goddamn this season finale ; ;


things that should happen w malec in 2b:

  • a👏🏻kiss👏🏻initiated👏🏻by👏🏻magnus👏🏻
  •  a concept; casual intimacy 
  • like malec holding hands 
  • forehead kisses!! 
  • kissing each other goodbye/good luck/ good morning 
  • them waking up to each other, magnus with his hair unstyled, without make up and alec just admiring him for the way he is 
  •  alec making breakfast while magnus slowly creeps behind him to hold him and nuzzle his neck 
  •  saying i love you in every possible domestic situation 
  • malec being the power couple they are and fighting off circle members together 
  •  alec would make sure magnus is covered while magnus would unleash his true demon prince™ powers basically killing everyone 
  • what im saying is i want more powerful magnus while alec nuts in the background 
  •  did i already mention a kiss initiated by magnus 
  • literally imagine him just pulling alec by the lapels or the back of his neck for a kiss while alec would get absolutely breathless  
  •  MORE 👏🏻HUGS👏🏻 
  • especially cuddly ones where they’re just laying in random places at magnus’ apartment, holding each other tight, maybe burying their face in the others neck and smelling them a bit 
  •  every deep™ conversation has to be on the balcony from now on 
  • alec interacting with magnus’ magic!!! 
  •  either sharing him his strength again or just playing with it a bit 
  •  clary finally doing something useful and inventing the alliance rune for them 
  • magnus sharing his past with alec and alec learning to understand his background better 
  • them adopting madzie because come on they’ve already been officially established as her dads 
  • overall more intimacy initiated by magnus, taking his feelings into account more so things like 207 won’t happen again 
  •  them bickering like an old married couple 
  • alec moving in to magnus' 
  • alec’s parents starting to accept their relationship and realizing it’s serious and that it’s not going anywhere 
  • alec asking to see magnus’ cat eyes again more properly this time and them having a moment™
  • more screen time
  • no more goddamn interruptions 
  • malec getting engaged in the season finale

no offense, but even if su’s art has been compromised due to its budget, that doesn’t excuse the quality of the actual lineart itself. even if we have a lack of shading, less intricate backgrounds, and lower quality animation than in previous seasons, we’re still perfectly capable of having a visibly fat greg, steven, amethyst, and rose, a lapis without a pompadour, and a peridot that actually has a goddamn torso. how exactly does a “tight budget” automatically equate to a funko-pop-esque garnet?

a “tight budget” can only explain so much until it’s replaced by sheer laziness/a lack of desire to give the animators decent models in the storyboards to work off of in producing the final product.

so the toronto maple leafs are going to the playoffs.
theyve clinched for the first time in ten years.
do you know why?
because they looked down the nose of the lack of expectations on them and they decided to ignore it all. the decided to ignore that this was supposed to be a rebuild year, ignore that no one expected greatness from them.
more specifically, the rookies and curtis mcelhinney decided to ignore that no one expected greatness from them.
(freddie andersen too, but by god, if that got put into this post, it would turn into a novel by the time i was done.)
curtis mcelhinney looked into the face of unimaginable pressure and took the weight of the world on his shoulders in this game. he went into this game NEVER expecting to actually play in it.
and he won.
the rookies. god, where do i start.
i guess i start with zach hyman, nikita soshnikov, and mitch marner, who weren’t on the scoring board (or in the game, in sosh’s case) in this, but who fought and fought and fought and skated their hearts out and played like their lives depended on it every single game this season. mitch and zach even broke a few records.
then i guess i have to go to nikita zaitsev. because holy fuck, if you dont think that man is not one of the best d-men on this team, you are dead wrong. his puck control tonight was incredible. he held the goddamn line like his life depended on it. he was right in there, creating offensive chances and making beautiful defensive plays, and without a single doubt helping us win the game.
kasperi kapanen, who definitely deserves a mention. we would not be in the playoffs without him. he has been put on a line that has had a rotating wing since the start of the season and he has invigorated it. he has made plays and created chances and now, finally, he has scored.
and then youve got auston matthews, william nylander, and connor brown.
auston matthews, who i could write a master’s thesis on. auston matthews, who has broken multiple scoring records not just for this team but for the league. auston matthews, who is the highest drafted latino EVER in the nhl. auston matthews, who just scored 40 goals in his rookie season, at 19 years of age. auston matthews, who is only going to get better.
william nylander. who was right next to auston on almost every play. who can take the puck and go one, two laps around the zone without being contested. whose shot already has a reputation, and whose playmaking ability is beyond belief, and hardly ever talked about in depth. william nylander, who everyone first thought would ‘save the leafs.’ he hasn’t done it alone, but damn, he has definitely be in the thick of it.
and connor brown. who is, without a single doubt in my mind, the leafs’ most consistent player. who is a forechecking DEMON, who gives opponents hell in the offensive zone and is rewarded far too little for it. connor brown, who takes so little minor penalties that i cant remember the last time he took one. connor brown, who has scored 20 goals. connor brown, who is constantly overlooked and brushed aside by toronto media and hockey fans alike. connor brown, who just scored the game winning goal of the most important game of the season.
these rookies. they stood up, they grabbed this team and the expectations on it by the shoulders, and said, “no, get out of the way, it’s our turn to win now.”
and they have.

So I just re-listened to all the Juno Steel episodes and had the best/worst realization. The whole time we as listeners are led to believe that Peter is meant to be the classic ‘one who got away’ love interest, and that makes sense from what we are told. We see Juno and Peter’s relationship entirely through Juno’s perspective, which basically consists of a suave homme fatale ‘riding in on a goddamn beam of starlight’, charming and romancing the pants off of Juno (figuratively and literally? Take your pick), double-crossing him, and leaving as quickly as he entered. And when our bad boy (ha) master thief comes back, it’s when it’s useful for him and he seems entirely unaffected by Juno. Of course, in retrospect we know that’s crap, Peter is just as head over heels for Juno as Juno is for him, but our dysfunctional PI is a notoriously unreliable narrator. (Honestly, the only thing more adorable yet heartbreaking than Juno pining is the thought of Peter pining, which he totally did). But the more we listen, the more we come to realize that Peter doesn’t fit so neatly into that label, and in the end the Penumbra does exactly what it’s so good at, it turns stereotypical genre tropes on its head. And that’s the kicker, Peter isn’t the ‘one who got away’, Juno is. On one hand, that’s hilarious. Our petulant, misanthropic little lady who drinks too much and doesn’t know the meaning of the term self-care, is the irresistible yet ephemeral love interest. That seems at odds with Juno’s personality and history, he’s the one who gets left behind in terms of relationships, by Sasha and by the death of his brother, and he feels a strange version of survivor’s guilt because of that. That guilt makes him stationary; it ties him to Hyperion City, to Mars, and to his past. And that is exactly why he is the one who got away, because imagining a future for himself that isn’t just like his past is anathema to Juno. His guilt prevents him from creating a future that is untethered from his past. Peter, on the other hand, constantly thinks about the future, always trying to outrun his past. He’s so future-oriented that the second he steps on a planet, he’s already thinking about visiting the next one, and yet that boy was 100% ready to commit to Juno, like buying rings level of commitment. Hell he already committed when he gave Juno his real name. Peter could commit to a future with Juno because he could actually envision a future in a way that Juno couldn’t, and that’s what makes the final episode of season one so goddamn heartbreaking, that’s why it feels like a punch to the gut. We as listeners were, in some sense, prepared for Peter to be the one who leaves, he already did so in the first episode, and it’s what we have come to expect given the classic trope but that’s not what happens. Juno is the one who leaves, by refusing to leave, oddly enough. And because of that, Juno, who is constantly lost in his past, is forced to regret a future he refused to create, and future-oriented Peter is dragged back to the past he’s spent his whole life running away from by the constant reminder that Juno left.

TLDR- Juno Steel is the real homme fatale, not Peter, and that’s equal parts hilarious and heart-wrenching.

Things I want in Season 2 of PD101

  • an audition as iconic as “Something New” ( Jellyfish ), “Bang” (Pledis), “I Swear” ( Starship ), and Kim Juna’s “Who You Are” cover.
  • For nothing as bullshit like Pink Team beating Blue Team during “Into The New World” challenge. (literally that was THE most bullshit thing I saw last season).
  • An iconic 22 member performance as good as “Crush” during the finals 
  • BoA to actually have as much personality and effervescence as Jang Geun Suk ( or…to have a personality at all….sis…I’m worried )
  • For people to not be so goddamn rude and hate based on looks. 
  • For it to be less obvious who the MNet producers want to be in the final group, based on production bias ( a gay can dream ).
  • Something cute like “Yum Yum” (won’t happen i know)
  • People not being ugly and sexualizing the minors 
  • For the guys to be as mature (overall) as the girls, and keep drama on the show to a minimum. 
  • at least one cover of the girls’ version of “Pick Me”
  • For at least someone to acknowledge the double edged sword of having veteran idols competing with trainees and how it’s not fair to either group

1. victuuri marriage

2. relationship between yuri and otabek

3.jj and isabella marriage

4.emil and michele relationship

5.seung gil interacting with skaters

6. yuuri winning a gold

7. jj learning from grand prix final and being less cocky and more self confident

8. more makkachin

9. more minami fangirling

10. yuri’s family backstory

11. viktor’s ice skating beginning

12.phichit on ice

13. yakov and lilia with yuri


15. victor and yuri brotp

16. sara and mila relationship

17. chris and mystery man

18. georgi finding happiness with mystery girl

anonymous asked:

I'm so effing mad! Westallen got two proposals and Olicity is still not even back together. It's not fair!

(I just got back from the gym and was making dinner when I got this email and I stopped everything to climb my sweaty ass up the stairs to sit down and answer this.)

It’s not fair?

You’re right, it’s not fair. 

To Westallen.

Wait! Hang on, that’s not right. It might not be fair to them if they had similar journeys to compare, but they are so radically different that to even put them in the same sentence is ridiculous.

I can’t speak for Westallen, I don’t watch The Flash, but I can speak for Olicity:

I don’t agree, lovely anon. I think it’s needed and it’s worth it.

Listen, the reason I love Arrow (and part of why I stopped watching The Flash) is that it’s dark as fuck and it doesn’t shy away from it. It is still a CW show so it’s not, like, HBO/Netflix/Cinemax levels of dark, but it’s still far more gritty and dark than the other shows. This means we’re dealing with a main character who has serious and severe mental and emotional shit to deal with, which has been the main point of his entire journey all this time. 

Oliver can’t have the life he wants because he still believes he doesn’t deserve it. He is still on the path towards realizing he does deserve it. The other shows are different, in many ways, but this is one of the main reason why Oliver and Felicity aren’t together (yet). It’s also the main reason why when they finally do get back together, when Oliver realizes he is worthy, when they understand each other better, when Felicity has gone through her own island, when they learn to forgive, when they learn to communicate and relate to each other and open up to each other… it will stick. It won’t be easy, but it will stick.

Arrow is frustrating beyond belief for about eleventy billion reasons, but the main thing - the main goddamn thing - that I love about it is that it’s satisfying. Not all of it, not everything, because this is still a CW show and it’s on a network that won’t let me see some damn side-boob or Amell’s muscular ass or hear the word ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’ every once in a while, but emotionally? In the grand scheme? For me, it’s so much more satisfying than the other shows and that’s why I’m super okay going through absolute hell to get to the other side. Season 5 has been incredibly trying, but I trust the overall arc, I really do.

Also, even if Oliver and Felicity had stayed together, it wouldn’t have lasted. They weren’t ready, which is why they broke up. The story we’re seeing now is their journey back to each other as far more stable and mature human beings who will also have the unique ability to say they can understand each other’s positions a little bit better. They had to go through all of the shit they’ve been through to get to a point where they will get back together, and stay together. 

Love is not a cure-all, love does not fix anything, love does not take broken people and magically heal them. It shows us parts of ourselves that we didn’t know were there, or parts that we deliberately ignored, parts that we need to face in order to become a better version of ourselves. Just because Oliver and Felicity love each other doesn’t mean they were ready to be together at that point. But, now? Now, they are getting there, slowly but surely.

And if you don’t think we’ll all fucking die when it finally happens, you’re wrong.

I lost my point a bunch of words ago, so long story short:

We’re going to get another proposal and engagement, and it will be fucking amazing because we’ve been through goddamn hell to get here so fret not, anon. 

Our journey is just a bit longer than theirs, and in my humble opinion, it will make the payoff so much better.

Six word stories
  • Aries: Torched the haystack. Found the needle.
  • Taurus: Wind blows. Sails fill. Journey begins.
  • Gemini: To be kissed by you. Wow.
  • Leo: Robs Bank. Gets away. Tells everyone.
  • Cancer: Moods change like the goddamn seasons.
  • Virgo: Standing alone. Hoping to be seen.
  • Libra: She merely smiled. His world stopped.
  • Scorpio: Do me a favor: love yourself.
  • Sagittarius: Turkey: stuffed. Us: even more so.
  • Capricorn: Lovers only when people aren’t watching.
  • Aquarius: Went abroad. Finally feel like home.
  • Pisces: Complicated emotions and danger for everyone.

My life has change exponentially for the better since I discovered fathead dough– here’s one batch of it making pigs in blankets, a pizza, and enough left over for a sandwich (turkey, bacon, mayo, spinach, sharp cheddar, and pesto).

Gluten free, sugar free, and low-carb. I can finally have BREAD again. I’ve missed bread so goddamn much.

For those interested the recipe is:

  • 1 ¾ cups shredded mozzarella
  • 2 tbsp cream cheese
  • ¾ cup almond flour
  • 1 egg
  • choice of seasoning

Mix all the cheese and almond flour together in a microwaveable bowl and microwave for 1 minute, take it out to stir, then microwave it for another 30 seconds. Then mix in the egg and seasoning. That’s it! Roll it into whatever shape you need and bake at 400 for ~15 minutes.

This Could Be Worth the Risk, Worth the Guarantee

season 12 stories [part VI]

“Tom, put daddy’s guitar down, please!” Holy crap. “Wait, JJ, stop poking Odette!” Christ, these kids are acting like they’re on crack. Where’s the goddamn food? Where’s Jared?? “Shep, stop trying to do flips off the couch! You’re gonna break your neck!”

Jensen finally gave up on his attempt to run in six different directions at once and stood up, surveying the pandemonium playing out in front of him. He and Jared had all their kids for the weekend holiday, and it had been great, really great, but it was Sunday evening and they were absolutely wired. They’d been waiting for their food to be delivered for over an hour, and as the kids had gotten hungrier they’d also gotten grumpier, so Jared (and fine, maybe Jensen would admit he was a willing participant in the horrible decision) finally broke down and gave them all snacks. Unfortunately, the only snacks they’d had available were, of course, candy. (The fact that the only edible things they had in their entire kitchen were sweet tarts, rainbow ribbons, miniature Reese’s cups, four bags of gummy bears, a twelve-pack of Coke, and eight beers was totally Jared’s fault, Jensen decided.)

But Jared had disappeared a few minutes ago, leaving Jensen all alone to try and make sure the six (were there really only six? it seemed like twenty) kids didn’t set the apartment on fire…or worse.

“Jared!” Jensen bellowed, and Jared popped his head out of their bedroom. Jensen just stood there and lifted his hands up casually, inviting Jared to notice and perhaps help control the mayhem.

“I was calling the delivery place,” Jared explained as he stepped out of the bedroom and walked down the short hallway until he was standing right in front of Jensen. “They fucking canceled our order and didn’t even let us know!” Jared’s whisper was angry.

“Well, that would’ve been helpful to know,” Jensen growled, but he was less angry and more just frustrated, resigned to the fact that it would be at least another half hour before they could get something else delivered, which meant another half hour of acting not so much like a father as a freaking zookeeper. He loved and adored every single one of their kids, but there was a reason the original plan was to just have four. Because having six children all within five years of each other was…something else. Bang-your-head-on-the-wall, cry-until-you-laugh something else.

“Okay, well, what else could get here quick? That isn’t pizza,” Jensen rushed to add, knowing exactly what Jared was about to say. And any other night, pizza would have been perfectly satisfactory, but it was Easter weekend and it was the first time that all eight of them had been together. Together without any other…family.

Jared didn’t offer up any suggestions though; he was busy ranting to himself under his breath. Jensen knew with a sudden clarity that this was not going to be one of those times when Jared just let it go. Jensen could practically see the gears whirring in his head as Jared stared intently at his phone. Jensen knew Jared had decided on a course of action when his hands stopped fidgeting and he let a large breath of air out of his body, deflating like a balloon.

Jared looked up at Jensen with a crease between his eyebrows and his teeth biting at his bottom lip. He stared at Jensen like he was waiting for his permission or something. Jensen just raised his eyebrows; it was Jared’s choice, but Jensen figured it probably wouldn’t hurt to point out the obvious.

“You’re gonna get a lot of flak if you do it,” he said. His tone was light but still matter-of-fact. Jensen had expected Jared to hem and haw, or to groan knowingly, or to roll his eyes in exasperation; what Jensen wasn’t expecting was for Jared’s eyes to be glinting darkly like he was coming up with some evil master plan.

“Yeah. But…I think I can make it worthwhile,” he said with a shrug and a smirk.

“Umm…” Uncertainty flashed through Jensen’s mind as Jared’s thumbs tapped quickly on his phone. “Whatever, I’m ordering pizza,” he muttered to himself with a sigh as he brought out his own phone and scrolled through his contacts, finding their go-to pizza place and calling in an order. It only took a few minutes, and as Jensen ended the call a Twitter notification popped up on his phone.

He groaned; he knew this could only mean one thing. Jared was already back in the living room, his attention fully on their kids, so Jensen took a quick second to check and see what Jared had posted. It was a picture—a screenshot, actually—and the caption read: .@jensenackles and I waited over an hour for @Favor for 6 combined kids. No phone call or text to let us know it got cancelled. #NeverAgain.

Jensen had to reread it four times before it completely sunk in. He stood there speechless; maybe to a casual observer it didn’t seem conspicuous, but Jared had just publicly stated that he and Jensen were together with all their kids—and no wives—on Easter.

The tweet was already racking up likes and replies and retweets or whatever, so Jensen quickly scrolled through the comments. As predicted, some were rude or downright cruel; most were supportive; and a handful were people freaking out over the exact thing that Jensen was kind of freaking out over.

Jared had soft-outed them.

That’s what Jensen had taken to calling moments like these, when one (or both) of them said or did something that just seemed to make their relationship so blatantly obvious to anyone who was willing to see. There had been many of them over the years, but over the last two or three—probably since Jensen had moved to Austin—it was like they were rapid-fire shooting them.

Little rocks and pebbles hurled at the constricting and reviled glass closet they’d been forced into so many years ago. And boy, did Jensen love the look of those cracks.

“Jay!” he called loud enough to be heard over the whines and laughs and shrieks of six little ones. Jared looked up at him from where he was wrestling on the ground with JJ. Jensen pulled up the camera on his phone and took a quick video, wanting to remember everything about this moment. “I liked your tweet!” he said, knowing that his comment could be heard in the recording.

“Hey babe, I was just making a statement about poor customer service,” he said casually, tickling their daughter into a fit of laughter.

“Yeah, well…” Jensen trailed off as he walked over to them, bending forward and drawing his arm back at the same time so that he could be seen by the camera now too. He dropped onto the floor and leaned over JJ to give Jared a kiss.

“Eww!” Shep squealed right before jumping onto Jensen’s back.

“Daddy and Jensen sittin’ in a tree,” Tom sang loudly and off-key, “K-I-S-do-bo-me,” continued, changing the lyrics halfway through because he didn’t know how to spell the word ‘kissing’ quite yet.

“Where’d he learn that?” Jared asked, mock-scandalized. He looked into the camera. “Oh, right…I taught him.” He winked as Jensen cracked up and planted another kiss on Jared, his mouth still open and laughing.

“So that’s how you spend your time in Austin without me?”

“Well, I try to do all the important things while I’m there,” Jared replied. Tom tumbled over Jared’s legs and joined the group on the ground. Jensen stopped the recording and stuck his phone back in his pocket before it got stepped on by tiny but surprisingly damage-inflicting feet. The three babies were sitting in their little baby seat-things, not able to join in with the roughhousing but providing a very substantial background track. The commotion grew when the doorbell buzzed, probably the delivery guy with their pizzas.

Jared hauled himself up, Shep clinging to one shin and JJ the other, and shuffled over to the intercom to buzz the guy in. Minutes later, there was knocking on the door and Jared opened it immediately. Jensen appeared with his wallet and Tom hanging onto him in a piggyback ride.

“Looks like you’re having a fun evening,” the guy commented as he handed the pizzas to Jared and took cash from Jensen. Jensen had seen him enough over the last few years of him and Jared ordering pizza to know the guy’s name—Chris—and to have spent a few minutes here and there chatting.

“Yeah, loads” Jared said as he tried to balance the pizzas while walking towards the kitchen, dragging the two kids who were still on his legs.

“Have a good night,” Jensen grinned at Chris, who chuckled and waved before turning and heading back down the hall to the elevators.

“Okay, guys,” Jensen spoke loudly to get their children’s attention, “if you keep hanging on to us you won’t get to eat pizza—“

“PIZZA!” JJ shrieked and immediately released her grip on Jared, thumping down onto the floor. The others followed and Jared grabbed paper plates and napkins while Jensen poured drinks and heated up milk for the babies.

“You know,” Jared muttered to Jensen, “I’m kinda glad that stupid app screwed up our order.”

“Yeah? And why’s that, Padalecki?”

“Because, Ackles, now I have a good excuse when my manager calls me tomorrow to yell at me about saying I was with you and not Gen.”

“That won’t shut him up,” Jensen pointed out, internally wincing at the thought of yet another of Spilo’s red-faced meltdowns.

“True,” Jared agreed, then slipped his hand inside Jensen’s pocket and whipped out his phone. “Actually,” he said thoughtfully as he looked through something on the phone, “if I’m gonna get yelled at anyways, why don’t I just go ahead and post that video you just took?”

“Jay!” Jensen said in alarm, but there was no heat to it. Frankly, he didn’t give a shit if they accidentally (or not-so-accidentally) got outed, right here right now. However, he’d imagined the moment to be a bit more romantic and, well, epic.

“Yeah, babe, I know. I’m just kidding,” Jared sighed before handing the phone back. Jensen smiled sadly and ran his hand through Jared’s hair a few times.

“Soon,” he promised.

Later that night, Jared snored softly beside him as Jensen lay wide-awake in their bed; he’d been unable to fall asleep for hours now. He plucked his phone off the nightstand and flicked through it. His fingers shook as he composed a simple but sweet tweet and attached a video to it. He stared wistfully at the screen, his thumb hovering over the ‘tweet’ button for several minutes. He finally let out a long and slightly-pained sighed as he hit ‘X’ instead, deleting his declaration of love before anyone got the chance to see it.

Soon, he repeated to himself.

Okay but you know what? Rick fucking abandoned his daughter. Again.

And no, I’m not talking about the season 2 finale. I’m talking about Rick Potion #9.

Where he left Beth, Summer and Jerry in a goddamn Cronenberg wasteland to fend for themselves. Even though he should have known that they didn’t get transformed, because they are related to Morty.

He could’ve looked for a dimension where the whole family didn’t exist, and taken all of them there. But no. He only took Morty with him.

You know what that makes me think? That the Beth from that dimension isn’t even Rick’s Beth. That Rick’s Beth, the one from his original dimension, has been dead for a long time.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that Rick has done this a bunch of times already. Hopping from dimension to dimension, always fleeing from the Galactic Federation, hanging out with different versions of his family but always abandoning them when things get rough.

I mean hell, the whole series starts out with him wanting to create a “fresh start”.

Because to Rick, people - even his own family members - are replaceable.

Because he’s already lost the real versions of the people he loves, and he’s been replacing them, again and again. Because he still craves those connections, but at the same time, he’s afraid of them. So he’s made himself numb, he’s not allowing himself to open up anymore. He goes to live with Beth and her family, because it’s the only thing he can do, really, but he’s still shutting himself off from them, ready to leave at any time.

So what changed? Why did Rick sacrifice himself?

I think that the current versions of Beth, Morty and Summer are actually the ones that Rick has spent the most time with up to this point (not counting Jerry bc he might have been replaced in Mortynight Run; also Rick clearly doesn’t care about Jerry). He spent 6 months alone with Summer and Morty after they froze time. And he’s apparently worried enough about his attachment to them, that he created a whole freaking presentation about how he doesn’t care about them.

Yeah, right.

Rick’s whole character arc in Season 2 has been about him opening up to others, and getting hurt as a result. It happened with Unity, it happened with Birdperson, and in the end, it’s been happening all along with his family. He got too attached, he opened himself up, and now he realizes that he can’t go on like this, that he can’t abandon them again and start over.

Not this time.

I remember back in Season 3 when I knew that Olicity was going to happen. I didn’t know how or when or why or anything like that, especially because Ray was still a thing, but I just knew it. I remember wondering if I was going to have to wait until the season finale…

And then the 3x20 promo came out of nowhere and my shipper life was over in the space of a three second clip.

But I’m on the Samleen ship and if they kill her, that’s not gonna fly any better than them killing my Moon Queen Charlie did.

At this point?? They need to clean up the BMOL and the Crowley/Lucifer plotlines, bury them for good, figure out a way for Mary to fucking settle herself (because she’s not trying to incorporate her hunting side with her yes you are actually a mother with sons who do need you side), and then fucking let Sam and Eileen become a sugar sweet domestic hunter couple. Sammy running the MOL bunker as a hunter library (because Sam is totally the new Bobby), and Eileen joining up with Jody and Donna to help train the Wayward Daughters (because they pick up strays like fucking magnets).

Dean and Cas finally sort their shit out and have an epic make out scene (because let’s face it, we all want to see that), and then settle down to be all domestic and cute and Cas helps Sam with the library and the more ancient and obscure knowledge they might need and Dean’s the one who ends up with the epic arsenal of badass weapons and he pimps out all the classics in their garage and helps out hunters with repairs and shit (because with how many times he’s rebuilt Baby, he’s a fucking Expert Mechanic, I mean, honestly).

Sam and Eileen go to Ireland to get married. It’s a tiny little service, just those closest to them (and Mildred totally comes, because she feels she help push Eileen and Sam together because, of course, she and Eileen were texting buddies, duh). It’s sweet and lovely and Sam’s finally a happy smiling puppy again and everyone has a good day with no monsters or family fights or secrets ruining a goddamn good thing.

And then Cas and Dean fucking finally decide to tie the knot. And this wedding isn’t simple or small, considering Chuck and Gabriel both show up and shit gets out of hand. But Dean doesn’t even fucking care because his angel is finally his, is finally home with him, completely and totally and it’s fucking legit. 

The fact that God co-officiated the ceremony with Sam just made it even better.

I think a lot of people aren’t appreciating Jaune’s growth. Meanwhile, everyone adores Weiss for her character growth.

In the season finale, when a terrifying Grimm was heading for the man he feels is partially responsible for Pyrrha’s death, his first reaction was to run for the man and save him! He then faces the Grimm head on to help his friends. He takes hits for them multiple times throughout the season, and his full focus is on keeping his team safe and happy. He talks Ruby out of a depressive slump, he tries to get Ren to calm down and not goddamn kill himself-

Yes, the shit he did in season one and two was annoying, and his character growth took long enough that it wasn’t as obvious as Weiss’. But I really wish people would *notice* the change, because Jaune Arc deserves some respect for where he’s gone to in life.

alwayssaltontherim  asked:

As much as I don't want Michonne to get pregnant now if that bish ends up pregnant I'll hop on right aboard with that shit. Lol. I'm just 👀👀👀 all this sex and all this Richonne baby hints we've been getting as of late. Again, I don't want it to be now but if it so happens then sign this bish up for babysitting duties. 😂

Haha! 😂

I feel like they’re definitely working up to at least a conversation about it, which is more than enough for me, because I just don’t think it’s smart to do this before a war. But the season finale could end with Michonne looking at a pregnancy test, and I’d lose my goddamn mind. And I will spend all summer thinking about baby names and writing pregnant!Michonne headcanons. 👀I’ll have no shame. So I’m just glad I’m not alone in this dumpster.