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Fightstarter Karaoke (DC TV)

Oh, I have an idea for a silly, quick fic! 5K words later… Title from the song by Dropkick Murphys.

Title: Fightstarter Karaoke (AO3)
Fandom: DC TV
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5237
Characters: Len, Mick, Lisa
Summary: Mick does not approve of Len’s diet and decides to start up a wager.

Living with Mick is the fucking worst. It’s not actually- even trying to cram two grown men into a shitty one bedroom with a crappy sofa bed and crappier mattress, it’s better than living with Lewis. But staying in the same place as someone he doesn’t have to tread lightly around quickly became a game of ‘Is This Habit A Previously Unknown Pet Peeve of Len’s’. Mick is horrendously good at that game. He leaves wet towels on floors or counters, switches television channels in the middle of a show, puts his dirty projects on the table and hoards trinkets both valuable and not. Which isn’t hypocritical of Len at all because at least Len organizes his stolen hoard and not just shoves them into whatever free space is available.

Len’s aware, of course, that this is a two-way street and Mick doesn’t hesitate to bitch about which of Len’s habits is driving him up the wall this time: talking- making legitimate criticisms! -over shows and movies, putting his booted feet on everything, letting Lisa stay over for days at a time. Her staying Mick never actually minds, it’s Len’s tendency of informing Mick of this by dropping Lisa’s bag on his stomach and kicking him off the least lumpy side of a sofa.

And his eating habits. Nothing gets Mick fuming like seeing what crap Len puts in his mouth. It comes to a head one day when Mick gets back from a grocery run and catches Len squeezing ketchup packets into a bowl of macaroni. Mick glowers at him and says, “You better be done with that by the time I finish putting refrigerated stuff away.”

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Everybody’s freaking out about warren rn, but like, we always are? Every single one of us is always worrying about Warren. Like, this entire fandom has a freaking spider sense/PTSD hybrid about when Warren’s about to do some stupid shit. And for good reason too? Like, it’s a miracle this man is alive. Fighting harpies? He gets poisoned. Fighting monkeys? Why, he loses all his shit. Went to a dangerous temple by himself? This silly goose turned albino. Literally doing nothing in a backpack? Burned and trapped inside it for months. This man could be spreading butter on his blueberry goddamn pancakes and would be concerned for his safety. And don’t even get me started on the rest of the Burgess’s. Moral of the story?


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the second i read u were making pancakes my brain automatically thought of the i got up at like 5 am and made all these goddamn pancakes im sorry

i cannot believe u would say something so evil, in my home,