goddamnit nappa

So, this is my 3DS, Hideki. I bought him the other day (specifically the day after Nindento announced SSB for the 3DS). I decided to get it mostly on a whim, and after calling the local game store to make sure they still had stock. I ended up calling a few times, and the last to tell them to reserve that last stock because I absolutely had to get it. It was my destiny to get the Animal Crossing 3DS XL unit (or something, anyway).

So, I get to the store, yeah? I look for the clerk I talked to on the phone and she gets the box then leads me to the counter. And then.

And then.

She looks at me, and so does the cashier. The cashier, or the manager, idk, he looked like he had more authority than the clerk, pretty much narrows his eyes at me when I pulled out the cash to pay for the unit. And then he asks me,

“How old are you?”

“I’m twenty-seven, do you need my ID?” I say, staring at him.

He shakes his head. “No, we just aren’t allowed to sell these to minors.”

My freaking life. I will be carded until I’m a hundred, I swear to god.