shit i can’t not think about: if nico can shadow travel, can jason/thalia like…lightning travel? can they just zoom away in massive bursts of lightning? like it would be impractical as fuck but on the other hand, it would look so cool

Lindsay Jones can rock hair colors like no one’s business

With her red hair, she was just absolutely stunning

then she came around with a gorgeous red, blonde mixture that she rocked for a while

Pink hair Lindsay was perhaps my favorite

then she came out with blonde hair and was just a walking ball of hotness cause goddamn

I just love lindsay so much and she is just so goddamn beautiful 

i found this out in quickplay when the enemy lucio knocked me off the ledge and i wallrided on the outside all the way back to spawn and didnt record it which i hate myself for 

i spent the next twenty minutes trying to recreate it in a custom and goddamn

i found a new way to get to the objective thats unnecessary long and complicated but i fucking love it 

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daily reminder

i love yamAGUCHI TADASHI!!!!! i love the pure star child!!!! he needs more recognition and love!!!! he was a coward at first, but guess what??? he didnt give up!!!! he kept practicing that jump float and boi!!!!! HE DID FUCKING GREAT!!!!!! nah man those arent pimples, those are some cute as fuck freckles like jesus fucking christ look at his hair!!! it has this weird cowlick thing and its adorable!!!!! and guess what???? he loves tsukishima!!! theyve been dating for three years!!! that’s true love right there theyve been dating ever since they were twelve that’s some adorable fucking shit goddamn

i love yamaguchi tadashi

We Have Forever ➳

➳  Don’t Go - Patience - Monster - I Remember - We’ll Wait

Genre - Angst + Romance

A/N: I’m actually really sad that this is going to be over :( I really enjoyed this story and finally came up with a name for it! Goddamn

I paced the waiting room impatiently, trying various ways to shadow my bubbling worries. I tried playing with my fingertips, looking through my phone, looking out the window and out to the very beautiful landscapes, tried reading some of the books that were laid out, yet all the while I couldn’t stop myself from moving.

It had been a two years since James had been put into the cryogenic sleep and it was officially stated by T’Challa and the rest of the nurses and doctors that a cure had finally been found for James. When I had first heard news of this from Steve, I had raced onto the first flight I could get on and flew to Wakanda.

But I was nervous, they were performing the clearing of the mind at this very moment and I had so many thoughts brewing in my mind.

What if something goes wrong? What if he can’t remember us? What if they erase something important from his mind? 

Steve had wanted to watch them as they did the surgery, however I refused, as much as I wanted to see him, I didn’t want to see him in that state.

I sigh, running my hand through my hair nervously as the clock ticked on and on. It was a very long procedure, and no short cuts could be taken when doing this kind of surgery. I finally sat myself down into a chair, bobbing my leg up and down as I watched the time go by. 

Tick ..

Tick ..

Tick ..

Tick ..

Tick ..

I groaned yet again, placing my earphones in before shutting my eyes, beginning to take deep, tantalisingly slow breaths to control my emotions and persona from turning into an impatient bitch.

Suddenly I felt someone shake me awake abruptly, making me sit up instantly to find Steve standing before me with the biggest smile I had seen him have in so long, ‘Sorry Y/N, you fell asleep.’

I shook my head slightly, looking around to see the setting sun on the landscape behind me before looking back to him, ‘Thats okay and all, but whats happened? Has something happened? Is he okay-’

‘Y/N!’ Steve said, holding me by my shoulders with a smile at my panicky state, ‘He’s fine. He’s more than fine actually … He’s awake.’

My eyes widened at this, making me weak in the knees, ‘Really?’ He nodded and I smiled, pushing my hair back slowly, ‘I can’t believe it … And the surgery?’

‘It was perfectly successful.’

I sighed in relief, a great weight lifting off of my shoulders  before I looked back up at my good friend, ‘Do you mind going to retrieve them from the other waiting room?’

‘Not at all, I don’t mind at all,’ He said squeezing my shoulder. I smiled, embracing him quickly, ‘Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us Steve. I owe you so much.’

‘Oh shush, thats what Uncle’s do don’t they?’ He said as he pulled away, making me roll my eyes, ‘Now go get your man, why don’t you?’

I stood before the door to the laboratory that I had entered just two years ago to say my good byes to the man I loved. I couldn’t believe how much time had passed and how much had changed. My hand shook uncontrollably as I placed it on the door knob, and with a deep breath, I opened the door.

There he stood, at the other side of the room with his back to me as he looked over the beautiful landscape that had fallen into darkness, the only source of light from the institute and moon.

I moved over slowly, my breathing heavy as I watched him before I called softly, ‘James?’

He turned instantly towards me at the sound of my voice with a large, gentle smile, ‘Y/N …’  

I sighed, not wanting to disturb his state or jump on him I stayed back, ‘How are you feeling? Are you okay?’

‘Yeah, I’m feeling better. Much better …’ James said with a smile, I nodded, looking down at my fumbling fingers before mumbling, ‘And the surgery … Did it work? Do you have the control you wanted?’

He gave me a smile at my harshness, probably knowing my anxiousness about all of this as I didn’t want anything bad to happen again, ‘I am no longer the Winter Soldier I guess. That means I’m all yours.’

At his words I felt as if my heart stopped, tears welling faster than I could control before I looked away slowly, trying my hardest not to cry and continue to be strong.  

I heard his footsteps forward towards me quickly, embracing me with a chuckle at my behaviour as I just wrapped my arms tightly around his torso, pulling him closer to me.

‘Its okay Doll, I’m right here …’ James whispered in my ear with a smile as I cried into his shoulder, unable to control myself, whimpering, ‘I missed you okay!’

He laughed at this, gripping me tightly, before pulling away to cup my face in his hand, wiping my tears away with a large smile, ‘I’m here now, and I promise you that I’m not going anywhere …’

‘Promise?’ I say softly, gripping the hand that held my face gently, caressing it. James smiled once more before nodding, ‘I’m all yours, doll.’

I smiled at this, wiping my own tears again before letting him kiss me, my arms placing themselves around his neck to pull him closer. He smiled upon my lips as he kissed me over and over again, making me laugh softly. I pulled away slowly, caressing his cheeks as I just whispered, shaking my head, ‘I can’t believe your back.’

He placed his forehead against mine gently with a large smile as I heard the door creak open to see Emma standing there, Steve behind her with a great smile. 

She walked over quickly, allowing me time to move away before she hugged James tightly, kissing his cheek over and over as she cried.He smile gently, kissing her head as well as he tried to soothe her cries, ‘I missed you Papa! I missed you so much!’

‘I missed you too sweetie. How have you been?’

As they talked, I used it as a distraction, turning to Steve slowly, allowing him to place the bundle in my arms as he smiled widely. I turned back to James slowly as he pulled away from Emma, only to freeze at the sight in my arms.

I smiled as I walked over to him slowly, whispering, ‘You also have someone to meet.’ His eyes widened in shock as I showed him the little baby in my arms as it wriggled and tried to get comfortable, ‘Meet your new son, Jamie Steve Barnes.’

I smiled softly as the tears rose in his eyes before he looked towards me again, ‘Are you serious? He’s-he’s my son?’

‘Well I didn’t spend nine hours pushing him out for nothing did I?’ He chuckled at this, Steve and Emma joining in as well at my words. He wiped his tears before letting his fingertips run over the skin of his son’s cheek as he opened his eyes to reveal the same piercing eyes his Papa had.

The baby cried out softly, whining before raising it arms up and reaching for James’ face with a smile. I laughed as Jamie hit his James’ face with his tiny fisted hands, giggling at the sight of his Papa’s smiling face.

James smiled at the baby before standing upright again, pulling my face up and kissing me longingly, I smiled as he did, pulling away as he spoke, ‘Thank you so much my darling, for giving us our children. For giving me a son and daughter that I do not deserve at all.’

Emma shook her head at this, coming over and wrapper her arm around him quickly, ‘You do Papa. And no matter what you think, we will always love you for who you are, and you will never be the Winter Soldier. You will always and will forever more be James “Bucky” Buchanan Barnes.’

At this James’ tears fell, pulling his daughter closer and beckoning me over, our little family finally whole.  

I smiled as I watched James through the mirror as he paced our hotel room over and over as if in laps around the room. I laughed at this, standing up and fixing earrings and my teal coral coloured dress before walking over to him, ‘You look as if your about to meet your maker.’

‘Well what do you expect, our daughter is getting married today …’ Emma was finally getting married today to Peter Park, Spiderman himself who shocked me when I first met him, especially James as well. 

The actual wedding had been postponed for Peter had wanted Emma to be walked down the aisle by her Father instead of being unhappy and being without him which I had thanked him for.

‘Are you nervous? I’m nervous!’ James said as he fixed his nicely combed back hair. He had finally cut his hair back and shaved it to the way it used to be and it made me fall in love with him even more. I just smiled at his nervousness, walking over and fixing his creased tie.

‘Not really, I know she’s ready for this …’ I said with a smile as I smoothed out the shoulders of his suit jacket. He sighed heavily, mumbling, ’Just that punk can be a bit of a nuisance.’ 

I giggle at his annoyance, turning his head, ‘He reminds me of someone particularly.’ James turned at this with a small smirk, turning his body towards me fully, ‘Oh yeah?’

‘Yeah, he was very flirtatious and charismatic, but also got into quite a lot of trouble with his friend. Yet, unlike the other boys just like him, he had a strong heart, a heart I knew that was born for great purpose. I fell in love with him from the moment he save my life in that school corridor.’

James pulled me closer with his one good arm, smiling down at me, ‘And?’

‘And he was my strength. As much as he will always deny it, he will always be my strength.’ He shook his head before placing his lips hungrily over mine, letting me wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me, pulling at the strands of his hair before Jamie’s cry rang out throughout the room.

James groaned softly as I just placed one more kiss to his lips, pulling away and walking towards Jamie before picking him up, cradling him in may arms. He watched from afar, sadness egging him on. 

‘How do you think they think of me?’ He suddenly asked, making me turn as he pointing to his cut off arm that was covered by the sleeve of the jacket, ‘I can’t even embrace you properly, I can’t even-I can’t even hold our son …’ 

I sighed at this, walking closer to him as Jamie babbled on softly in my arms, pulling at the fabric of my dress. Finally when I was standing before him, I placed one of my hands on his good arm. 

‘You should not feel ashamed about all this. About not having an arm, if your son right here knew what you had been through, he would be right here in my place telling you the exact same thing …’ James shook his head at my words, but I wasn’t finished.

‘But if it makes you too uncomfortable, I had Tony make you something special .. And don’t worry, it ain’t going to hurt when using it,’ I said before turning to the door and calling Tony over from the other room. 

He came in with his usual suave with a cloth covered item in his hand, smirking when he looked up at James who stiffened slightly, ‘Hey there buddy, I hope there’s no anger between what happened those few months ago. But anyway, your beautiful wifey wanted something made for you, and here it is.’ 

He pulled away the cloth away to reveal a new metal arm, this time plain and no longer branded with the Hydra star that had given him nightmares for so long. I smiled as James’ eyes widened at this, running his over the arm, ‘Really? Its for me?’

Tony smiled at his reaction nodding slowly before gesturing to the couch so he could attach it properly. I smiled, watching from afar as I bobbed Jamie in my arms as he begun to fall asleep yet again. Finally, after Tony had finished layering  the jagged pattern from the old and new arm together, it was finally done. 

James tested out the new arm, flexing it and stretching his fingers with a small smile before he turned back to the scientist, ‘Thank you Tony, I really am in debt to you.’ 

‘No lets just call it even shall we?’ He nodded at this before standing up to leave, but not before saying, ‘Cute kid, resembles his father. And by the way my dear.’ 

I turned to Tony at this as he gave me a gentle smile, ‘He’s a keeper, keep him close.’ I smiled at this before he left the room. I turned back to James at this as he stood up, fixing his suit jacket, ‘Do you want to hold your son.’ 

His eyes widened at this, a small smile lifting on his lips before situating his arms the same way I did before I placed his baby boy, finally, into his arms comfortably. 

James’ eyes brightened at this, staring down at the peaceful sleeping baby, rocking him in his arms before he whimpered, ‘Hi my son, finally I get to hold you in my arms. And I get to tell you everyday how special you are to me and your Mother. Just know that I love you so dearly.’ 

I smiled at him, trembling before handing me Jamie back as he wiped his tears, gasping as he breathed heavily before looking towards me with a great smile, kissing my forehead, ‘Thank you my darling … Now lets go get our daughter married.’

I sat at the reception with the rest of the Avengers as we watched Emma dance along to her first wedding dance with Peter, who swayed her and twirled her around as they both laughed together. They placed their heads against each other, whispering loving words that only they will remember. 

I looked down at Jamie in my arms, watching as he giggled and laughed, pulling yet again at my dress. I sighed, remembering that not only a few months ago it was James and I who were the ones who tied the knot.

I smile as James takes my hands into his own, squeezing them as the Priest’s voice rang through our ears, ‘And it is time for Y/N Y/L/N and James Barnes to proclaim their love for each other. If I could have the rings please?’

There weren’t many people for the wedding. Only the Avengers really and their partners. Steve was the best man of James of course and Emma was my bridesmaid while Jamie was looked after by Wanda who held him loving.

I looked over as Steve passed over the ring, smiling as he did before James turned back to me and said gently, ‘I, James Buchanan Barnes, take you, Y/N, to be no other than yourself. Loving what I know of you, trusting what I do not yet know, I will respect your integrity and have faith in your abiding love for me, through all our years, and in all that life may bring us.’

I smile at his words as he slipped the ring onto my finger, raising my hand to his lips and pressing a kiss to it. I turned to Emma who placed his ring in my hand with a smile before I turned back, ‘James, I take you as my husband, with your faults and your strengths, as I offer myself to you with my faults and my strengths. I will help you when you need help, and turn to you when I need help. I choose you as the person with whom I will spend my life.’ 

It was his turn to smile as I placed a kiss to his hand gently, squeezing it before we both turned back to the Priest who smiled at us before declaring, ‘I now pronounce James and Y/N, husband and wife. You may kiss your bride sir.’ 

At this James smiled widely, turning me to face him as he whispered loving, ‘Gladly.’ And with that he kissed passionately, placing his arm protectively around me as he lifted me up, causing me to shriek as everyone began cheering and laughing. 

I laughed when he placed me down on my feet, caressing my husband’s face gently with the biggest smile I could wear before we both said simultaneously, ‘Finally.’

I was brought back into reality when James placed a kiss to my shoulder, turning me to face him, lending his hand out to me, ‘Wanna dance?’

I smile at this, looking towards Natasha who smiles, taking Jamie from me and cuddling him as she said, ‘Go have fun, you both deserve it.’ I nod, taking James’ hand and letting him lead me to the dance floor. He placed his hand on my waist and the other took up my other hand. 

He smiled before leading me into a slow dance, running his hand across my back comfortingly as he twirled me, bringing me back into his chest as I laughed, unable to contain myself as he just smiled in content, leaning his head against mine. We swayed to the music, losing ourselves in the happiness that we deserved, I look towards Emma and Peter who both smiled at both of us, waving at us. 

I turned away slowly, and looked back up at James, our noses nudging as we stayed close to each other, ‘I can’t believe that were finally so close, finally so happy.’ 

‘And married!’ He said with chuckle, ‘I always waited to put that ring on your finger when I returned properly from the war. I wanted to buy a house in the country, so we could have a quiet life together. I wanted for us to have as many children as we possible could, meaning for fun for us.’

He said as he bit my ear cheekily as I giggled, pulling at his collar, ‘Behave mister.’ James just shook his head slowly before continuing, ‘And I wanted us to grow old together, for us to cherish the time that we have together. But obviously changed.’ 

I smiled at this as he looked down at his metal arm before I lifted his face up, tipping it up by his chin, ‘Yet here we are, married! We have two kids, one already having tied the knot and the other one still stuck with us.’ 

He nodded, looking towards Jamie and Emma before looking back at me, ‘Yeah, we did real good with those two. And I am so-so fucking proud to have you as my wife.’ 

I looked up at him as he said this, slightly shocked by his outburst, ‘You, you brought up our two children, by yourself no matter how hard it was, you put those two before you and you also continued to look for me. And it doesn’t pass me everyday to remember all the horrors you also went through, but now, its time for me to put you before me, and I will take care of you now.’ 

I felt a tear run down my cheek and he chuckled, quickly wiping it as I shook my head slowly, ‘Look at what you’ve done to me. You always make me so emotional, I hate it!’

He just shook his head, caressing my cheeks gently as I smiled up at him, ‘You can hate me all you want. We have forever, and its starts now, with you, me, Emma and Jamie … And maybe even another one!’

‘James!’ I said with a laugh as he nudged my belly, smiling gently down at me before whispering, ‘How about it? Wanna join me on this train of what we call life?’

I looked up at his words as the reception cheered as the song finally ended, but it was all deaf to me, all my attention on him, nodding slowly at his words. ‘It could get bumpy ..’ 

I looked down at his hands quietly, squeezing them before wrapping my arms around his neck, ‘I think I can handle it.’ James smiled gently before kissing me passionately, holding me tightly in his embrace. 


A/N: FINALLY FINISHED! I’m actually so proud of this story, and I’m so glad so many of you loved it. Each time you guys were so so supportive, which I love you all so much. But thank you and if you wanna request or send me ideas for new series or one shots please do, or message me and tell me what you think of the, always open for criticism! And by the way, SOLDIER is the name of the series and you can click on it to get the whole thing up. Anyway, love you all xx