goddamn it john winchester!

Unpopular Opinion? 12x14

I really, really loved this episode. 

I also REALLY love Mary, tbh, she’s painfully and beautifully human and not this perfect person/perfect mother everyone (and Dean) put on a pedestal all these years. We can’t let our love/overprotectiveness of the boys cloud our judgement on Mary who is doing her best even if we don’t agree, kthx.

Also really, really, really love Dean’s character development this episode as far as his maturity level goes and how family matters whether they make you mad and/or you agree with their choices or not. 

AND I am relieved/happy that they are emphasizing what I’ve been saying all along, the BMoL did NOTTTTTT torture Sam, TONI tortured Sam. There is a CLEAR friggin’ difference. She was a rogue just like the lame ass hunter in this episode 12x14 turned rogue. 

(Mind you this does NOT mean I trust them at all, lol, but I do think it makes Mary’s decisions and also now Sam’s decisions make complete sense to me, considering the BMoL really are offering the chance to end all monsters, I mean c’mon. They might not be completely infallible but knowledge like what Sam provided tonight in his kickass way throughout really fills in the gaps the BMoL have. They could be an epic team, tbh, but again…I’m not saying I trust them. They see things in black and white, and don’t believe in letting good monsters/witnesses live. That isn’t cool, but that does NOT make them evil by default, goddamn. It just makes them see in black and white juuuuust like John Winchester did and how Dean used to in the past.)

AND, AND this Sam at the end? His decision is completely IN CHARACTER for him to do. He’s always been a fan of doing things better/smarter/researching/strategizing. He completely takes after his grandpa Henry as far as being a true to heart Man of Letters. Plus he has worked with “enemies/people he doesn’t trust” before. Ruby, Crowley, Lucifer, and MANY MORE/others. Sam has a VERY solid history of being able to put aside both past differences and even ‘evil’ to get the mission done. Bless him.

ANYWAY, just thought I should put this out there. I absolutely ADORE S12, I love the hell out of Mary, and I’m really excited for the rest of this season and seeing where it goes. This current turn in the story line has lots of potential, especially considering Sam and Dean are gonna need alllllllll the help they can get against Lucifer and Rosemary’s Baby, I mean let’s be real here.

All of this coming from the mouth of a Sam!Girl through and through who was/is horrified over what Sam endured and went through at the hands of that fucking bitch Toni. I’m just also aware enough to know/realize that TONI does not represent the BMoL as a whole, she. went. rogue. …If people could stop lumping them together until we get canon proof, that’d be awesome. Innocent until proven guilty, ya’ll. Learn it. Live it. 

Also just… please, enough hate on Mary, goddamn, she’s HUMAN (and humans AND Winchesters make well intentioned mistakes/lie/hide things from each other all the friggin’ time), and honestly only wants to give her boys what she never could before now… A happy life. A normal life. A world free of monsters. 

….Probably won’t happen, shit will hit the fan somewhere, but stop faulting her for giving a damn enough to actively try, jeeeeeez. Don’t be mad because the show gave us a well rounded character. 

Again… All just my personal opinion. And an unpopular opinion at that (there’s so many people hating right now, it saddens me), but I just felt like I needed to throw my 2 cents in. We’re all allowed to feel differently, and I still love those of you whom I follow who don’t feel the way I do, but yeah. S12 is diamonds (especially from a Wincest standpoint, haha, it’s been so gooooooood, but that’s neither here nor there.) 

  • Stepmom: So what have you been up to?
  • My Brain: reading gay fanfiction, writing gay fanfiction, obsessing over mythical characters, waiting for Merlin and Sherlock to come back, crying over Destiel...
  • Me: .... I've been bettering myself...
  • My Brain: you've won this time. You cannot resist me forever.

If people have a right to love characters like Lucifer (who has canonly done a lot of shit), Crowley (who has canonly done a lot of shit), pretty much every single angel (who have done a lot of shit), and pretty much anyone on Supernatural, I’m pretty sure I have every fucking goddamn right to love John Winchester (who gets a lot of shit for a lot of things he never did)

I’d like to officially thank Andrew Dabb and everyone that worked on 12x01 for:

  • not forgetting that John was Mary’s husband and she loved him, therefore it wouldn’t have made sense not to mention him;
  • the story of how Mary and John met. I have never actually shipped them because I’ve never seen much of them, but goddamnit I’m beginning to;
  • making Mary cry over John’s death;
  • “He gave himself up for me.” “That sounds like John.”;
  • Having Mary be sad about John and her kids being hunters, but not throwing shit at her husband for doing what he had to do - especially since she is still grieving him;
  • making Mary into a believable and multidimentional character, I love her so much already.

And by “thank” I mean “fuck you, I am drowning in feels and it’s all your goddamned fault”.

Person: “John doesn’t care about his sons. He only cared about killing that demon.”

Me: He literally sold his soul plus gave Azazel the colt which was the ONLY thing that could kill him; the demon that killed his wife. He gave up his life and gave up killing the yellow-eyed demon to bring Dean back! WHAT SHOW ARE YOU WATCHING!? He gave up because his son meant more to him than killing that goddamn demon!