goddamn this art


first time planning out a comic (which may or may not be based off @tinylittle-femalechrist‘s partially deaf Jeremy au…….)

[… I’m here.]

rip, the blue glass thingie loki caught mid-air c’:


God I’m finally done with this comic I don’t care if it looks like shit just. Just take it.

I started working on this comic in September but due to personal health problems and inktober I wasn’t able to finish it until now. Like with all my comics, I don’t like the final results but goddamn it I spent a long ass time working on this comic and you’re gonna look at it! Or not. I can’t force you to do anything. At the very least I’d appreciate if you look at the line art. That shit took the longest time.

Most of comics I think up of are just scenarios I think are interesting or a particular image I wanted to draw and I conjured up a comic around it to provide some sort of context. For this one, I was inspired by the paneling in Houseki no Kuni manga and I wanted to draw something like it, so if you’re wondering why the paneling looks different than my average comic than that’s why.

This comic is entirely hypothetical, with Fi being around for the past events of Breath of the Wild. If Zelda is so tsundere for Link for being the chosen hero, I think Zelda would fear Fi because she thinks she is disappointing Fi by being such a failure.

The love in this comic isn’t intenderd to be romantic love (although you can view it that way if you want to it’s not like I can stop you), but more like the kind you feel when you want to die but hearing some kind words is enough to save you. Yeah.

@thisshouldbegayer‘s Galra Keith to match my Altean Lance.


These spam/porn blogs are getting out of control.

For a website that’s geared towards not only adults but also young teens, you’ve really dropped the ball here.

Your users are being targeted, harrassed, and stalked by bots that use their photographs and personal information as phishing, spam, and occasionally to redistribute guised as pornography.

Fix it.


McHanzo Week: Day 4 - Red/Blue

The amazing @raviolitheif wrote a fanfic based on this! Go check it out!!!!! I cannot begin to express how flattered I am that someone would do this!


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