goddamned goddamned fairies

another useful life tip: don’t be Dumb Goon Neighbor who ruins people’s moon blogging by apparently drunkenly draping a random asymmetrical length of string lights across your balcony and leaving them on 24 hours a day in the middle of summer you stupid fucking swamp weasel

Bubblegum & The Pizza Hoodie of Love Series | Natsu Dragneel

For @yukifeari​ , @the-one-with-the-fandoms​ , @magerain​ (beb the fanart for another reason is in the works i promise i’m just drowning in workdasdjsdg). Amazing bebs. 

Other artists; makes natsu hot, a lil’ bit dumb and spontaneous. Gr8 art with gr8 abs. Macho. Cute but rlly rlly hot. Roar fire dragon fear me. lmao there is nothing wrong with this btw.

Ice: makes natsu a tumblr hipster who probably relies on his gf lucy and wears ironic pizza hoodies he got from hot topic or something. probably refuses to go to forever21. goes to topshop and stops by starbucks 24/7 probably. sarcastic shit. Burns apartment down in some attempt to bake pizza. added too much flour. only step he got right was kneeding the dough. cries from kids movies. actually a bit smart. @yukifeari does this remind you of anything. does it. does it. CC.

I love my bby. 

That’s all from me bebs. 

So far in The Bubblegum Series;

FRESH NEW KEWL SWAGGIN I-expect-to-be-tagged squad; @neato-ft​ , @baerandish, @stormtrpo​, @acnomogia​, @itschildofthefairies​, @arkarii​ and my bby @doginshoe​ . Anyone else wanna be apart of this squad?

That One Illustrakay Collab | Check out Taryn’s side of the collab here!

Yoyoyoyoyo sons and daughters I present to you the ultimate result of cool shoeless artists who don’t look at explosions also known as illustrakay. I be collabing with the beaut and amaze and all positive adjectives @tweekay

Pls cleanse your soul and follow my beb. She did an amazing bubblegum lucy (see what she did there) and I coloured and i did a magical girl lucy (see what i did there) and she coloured and it was all fun and games until i redefied the internet (don’t ask) and the illumanati got involved (don’t ask x2)


I swear to fuck, staff, whatever godawful sexist datatrawling you and yahoo have cooked up to suddenly put this bullshit: 

front and centre on my dash needs to fucking stop, OK?

I mean, if I wanted a company to assume I give a shit about laundry detergent because their data says I’m female with a kid, then I’d stay the fuck on Facebook while sipping a cheeky chardonnay liberally seasoned with tears of despair, on account of how I’d be dead inside.

You wanna advertise shit on tumblr? Maybe take a goddamn trawl through the kinds of products your userbase is already reblogging and recommending enthusiastically and which aren’t typically advertised elsewhere, like FtM underwear and geeky gadets and Mountain Lodge candles or whatever, and try to lock that shit down instead, maybe by, oh, I don’t know, forming innovative partnerships with the many small businesses now flourishing as part of the digital craft economy and utilising what makes tumblr a unique marketplace for such items to turn a profit rather than just shilling us the same ugly crap we’re getting everywhere else.   

Just a thought. You’re welcome.