Fan fiction Recommendations III

Third round of Barduil fics that I fully recommend

♔Bard & Thranduil ♔

✯Completed ✯

Calm The Fire by maricharde

“Bard is sure he would enjoy his visit in Mirkwood immensely if only he was able to sleep through one whole night without having nightmares… “

Rated G, Post Bofta

Short and sweet, I really enjoyed this fic, because of the delicious undercurrent of slow-burn. Reserved interactions between Bard and Thranduil are my favourite, and there are lots of those in this fic.

To Thrandy, With Love by ohmyloki

“5 times Bard drank a little too much and 1 time he didn’t.”

Rated G, part of a Series and later E 

A hillarious 5+1 fic. Exactly as the summary says - Bard getting wasted and saying a bit too much. I really enjoyed this one and chuckled almost through the entire thing :D

King of the Forest by breathingbarduil

“ Based on the prompt “Bard’s a zookeeper and Thranduil is the drunk who climbs in into the elks closure and tries to ride one, declaring loudly, “I AM KING OF THE FOREST!””

Rated T, modern AU and written by the lovely breathingbarduil

Another short and sweet story, that’s just too precious to be real - hilarious, fluffy, and at the same time a little angsty under the surface, but with a sweet hopefulness towards the end - a perfect mix of feels. Even though it’s modern au, which is not my perfect cup of tea, I still really enjoyed this one.

Out of Step by Vyc

“ Bard has been invited to King Thranduil’s halls alone, without his council. For what reason, he does not know–the Elvenking’s thoughts have always been beyond Bard’s ability to guess. “

Rated T and part of an ongoing-series ( Sharing the Path) yey!!! 

Beautiful writing, combined with an everyone-lives post-bofta universe and delicious slow burn. I really loved this one, because of the amount of attention to Bard’s character and how IC he is. Don’t wanna give away spoilers, so just read it :D

Long Way Down by goddamnhella

“ A year after the Battle of the Five Armies, two dwarves, a man and an elf fall down a mine shaft in Erebor. “

Rated T

I loved goddamnhella’s writing in other fandoms and I was ecstatic to see her join our barduil trash squad. As always her writing style is top-notch, perfect timing, and oh, just the right amount of everything that I sorely need in order to give me all the feels. It’s a cuddly blanket fic, I know, but it’s a goddamn well written cuddly blanket fic :D

No other women like them. by DeathTrapDaisy

“Bard finds himself in an odd situation after a feast in Erebor when Thranduil surprises the Bowman with a visit to his room.“

Rated E for obvious reasons

There is just something steamy hot about this one, as well as a nice angst-y undertone, which I really enjoyed. Great writing is a given :D

The Wounding and Healing of Man by northerntrash

“ There is a tin of letters tucked into his chest pocket, his heart aches for home, and all that is getting Bard through the stinking mess that is this war is the thought of his children laughing and happy, picking flowers in Thranduil’s gardens. “

Is anybody surprised by this rec? Probably not :D

Rated T, World War II AU

Wonderful writing and a really engaging story. I am not a big fan of AUs but this one won me over from the start with it’s attention to detail and well-crafted story arc. This fic moved me to tears. I deeply recommend it if you haven’t read it yet.

Tie by yeaka

“Bard offers himself to the Elf King in exchange for aid.“

Rated E 

I really loved this fic, because of all the feels, the surprises and of course, the sexy hotness towards the end. Great writing as well - I liked the way the story’s arch unfolded and the fact that it managed to surprise me.

The One Percent by  JennaCupcakes

“Bard takes over Dale Archery supplies, and Thranduil sets out to make his life just that much more difficult. He can get away with it, though, because he does look amazing in a suit.“

Rated E

I’ve said a million times that I’m not a big fan of AUs, however this corporate AU really made some great character parallels from lotr to modern, from Bard’s newly inherited position to Thranduil’s fucked-up personal life. There is also just the right amount of angst and feels. I would rate it M, rather than E, because there isn’t that much sex in it, but it’s still very hot :D

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‘True, that he’s no Prince Charming’

Alrighty, this is my first posted fic fanart EVURR and its for Goddamnhella’s fic Winterheart!

This is highly inspired by the pic Derlaine posted earlier with a reference to Disneys Beauty and the Beast, which was so fucking hilarious I almost peed myself and I couldnt get this *point ferociously at own doodle* out of my mind!
(It comes from this bit where Belle and Beast realise THERE’S SOMETHING THERE; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwZEcdBMLLU)

I’d like to imagine Tony bawling with laughter and Loki on the brink of turning this flock of robins into birdsicles

A thank you of sorts

So anyone and their dog has probably at least seen/heard that the fandom defining fic, Off The Record, has concluded it’s epic journey (if you haven’t then wtf?).

Anyway, I can’t speak for the entire fandom or for all the followers of this blog, but I know on a personal level I need to say a big thank you to Hella for writing such a great story. 

I started this blog not long after the first couple of chapters of OTR were out and it was (like many) the first FrostIron fic that I had started to read. I think in a way that this fic was the turning point for the fandom (aside from The Avengers actually coming out). When I started this blog I expected maybe a couple hundred of people to follow, if that, but today we are almost at 3,800. That is just mind blowing to me. I never in a million years thought that this many would get a kick out of this pairing, yet here we are. To see this fandom grow and expand in such a way over the past year and a half has been awesome.

OTR influenced a great many things in this fandom: fics, fanart, edits, fan mixes, you name it. And because of that it got people to take interest and was one of the things to let this fandom grow to what it is today. 

Whenever I am asked about fic recs or to help a newbie in the fandom find good fics, OTR is always #1 and it always seems to be #1 on everyone else’s. I’ve run various shipping blogs and communities over the past 10 years and I can tell you that I have never, ever, seen a fic so widely acclaimed and received by everyone in the fandom. I am quite astounded by the power of it. 

On an even more personal level, I have met so many people via this blog/fandom that I am happy to call friends and followers. I never would have met them if I hadn’t created this blog and shared their wonderful fics and art. 

So thank you, Hella, for creating something that made us laugh, cry, scream in frustration, and want to take up drinking. This truly is a great bit in the FrostIron fandom and will definitely be around for a long time.

Even if you don’t write any more FrostIron in the future that’s fine by me. You’ve provided us with a hell of a ride and massive kudos to you for writing it and putting up with all of us crazies. Now go and chill and bask in the glow that is your fic.

Lot’s of FEELS,


Marvel Covers | Off the Record | 96k | M

“I came here to give you a message.” He made it sound like he was bestowing a gift. Like hell. Tony made a face.

“And what, you couldn’t just email me?”

Loki frowned faintly. “I prefer a more personal touch.”

“Well, mission accomplished,” Tony replied, not even trying to keep the irritation out of his voice. “Because that was a pretty personal touch just then. Can you get the hell out of my bed?”

A thought occurred to him then and he quickly checked the blankets for any horse heads, snakes, corpses and so on.


au: even the great tony stark can’t resist loki’s charm when the god of mischief surprises him with a visit one night ; full fanfic written by goddamnhella

“Jarvis, did you get any of that?”
Yes, sir.
“Delete tonight’s surveillance. Let’s keep this strictly off the record.”
“Already done, sir.