goddamn you're amazing

Someone kick me out of this Fandom already


callout post for @keiththepaladin  who is loved and cared about and who should know she’s doing so many good things and she deserves all the Happy in the world because thats just how it is. You’re wonderful and the best thing thats happened to me and i wish i could steal a little bit of happy from others and send it all to you, but i can’t. So you gotta make your own from distractions and tears and trust from people around you because god knows you need it. I love u and i promise everything will be good and lovely and we’ll meet each other one day and imma tell you every second of every day how much you mean to me and how much you deserve all thats good and how much i love you. You’re a goddamn oasis of safe and love and everyone should have a Tina in their lives. So look!! I love you and you’re the Best and i hope everything is going to be wonderful for you sooner rather than later, be happy out of spite and kick the bullshit away as far as you can. 

Coffee Shop AU--18th cent.--CLOSED

The mornings were always full of stinging eyes and lukewarm air beneath a grey sky. Inside the weak, early light turned the interior from black to a dark brown. But then there was the scent of coffee that brought some olfactory exhilaration to the air, not unlike a late evening petrichor.

And then this exhilaration in turn would awaken the young, college-aged men into tired rowdiness, not unlike morning stretches, only with voices ringing, ideas being flexed and bent and broken between hands and shouts and swears and pamphlets and papers being thrown and coffee being spilled in place of blood.

But Thomas Wallis did not mind the noise. He felt quite at peace with it, as he was so small, so quiet, he could so easily disappear amongst the raucous, read his newspaper and sip and think a while, observe if he fancied it the strapping young men, how their lips formed their harsh vowels as they spat upon each other and turned flushed and red from the neck up, as loose strands of hair would fall into their eyes. 

Thomas Wallis was satisfied amongst their unrest.