, you must know that I – ”

“Don’t say it, Jared.” Richard pressed his eyes shut tight. He reached his hands up to rub at his temples. “Just. Please, please don’t.”

“Richard” – as much as he tried not to, Richard couldn’t help it then; he was weak for it, and he opened his eyes and looked up into Jared’s and he sank down into them, and back into their past together, too, all the memories so warm and comfortable and tender, and so accessible to him, as if years hadn’t passed but days, or even hours –  "Richard, I’ve never stopped loving you.“