goddamn this shit is catchy

Concept: All of newly formed Overwatch coming together to stop McCree from smoking. Featuring:

-Tracer, with water guns, appearing every time he tries to pick up a cigar and there goes his new lighter. 

-Mercy, giving a very informed lecture with slides on what smoking does to the lungs. 

-Lúcio making an anti smoking song and singing it every time McCree is in the room and shit it’s catchy, make him stop, goddamn it.

-Genji judging. Just judging. He’s good at that. Just green lights of his visor glaring at you in the dark.

-Hanzo, somehow managing to shoot cigars and cigarettes out of his hand on missions and yeah, it’s fucking cool, but he’s already down one arm, do they need to be this extreme. 

-Mei, freezing his lighter. And his hand, but that thaws out. 

-Ana, showing up to say “you’re still smoking kid?” to which McCree goes “you’re suppose to be dead, what the fuck!”