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Me and my OTP's
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Wolfstar are my OTP<p/><b>Person:</b> What, Remus and Sirius? Together? Really? You're forgetting that Remus marries Tonks.<p/><b>Me:</b> HE ONLY MARRIES HER AFTER SIRIUS DIES HE AND SIRIUS WERE SO TOTALLY IN LOVE IT'S THE SEXIEST THING EVER SIRIUS HAD A FLYING MOTORBIKE<p/><b>Person:</b> I'm willing to believe Sirius had a little bromance with James Potter-<p/><b>Me:</b> NOOOOOOO WOLFSTAR IS CANON WOLFSTAR IS BEAUTIFUL<p/></p>
I knew it (Camila Mendes x Reader)

request: Can you please do an imagine where the reader is best friends with Lili and crushing on Cami? Love your work!!


word count: 1644

Warnings: swearing? kissing.

A/N: My first request!! Thank you so much anon! Hope this was what you wanted.

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You sat in the airport when your phone rang, you looked at the caller id “#1” it was your best friend, Lili. You answered the phone with a “Heyyyy girl!” and Lili let out a giggle “hey (Y/N/N),” she said, “when will you be here?” You looked at the time and told her your flight went off in 30 minutes, “okay, great! I cant wait to see you, i’ve missed you so much” she told you. “I’ve missed you too, i’ll see you soon, bye.” you hung up the phone and made your way to your plane. It had been two months since you had seen you best friend, she had been filming Riverdale, in Vancouver. Today was the day you would finally be reunited, plus you would finally get to meet her castmates, Cole, KJ, Madelaine, Ashleigh and last but certainly not least Camila. Camila Mendes, the raven haired, brown eyed, beautiful girl, she had really caught your attention in the interviews you had watched her in. She seemed so nice and caring and funny, and then she was gorgeous. In other words, you could not wait to meet her.
As you stepped out of your cap you saw Lili running towards you, right behind her was who you recognized as Madelaine Petsch and Camila Mendes, when Lili reached you she caught you in a big embrace “(Y/N) it’s so great to finally see you again” you smiled big and hugged her back “i’ve missed you so much Lils” you said and hugged her even tighter, it felt good to finally hug her again. You let go of each other and turned to the two girls standing behind you. “(Y/N), this is Madelaine and Camila, Madelaine and Camila this is (Y/N), my best friend” you smiled at the girls and got eye contact with Camila “hey” you said, the girls smiled back, then Madelaine opened her mouth and said “it’s great to finally meet you (Y/N), Lili barely talked about anything but you!” you laughed as did the other girls, “yeah, but i would like to add, she has talked only good about you” Camila added. “Well thats good, after all” you said. You stood in silence for a couple of seconds, you and Camila both looking at each other. “Well, would you like a tour of the set?” Lili asked you, “i would very much like that” you answered.
After a 30 minutes tour Lili said “well Mads and i have a scene in 15 minutes so we better go now, maybe you to can get to know each other?” she looked at Camila and you, “sure, that’ll be fine” Camila shoot you a smile, you smiled back. You loved the thought of some time alone with Camila. in the 45 minutes you had spent with her and the other girls your crush on her had only gotten bigger, she had been so nice and sweet. Lili and Madelaine walked away towards the hair and makeup trailer and left you and Camila to your selfs. Camila looked at you and smiled “so, what should we do? Are you hungry? What do you want to do?” you thought, “uhh, maybe a cup of coffee?” you said, she smiled big, “coffee it is then, there is this great coffee shop right down the street, i don’t know what i would do without it, its amazing for early morning shoots, or late night shoots, because they are open almost all day and night!” she looked up at you, you enjoyed hearing her talk, “oh god, I’m sorry! i tent to keep talking if I’m nervous and then people think i annoying and then… yeah see, i keep doing it!” you laughed, “i don’t think your annoying, and why would you be nervous?” You looked at her and she blushed, “you don’t? I think thats the sweetest thing anyone has ever told me!” she laughed and you laughed with her. But she didn’t answer your question about why she was nervous, you decided to let it go.
When you sat down at a table to wait for your coffee she asked you “so, do you wanna play 20 questions, or maybe just ask each other some questions?” You thought that would be funny, and you would get to know her better. “Sure, i’ll start. Who was your first celebrity crush?” you asked  her, she thought for a second then said “Rachel Bilson from the OC” and let out a giggle “without a doubt.” You nodded you head in response, “okay my turn” she said, “i hope this is not to straight forward, but what is your sexuality?” you smiled, you were totally open about your sexuality and maybe she asked because she was interested in you, just maybe, “i’m (Y/S)” you told her, she smiled big “i’m Bi” she told you, you nodded and smiled, this might mean you actually had a chance. The waiter came over with your coffees, you took your cup and took a sip, “you were right, this is a great coffee!” you said excitedly, she giggled “i know right, it’s your turn to ask me something.” You thought, “uhh, what was your first impression of me?” you asked, she thought for quite a long time then said “i thought you were very pretty, you seemed fun and nice!” You could feel yourself blush at her comment, “thank you.” you smiled “its you turn.” She smiled and thought, “okay here’s an easy one, when did you and Lili meet?” You thought, “we met in kindergarten, so that must mean we have been friends in 17-ish years” Camilas eyes widened, “wow, thats a long time!” you nodded your head in response, “well, i think Lili and Mads must be done soon, should we go back?” she asked you, even though you would love to spend more time with Camila, you had missed Lili and wanted to be with her too, “yeah sure.”Lili and you sat on her bed and talked and laughed, you had a lot to catch up on after all. You decided you wanted to tell her about your crush on Camila, “so Lils, there’s something i would like to tell you” you said, she suddenly turned serious, that was one of the things you loved about her, she could go from joking to serious in two seconds. “Yes, what is it?” she asked. “Okay so i’ve got this crush on someone and i need you help, i don’t know what to do about it!” She suddenly lid up, “omg are you serious? On who?! I need to know everything!” You laughed at her excitement, “okay, it might be someone from the cast of Riverdale” You decided to give her little clues, so she could figure it out herself. “Seriously?! I could help you with it then!” You laughed, “its a girl” you told her, she freaked even more out, “omgOMGomg! thats so great (Y/N)! We need to do something about it. But who is it?” You looked at you knees, then at Lili “it’s Camila” you told her, she let out a big squeal, “Yes! My best friend and my other friend, that would be so awesome! I would totally be third wheel, but whatever.” you looked at her “you know i would never make you third wheel, and I’m not sure if i even wanna do anything about it, i mean she could have anyone and I’m just… me” you said. “What!? (Y/N) you are the most amazing human being ever on this earth! Anyone would want you, and of course you are gonna do something about it!” You smiled and hugged your friend.
The next day you and Lili stood and talked, and Camila came over, “so” Lili said “i was thinking, maybe the three of us could have a movie night tonight?” You looked at Camila “yes, that sounds good!” she said, you didn’t have anything better to do so you agreed too.  “it can’t be at my place actually” Lili said, “maybe at yours Cami?” she asked. “Yeah sure, say 7 pm?” you and Lili both nodded. It was now 7:15 pm and you sat in Camilas sofa, but Lili hadn’t shown up yet, suddenly your phone rang, it was Lili, you excused yourself and walked away to talk to her. “What the hell, where are you!?” you whispered angrily in your phone, Lili giggled “i’m sorry, but i’m not gonna make it.” “Lili i swear to god!” “Enjoy your date” she said and then hung up. Goddamnit, typical Lili. You didn’t know if you were happy or scared about having this unofficial date with Camila, both maybe?
You walked into the living room again, “Lili’s not gonna make it, so it looks like its just the two of us” you told her, she smiled and nodded “looks like it, what do you wanna watch?” you thought, “maybe the notebook?” you suggested, “uhh! Cliche, i like it!” she said and found the notebook and started it. Halfway through the movie she moved a little closer to you and cuddled up next to you, “is this okay?” she asked, you nodded. Your heart knocked so hard you were afraid she could hear it. “I love this scene” she said and looked up at you, “yeah it’s cute” you agreed and looked her into her eyes. She moved her head closer and you did the same. Your lips met and your heart beat faster than ever, her soft lips moved against yours, you never wanted to stop this moment. you kept going for a couple of minutes, and when she pulled away she smiled. “I knew it, your lips are the softest ever.” Then she moved in for another kiss, and you happily did the same.

  • Remus: I really need to talk to you.
  • Lily: I'm all yours.
  • Remus: Well, it's a little... Complicated.
  • Lily: I like complicated.
  • Remus: Just a few people know about it.
  • Lily: The boys, right?
  • Remus: Errm. Yeah, the boys... James calls it my furry little problem.
  • Lily: Oh. I can't believe it. I knew it!
  • Remus: You... Did?
  • Lily: Sure! You couldn't have expected I would not notice you disappear some nights...
  • Remus: Oh, God. Aren't you... Disgusted?
  • Lily: Of course I'm not disgusted. Just curious. Where do you go on those nights?
  • Remus: Ah... The Shrieking Shack.
  • Lily: Oh.
  • Lily: So the moans... And the sounds people claim to hear it's you... Oh God, Remus. That's wild.
  • Remus: You have no idea.
  • Lily: But this explains a lot. That's why Sirius is an animagi, right? So he can go with you without being noticed. Wow. Ingenious.
  • Remus: Hell, yeah.
  • Lily: You both should really love each other. I mean, all this work just to make out.
  • Remus: Yeah, I guess... Wait. What?
  • Lily: I got it, Remus, no reason to be shy.
  • Remus: What-? What the fuck are you talking about?
  • Lily: ... Sirius, of course! He's your "furry little problem", isn't he? I mean, he's a dog...
  • Remus: ...OH GODDAMNIT LILY!
  • Lily: ... Then what is it?
  • Remus: I'm a fucking werewolf, Evans! That's my furry little problem!
  • Lily:
  • Lily: Oh.
  • Remus:
  • Lily:
  • Remus:
  • Lily: So... You have two furry little problems, haven't you?
  • Remus:
  • Remus: Yes.
  • Lily: I knew it.

Not Wolfstar but…

I am so tired of Lily Evans being shown in fic as this girl who hates James’ pranks until she’s getting involved in a plot…

I want a Lily Evans who learns hexes and jinxes to use on James instead. I want her to get back at James for every little thing he does that she does not appreciate, even as early as 2nd year. I want her to stand her own, and I want James to fall in love with her not because of her beautiful green eyes and gorgeous red hair (although those are definitely bonuses!!) but because she’s brilliant at slipping potions into the Marauders’ secret stash of Ogden’s Old, leaving them with pink hair or super large feet that don’t fit in their shoes or they start to bleed from their dicks after James made a comment about Lily’s “time of the month”. 

I want Lily who pulls out her wand whenever James opens his mouth, and I want James to keep pestering her just to see what she comes up with next, because he admires her for her sorcery and creativity and holy hell what a badass woman.

And then, I want the other Marauders to discourage James from hitting on her again, just because they want to sleep comfortably, and not wake up covered in slugs or with green skin.

I mean, we’re talking of a 21 y/o woman who died protecting her child. Don’t tell me that she wouldn’t have protected herself. She’s in Gryffindor, goddamnit. 

I feel so bad I’m the worst person to talk to ever I always talk about myself because I don’t know what else to say and it makes me so anxious I’m not a selfish persons swear!!!! u can talk to me!!