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I had the worst day at work today, bartending for some CREEPS, ugh. What about some Cute Bartender!Tony dealing with assholes whilst Steve stands all smitten in the background, I'd really love that right now.

I’m really sorry you had to deal with that bullshit, my friend. But here- I hope this helps!

“Steve, if you keep starin’ at him any longer, he’s gonna call the cops.”

The sound was barely visible over the noise in the club, but Steve turned anyway, shooting Bucky a dirty look as the man simply grinned over to him and shrugged.

“Just say hi,” Sam encouraged, nudging his arm, “he seems nice. From what I can tell from the one drink he served me forty minutes ago, anyway.”

Steve blushed, turning to fiddle with the rim of his Pina Colada and cursing himself. He knew he should. He knew that’s what everyone said he should do, anyway- but the man was like… a whole other level.
There was attractive, and there there was that guy.

Dark hair, tanned skin, a smile to die for. Every line and curve of his body was physically perfect. Steve had studied all about it in art school- Da Vinci’s Golden ratio and the divine proportion, all that stuff. He couldn’t say he’d ever really believed it himself, but Jesus- looking at that man, he guessed that that was what Leo had been banging on about all those years back.

-Aaaaand he was staring again.


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nude wars — preview

pt1 | pt2 preview

pairings: yoongi x reader x jungkook

genre: smut, touches of fluff / frat!yoonkook

description: Okay sure, maybe having a threesome with two best friends from the same frat wasn’t the smartest thing you’d ever done. But hey, when the result was them vying for your attention in the form of scandalous snaps, breathy audio messages, and unspeakable texts, well then the decision definitely wasn’t that bad.

— Or alternatively, your phone getting caught in the middle of Yoongi and Jungkook constantly trying to one-up each other in a war of sexting (and just maybe romantics).

note: so I know pt2 was supposed to come out today, but I’ve been sick for the past week and a half and I actually ended up having to go to the hospital yesterday bc I guess I wasn’t taking it seriously enough. but yeah, I thought I could at least post a tiny snippet ;;

It took all of five minutes into your shift for the post-sexting depression to kick in. The only word you could use to describe today’s atmosphere at work being completely dead. There were barely any customers to keep you occupied, leaving you to watch the time tick by as your only form of entertainment, second by unbearably miserable second burying you deeper into a realm of inescapable boredom.

And this continued on… For five miserable hours, until you finally managed to gain some relief. Your good friend and co-worker, Jimin, finally coming in to start his shift.

“Someone looks like they had a long night. Let me guess, another late night on greek row?” He snickered, making his way behind the counter to join you.

“Haha, very funny, but… Yeah,” You ended up admitting, causing chuckles to fall from both of you.

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[I'm On Fire] - Part 1

Jeffrey x Reader

[Shoutout to @theartofimagining13 for inspiring this prompt: Jeffrey picking you up from school, and the scandal when everyone who thought he was your father, finds out he’s actually your boyfriend]

A/N: okay I’m definitely scared to post LOL but I saw a lot of people wanted this prompt written so I thought I’d give it a go! This is a AU!Jeffrey, and I hope I do this prompt justice especially since so many people got pumped for it. ENJOY 💕also just a shoutout to my awesome betas for giving me the confidence to post this piece! Xoxo if you have ideas how want this to go send me some.

Tags: 18+, daddy kink, lots of smut next chapter ;)

gif by @mypapawinchester


“…Now I can tell by your faces that you’re all ready to get the hell out of here. I know, I know…it’s a Friday…and being indoors is the last thing you guys want. But before you leave, I just want to discuss your recent papers. I must say I was fairly disappointed in most of them…”

Professor Lincoln paced back and forth in front of the lecture hall, his piercing blue eyes staring down his students. “When discussing historic analysis, I don’t expect you to just give me the facts. I want more depth in these essays…make connections to our world today, and to previous things that have already happened. I know from our in-class discussions you are smarter than what you sound like on paper. With that in mind, I will now formally dismiss the class. Please, think about what I’ve said, and enjoy your weekend!”

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So, uh, HC about MC who's depressed and often being told that she's useless and not worthy to be loved and she being left alone by her friends, so she pretend to be a happy-go-lucky person. So she helped RFA heal from their pain because no one ever help her before and she kind of understand how they feel. How will RFA V Saeran react if they found out about MC's real self? Sorry, if it's sensitive topic.

Hihi~! Admin Effe has already written a depressed MC [here] but I wanted to write this again specifically for your request—one I haven’t written it yet, and two, I write for my followers! (These turned into mini-fics, I’m sorryyy…) 

In all, I hope that my writing can brighten up your day, whether it’s been good or bad for you, even if only a little bit. If it’s not what you wanted, I apologize 

Warning: Angst / Fluff


Whispers, ancient whispers are echoing in your mind, swirling together to build a bigger, greater boulder of pain to bring you down. You can feel yourself struggling to escape them:

“She’s so annoying sometimes.” Someone who you thought was your friend had said that, not realizing you could hear their hushed tone.

“Hahah! Why would anyone ever like you?” You force a laugh, playing along.

Yet another friend walks away from you. Not physically, no, but you knew that your bond was weakening yet again. Dammit, why? What had you done wrong this time?

And then there were the unsaid whispers. Things that you knew others thought about you. Things that you knew others felt about you. Things that you knew were being said behind your back. They didn’t have to say it your face, but you could feel it. And especially…

“You don’t fit in.”

Your heart throbs in pain, letting the words sink in again… “You don’t fit in.”

Your eyes flew wide open, meeting a dark ceiling. Eyes shifting to the window, you notice that it’s early morning now. The sun had not yet risen. But you were already wide awake—you wouldn’t want to fall asleep and return to that dream, anyway. Sigh.

Your phone beeps with a message. Right. You were part of the RFA now. Today was the party.

The entire time, you’d acted all cheerful, happy-go-lucky and made yourself easy to get along with—just like you usually do with certain friends whom you trusted to an extent. But truthfully, you felt numb and empty. Well. You were depressed, after all. Not that anyone noticed. Nobody ever saw through your façade, you thought bitterly.

But today, you’d woken up from a nightmare (or rather, bad memories…) You weren’t sure if you’d be able to keep up your act today. But you had to try. You couldn’t let them find out about your real self. You just couldn’t. You’d hidden it so well, you didn’t want to ruin all your hard work, all your pretense…

…But some things just don’t go with the plan, huh.


(sry about your heart when reading)

He was so excited to finally meet you—he spotted you as soon as you walked through the grand doors to the party.

“MC! I’m so glad you’re finally here. Look around, this is all thanks to your hard work, gosh, I’m so proud of you and” he continued to ramble, but you could only smile half-heartedly in reply.

You didn’t really feel up to acting all happy and touched. Your smile slowly turned into a frown as you fought with yourself, thoughts mixing inside your head. You thought about how you were annoyed with him for putting this pressure on you. You weren’t as amazing as he believes you are.

But you also argued that you couldn’t let him down because, well, he actually expects something from you. It’s just a bit too much, and it really wasn’t easing the unpleasant feelings you already had from the morning. If anything, it only gave you more stress.

“…MC? Is something wrong?”

You didn’t reply. You couldn’t. You were trying to hold back newfound tears from the sudden build-up of stress, and his question only pressured you more. You managed to force out, “I-I just need to go to the washroom. You gotta go when you gotta go, right?” Your attempt to lift the mood failed, especially considering how you felt so miserable you could hardly even look up at him.

He tries to stop you, but you just turn around and left hurriedly, unable to keep up the act anymore. You had to go before you ruined anything—all the lies you’d built up, all the bonds you’d finally made… You couldn’t lose it all in one night. You didn’t want them to see who you really were, and normally you would be fine but today you just felt like absolute shit.

Yoosung quickly catches up with you, following you into the desolated hallway leading to the washrooms at the party hall. He grabs hold of your arm, jerking you backwards.

STOP!” you shout at him, feeling all the stress finally build up and release into that one word. Only one word, and yet it was so emotional, so powerful, he physically shuddered, taken aback.

But the words suddenly fell out like a snowball rolling downhill. Even as the words left your mouth, you found yourself regretting every goddamn syllable that your lips naturally enunciated. “JUST STOP. DAMMIT, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? You’re not my knight in shining armour, you’re not a prince who will save the day. You don’t even know me, so why the hell are you acting so close with me?” Angry tears were overflowing from your eyes, and you just couldn’t hold it back anymore. Broken. You were broken.

Yoosung was stunned, but quickly got over it, his surprised expression morphing into pain. “MC… I know I’m not the most reliable person, but if there’s every anything you’re upset about, I hope that you can confide in me too… I may not be able to deliver smooth lines like Zen, or promise anything in the world for you like Jumin, or take care of all your issues like Jaehee… but I can be here for you and listen. At the very least, I want to help you carry your burdens and make it easier for you, even if only a little bit…”

His sincerity threw you off. Why was he saying this? After you’d just yelled at him like that? And he hardly even knew you. God, he must be a saint or something. Something in your heart stirred, feeling moved by his words.

You started to explain after a moment of hesitation, “I have depression. Everyone around me never seems to like me, no matter how hard I try, I can never meet their expectations… So I pretend. I pretend like I’m okay and I smile and laugh and make jokes but I’m actually really, really sad inside. Sometimes, I’m okay, but some days, like today, I just lose the will to act.”

Yoosung listened carefully, his eyes never leaving you. He waited, feeling that you had more to say.

“And… I’m really touched that you would want to help me, but… Yoosung, you don’t even know me,” you say sadly. “You don’t know the real me. You’re in love with a fake person, she doesn’t exist. You don’t know me…”

But I do know you.” The confidence in his voice made you look up at him, and he held your gaze. “The MC standing right in front of me, I know her. You take your time to give thoughtful replies, you always try to avoid hurting others, you’ve helped me move on from Rika, gently pushing me to move forward without too much force or too little pressure.”


“Regardless if it was your real personality, it doesn’t change the fact that you’ve been here for me …and that’s why I’m in love with you. Even if I don’t know you, I do know what you’ve done for me. And if you’re concerned that we don’t really know each other, then it only gives me more reason to spend more time with you, so I can get to know you.”

You were speechless, the weight of his words sinking in. He really cared, and he really loved you. You could determine that much from the way he looked at you, affection laced with determination—the determination to stay by your side, even if you would attempt to push him away.

He gently pulled you in for a hug, with only a little force so you could reject him if need be. And you just melted into his warmth. Yoosung’s gentle love was just what you needed on a day like this.

His everything was screaming, I’m here for you.


You were reluctant to enter the party hall. You just weren’t sure if you’d be able to smile around everyone today. What if they didn’t like you? What if you messed up somehow?

Deciding to take a roundabout, you scaled the surroundings of the building. Maybe you would go in through a different entrance. And so you walked around the building in search of a smaller entry, where you wouldn’t have to be overwhelmed by the RFA as soon as you walked in.

The smell of smoke drifted through the air, and your eyes caught the sight of silhouette smoking a dimly lit cigarette behind the corner of the wall. Well, crap. You’d run into smoker territory.

The figure stepped out, and the moonlight helped you to faintly make out the smoker’s features. Red eyes.. white hair… wait a minute.

“Zen?” you unconsciously said aloud. Oops.

“Huh? What’s a lovely lady like you doing out here?” he said in surprise, immediately dropping the cigarette to the ground and stomping the fire out. “I’m sorry you had to see that. Are you… my fan?”

You frowned at his actions. “You really shouldn’t smoke so much. It’s bad for your health! Haven’t you paid attention to anything Jaehee’s said?”

Your familiar voice paired with your words made him realize who you were.

“MC?!” he exclaimed, eyes widening a fraction. Then, he cocked his head to the side as he lowered his voice to a gentler tone, “…What’s wrong?”

Startled by the sudden question, you furrowed your eyebrows. Had he somehow been able to sense your distress? It was dark out, so he couldn’t really see your expression, and you didn’t think you’d said anything to give it away.

Instead, you laugh lightly, “And why do you ask that?”

“Well, nobody walks around a building for no reason, when they could enter it instead,” he mused, a faint smile upon his lip. “There must be something preventing you from going inside.”

You bit your lip, lowering your eyes as you processed his words. He was right.

“It’s nothing, really,” you begin, but stop yourself. Zen was an actor. He must’ve seen through a thousand professional acts already; there was no way you could trick him with your lousy, weak acting right now. Not when your memories had haunted you awake. You sigh, “I just… had a bad dream.”

“About?” he coaxed, nodding in acknowledgement.

You shifted uncomfortably. “Bad memories, I guess?”

He approaches you quietly, reaching his arm towards you and stroking your cheek. “Well, I don’t know what happened, but if you don’t want to attend the party, you don’t have to.”

You met his eyes in surprise. “But… but I’ll let everyone down! They’ve been waiting for so long, and we put in so much work…” your voice faltered as you trailed off.

“If you don’t feel good, then you don’t need to force yourself to do anything. Your top priority is yourself, not the party or any other responsibilities you have,” Zen stated firmly, his hands on both of your shoulders to hold you close.

You find yourself nodding reluctantly.

He cast you a boyish grin. “Come on.”

The two of you end up ditching the party completely. Instead of attending the RFA party, you lost yourself in the night—lost, in the wind that blew against your face as Zen drove you around on his motorcycle; lost, in the carefree moment where you didn’t have to worry about anything; lost, in a night that you would never forget.

As Zen had taught you, it was nice to just unwind instead of forcing yourself to do things.


(I wrote this in HC instead, sowwy!! >_<)

  • As soon as she saw you at the party, her neutral, ‘work’ expression immediately morphed into happiness.
  • “MC!” she called out to you happily, rushing over to your side. She smiles at you, “I’m glad you could make it. Come, I’ll take you to the others. They’ve been waiting to see you.”
  • Her excitement makes you feel pressured to keep up your act around them
  • You excuse yourself to the refreshments table to grab a drink, really trying to avoid them
  • Instead, you wander off to the bathroom, washing your face. But water had dripped onto your clothes.
  • Frustrated, you slam your hands against the table. (Poor table!! What did it ever do..?)
  • Jaehee had just entered at that time, and was surprised by your outburst
  • “MC… please don’t hurt yourself.”
  • She looks sad as she says that, eyeing your pinkened hands from the impact of the hit.
  • As she quickly bandages your hand, she says softly, “I care about you, so please.. don’t hurt the person I love…”


Although he would never tell you, he’d been waiting for you to show up at the party since he arrived. In fact, he’d arrived early in case he could catch you, and he’s been eyeing the entrance ever since.

So when Seven exclaimed, “Oooh! MC’s finally here~!” Jumin had been the first one to greet you, walking off swiftly, a determined expression on his face.

“Good evening, MC,” he said stiffly despite masking a smooth voice. “I’m glad to see you’ve arrived safely. Thank you for… hmm?”

He pauses in the middle of his sentence as he notices how you’re not listening to him.

You were lost in your own thoughts, a mess of wondering how to react, what to say, and if you were looking as happy-go-lucky as you appeared in the chatroom. An unfocused smile was forced upon your face, to which was eventually dropped as you realized how the buzzing noise (oh my, Jumin, you’ve been degraded to a buzzing noise, Zen snickers) had suddenly stopped.

“Are you not feeling well?” Jumin asks you concernedly. “I could call a do-“

“No!” you exclaim. “No, it’s not that. I’m okay,” you reassure him.

Although you had told him that, he couldn’t help but worry about you. So for the rest of the party, he followed you around, observing your expression, action and movement. No matter how thick-headed he was, it didn’t stop him from detecting your sadness. (After all, he paid special attention to you!)

After the party, he approached you again, offering you a glass of wine to symbolize a celebration of your success. No words are needed to communicate, as he watches you down the glass. You were frustrated. You’d managed to hold off your irritation and sadness throughout the party, but you really couldn’t handle any more.

You decide to leave early so you could avoid interaction with the other RFA members, but Jumin follows you outside, offering you a ride home. “Please, let me escort you,” he says softly.

You stare at him questioningly. You could go home just fine.

“You know, hm, how do I put this,” he stumbles across his words. “When I’m sad, I have Elizabeth the 3rd with me… or I drink with a friend.”


“So if you’re not feeling well, I could accompany you,” he finishes.


What a roundabout way of offering to stay by your side.

And so you spend the rest of the night with him, quiet as you drown in his comfort.


You were dropped off at the parking lot of the party, and you sighed as you got out of the car. A red car beeped in the distance, and you naturally directed your sight to it.

A familiar man was leaning against the car, fingers tapping away on his phone. In an instant, your own phone buzzed in your pocket, and you smiled slightly at the notification.

Bringing your eyes back up, you called out, “Se-!”

He had already found his way to you. He’s insanely fast, wow. You were a bit awed by his sudden appearance, but quickly forced a smile at him.

He returned a cheeky grin, but it fell from his face when he noticed how your smile didn’t reach your eyes. “Is MC saaad~?” he pouted, poking both your cheeks at the same time.

You struggled to respond in a fun way as he had, but you found that you couldn’t even reply. It was hard to put your feelings into words right now. You just.. didn’t feel happy, to say the least.

Noticing the atmosphere, Seven dropped his act, a serious expression in his eyes as he analyzed your features. He’d already noticed how your tired tone, as well as how your eyes seemed dull today.

Instead of commenting, grabbed your hand, eyeing you for resistance. You didn’t really care, and let him. Quietly, you followed him.

Both of you were usually cheerful and childish in the chatrooms, and you’d gotten along really well, but you had also noticed how he was probably the same as you—faking his personality. That’s also why you felt so attracted to him. Because you knew that there was more to him than who he showed in the chatroom.

He took you in the RFA party building through a staff entrance, leading you up the stairs. You did feel a bit curious, looking around the fancy hallways as you passed them. The stairs were curved in a spiral, and you quite appreciated how it looked, although it wasn’t as convenient to walk on.

He took you to a large room, where you could see everyone down at the party. “If you don’t feel like attending, you can come here to watch how it’s going, at least. Take a look at what you’ve accomplished. You gathered so many guests through your own efforts, and you’ve made the party a huge success. You’re an inspiration, you know that, right?” he looks at you with a gentle smile, different from his usual goofy attitude.

But that quickly changed as he let out a fart.

“Awh, dammit! You have no idea how hard I was trying to hold it in!!”


You nervously eye the guests making their way around the party. Everyone seemed to be busy talking and you had no idea what the hell they were talking about.

A hand touches your shoulder, and you jump slightly, startled. You prepare a kind smile as you turn around, and find yourself looking at a familiar bluehead.

“…V? Is that you?” you ask in surprise.

“You’re MC, right?” he beams at you.

You could’ve sworn he was blind or something. How did he recognize you without having met you before?

As if he heard your thoughts, he explained, ”I’ve been getting eye treatment, thanks to Jumin. Well, he kind of forced me, haha. I’m slowly starting to regain my vision.”

You nod in understanding. That made sense.

Suddenly, he furrowed his eyebrows, a frown curling upon his lips. “Excuse me for being insensitive in asking this but… would you be alright with telling me what’s on your mind? You seem to be really down right now…”

You’re shocked that he can tell, even though you had made sure not to show any signs of it. How had he detected it immediately? Rather than covering up for it, you ask, “How did you know?”

His eyes sadden as you confirm his worries. “Well, I’ve always been sensitive to others’ feelings, but after becoming blind, I’ve become even more sensitive… Not to mention, my… my ex had depression, and the vibes you’re giving off are really similar…”

“I see,” you murmur, feeling awkward discussing about his ex.

“If you ever need someone, remember that you can talk to me, okay?” he says, making eye contact with you to catch your reaction.

You nod with a faint smile, half forced but half sincere. “Thank you. Not all days are good for me, and today was just one of them… But I know I’m not alone.”


You’d been on your way to the party, slightly dragging your feet in dread, when you were suddenly blindfolded and pulled into a van. What the fu-

“Good evening,” a creepy voice whispered in your ear.

Normally, you would have been freaked out, but today, your depression was acting up. You hadn’t really been looking forward to the party today anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal to you. In fact, you had sincerely dreaded going. And yeah, you’d just been kidnapped but god, you just felt so damn irritated right now.

“Take the blindfold off,” you growl.

“Hm. A feisty one, it seems? But, as you wish. I’m not here to attack you anyway,” the voice spoke again, before removing the blindfold from your eyes.

You glare at him with hate, anger and sadness. It wasn’t like you meant to direct all your bad feelings at him, but you couldn’t help it. There was no one else to take it out on.

But other than that, you stared out the window silently instead, with crossed arms. An awkward silence eventually overtook the atmosphere, and Saeran frowns, your negativity rubbing onto him. You were clearly depressed and frustrated. Secretly, he sympathized with you.

“Hrmmm…” he stares at you, then suddenly pulls the car to a stop. “Wait here,” he orders as he leaves the car.

Although you could’ve used the chance to escape, you didn’t. In a few minutes, he returned with drinks in his hand. “Here. For you,” he mutters, thrusting the drink at you.

He continues to drive, as you stare with wide eyes. This was… an odd situation. Why was he being so, well, nice?

Feeling your surprised stare, he casts an irritated glare at you. “I’m not heartless, you know,” he mumbles. “I can tell you’re upset. I’m not going to be an asshole right now. (Maybe later, but not now.)”

Eventually, you pull up to an open field. What an odd place to bring you to, you thought. Was there a secret base underground or something?

Saeran opens your door, and holds out a hand to help you out. What the- this was feeling more like a date than being kidnapped.

“We’ll stop by here first,” he said. “Just to let you, uhm, freshen up… or something.”

His cheeks were flushed with embarrassment. He clearly wasn’t used to cheering people up, but you found it kind of cute.

The two of you sat at the trunk of the van, staring up at the starry sky, relaxing in the cool night air.

By the end of the night, Seven would arrive and take you back, but that could wait until tomorrow. For now, you enjoyed your time with the odd, somewhat cute kidnapper.

Some things don’t go with the plan… but sometimes, it isn’t all that bad. You hadn’t planned on letting anyone discover your true self behind the happy-go-lucky act, or your true feelings… but in exchange, you’d gained a friend instead: someone who would stay by your side and fight your battles with you, even when you pushed them away. 

And although it wouldn’t take away your depression, nor would it make everything better for you… it was enough to make you smile for now. And now is all that matters.

A Favor Returned

Just a stupid little New Year’s Eve ficlet, almost 2 months late, but who cares?

summary: modern AU. Emma is scelebrating New Year’s Eve with her girls, and they are having fortune cookies of a special kind. A handsome, but infuriating stranger doesn’t help to lift the mood…

rating: k for kissing ;)

also on: ff.net and ao3

Like every year, Ruby Lucas makes a big show giving out the small tulle packets with the homemade fortune cookies she brought back to Boston from her Christmas visit to her grandmother. It’s tradition that she and her bunch of friends each get one to open at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Like every year, she reminds them, “Granny says not to open them before midnight!”

Like every year, her girlfriend Mulan jokes, “Wait, those are Chinese, shouldn’t I be the one giving them to you?”

Ruby rolls her eyes, “Don’t be so cliché. It’s getting old.”

Emma Swan frowns suspiciously at the cookie in her hand. “Wait, this is a trick? There’s some stupid message inside just to…”

To be fair, it wouldn’t be the first time. Granny Lucas, at whose house Emma spent a lot of time in her youth, has tried more than once to send encouraging messages especially to her. Over the last years, however, it has become more and more annoying, and Emma started to feel the pain of every only single among a bunch of friends who are all happily taken. Endearing as it is that they all care so much for her, it’s still unnerving when even your youth’s friend’s grandmother tries to get you to finally find a boyfriend – or a girlfriend, whatever floats your boat, as Granny put it so eloquently.

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“You deserve so much better than..him” - Sam Drake x Reader

Well, thought I’d try my hand at a new fandom…namely : Uncharted. If you guys want more of it just send in your requests ^^. Anyway, I hope you’ll like this “new adventure” huh : 

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


It was a warm and sunny day, and everything was just fine. 

You were in a giddy good mood, and waiting here, on this comfortable forrest ground, for Sam’s signal. 

Looking out in the wild, trying to spot your boyfriend’s message, with Nadine and Chloe right beside you, was exactly what you wanted to do right at this moment, on your birthday…

Yeah. No. 

It was raining like cats and dogs. You were hiding ou in a cave but by the time you ran in there when it first started to rain, you were already soaked and it was too damn cold and humid for you to dry. Oh you hated the feeling of the fabric of your clothes sticking to your skin, freezing you to the bones. 

Sam was taking ages to signal you to join him and you were starting to get extremely worried and Nadine ? Oh man, Nadine. 

You could feel her intense eyes burning a hole in your back, as she was seated behind you, against the wall, staring at you while you were scanning your surrounding in hope to see any signs from Sam. 

You had absolutely no idea why she kept just staring like that, making you uncomfortable, but ever since the night before, she hasn’t been very discreet about it. You tried to talk about it, but it always resulting in her looking away and totally ignoring you, making an almost silent “tt”, and you didn’t understand it ! 

So far, you and her were getting along so well ! 

Few months back, a certain Chloe Frazer, one of Nate’s old friend, came to you and Sam to ask for your help. 

Long story short, after multiple perilous adventures, you guys found the precious Tusk of Ganesh, and this all story helped you and Nadine become genuine friends so…Why was she totally blowing you off right now ? And staring at you as if you were crazy ? 

And goddammit why was Sam not signaling you ! 

Worst. Birthday. Ever. 

And as water was falling across your face, and  everywhere really, making you shivering, you snapped. 

Enough was enough. 

You startled Chloe who was standing next to you as you turned around aggressively and, with a voice full of frustration asked Nadine : 

-Ok what’s the deal ? 

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Bucky Barnes Series
-Your attraction to the brooding Winter Soldier is instant, but when you overhear him talking badly about your appearance those feelings of desire quickly turn to hate.

(I’ll be starting a PERMANENT TAG LIST so if you’d like to be tagged in each fic that I write from now on MESSAGE MY ASK BOX or COMMENT ON MY MASTERLIST) 


Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

Part Six- End.

You told Nat and Wanda everything that had happened that evening, hating the exchange of knowing looks between the pair that only deepened your sense of confusion.

“What are those faces for?!” You screeched, pulling at your hair. “What is going on here?!”

Nat shook her head and Wanda laughed into her hand. “It’s nothing, Y/N. Let’s just focus a minute here.” Wanda nodded and agreed. “Yes, you clearly don’t have the feelings that you thought you had for Steve, so the first thing you have to do is talk it out with him.” You looked at the pair of them, unable to hide the look of dread that ensconced your features. “It’s for the best, Y/N. It’ll get rid of any awkwardness between the two of you, and you know give you a clear head to think about any other feelings you might have for some people.. maybe-”

“Speak to Steve.” Nat cut off, shooting a warning glance at Wanda. You frowned at them, “What are you talking about Wanda? Any feelings I might have? I don’t like Steve, we just established that.”

Wanda smiled a small smile but spoke carefully under Nat’s watchful gaze. “It’s not Steve I’m talking about.” She giggled, watching your face transform into a picture of shock.

“Well I don’t like you either!” You spluttered, causing the pair of girls to explode into laughter. You groaned and let your face fall into your hands, having had no success in shedding a bit of light on the situation. “I’ll go speak to Steve.” You mumbled, hefting yourself up and traipsing away from the intrusive sounds of laughter.

You texted him to meet you in your bedroom in ten minutes and he responded with a quick ‘Ok’, so you busied yourself with tidying your room and making yourself look presentable. You forced down the rising feeling of nervousness that threatened to consume you by playing a bit of music in the background, and before too long there was a soft knock at the door.

“Come in.” You called, fiddling with the stereo and not paying Steve much attention as he awkwardly stepped, concealing something behind his back. You turned to face him with an uneasy smile, only to have it be replaced with a look of shock. As it wasn’t Steve at all- but Bucky.

“Wh-What are you doing here?” You asked, your voice almost a whisper. Bucky cleared his throat and presented the bowl of freshly cut mangoes he’d been concealing behind his back. “I think we need to talk.” Your eyes flitted from the fruits to the tentative looking Winter Soldier as your mind whirred, thinking back on the conversation you’d had with Nat and everything that had transpired in the past few days. “This isn’t a good time actually I just asked Steve to-”

“Steve’s the one that told me to come.” Bucky said, interrupting you with a smile that wavered as he spoke. “And- and Nat.” He laughed, placing the mangos down on your lap. “Can I sit?” You nodded and watched, utterly transfixed as he sat down next to you on the bed. What the hell had been going on? Why did Steve tell him to come down? Why had Bucky been speaking to Nat about you? Why was the man you despised most in the world sat on your bed with you, smiling? And why were you letting him?

“I’m sorry-” you stuttered, “But what are you doing in my room?”

Bucky huffed and shoved a piece of mango into his mouth. “Shouldn’t tal wih mouf full.” He slurred, acting apologetic. You narrowed your eyes at his awful stall tactic but chewed on a mango slice as you waited anyway. The few seconds it took for Bucky to swallow the fruit seemed to be enough for him to collect his thoughts as he turned to you abruptly.

“Why do you hate me so much?”

You choked a little on the mango, taken aback by his question.


“I want to know- why did you take such a disliking towards me in the first few seconds you met me.” Bucky asked again, his eyes staring into yours which grew cold as you thought back.

“I really needed to pee.” You said, earning a confused look but not bothering to communicate your meaning. “But the ladies room was full so I hid in the guy’s bathroom and went about my business. But as I was about to head out-” Bucky groaned as you spoke, apparently recalling the events and conversation that occurred during that first day you’d met. “Being hidden in the cubicle, I was able to overhear every little thing you had to say about me.”

“Y/N, I-”

“Not that hot, nothing special- "bet 2 bucks I can get her to go home with me tonight.”“ You recited, holding Bucky in your steely gaze. "That was actually the first encounter we had. And I learnt a lot about you in those first few minutes that helped me decide how to treat you- how you deserved to be treated in those next few moments we’d meet face to face.” You finished, licking the sweet juices left on your fingers by the mango you’d just consumed.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” Bucky mumbled, looking ashamed, which you found strange. “For what? It’s hardly like we’re best friends, you don’t need to apologise now. There’s no need.” Bucky winced at your words, grasping your hand in his- much to your horror- as you snatched it back. “What are you doing?” You hissed, standing up, ready to send him out your room.

“Y/N I like you.” Bucky breathed out, staring at you with such an intensity that the thought he was joking didn’t even cross your mind.

“What?” You repeated, for what felt like the thousandths time. “That makes no sense- whatsoever!”

Bucky groaned and rubbed at the back of his neck, matching your tone of disbelief. “I know! I know it doesn’t- but I do! I really fucking like you and it’s so goddamn confusing because I’ve never hated someone as much as I hate you too.”

“Ditto.” You interrupted without thinking, exchanging smiles with the nervous man before you, easing the tension ever so slightly. The next time he reached for your hand, you let him. You didn’t know why, but whatever was happening you were seemingly ok with it. You could feel his eyes on your skin, a thoughtful look enveloping his features as you grew sombre.

“I didn’t mean what I said back then.” Bucky sighed, pulling you nearer to him. “I was just being a jerk, I was trying to stop the guys from showing an interest in you and I kinda felt threatened by the way Steve looked at you. I was- I was trying to keep you all to myself but, but we both know how that turned out.” You laughed a little and he looked up at you, a hopeful smile dying to be released. “Kinda had the opposite effect, hu?” You quipped.

Bucky went to pull you close and wrap his arms around your waist, from where he was sat but you resisted. “I-I think this is-”

“A bit unexpected..” Bucky acknowledged. “I actually only just realised how-how I /felt/ for you rather, well, super recently. I think it took for you getting shot right in front of me to realise that if I lost you I would- I would freaking lose my mind.” You inhaled sharply at the revelation, noting how difficult it must be for Bucky to be opening up to you like he was, his eyes cast down and a red hue clouding his cheeks. “Talk about too little too late though, hu? But I- I visited you whilst you were out and Tony said- Tony said you’d be fine.. So I figured maybe I could give it a shot- pun not intended- at just you know, telling you how I felt at least. So I went down to the gym at the time you usually headed down there to do cardio and instead I saw-” this time it was your turn to groan, and you wrapped Bucky’s body in yours, making the move of intimacy he was too afraid to go for. His arms found your waist as you wrapped your hands around his head, playing with his hair from your standing position. “I saw Steve and you- kissing- and I thought it was too late but then you- and I almost- but Nat told me and and so I told Steve and they sort of arranged this whole thing and now.. here we are.”

“Here we are..” you echoed, twirling a few pieces of his hair in between your fingers. He looked up then, hopeful, and your heart skyrocketed in your chest, so loud that you worried he would hear it banging against your ribcage.

He whispered your name before you both leaned in and touched lips in what felt like an explosion of colour and emotion. You were quick to lace your hands in his hair, tugging moans of pleasure from his lips. You pushed him backwards and lay your body atop his on the bed, unthinking, but moved entirely by your intermingling sense of passion. His hands cupped your ass and pushed your closer towards him, causing you to arch your back. Your senses were dialled to a hundred and you were driven wild by the way he bit your lip and moaned your name, the hot and heavy breaths that were exchanged between kisses. The moment shared more intensity than either of you had experienced in any of your wildest embraces.

“I love you.” He gasped, pulling apart a moment to look you in the eye as he professed to you the ultimate truth. As you stared at him with your eyes wide and your lips swollen and your heart beating a mile a minute you realised what you had known all along, what everyone had known- and suddenly it all made sense.

“I love you too.”  

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“Put It Down” Review (Spoilers and this is a little long!)

So, I saw S21 E02.

For the past week, my stomach has been churning over what the outcome of this episode would be.

…and I was NOT disappointed.

Holy fucking shit. Let’s just…break this down.

-The introduction

Tweek going up and just BANGING his hands on the piano and screeching may be the biggest laugh I’ve gotten since Wendy described what Yaoi was back in season 19. Not only is it incredibly relatable to anyone suffering from major anxiety problems or stress, but it’s so Tweek.

Stan got a couple lines. I don’t know about y’all, but I am proud of him. In all seriousness, have we just…forgotten about Stan while making room for Randy. He’s one of those jokes that…I don’t know, he’s kinda depressing anymore. In “White People Renovating Houses”, Sharon’s blank expressions and his attitude towards Daryl…I didn’t really get why the joke was funny. I mean, I got the melodrama, but it didn’t get much of a laugh out of me. Why wasn’t Stan or Shelly included? It would have been way funnier to see their reactions to their father. We need to focus on the kids reacting to the madness around them. Not focusing on just the adults doing the madness.

In short—bring back Stan’s reactions and opinions! Oh, and Kyle and Kenny. Especially Kenny. I can’t remember the last time he got attention, either.

Craig calling Tweek “honey” and “babe” while no one was around. This is no longer fake dating. We don’t know if it started off as such, but this relationship has gone way past “for the town” shit. In fact, the only person who really talks about homosexuality is Tweek’s father, which is pretty much just a running joke (because Mr. Tweak is a terrible dad).

-Cartman’s suicide campaign.

Okay, so this is basically the B plot of the episode and…it shows. Normally, the Cartman’s storylines are the ones I prefer in South Park episodes, but not only did it feel kind of forced, but it wasn’t very funny. Honestly, watching a smart girl like Heidi being manipulated by this psycho is hard to sit through. As someone who has known people in these relationships and had a friend who threatened suicide if I was going to abandon them, this hits hard.

I’m not saying it is a bad idea to delve into this issue as it is becoming more public, especially online, but Matt and Trey could really piss off a lot of the fans if they take this too far. South Park has always been about pushing the limit, but they also know how much their show has helped countless individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. The honesty of the show gives many people hope that the world isn’t just filled with passive morons or people who believe you need to be a certain type of person. If they attempt to harshly mock this spectrum, the show’s rating could potentially plummet to the point of them only being able to make the next two seasons that they signed on for after this one.

I do think if they show both sides, the people that are seriously suicidal and people like Cartman who desire attention as well as manipulating people, it could be successful. If they can phrase the moral correctly, I think this season could come out as one of the absolute best. If they only wanted it for this episode, I can see why they would choose to go onto a different storyline for the season since there is plenty of other issues to delve into. Still, if it’s a storyline they are going to tackle, I hope they know what they are getting into.

-Tweek’s cupcakes.

I finally lived to see Tweek covered in frosting and baking ingredients. Life—is good.


Now, as Matt and Trey explained, while they are still going to joke about Trump, they didn’t want it to be the focus of the season of even every episode. Here, the joke worked perfectly. It was less about Trump and more about Tweek being in a situation that he has no control over, no matter how hard he tries to fix it. (The joke about no one caring about Hillary made me snort so loud my nose hurt. Equal playing field. Thank God.)

-Fidget spinners.

Considering all the previews and screenshots were showing fidget spinners, most fans thought the small devices would be the focus of the episode. And, call me crazy, I’m kinda glad it was just a funny joke about how they don’t necessarily help people.

The devices are used for kids with ADHD (or if they have some sort of issues paying attention), who need to keep their hands moving if they’re in class or trying to focus on something. Using it as a calming device is a myth and the show accurately showed just how people rely on them a little too much.

-Children getting hit by cars.

I have to admit, the shot of that first kid getting hit was oddly chilling. Mostly because of how accurate it parodies commercials. What’s even better is that his death wasn’t a joke. It was something the whole school (not counting Cartman) banded together to pay their respects too. Later, the other deaths became more of a joke, but what’s incredible is how they manage to tie this B plot with the A plot. But more on that later.


-Tweek in Craig’s room.

OKAY. This was FUCKING hilarious. Watching Tweek without any problem or pretense heading into Craig’s room only to scream out his fear was another huge laugh I got from this episode. The fact that besides being a little disgruntled (the poor kid just woke up), Craig is hardly surprised by the appearance and action, meaning this happens A LOT.

And Craig’s space stuff EVERYWHERE. Matt and Trey knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

-The creek date

The argument between Craig and Tweek was some of the best writing I’ve ever scene. Not only are they fighting like an actual couple would in this situation, but while watching it the first time, I understood Craig’s frustration and couldn’t see what Tweek wanted. However, once the true solution of what Tweek’s needs is explained, I finally understood.

When it comes to emotion vs. logic, the friction is unstoppable. Personally, I am usually a logical person. I take into account as many options and facts as I can find and then make my conclusions. However, when I have no information or things are out of my control, my emotional side takes over and I begin to panic. Once I understood this opposition was the problem, I realized what the episode was saying.

Tweek’s not being unreasonable and Craig isn’t being uncaring. They are both frustrated because Tweek doesn’t know how to make himself feel better and Craig doesn’t know how to help him. Which leads to my next point.

-The message.

When Heidi makes her statement about emotions, the writing is very good and allowing her to speak about the issue, but also having it relate to creek’s storyline without even addressing said storyline before the following scene. It works on both accounts. It’s once again sad to see Heidi following after Eric because, as most of us would agree, she deserves better (or at least revenge).

Moving on, Craig’s understanding of the situation doesn’t paint him as the bad guy who needs to apologize. Instead, he realizes what the best course of action is to take to help his boyfriend. And without hesitation, he does. It shows that Craig learned a lesson about compromise. That sometimes other people need to work through things in a different way than Craig might be used to working through them. That can be a hard concept for even some adults.

And may I just say, the fact that Tweek was using the (FOUR?!) fidget spinner idea to attempt to calm himself was so very sweet. Even though he probably knew it wouldn’t work, he still tried for Craig. Even after that huge fight. It expresses the stability of their relationship, even when things are painfully tense.

Craig helping to guide Tweek to his own epiphany was brilliant. He wasn’t treating Tweek like an idiot. That’s what Tweek needed. Someone can go up and tell you what you need. But that’s not the same as figuring it out for yourself. Once Tweek had a moment to let out his fear and talk it out (rather than people distracting him or just telling him to be quiet), his mind cleared up and the solution for what would make him feel better was his own idea. Craig didn’t need to be a fixer, he needed to be a supporter. And although he didn’t realize it before then, his heart was still in the right place.

Many people have said that Tweek and Craig may be the most accurate, stable homosexual couple ever (or at least for 2017) and I highly agree. Since they’re kids, it takes the physical aspect out. I never felt the need to see them kiss (maybe a hug would’ve been nice) because it was about their feelings, not their attraction to one another. They have a mutual respect of love for each other that was tested in this episode. Their fight wasn’t “petty” or “forced”. It was natural, like a disagreement any couple could face.

If this is the kind of amazing messages, character moments, and wonderful humor we are really in for, I am definitely looking forward to going down to South Park this season. Well done, Matt and Trey.

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pairing: min yoongi x reader, idol!yoongi
genre: angst
summary: when you and your idol boyfriend, Yoongi, know the relationship doesn’t work as it used to be, but you can’t let each other go.
keep in mind: English is not my first language so if you see grammar mistakes and things like that feel free to let me know. Also, EVERYONE THIS IS MY FIRST SCENARIO!! Let me know if you like it or not! I really want to keep writing so requests are open and welcome. 
word count: 3.602 

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RFA: MC In Retail

How about RFA+V+Saeran taking care of MC after a *horrible* day in a retail job? …I dunno, what if they showed up on their break/lunch to cheer them up after receiving an upset message from work? 

Lmao I made MC angry in all of these bc I’m going to do both and din’t want to disappoint but now I feel like I described the situations too much so I hope these are okay;;;   -Admin Phae

- You weren’t happy
- You work at a very large store
- Which happens to have multiple buildings (for building, gardening, clothes shopping, etc.)
- And you had to deliver a message to a coworker in a different building to the one you normally work in
- So when you started to head back some guy came up to you and asked where the power drills are
- This wasn’t something you knew
- You still don’t know it to this day
- So rather than just sending him somewhere random on the other side of the store
- You told him to ask another coworker because you don’t know
- You were polite
- You were reasonable
- So why the hell did he go off on you?!
- “Why aren’t you doing your job? I’m going to get a manager. I hope you get fired.”
- Not exactly those words
- They were a little more strong
- But you weren’t going to let it get you down
- You thought
- But after it became even more eventful
- You got home fuming and it took everything in you not to punch something
- When Yoosung saw you were home he didn’t quite see this
- ‘Hey, MC, could I have some help with-‘
Some help with what?!
- You didn’t mean to snap but you just couldn’t help it
- He just kinda stood there
- He looked blank but thoughts were racing through his mind
- What did he do wrong?!?!
- Although seeing him did kind of calm you down
- So you ended up just apologising and helping him out
- And then he let you rant to him all night whilst smiling softly bc he likes it when you share things about your day with him, even if they’re bad
- And he loves you

[The rest are under the cut] 

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Knock, Chapter 5

You might be pregnant but that doesn’t mean you wanna get married. 

Simon/Reader, Angst, Fluff

Words: 1687

Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4

On the drive back to the Sanctuary Simon’s Jeep is filled with other Savior’s making it impossible for you to ‘talk’ to your soon to be ‘husband’ or in other words making it impossible for you to shout at the dickhead with the moustache. So although he’s sat you in pride of place next to him you don’t look him in the eye as you stew in silence and when he reaches his hand to rest on your knee you shove it away, edging your body closer to the door, the word ‘asshole’ running around your brain and begging for release from your sealed lips.

Lucky for Simon, you want to keep hold of at least a shred of your dignity so you wait for the Jeep to pull over and everyone to file out before you finally turn your attention to him. It’s not the speech you’d been perfecting in your head but it gets the general message across, “you’re a fucking idiot!”

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Your Savior - 15

Hey all! Thanks again for stopping by! I’m loving all of the reviews, seriously, keep them coming! I did also have a couple of questions messaged in and I enjoyed those too! I hope I was able to answer them satisfactorily and keep you coming back for more! And in general, I’m sorry that chapters are posted so late, I work and have kids, so night is the only time I get to write!

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Chapter 15

Link to Chapter 14

Warnings: Swearing, Negan being Negan

“Please don’t kill her. Don’t kill Karen.”

Negan’s face was contorted with rage, rendering him silent for a matter of seconds before he finally managed to spit out, “And why the hell not? No, Y/N,” he interrupted you as you opened your mouth to answer him. “I want you to think long and hard before you fucking answer me. Give me one good goddamn reason to not bash her useless fat head in with my girl Lucille. Just one! She attacked you! Tried to kill you! While you were naked, defenseless, and alone proving what a goddamn coward she is!”  

“I remember Negan, I was there when it happened.” You answered coolly.

He leaned in close to you, whispering in your face dangerously. “Now is not the fucking time for your attitude! I am so not in the mood!”

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Scribbles Meets Robbie

In celebration of the 2,000 milestone, I got an idea to write a little selfish fic from an ask about me meeting Robbie. For those of you who are new, you probably missed where someone asked what an irrational fear of mine is. 
Which happens to be Zombies!! 
And this sounded like fun to write! Hope you enjoy!

(P.S I also tried to leave the character vague, just so it’s still reader insert friendly)
(P.P.S  And before anyone asks, yes. This is really how I react to people dressed up realistically as the Undead. I do not do well at Halloween festivals)

Originally posted by marielgum

Even after showering I felt greasy from work. But I was too exhausted to try and wash it off again. I changed quickly, but rather sluggishly, into my sleepwear before stumbling to my bed and curling up under the covers.
It was a great relief to be off my feet after an entire day of running around at work. I sighed heavily and scooped up my phone to check for any messages. There were a few from Anti; asking if I was home or if I was able to come by for a visit. I replied that I  was indeed home but far too tired to have any sort of social interaction for at least 12 hours.
Anti replied almost instantly with a frowny face, but gave no other answer. I sighed and rolled onto my stomach to cuddle my pillow. Closing my eyes just as I heard a loud thump in my living room.
Grumbling, but not moving to go investigate, I lifted my head and yelled angrily.
“Piss off, Anti. I said I’m too tired!”
There came no answer, only another thump and the sound of my coffee table being push a little. Muttering irritably, I forced myself to roll out of bed and go confront the goddamn intruder.
“Honestly, do you never use the…door….” I stopped in my tracks as I entered the lounge-room. A man stood in the center. Swaying gently, as if drunk. With his head bowed I could only see the fluff of purple hair atop his head.
“Um, excuse me….. who are you?” I asked, not daring to move closer. But refusing to back down from the intruder. I couldn’t see any broken windows. And I always made sure to check the door twice, once locked. So, how did this guy get in?

At the sound of my voice, the man’s head twitched. As if my voice startled him and he now lifted his head. Slowly, like he couldn’t go any faster.
My eyes widened and I felt my blood run cold.
This man looked sickly, his skin was grey and looked flaky in places. Eyes were wide and staring, pale like two moons amidst a starless night. And he way his mouth hung open a little, moving in slow chewing motions as he looked at me.
He looked like a corpse.
“Anti…. this isn’t funny.” It was the only thing I could thing of. It was definitely Anti. Or one of the other Septic-Egos. It had Jack’s face, but the hair and eyes were too different. Anti was also the only one who could pull off the dead-gaze stare. It unnerved me when he wasn’t moaning and acting funny. But now, with the pale make-up and stained shirt, I was beginning to shake.
I took one step back and the creature growled, the sound froze my movements.
“Anti this isn’t fucking funny. Stop it.” I hissed, trying to hide the growing fear in my chest with anger. “I told you to use the door when coming in here!”
My voice cracked and something about it made the man’s head twitch again. He started moving forward, more of a stumble then a step. And I was already running as the man started to shuffle faster.
His growls and shrieks followed me throughout the house. The man chased after me, slamming into the door I closed to protect myself.
I pressed myself against it. Feeling his weight against the door as his nails scratched and clawed at the wood.
“Go away!” I screamed. My bare-feet were slipping on the smooth floor, and the walking corpse managed to force an arm between the door as it slowly pushed it open. I looked around for something to defend myself with. Or some sort of escape route. I had run into my bedroom. The one place I didn’t have anything heavy that I could lift. The window was closed and I’d be eaten before I even manged to open the thing.
Suddenly, the door was pushed open by a greater force and I was thrown back into the room. The Zombie scrambled into the room, his pale hands reaching for me as I crawled into the corner of the room. My arms flew up to protect myself, my body freezing as I felt his cold breath wash over me. The scream that flew from my lungs was loud enough to make my throat hurt, and my whole body began to shake from breathless cries.
“Whoa, Anti you said she’d only be a little scared.” A slow, drawl like voice spoke. “She’s cryin’.”
I couldn’t unwind my arms from my head. The tears flowed like rivers and I couldn’t stop the trembling that rocked through my body.
A sharp, echoing laugh filled the room as someone entered from the doorway. It was a familiar sound, but it didn’t calm me. Only made feel worse as the cackling continued.
“Oh my God, look at her! She shakin’ like a leaf in autumn!” Anti’s voice crackled loudly as he leaned against the wall. Slapping his stomach as he laughed. “Oh blimey! Ya, did good, Robbie. Don’t worry she’ll be fine.”
“Fine?” The man, Robbie, said doubtfully. “Look at her, Anti. She’s terrified.”
Anti giggled and nodded. “She reacted better than I hoped too. But I suppose childhood trauma would give that reaction.”
I sniffled and forced my head to lift. My eyes went straight to the man standing nearest to me. He looked exactly like the Zombie, but his eyes were a normal color and their was a spark of emotion in his gaze.
“T-This was a joke?” I asked through a sniffle. “Anti y-you fuck.”
Anti giggled and pushed off from the wall to crouch in front of me. “Aww, don’t worry lass. Robbie here isn’t gonna hurt ya. He’s harmless as long as yer feed him.”

I shook my head, breathing deeply to try and calm my racing heart. My chest was tight and it was difficult to breathe at some points.
Robbie felt horrible. Anti had explained I was easily scared, but not the type to cry or scream too loudly. But seeing me all curled up, trying to breath and looking as if I had just walked through Hell, made his vision cloud over a little with anger.
He had refused to do this at first. Robbie wanted to meet me normally. The next time I came around to visit his brothers. But instead Anti had made Robbie look like a monster. And he didn’t very much like how much it upset me.
“Jeez, lass, get over it. It’s just a prank. Zombies aren’t real ya knob, except this one of course… Hey Rob what’s your deal?” Anti asked as he turned to gesture at Robbie. I looked past Anti to look at the new guy. His eyes had turned back to their pale color, but they weren’t dead like before. They were glowing, eyebrows furrowed in an expression of anger.
“Hey now, Rob, calm down.” Anti tried. But the Zombie was already racing forward. I yelped as the two clashed, Robbie’s claw like fingers dug into Anti’s shirt as he lifted him up and threw him over the bed. Anti crashed into the wall and was in his feet in an instant.
“What the hell, man? What’s your problem?” Anti exclaimed. “She’s fucking fine, ok!”
Robbie ignored him and charged forward. Anti ducked his swipe and ran for the open door of the bedroom. The two sprinted through the house until Anti found an open window and leapt through it.
Robbie came to a stop by the opening and growled at Anti as he backed away from the house.
“Alright, alright! I apologize to her. Just don’t bite me.” Anti snapped, his hands raised and crackling with green energy.
“Go….away.” Robbie snarled. His teeth making a loud chomp sound when he spoke. Anti glared but disappeared in a bright flash of green light. Robbie waited by the window, expecting the other man to come back. But after a few minutes, he was satisfied there would be no return.
Robbie slowly made his way back to my room. Having not moved the entire time, it wasn’t hard to find me again. I had buried my face in my hands, counting to ten and breathing deeply with each number. Robbie looked around my room and smiled when he found something he could give as a peace offering.

I looked up, startled, when I felt something soft brush my arm. The man, Robbie, had returned. And in his hands, he held out my large Septic Sam plushie.
“The start of my apology.” Robbie explained to my confused expression. I wiped my tears from my cheeks and took the plushie to clutch against my chest. “I-It’s not your fault. I know what Anti is like.”  I said, trying to sound somewhat normal with my clogged nose. “Thank you for scaring him off though. I hate it when he brags.”
Robbie shrugged and took three steps back before slumping to the ground to sit crossed legged on the floor. He returned the smile, somewhat awkwardly. He was still getting use to moving different muscles.
“Still, I’m sorry I scared you. I shouldn’t have done that.”
I snuggled the plushie and sighed deeply. I was calming down and beginning to think clearly.
“So… Jack has a Zombie Ego now?” I asked and Robbie shrugged. About to speak when his arm fell off from the elbow down. We both stared at it for a long moment. Before Robbie seemed to snap into reality about what I just witnessed.
“Oh, sorry. This happens when I move too fast or someone pulls on it.” Robbie said as he grabbed his fallen arm with his other hand and tried to push it back together. “I can fix it, hold on.”
I couldn’t help but laugh at the bluntness of his explanation. I placed the plushie aside and forced myself to approach Robbie. His limbs were riddled with stitches and bandages. They were obviously Dr. Schneeplestein’s work, and a few were even glowing.
“Do you need to patch them back on? Or do they just click into place? I asked, crouching beside Robbie. Who watched me anxiously as I approached. He didn’t want to cause another panic attack, but he would like the assistance.
“Henrik usually sews them on and Marvin charms them to heal my dead skin. You don’t need to help if it makes you uncomfortable.” Robbie assured me with a soft smile.
I shrugged and got up to get my phone. I punched in Chase’s number and smiled at Robbie.
“Naa, you’re ok. Now I know you’re not craving brains, I think we’ll get along ok.”

anonymous asked:

Could you possibly elaborate on the whole "Farkle discovering the patriarchy" situation? Thank you ever so much.

omfg okay do I need to put a warning for ~biological feminine situations~ or can people be mature? They can? Rad.

I’m setting this in 10th grade but before Farkle and Riley start dating.

  • Okay so it’s a normal Saturday night, Farkle’s home alone and is just chilling on his laptop. It’s like…Maybe 8:30
  • He was alone on a Saturday because The Flannels were on some away game or something and Riley and Maya had the Matthews’ apartment to themselves allll weekend and made a big deal about having a Girls Weekend
  • So suddenly he gets a text from Riley right
  • “How much do you love us??”
  • So he just sighs and responds “What are you gonna make me do now?” because the girls only use that line when they want something lol
  • “MASSIVE EMERGENCY. CODE RED. My whole family is gone.”
  • “Yeah, I know, that’s why you’re having a girls night???”
  • “Literally what are you talking about?”
  • “Code Red??? Periods, dumbass. We have been caught off guard and are now trapped and dying. Can you run to the drugstore for us?”
  • “NO???”
  • “Maya says to tell you that if you don’t save us she’ll come to your house and free bleed on everything you love.”
  • “If she can get to my house she can get to a CVS???”
  • “FARKLE.”
  • “RILEY.”
  • “You were so much more chivalrous in middle school.”
  • “12 year old me would’ve fainted in the tampon isle and you know it.”
  • “Farkle I cannot just bleed all over my house all weekend. Be the hero I know you are.”
  • “Ugh”
  • “We’ll let you sleepover and stay for girls weekend??? We have the ability to order you a pizza with banana peppers and extra garlic right now.”
  • “If you’re trying to bribe me right now then I better be receiving a DAMN GOOD mani-pedi in the morning.”
  • “Of course! So you’ll do it???”
  • “I’m literally already halfway to the drugstore calm down woman I left the second you said Code Red😂😂😂😂“
  • “Wait what??? Then why were you pretending you weren’t gonna help???”
  • “Because now I’m getting pizza and a mani-pedi??😂“
  • “…I hate you but Maya seems to be more grudgingly impressed.”
  • “I tend to have that effect on a lot of people.”
  • “Asshole.”
  • “She says to the boy who’s supposedly saving her life. Okay, are there like specifics I need to look for here or…?”
  • So she gives him the specifics bc Maya likes tampons but Riley feels safer in pads because everyone is different~
  • Okay so Farkle gets to the store and he’s looking for the isle right
  • And he finds it and
  • “wtf Riley why are these boxes like 10 bucks each???”
  • “Oh don’t worry Farkle we’ll pay you back when you get here!!”
  • “No??? You will not??? Omfg do you actually have to spend $10 dollars every month on pressed cotton or whatever it is???”
  • “Actually I usually go through two packs each month so $20. But I can just get the other pack later it’s fine.”
  • “…Farkle darling calm down.”
  • “I am calm but???? This is so dumb????”
  • “Listen I fully agree with that sentiment but if you could hurry up a little that’d be great??”
  • Except now our young Minkus is looking around the rest of the ~Lady Aisle~
  • And he’s seeing all the razors and shampoo and conditioner and shave gel and deodorant and everything else and he’s like…wtf
  • “Riley was is EVERYTHING so overpriced in this aisle????”
  • “Because it’s the women’s aisle???? Our lives are overpriced????”
  • “But???? WHY????”
  • “Bruh did you really not know about this???”
  • “Is this a common thing holy shit??”
  • “Why?”
  • “Possibly???? I don’t know????”
  • “Why am I only noticing this weird pricing now tho???”
  • “You’re a white boy who’s part of the 1% sweetie the patriarchy exists for you.”
  • “oh????”
  • “But no babe it’s always been like this???”
  • “Like?? Everything is cheaper in the men’s aisle how does that make sense to anyone??”
  • “IT DOESN’T”
  • “THEN WHY????”
  • “SEXISM.”
  • “Those tampons you’re buying are taxed too”
  • “HOW????”
  • “They’re viewed as a luxury product or something idk man.”
  • “WHY THEN”
  • And then Riley is just telling him all this shitty stuff and Farkle is just standing in this aisle in a drug store getting his ass educated and he’s getting more and more frustrated and pissed off omfg
  • Like people walking down the aisle are lowkey getting afraid they just see this 15 year old boy texting furiously fast with a huge scowl on his face and sometimes his eyebrows will shoot up in surprise only to quickly knit themselves back together in anger
  • Riley’s listing everything she and Maya can think of he’s standing there for like 10 minutes omfg
  • “How much underwear can you get with $50???”
  • “Like???? A lot???? Packs of 5 only cost like 3 bucks????”
  • “I went to Arie the other day with a $50 gift card and I was able to purchase exactly 1 bra and 2 pairs of underwear.”
  • “W H A T.”
  • “EXACTLY.”
  • Maya and Riley are just. screaming back at home bc finally someone is getting this
  • But eventually it gets to a point where they gotta be “Kay Farkle we sent you out 20 minutes ago we REALLY need the stuff now”
  • “Honey I know and when you get here we can scream about it in person and then Maya and I can give you all different examples of patriarchal capitalism and the 3 of us can spend the night in blissful righteous fury like we were always meant to I promise but please calm down enough to buy the goods??”  
  • “What else can there be besides what you’ve spent the last 10 minutes ranting to me about holy shit???”
  • “Like…They make girls pants with fake pockets so they can sell us handbags.”
  • “…FUCK.”
  • “Maya and I can think of more examples while you’re on your way here okay pumpkin? Will that make you feel better?”
  • “What would make me feel better is knowing my two best friends don’t have to overpay because of their gender???”
  • “Well, hate to break it to you honey, but that’s been going on for a while. For literally all women. I’m sure the pay gap doesn’t help the situation either.”
  • “PAY GAP???”
  • “Oh HONEY.”
  • And now Riley’s just sending a barrage of texts like “Farkly take a deep breathe”, “Sweetheart just hurry up okay” stuff like that but he’s not even opening them this is the first time he has like 6 ignored texts from Riley Matthews but now he’s busy
  • He gets what he came here for- and grabs two extra boxes so he could save them a later trip like Riley mentioned- and now he’s rushing around the store right
  • He gets like 3 cartons of ice cream omfg cookie dough and mint chocolate chip and vanilla. He grabs a box of tissues and a DVD of ‘The Proposal’ on sale
  • He gets a big bag of m&m’s, a huge Hershey’s Special Dark bar, and a couple packs of those over priced Pepperidge Farm dark chocolate chip cookies omfg
  • He also gets some motrin and a 2 liter bottle of that super sugary blue raspberry soda that looks like it’s 98% percent chemicals and is the girls’ guilty pleasure
  • Slams it all down at the register and it’s a girl ringing him up, she looks like she’s maybe 20, she just sees all this and sees the anger in Farkle’s eye’s and smiles sadly and nods at him omfg
  • He nods back as he takes his bags and she fucking salutes him as he walks out of the store
  • Okay so the girls are in the apartment desperately texting Farkle because the food they ordered just got here and they can’t keep it up with the toilet paper stuffing much longer they have to change that shit every few minutes
  • Suddenly Riley gets a text from Farkle and she’s hoping it’s gonna say ‘buzz me up’ but instead:
  • So they’re screaming in panic because their pet dork was in trouble and they can’t help???
  • “F U C K”
  • “I KNOW”
  • He’s rushing to the apartment and sure he’s shaken up but he’s laughing. Riley’s staring at his messages with her mouth hanging open in shock and Maya’s on the floor laughing omfg
  • Riley turns to Maya and starts to say “He’s gotta be joking about this, right?” when immediately Farkle kicks the door open
  • His jacket is ripped and his hairs messed up. His nose is bleeding looks broken and there are a few small cuts the look like they definitely could’ve come from a knife omfg
  • But he puffs out his fucking chest and tosses all the bags onto the couch and just yells “I. P R O V I D E.”
  • The girls are shrieking with hysterics omfg
  • Once they get situated so they’re no longer free bleeding they try to clean Farkle up a little bit and Maya makes a crack like “This is what happens when you become aware of the patriarchy” omg
  • They’re also extremely grateful for everything he went out of his way to buy and are trying to pay him back and he’s not hearing it omfg
  • “Farkle this bill goes over 100 dollars we’re paying you back” “If you try I’d just use the money to buy you more shit okay leave it alone.”
  • They finally give up lol
  • They can’t get his nose to stop bleeding tho and suddenly Riley gasps in realization and throws a fucking tampon at him
  • He groans but finds it actually works quite well
  • Maya took a picture of him and he flipped off the camera lol
  • Okay so Riley’s like ‘scream about patriarchal capitalism now or later?’  and they look at the giant mountain of food they have- the girls ordered two pizzas, cheesy bread, and garlic knots, plus everything Farkle had brought lol.
  • Farkle just sighs and says “Pass me the Goddamn cheesy bread and get Ryan Reynolds beautiful face on the television pronto, it’s been a long fucking night.”
  • “Sweetheart it’s been, like, 40 minutes…”
  • “Long. Fucking. Night.”
  • So they settle in for a night trying to relax while watching romcoms and eating way more than they should lol
  • Maya gets all the screenshots of Riley’s convo with Farkle and jokingly posts them, and the picture of him she took, online and titles it ‘Farkle Minkus Discovers The Patriarchy And Immediately Gets Mugged’ lmao
  • She puts her phone away for the rest of the night and doesn’t think about it again as she and her two best friends cuddle with each other and try to eat themselves to death
  • So the next morning Riley and Maya are doing all their Girls Day activities they already planned- spa, movies, mani-pedis, they were trying to be super cliché you know- except now they have Farkle with them lol
  • They don’t mind having him there at all and as worked up as he got last night, some relaxation could potentially save his life rn
  • So like halfway throughout the day, they’ve stopped at a Starbucks before heading to the movies, Maya realizes she hasn’t checked her phone all day
  • So she pulls it out and
  • She has so many notifications??? wth
  • She checks what going on and realizes with a gasp. Holy shit. The post with all the screenshots went viral.
  • She didn’t even tell Riley and Farkle she posted them in the first place omfg she’s trying to explain this to them
  • It’s literally already become a meme. People are using the picture of beaten up, middle finger throwing, scowling Farkle with a tampon sticking out of his nose as a reaction meme h o l y s h i t
  • Some people are just quoting some of the things he said for meme joke purposes
  • The three of them are just quietly screaming in Starbucks omfg
  • It progressively gets bigger omfg
  • Like some news outlets are talking that it shed a great light on sexism and shit
  • And how teenage boys/some men in general can be oblivious to things like this until it literally slaps them in the face
  • Also everyone just found his reaction very amusing and a little sweet lol
  • So yeah like it eventually dies down but it was definitely a thing for a while omfg
  • All his selfies on Instagram were suddenly full of comments “HE PROVIIIIDES” lol
  • When Farkle grows up and gets into politics he bans the tax on feminine products lmao
  • So yeah that’s the time Farkle got his ass educated, got mugged, and then the OT3 accidently started a meme
  • My beautiful children
Brace for Impact

If the BAU team is busy catching bad guys, who is flying the plane? And how does this pilot fit into the dynamic? Reid seems to want to fit her a little closer to his heart. Oneshot with just some fluff and feelings. No warnings! Unless his beautiful eyes physically pain you like they do with me. 

Inspired by this wonderful post!


With a groan that bled into a curse, Dai rolled from her bed to answer the call of nature. The trail of unseemly words came when she registered another call, two in fact, both from Aaron Hotchner.

She hit redial while she danced around the room to find a clean jumpsuit for use. The one she eventually located under her pile of CD’s had an oil stain on the shoulder, so she settled for tying the sleeves around her waist and letting that server as a belt to the baggy bottoms. The BAU team would have to deal with her disheveled state, though the messy haired boy she had her eye on often appeared looking like he had rolled right out his adorable goddamn bed.

“Enjoy your sleep?” Agent Hotchner answered.

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You Knew This Was Coming

Request: Could you do a imagine where the joker kidnaps the reader as she’s Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend By Anonymous

Word Count: 771

Warnings: Kidnapping

A/N: So this is my first fic in awhile…. It’s not my best but I’m gonna try to write more for you guys! <3


Requests Are Open

Originally posted by ggosim

With a big sigh you finally see the clock hitting 9 p.m. Your shift at your horrible job is finally over. You can’t wait to go home and snuggle up with your beloved boyfriend… At least if he’s home and not fighting some criminal like he always does.

Bruce Wayne… the big multimillionaire. He may seem like a horrible person but in real life he’s a good man. At least… he tries to be. 

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Cursed Tattoo (Chapter One)

Alfred sat on his living room couch, playing a shooting game on low volume. It wasn’t the same without the sound effects, but Ivan had reminded him that Alaska was sleeping in the next room and that if he wanted to keep her asleep, he best mute it. However, Alfred just couldn’t bring himself to plain old mute it, so he turned the volume to the lowest it would go and hoped for the best. So far so good, am I right? But at that moment, his phone went off.

Quickly he launched his right hand at the phone and positioned it against his ear after pressing the answer button.

“H-hey,” Hiccuping noises resonated from the phone, in between each word and sometimes syllables, “Hey, Alfre’. Iz me, Arrrrrthur. I need - I need ya te pick me up.”

“Arthur, it’s only ten thirty. Are you drunk?” Alfred asked, even though he knew the answer. His slightly older best friend - Alfred at twenty seven, Arthur at thirty - was constantly going to the bar. More often than not he got himself shitfaced within a few hours and needed Alfred to pick him up.

“A lil.” Arthur slurred back, static making its way through the phone.

Alfred sighed. He didn’t mind picking Arthur up at whatever pub he was being an asshole at. The real problem was that Ivan didn’t like Alfred leaving in the middle of the night so often. The white-haired male described it as “juvenile” and “irresponsible”. Alfred loved Ivan, and he loved Arthur in a different but still relevant way, but he was starting to agree with his husband. What if there was an emergency and he wasn’t there to help his family?

“Alright.” Alfred sighed, letting himself get killed in his game one last time. He set down his controller and let the screen fade into disuse as he collected his keys, shrugged on his bomber jacket, and asked Arthur through the phone, “Where you at?”

“Alfred?” A differently accented voice asked dangerously from behind the blond. He slowly swiveled to face his husband, Ivan.

“I’m just going to pick him up, he needs me to -” Alfred immediately launched into a hurried explanation, holding the phone a bit away from his mouth so that Arthur couldn’t pick up the conversation about to unfold.

“You cannot keep doing this, dorogoy. It’s stressful for you and it upsets Alaska when she wakes up and you’re not there.” Ivan cut off Alfred and explained patiently.

Alfred rubbed his brow, “But he’s relying on me! He’s my best friend!”

“And we’re your family and I love you. I’m sorry Alfred -” Alfred’s blood ran cold, “but you can’t keep doing this.”

“Y-You’re right.” Alfred rubbed his soulmate mark on the left side of his ribcage. The words that would shatter his world one day.

Everyone was born with a tattoo that started out blurry. As a person aged the tattoo would become more clear and reveal a dreadful thing: the last thing a person’s soulmate would say to them before said soulmate would die. Alfred’s only said ‘I’m sorry, Alfred’. Every time he heard that phrase, his mind froze up in panic.

Some said that the soulmate marks were a curse; to only know who you were meant to be with after it’s too late is a terrible thing. Others thought it gave a sense of closure, like watching a walk through of a game after navigating the entire thing on your own. Alfred just knew he wanted to go a long, long time before hearing those words uttered by Ivan.

Because Ivan was his soulmate, obviously. They fit together so well. Sure, they fought hard and horrible at times but they always made up in the end! And the passion that the Russian gave Alfred was unmatched. The two were married and had a beautiful daughter named Alaska. Why wouldn’t they be soulmates?

They wouldn’t know until the end, but Alfred was sure of himself and his choices.

“Please, Alfred? You can’t do this forever.” Alfred sighed and brought the phone up to his ear.

“Arthur?” Alfred said, checking if his friend was even still on the line.

“Hrg?” Arthur replied intelligently.

“I can’t pick you up when you get drunk anymore. It’s putting strain on Ivan and Alaska. Can you find someone else?” Alfred knew if his friend even begged a little bit, he would come running, Ivan’s temper be damned.

There was a long pause from the other end. Alfred could hear jovial talking and clinking from Arthur’s surroundings. Finally, he responded, “Yeah.” He still sounded a bit drunk, but the shocking turn of events had partially woken him from his drunken stupor. When was the last time Alfred hadn’t been there for Arthur?

“Good. Okay, get home safe Artie. Goodnight.” Alfred said, relief washing through his bones that Arthur didn’t seem mad.

“I’m sorry, Alfred.”

The words themselves sounded apologetic and a bit pitiful, but all they did was make Alfred’s heart stop. The beeping of the phone, signaling that Arthur hung up, beat against Alfred’s eardrums.

Alfred dropped the phone. It shattered, a nice screen ruined. In the back of his mind there was a whine of loss over the death of a smartphone, but Arthur’s words bouncing around in his brain didn’t exactly leave room for much else. Alfred glanced over at Ivan in horror and some semblance of organization returned to his brain.

‘Ivan is your soulmate,’ Alfred reminded himself. 'Arthur is just your friend who you’re worrying about too much.’

A tiny bit of his mind was still frantic, but Alfred silenced it by striding forward and pushing his lips against Ivan’s. Ivan responded with his own motions, his fingertips cold against Alfred’s hands. They pulled apart after nearly a minute.

“Are you okay?” Ivan asked in his thick accent that Alfred always found hot.

“Yes, I’m fine.” Alfred smiled as convincingly as he could. Ivan saw through the masquerade but let it go. If Alfred didn’t want to talk, Ivan wouldn’t make him.

“Alright, if you say so.”

The next morning, Alfred was sleeping in his large bed, snuggled up next to Ivan under the covers, when Alaska came bouncing into their room and woke them up.

“Daddy! Papa! Daddy! Papa! Daddy! Papa!” She yelled happily, pushing at her dads and trying to climb up onto the mattress. When she succeeded, she simply started jumping- sometimes landing on a body part instead of a blanket.

“Alright, honey, we’re up,” Alfred said, sitting forwards and steadying the toddler on the bed in front of him. “Papa is up too. Right, Papa?” He nudged Ivan, who was trying to avoid opening his eyes.

“Da, dorogoy.” Ivan smiled and blinked his eyes open sleepily, the eyelashes trailing along. “I am awake.”

“Great. Now breakfast time!” Alfred scooped up little Alaska and set her on the floor, allowing her to race downstairs. Ivan rolled out of bed and followed, but Alfred allowed himself to check his phone first.

And what he saw was not good. Fifteen missed calls, ten of which were from Matthew, his twin brother. He clicked on the voicemail that was sent first, the least recent one.

'Oh, oh my god, Al! Answer your goddamn phone! I know it’s late but shouldn’t you be up or something? Arthur’s in the hospital, he was in a crash! Did you let him drive home alone? Oh my god, oh hang on, a nurse is coming, I don’t know why I’m here apparently I’m the second emergency contact after y -“ The message cut out and Alfred assumed Matthew hung up on him to talk to the nurse. His heart was pounding, racing, and his tattoo was burning all of a sudden. He didn’t even need to go to the hospital, he just knew.

Arthur was dead. And he had been Alfred’s soulmate.


Well that’s it! I’ll probably continue this to include how Ivan and Alfred try to adapt. Hope that if you made it this far you enjoyed it, I had a ton of fun writing it!

to the turn family…

while bilbo isn’t wrong, there’s a few shout-outs i want to give with our show now over, beginning with those who i’ve seen around from the start, those who have been a staple to both this fandom and to me, and a few more still who have appeared since. there are usernames i know and are like distant turn family every time they appear: we all travel the same circles, even if we don’t follow each other or sail the same ships. we might not even speak but in passing — or who knows, we might have just begun to. you have been some of the kindest and brightest lights of this fandom:

@greetingsdr, @stardust-pond, @vintagebrewster, @terumiafuro, @flipfloplogic, @nettlestonenell, @culperit, @arlennil, @mercurygray, @megushie, @capetian, @thail, @bwuhbwuhbwuhbwuhbwuh, @theboyswho-striked@boyegcs, @hensons, @tuotilo@writerforchrist, @firlachiel, @andithil, @lexbie, and though long put on hiatus, @majorjohnandre, who was the first real turn blog to steal my heart.

also, to each and every one of my anons? i’ve had the very best of you, whoever you are. you were never anything less than respectful and absolutely delightful. i don’t think many can say that about their anons. to the others who have randomly inbox’d me over the seasons to talk and cheer and cry, you have been just as wonderful and welcomed. i hope i’ll continue to hear from all of you. ❤️

and lastly, there’s the turn family that lives within the same neighborhood. we go to the same bars, talk the same shit, cry over the same moments. these are special shout-outs to those who have been all over my inbox and in my thoughts…

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whysamwhy123  asked:

Hey there, Sam! It's me, Sam here! I don't know if you know this, but it's your good pal Mandy's birthday soon! And seeing as she's, like, the best person ever, so funny and talented and kind (she even wrote you a birthday fic last year!), I think it'd be a good idea if you wrote her a super special birthday fic, maybe set in the Werewolf!Jeremy AU that the two of you came up with together when you first started talking? I think she'd like that a lot! Anyway, toodles! :)

A/N - Why, Sam, you’re right! That is a great idea! Thanks, Me, you’re my best friend! But yes, it is my fantastic pal Mandy’s birthday today, and I whipped her up a little present, aside from embarasssing myself by using my personal account to message my writing blog. Mandy is the goddamn coolest and I adore the hell out of her (I would highly recommend checking out her writing at @mandywritesrtthings ), so it only seemed fair that I repay her with her own birthday fic! Plus, I ain’t gonna turn down an excuse to write more Werewolf!Jeremy. For those keeping track of the other fics I’ve written in this AU, I’d say that canonically this takes places after the first fic I wrote, but before the Defending-Her-From-Some-Not-So-Nice-People fic, so CONTINUITY!! Mandy darling, I hope you enjoy the hell out of this, and hopefully some other folks round these parts will like it too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MANDY!! :D

Pairing - Jeremy x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex, general werewolf AU schtuff, a poor, tiny, horny J

Word Count - 4, 872

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