goddamn youths

can’t think of a title 3.75/4

“No way,” Heath said breathlessly, his hands on his knees. Zane was similarly positioned, sucking in air.

Heath had raced down the path like he was being chased by a fucking tiger. He hadn’t felt this youthful, this goddamn exuberant, in a very long time. He was so in love and he was so ready to get double of anything he wanted- Zane, of course.

But when Heath exited the maze, Zane fell out of his side of the labyrinth at the same exact time, grinning ear to ear.

“Well, Mr. Hijazi?” Heath asked when they’d recovered, his mouth quirking up. “I’m not sure of what to do in the event of a tie in fake English maze racing.”

“Of all days to leave my fake English maze racing rule book at home,” Zane lamented, heaving an exaggerated sigh. 

"Such a shame,” Heath agreed, smirking. He retrieved their drinks from where they’d stowed them, pressing Zane’s into his hand. “But I think I have a solution.”

Heath downed his drink in one gulp before pressing himself into Zane’s chest, snaking an arm around the taller man’s neck. He could smell the whiskey on Zane’s breath, feel his stubble on his own smooth skin. 

“I don’t usually negotiate with strangers,” Heath began lowly, “-but since you’re a lawyer and all, I’ll make an exception.” Heath brushed his lips along Zane’s jaw until he reached his ear. He could feel the pulse in Zane’s throat quicken underneath his fingertips. 

“I spend the night with you…and you give me double anything I want,” Heath whispered. Zane’s chest rumbled against his with a low growl. 

“And what do you want, Heath Hussar?” Zane murmured, his nails digging into Heath’s hip.

“All you got,” Heath breathed against Zane’s lips. 

The 100 S02E11 Recap - Coup de Grace
  • <mount hell>
  • Bellamy: how dare you lock me up
  • Bellamy: don't you know who I am
  • Grounder: shut up
  • Grounder: they take the strongest ones
  • Grounder: and baby
  • Grounder: you look strong ;)
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Bellamy: do I know you
  • Grounder: uhh
  • Grounder: no?
  • Bellamy: wait
  • Bellamy: ...Murphy?
  • Bellamy: what are you doing here?
  • Grounder: ???
  • <mount weather>
  • Jasper: yo
  • Jasper: old man
  • Jasper: where's my best bud
  • Bald Eagle: ...
  • Bald Eagle: I have no idea what you're talking about
  • Jasper: tell me or I'll stab you with this ancient sword
  • Bald Eagle: ...
  • Bald Eagle: ha
  • Bald Eagle: as if I care
  • Bald Eagle: I'm like 100 years old
  • Bald Eagle: doctors say I'm due for a stroke at any time
  • Jasper: ...
  • Jasper: uh well
  • Bald Eagle: jk I'm 96 don't hurt me
  • <camp human>
  • Clarke: I suddenly know how to treat severe radiation burns
  • Indra: about that
  • Indra: who said anything about treating him
  • Indra: it's torture time
  • Clarke: jfc you people
  • Clarke: do what you want
  • Clarke: I'll be at the radio
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: waiting for the sweet sound of my lover's voice
  • <dog pound>
  • Bellamy: even upside down I look great
  • Bellamy: maybe it's cause I'm naked
  • Bellamy: naaaaaked
  • <treatment room>
  • Maya: for a room full of upside down meat sacs
  • Maya: they should probably, y'know
  • Maya: lock the door
  • Maya: or something
  • Maya: ...
  • Maya: oh hey Bellamy
  • Maya: sup
  • Bellamy: sup
  • Bellamy: nm
  • Bellamy: just hanging around
  • <Guard enters>
  • <fight fight fight>
  • Guard: I just came out here to have a good time draining bodies and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • Guard: literally
  • <guard dies>
  • Bellamy: ok so where do I get some clothes around here
  • <base camp>
  • Kane: abby I'd like to be your second husband
  • Abby: marcus shut up
  • Abby: I have actual problems
  • Abby: like how Clarke thinks she's better than me
  • Kane: ...
  • Kane: ...but she is
  • Abby: I'm glad you agree that I'm better
  • Abby: god, how can the grounders and mt. weather think of Clarke as our leader
  • Abby: it's not like she's leading us
  • Abby: and telling us what to do
  • Abby: and making treaties
  • Abby: and planning combat strategies
  • Abby: and is the whole reason we survived
  • Abby: like fuck
  • Abby: she's done nothing
  • Abby: goddamn youth
  • Abby: so entitled
  • <mount hell>
  • Bellamy: I'll come back for you Murphy I promise
  • <operating room>
  • Bald Eagle: I changed my mind
  • Bald Eagle: marrow harvesting is a no-go
  • Bald Eagle: so plz stop
  • Doctor: ...
  • Doctor: how bout no
  • Bald Eagle: how bout jail
  • <base camp>
  • Kane: tell me your secrets
  • Mt. Weather Guy: tell me yours
  • Kane: ...
  • Kane: c'mon, man
  • Kane: I gotta impress the lady behind me
  • Mt. Weather Guy: ...
  • Mt. Weather Guy: the hot piece of ass with the brown hair?
  • Kane: you know it
  • Mt. Weather Guy: ...
  • Mt. Weather Guy: ok I'll talk
  • <Mt. Doom>
  • Rando Suit Guy: hey Maya you dtf
  • <security bay>
  • Vampire: sup dad
  • Bald Eagle: don't 'dad' me
  • Bald Eagle: you're no son of mine
  • Vampire: but daaaaad
  • <base camp>
  • Abby: Clarke you're not in charge
  • Clarke: lol
  • <Mt. Doom>
  • Kid: my dad's training for the ground
  • Bellamy: *was training
  • <dorms>
  • Jasper: k guys let's bounce
  • Jasper: ...
  • Jasper: or not
  • <base camp>
  • Clarke: oh thank god Bellamy
  • Clarke: are you okay?
  • Bellamy: yeah
  • Bellamy: I'm okay
  • Kane: hi okay, I'm marcus
  • <deep emo music for the Bald Eagle>
  • Bald Eagle: I am such angst
  • Vampire: I am also such angst
  • <base camp>
  • Abby: listen here daughter
  • Abby: I'm your mother and you will do what I-
  • Clarke: nope
  • Abby: ...
  • Abby: what?
  • Clarke: you may be the Chancellor, but I'm in charge
  • Clarke: so plz move aside
  • Clarke: cause you're no longer making the rules
  • Abby: ...
  • Clarke: nailed it
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This is the Sonic OVA movie in its entirety. I’m extremely curious what people who aren’t in the Sonic fandom think of it, so if by some miracle you’re following me and you’re not a Sonic fan, check it out and tell me. I’m dying to know.

Recap: Act 1, Episode 4

Well the library is having a moment.

I feel like the colour of the room is irrelevant when it’s a room of KNIVES.

I hope it dropped some motion sickness meds for you guys because jeez that looks bumpy.

PERHAPS that’s a CLUE?

Laura blames Carmilla for it and well, she has a point.

Things WERE pretty chill before that. Well, as chill as living-in-a-sentient-library-while-preparations-for the-end-of-the-world go on around you can be.

How could she have found out?

Could be. Could be she’s a very powerful evil who runs this place and probably knows a LOT more than you three do.

Another Whedon reference everybody take a drink! (i’m considering hosting a re-watch with a reference-based drinking game). Also yeah that room is there for a reason guys.

Maybe it was like “ffs they can’t appreciate subtlety and my hints that this is important so I’ll help them out”.

Juuuuuust in case it wasn’t clear here’s a big sign that yea you need to go in here.

And this. I like this Owl Lady. I’m just picturing her stomping around, leaving clues, muttering to herself “goddamn youth not able to take a hint I need to be REALLY OBVIOUS or they’ll end up in that stupid shrimp place ugh”.

Kinda wanna go have a pint with the owl lady and like, see who can come up with the best insults.

Here we have the front-runner for Understatement of the Year.

Laura’s not sold on them going into the room and can you blame her? Like I’m hesitant to reach into a sink when i’m washing dishes if I know there’s a steak knife in there. No way I’d be leaping face-first into a tornado of swords. ….Swordnado.

Say hi to Pinhead if he’s in there!

Vampire or no, you’re risking coming out of there with something SLIGHTLY more than a papercut. Those swords ain’t paper, dude.

Laura’s still not big on it. She thinks that if they DO Get the talisman, that’ll only be step one and step two is to find some other hell-dimension and get a potion or fight some beast or whatever. I can understand that level of apprehension.

AND THE TRUTH COMES OUT. YOU LOOOOOOVE HERRRRRR. And of course Carmilla leaps into the room.
The library seems happy with this since it chills the fuck out like, right away so they’re saved.

ian ♡ mickey - they are a goddamn tragedy;

i. youth by daughter ii. the weight of us by sanders bohlke iii. i can’t make you love me by bon iver iv. you by keaton henson v. gone, gone, gone by phillip phillips vi. please don’t say you love me by gabriella aplin vii. come back when you can by barcelona viii. oblivion by bastille ix. landfill by daughter x. this love by taylor swift xi. human by christina perri xii. together by the xx xiii. holding on and letting go by ross copperman xiv. make this go on forever by snow patrol xv. welcome home by radical face

Carey Price is so important. His impact on aboriginal youth is invaluable. And that more and more we see him be vocal about supporting them is just so goddamn beautiful. First Nations youth, and First Nations people in general don’t have visible national icons. We need more of this. PLEASE Carey, give us more of this, because we need it.