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I hate to ask, coz you have so many requests, but could you draw some modern versions of Angelica, Eliza and Peggy? Like modern AU? You're amazing person and artist and I love your animatics!!!!!

ur typical modern au :o

eliza - music teacher that has more energy than the kids she teaches, made alex fall in love w her in a week, a world record

angelica - badass lawyer, soon to be president, has basically a flawless life style??? how does she do it

peggy - at uni, trying to survive in this horrible world through running a popular twitter account w fresh memes, pretty goddamn gay

Here’s all the things that I’ve been working on. (Have fun scroling.)

1st: The people that I follows A.K.A my senpais:

@nekophy - First and for most, you’re amazing. Your art is beautiful in every piece. Your OCs are cute and adorable. You YOURSELF is amazing a hyperactive. Keep on being a cute little stick cat! Also I want to draw you as a cat and not a stick cat so sorry for that

@angexci - I can’t say how wonderful you are in any way possible. Your traditional are perfect, but your digital art is so awesome! You are amazing, everytime you post something, either a shitpost or an art piece, I love it all. So continue being a cool bird!

@jakei95 - One question, HOW. THE HELL. ARE YOU. SO FREAKING CALM?? Okay, you’re really, AWESOMELY cool. Your characters are cool, cute, awesome at the same time. Your art is TOO COOL, OKAY?? Also, you’re funny, like EXTREMELY FUNNY. Please continue on being a funny and cool potato! :3 I dunno I drew the background galaxy

@gabi4chan-akatsuki - I know your blog is not art related but I like Vocaloid and your Vocatale AU. I ADORE your Vocaloid covers, it sounds amazing. So just keep on tuning!

@wilyart - I know you don’t post much, but you are still amazing. I don’t have much to say aside from that your art are fabulous.

@kyashee-art - I. LOVE. EVERY. PIECE. OF ART. YOU MAKE. THAT’S ALL I COULD SAY. I can’t say anymore than compliment your art. I made this before you changed your mascot so oops.

@trashy-artzy-me - You’re one of the best traditional artist I’ve ever know. Personaly I feel that you’re cool :). Keep on being amazing!

@blogthegreatrouge - I can’t say you’re cool and amazing enough. You’re the first person i followed, the person that I made my blog for, the first person that I actually motivates me to post on Tumblr. Your art are all from the heavens. Except those sin art. So I hope you never give up and continue on!

@renrink - *inhales* YOU ARE SO COOL. Especially your AU, Reapertale is so cool and I’m waiting for your stuff. Your art are so goddamn wonderful, like DAYUM. I once tried to color like you but I failed so bad, I deleted it. :P. Just continue on being a cool dude gal!

@walkingmelonsaaa - I can’t say your art is amazing enough. Your lines, your coloring, your porotions! It’s beatiful! You are an art goddess to me, to everyone who knows you. So keep on making amazing art! I didn’t know what to draw for the background so I tried and it sucks >:(

@zarla-s - To be honest, I know you from Quotev XD, I read your fanfictions and I’m still waiting and I read the comics and I compared it and I’m surprised. Anyways, your art are so cute, espescially the skelebros! I want to say you’re great! Continue on!

@golzy - I know you’re on hiatus but I wanna say that I want feels too :3.I love your art, you’re talented at a young age. I’m cheering for you! I drew you in your Gay Daddy outfit with some fixing—

@camilaart - Through all the things that happened, you pushed through and fly up above! I wish you would never give up! Ever!

Sapphire by @sapphirescarletta123

Rey by @reyindee

@yugogeer12 - You’re from a cool gal to cute bean. AN ADORABLE BEAN!!! Your art are so goddamn cute!! So cute man! Your Epictale AU is great and EPIC! Keep on being a mixure of a cute and EPIC!!


2nd: People that I follows A.K.A my senpais in CHIBI FOOOOOOORM!!! XD:

Sharky by @myebi

@ania-da-peasant - Though those idiotic people send hate, send you ask that lacks inteligence. You still pushed through. You was pushed down before but you stood up and face them. So never lose hope! Stay DETERMINED!




@rosannapansino RosannaPansino

Perf by @perfectshadow06

3rd: For some of my followers:

@notch0607 @mkitkat @broken-tale-comic @nekokurisu @locis-didi @lazyartz @xxlisagamerxx @undertalefan1111 @anda-blr @cyberbullybro @saskiakawaiistudio @4jen

4th: My awesome friends!:

@mercury-draws-shitz - You’re great, even though it may not feel like it, it is. You’re the first one that actually made fanart for me :’DD So keep being cool!

@thekawaiichibigirl - You are a great friend, though you’re depression is bad, you’re pushing through!! I was– I mean EVERYONE was very worried, so don’t do that ever again. Those people are still hating but you’re answering them in a bad a$$ way!! Sorry Arty Just keep being who you are!!

@anndreemurr - We talk for like once and some how became friends X’DD So just wanna say that your art are everything! It’s so beautiful! So continue being cute and cool :D

@ithinkiamanartist - You’re the one that I talk to the most XDDD omg okay umm.. *inhales* YOUR COOL. You’re just like a cool big sister to me. Da coolest were cat big sister I’ve ever nyew. Your art is coot and cool just like you! Continue on being coot and cool kay sis? :) 

@armitie - Yay time for my first friend I ever made here :’D You are a little roll of memes and shitpost oh ye– You’re the meme sister and super SUPER weird. Your art is super duper cute!! ((I like slim bodies)) Though we don’t talk much, I still love you with every inch of— So keep on doin’ it!

@elamania - Time for my second friend that I made here! Where you’ve been? Nah just kiddin’ I’m not gonna joke like that. I must say that your coloring are wonderFUR!! Get it ‘cause you’re a cat? Yeah? Okay ._. 

@unlikelykingdomsuit - I know we rarely talk, but I still love your art. You’re real FURtastic! Yeah. Puns. I suck at it. But I still want you to know that care about you. Holy that sounds cheesy

@burntsalmonfishy132005 - HI LITTLE CHICKEN!! The second Vietnamese friend I made. You’re a cute little spammer. Yup - u - b Your art is adorable as heack! So keeo on being a cute little chick! ;D

@mikaru-blackspade - I know you’re banned from any social media but you’re still my first Vietnamese friend. You’re a great artist even if you don’t think you are. I wanna say keep on doin’ it!

@pandurrpink - Though we just became friends like a few weeks ago, you still counts as my dear friend. AND HOLY YOUR COLORING IS EVERYTHING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Continue to be an amazing artist Pandurr!

5th: The youtubers that I subscribe:









Ha! I can do something better with my birthday than writing and doing this. Only llike 3 or 4 people wish me “Happy Birthday”. This joke is so lame.

fics are my absolute favorite type of fanwork, and i’ve been meaning to compile a list of my favorite macdennis fics for a while now. i recently hit 1000 followers here (which is absolutely wild, thank you so, so much ♥ ), so i figured this was as good a time as any to do this. here are some of my favorite macdennis fics, in no particular order. if you read any of these, this is an open invitation to come cry with me over how freakin good these are:

The Inevitable by runningwafers (explicit, 11k words) | Mac is in a lot of denial. This is a story about what happens when he finally snaps. [This one is an absolute treasure. Everyone is written impeccably in-character and there are parts that genuinely made me laugh out loud. The ending is near and dear to my heart.]

each the other’s world entire by quixoti (explicit, 13k words) | Mac and Dennis survive each other. Mac and Dennis will always survive each other. [This one follows Mac and Dennis from high school onwards, and it’s heart-achingly good. The references to direct scenes from the show are so spot on.]

we sinners bend by infinitevariety (explicit, 64k words) | Mac and Dennis have been sleeping on Dee’s floor for months. Something’s got to give. [A long one but a damn good one. Also, it’s a classic, so go read it now.]

Mac and Dennis Conduct an Experiment by pavonine (explicit, 36k words) | Dennis convinces Mac that the only surefire way to prove his straightness is to sexually experiment with another man. Of course that man happens to be Dennis. Of course Mac buys into this as a reasonable plan of action. Of course it backfires on them both. [Another classic. There’s so much to love about this one, but I’m especially fond of the dialogue.]

you’re the one i wanna watch this ship go down with by lagaudiere (mature, 4k words) | Not dying on a Christian cruise ship sometimes means having to face hard truths about yourself. Mac’s never been very good at that. [Good cavity-inducing fluff, complete with a great dancing scene.]

thick thighs make a dick rise by reflektions (explicit, 6k words) | In which Dennis does drag for the first time and Mac’s dick has an existential crisis. [DENNIS DOES DRAG. I don’t need to say anything more.]

the spell that you’ve created by peskyfeelings (mature, 7k words) | Mac is in bed but he can’t find sleep, because Dennis Reynolds lit a match and it’s still burning him up. [Internally tortured Mac and manipulative Dennis strike again, but this is a fresh and well-written take on it.] 

the day you move (i’m probably gonna explode) by sinnabar (explicit, 7k words) | He could maybe get addicted to this, if he let himself. Or: five times Mac and Dennis toed the line between friends and lovers, and one time they crossed it for good. [A good old 5+1.]

remember the things that make you feel by blackmountainbones (explicit, 9k words) | AU: Dennis Reynolds is a heroin addicted prostitute and Mac is one of his johns. [AKA the AU that tore my goddamn heart into a million pieces. This one will ruin your life, but you should read it anyway.]

Mac’s Day Out by adrianicsea (gen, 1k words) |  With $14 to his name after paying arbitration fees, Mac celebrates his first full day out of the closet. [This one’s not macdennis, but it’s short and sweet. I wanted to include an s12 fic on this list, and this one’s my favorite.] 

more au ideas no one asked for
  • “you’re super short and i’m sorry but it’s really really cute whenever you try to reach that book on the top shelf here lemme help you- oh no don’t be embarrassed, your face is all red and you’re even more adorable now i am going to die” au
  • “i’m a biker and one day i was biking in your neighborhood while you just happened to be outside watering the plants and since you’re so goddamn cute i accidentally steered into a pole and now you’re giving me first aid (holy shit you’re even cuter up close)” au
    • “you’re biking through my neighborhood and you ran into a pole so now i’m really concerned and patching you up, oh my gosh you’re really hot even though you have a bloody nose” au
  • “i’m at a karaoke bar and i’m sober enough to realize that your voice singing my absolute favorite song is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever heard, and you caught me staring and winked at me oh shit” au
  • “you fell asleep on my shoulder on the plane ride and i would ask you to move but you look so comfy and adorable when you sleep. also you smell really good and the feeling of your breath on my skin is somewhat relaxing, maybe we can go out to lunch in this shitty airport when you wake up?” au
  • “you’re so perfect and i’m in love with you but i’ve never actually met you and you keep avoiding meeting up, so i called nev and max to help me figure out whether or not you’re catfishing me” au
    • “whoa it turns out you were actually just super shy and you’re even cuter in person pls kiss me in front of all these cameras” au to followup with that
  • “i’m a quiktrip worker and whenever I work a night shift, you always arrive and buy like 3 cans of redbull and you look exhausted, do you need some help? are you okay?” au
  • “you invited me to your brother’s/sister’s wedding as a plus one bc we’re hella best friends but we end up making out at the afterparty and now everyone thinks we’re fucking so uh,, u wanna go out for a drink sometime? try this whole couple thing out?” au
  • “my sister tried to set me up with her friend but little does she know that i am hella gay and i end up falling in love with her smoking hot brother, and whenever i hang at her place we always tell my sister that it’s for a date when really she’s now just trying to set me up with her brother” au
    • (this can be tweaked in any way to fit your otp :p)
  • “i’m one of those talk show stars that walks up to random people on the streets and asks them really obscure questions, and you’re really cute and camera shy and i’m sorry but it’s adorable how you stutter when you’re nervous, uh, perhaps when there aren’t so many cameras surrounding me i can buy you a drink?” au
    • “you just came up to me on the street and asked where the weirdest place i had sex was and i’m assuming it’s for one of those talk show things, but i’m really nervous because you’re really really hot in that suit holy shit” au
  • “will you stop flirting with me you just got seriously injured and i’m the EMT trying to tend to your wounds in the ambulance, i don’t give a fuck that i look cute when i’m concerned, you’re lucky you’re not dead you dipshit” au
  • “my mom/sister/dad/brother/best friend doesn’t know we’re dating but one day he/she/they walked in on us making out and started cheering oh my god this is so embarrassing i’m so sorry” au
  • “you have fire powers and i have ice powers and one day you save my ass and even though we’re supposed to be rivals, you’re actually really really cute and warm can i just stay in your arms forever bc i am perpetually cold” au
    • “you have ice powers and i have fire powers and i save your sorry ass from getting hurt/killed, okay i know we’re supposed to be rivals according to every legend ever but you’re adorable and wow you’re really cold, would you like me to warm you up?” au
  • “i’m so sorry i’ve been stowing away on your ship but i’m lonely and tired and starving with nowhere to go so please take pity on my poor soul bc you’re the sweetest pirate i have ever met and since we’re in the middle of the ocean now there’s no way you’re taking me back to land anytime soon” au
    • “i would be furious at you for stowing away on my ship if it weren’t for the fact that you look really sick and sad can i help you” au
  • “dude why did that siren take on my image to try and seduce you, is there something you wanna tell me” au
  • “I’m an elf with really bad aim so while hunting i accidentally shot you in the shoulder with an arrow i’m so sorry can i make it up to you in any way? oh shit you’re a wizard, please don’t turn me into a frog i’ll do anything you want me to” au
  • “we’re coworkers and all the other employees ship us so just for fun we all go out clubbing/to a bar but little do we know its actually a plot they set up to get us to realize our supposed love for each other. wait you’re actually a really good dancer and your laugh is so endearing and, holy shit, maybe our colleagues were right” au
  • “i catch you at the bus terminal shivering your ass off because it’s 30 degrees and for some godforsaken reason you’re wearing a short sleeve t shirt, so out of pity i lend you my hoodie and you look so surprised it’s the cutest thing i’ve ever seen, setting aside the fact that you’re a goddamn idiot, do you want to get sick?” au
    • (cont.) “you look so sad and cold that i just tell you to keep my hoodie b/c you obviously need it more than i do. a week later i see you at a coffee shop/book store/etc. and you’re wearing my hoodie which you look so fucking tiny and cute in, and you just saw me and you look super embarrassed; you offer me it back but i tell you it suits you more and we end up talking and i buy you a drink” au
  • “we’re partners in cupcake wars and i never realized how cute you look with frosting on your face until now but no distractions, we have to fucking pummel these other teams because we are the best goddamn cupcake company in the universe WE CAN DO THIS” au
  • “i’m swimming laps in a lake alone at night and i thought no one else was here but i just swam right into you and uh?? you’re not wearing a shirt and you’re hot as hell pl ease take me right here” au
  • “i took you to my family’s lakehouse and we went jetskiing which you were so adorably excited about b/c you’ve never been, and when we drove around on the water at ungodly speeds u held onto me b/c there was nothing else to hold onto” au
  • “my friends dared me to buy 20 condoms but i didn’t realize that the cute cashier would be working tonight so i avoided eye contact as i piled them onto the counter and please stop laughing so hard, oh my god it’s for a dare okay i’ve never had sex in my life and once you stopped laughing, i swear i fell in love with that sparkle in your eye as you grinned wildly at me and asked me out for a drink” au
  • “i accidentally called the wrong skype number and it turns out the person i called was you and you’re in a different time zone, so it’s 3am where you are and you just woke up and look fucking pissed but you’re cute so… let’s do this again when you’re not asleep. i’m more than willing to stay up into the dead of night to talk to you” au
  • “i’m a radio host who indirectly mentions you and flirts with you on my show but you’re so goddamn clueless, please just notice me i’m so desperate for you it’s kind of sad (see: welcome to night vale)” au
  • Person A: *pouts*
  • Person B: What?
  • Person A: *pouts more*
  • Person B: Talk, you idiot!
  • Person A: *tears up* I never thought I will have to say this, love. I never thought it would come the day that you will chose something over me and that I would doubt your feelings for me! Where was the time when you swore that you'd make me happy and give me everythi-
  • Person B: GODDAMN IT. FINE. Take the last slice, fucking hell. *shoves the last pizza slice to A*
  • Person A: *grins sheepishly* I love you so much!

So I’ve finally sat down and moved around design ideas for our actual leads until I was left with something I can live with. There’s too many questions that I can’t quite decide on; like, how ridiculous am I gonna get with these outfits because goddamn, there were several ridiculous things in fashion in 18th and 19th century. I don’t necessarily want to force Alisha into a rococo dress because nobody’s able to move in these things, and neither do I want to give anybody a stinking, lice infected wig, but Rose and Sorey are perfectly used to running around in heels, so at least footwear is not gonna be much of a problem.
I’ve also answered the question “how many elements of their original game designs am I gonna retain?” for myself. The answer is “little, and mostly colour schemes”. I’ve also decided not to stick to a specific time period, so I’d have more freedom to give everyone different styles and cuts. Furthermore, anything that doesn’t hug Mikleo’s miraculous wasp waist is a waste on him.
I keep forgetting how ridiculously time-consuming costume design is (these took almost two entire days, and that’s the low-effort variety – I don’t even want to think about what the details look like). Like, I’ve done it a billion times in my life, and I should know by now that even just one single design takes you hours if you’re really fast, but I keep doing it because how can someone not love historical fashion

Anyway, these outfits are courtesy of
1) Rose generously gifting Sorey some clothes because even a cut-throat pirate doesn’t have quite the heart to let him run around in rags after almost drowning in a shipwreck, y’know. He can pay her once he’s got access to his dad’s fortune’s again. Plus accumulated interest and taxes.
2) Alisha hosting a ball and making sure that everybody attending meets her standards. Including recent victims of shipwrecks and their fish boyfriends. Means, no, Mik, you can’t just run around in your boyfriend’s shirt and nothing else. You’re gonna get your own outfit courtesy of Alisha’s tailors. Too bad he can’t even snark at anybody at that time because of that stupid I-exchanged-my-voice-spell, but hey, his death glares and bitchy resting face reach new levels in Ladylake. Also means, nope, Sorey, you’re no longer allowed to run around in baggy clothes and hide from your responsibilities in the nearest library.
Alisha is working on getting Rose in a fancy dress next, but that’s more difficult than it looks like.

Anyway, I hope y’all are gonna get some good old Pirates of the Caribbean vibes out of this. Last movies were all shitty except the fact that there were actually mermaids, but I will never not love the goddamn soundtracks.
I might need an actual tag for my little mermaid AU so it can be distinguished from everyone else’s little mermaid AUs. I wish I could think of one.

/insert Mozart playing in the background because

/I think I want a pirate prequel/subplot/whatever for Rose, Dezel and Eizen, I lack ideas, but anyway, everything is better with pirates. I’m also considering sea monsters, what do you think about sea monsters

/I also don’t know yet how exactly Sorey’s copy of the celestial record survives the shipwreck except by divine intervention, it’s a mystery

/whoops look who rambled again like there was no tomorrow

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okay, I love your camp halfblood AU but also, please tell us more about Dex, son of aphrodite, because I can't stop imagining him grumpily standing in a plastic shell while the aphrodite soundtrack from hercules the animated series is playing in the background xD

OH MY GOD STOP. Now Aphrodite is Lisa Kudrow that’s what’s happening in this AU look what you did. 

Okay Dex is a son of Hephaestus it’s just a Fact, but I love him as a son of Aphrodite because it’s just…he’s not. He’s the worst son of Aphrodite ever and he knows it and he’s just so MAD. He gets claimed and everyone is staring at him and he’s like “mother of FUCK” and someones like “lol yeah that’s your mom” and he’s gotta throw down right there. 

Not much changes with him being a son of Aphrodite, like I still think he would talk his way into the Cabin 9 bunker to work with the Hephaestus kids, even if they don’t believe an Aphrodite kid can keep up with them (he can). But he probably fights a lot more, like he’s training in every weapon he can get his hands on just because FUCK YOU GUYS I CAN FIGHT TOO. He’s over compensating so hard but no one really wants to make fun of him because he’ll fuck them up. 

His sisters adore him and his brothers are scared of him but they all keep trying to give him a makeover and he has climbed out of the window of cabin 10 so many times trying to escape this Hell. They always wanna know about his love life too, but they’re always disappointed because he doesn’t know how to do that. He’s busy he doesn’t have time for this. Also he’s ugly and no one likes him.

That last part’s not true and Dex doesn’t even actually care but he said it once and four of his sisters just started bawling and it was a stressful time in Cabin 10. It’s always a stressful time in Cabin 10 for Dex but that day was particularly rough. He’s actually a good looking guy, but he’s so stressed and embarrassed about being a son of Aphrodite that he just assumes all flirting with him is a joke and he has to fight someone. 

Aphrodite Dex literally always has to fight someone it’s his Curse here. That someone is usually Nursey, but sometimes he mixes it up. 

“You look really nice today Dex. I…like your hair.”

“Yeah HAHA Nurse, you’re so goddamn fucking funny. Because I’m a son of Aphrodite and you’re Ares HAHAHAHA shut the fuck up gods I hate you.”

“HAHA. Yeah. Got you good. Why don’t you love me?

It’s okay though, because Nursey can openly sob into his pillow in Cabin 5 and no one will say anything because they’re all so fucking embarrassed they don’t want to acknowledge it’s happening. 


Xixi and MGS about to drop the hottest album of 2017. With songs such as:

1. 19 Days ‘till Shit Falls Apart
2. Please Stop Getting Kidnapped
3. You Were Kind of a Dick Before But Now You’re Cool I Guess
4. I’m Sorry I Hit You in the Head With a Rock
5. I Forgive You
6. Why Did We Get in a Fight Again?
7. We Know Nothing of Our S/O
8. Tell Us Your Backstory
9. I’ll Cook For You, As Long As You Pay Up
11. Give Us a Break

(About time I drew my favorite middle schoolers. In my au, MGS wears eyeshadow because he just seems like he would. Also, they’ve got a little more melanin going on because poc asians need more love.)

Master List


Escaping fate

Spencer x reader 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Description: A reincarnation A.U where you and Spencer have lived many lives, loosing and finding each other, making choices that ultimately lead to it ending in some tragic accident. Now present day, you meet at the B.A.U and your past lives come to you in dreams, each teaching you a different lesson. You both need to learn from them in order to save the other, and escape your tragic fate.

Please remember me(Sequel to You’re not alone)

Spencer x Reader 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Description: After the events of You’re not alone you wake up in a hospital with no memory of the past  eight years. The team is heart broken but none of them more so than Spencer who not only has realized that he is in love with you but also blames himself for your memory loss. Determined not to make the same mistakes Spencer and the team work together to help you recover your memories.

You’re not alone (Finished)

Spencer x reader

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

Description: Spencer is having a hard time dealing with the death of one his best friends Gideon. The reader tries to help him deal with the devastating loss by making sure Spencer knows he’s not alone. But when hidden feelings are unmasked and the truth is revealed another tragedy hits the B.A.U this one bigger than before.

Before it’s too late

Derek x reader

Part 1  Part 2

Description: It was Will and JJ’s wedding. You had been working with the B.A.U for a couple years now slowly developing a crush on the one and only Derek Morgan. But despite your flirting he never showed any interest. At least he hadn’t before tonight. But devastation strikes the very heart of the B.A.U making everything stop before it ever really begins.

One shots from prompt list:

Spencer x Reader

I should tell you

A goddamn tragedy

All is fair in love and war

Now’s your chance

All for love

Dazed and confused


There’s only so much a heart can take

Don’t lie to me

Your little secret

Abort mission

Say goodbye

We won but at what cost?

Finally understood

Derek x Reader

Tonight you’re mine

You can’t tell me how I feel

I can change

You’re the only one I see

Better together

Hotch x Reader

I shouldn’t feel this way

Broken Promises


B.A.U women x Reader

Leaving isn’t always a choice (Emily x Reader)

Now or never (Emily x Reader)

I miss you (J.J x Reader friendship)

One shots:

Dream a little dream

Spencer x Reader

Description:Soulmate AU where you and Spencer have fuzzy dreams about your soulmates until you actually meet each other on your first day at the B.A.U then everything becomes crystal clear


Hard to Breathe 

Derek x Reader

Derek Morgan x reader (dating & she’s a profiler also) So, There’s an unsub that uses people’s biggest fear as a way to kill them. So she runs into him at the store, and he randomly asks her what her biggest fear is and she says “being buried alive”. So he stalks her for days and finally kidnaps her and buries her alive but the team saves her before she dies. OH AND CAN MORGAN GIVE HER CPR?! Fluff/Smut .. -thanks lol ❤️

Part 1

Meeting the family

Spencer x Reader

Hi can i have a Spencer Reid imagine where you’re his girlfriend and he wants to introduce you to the team and you’re nervous about it?thank you:)

Bad timing

Spencer x Reader

Hey. :3 Can I ask you a Reid x Reader, where they’re having their free time in Reid’s or reader’s house, so much fluff and romantic things, and when they’re about make love a new case comes up? Lot of thanks if you write it!! xx

Friends with benefits 

Spencer x Reader

are request open? if they are can you do a spencer x reader with the promt line “Sometimes, there is nothing better than some good old-fashioned, no string attached fucking.” i honestly thought it would makes great story and you were the first person I thought of to write such an amazing story bc your writing is phenomenal 💗 ily

Ignorance is bliss

Spencer x Reader 

Hello! I was wondering if you could do a Spencer x Reader where reader is dating Spencer. She’s very idealistic and hopeful and just really tries to see the best in people. Spencer is protective of her outlook on the goodness of people and kind of tries to keep details of his job and stuff from her, because he knows it will upset her. One day, she’s somehow exposed to how awful the world really is and then comes comfort and fluff from Spencer? Thanks for reading and possibly writing this request

Payback’s a bitch

Derek x Reader

Hii! Omg I just wanna say that I LOVE your writing! Can you maybe do more of Morgan? Like maybe a Scary movie and after the movie he scares y/n and y/n gets scared and then ends up scaring Morgan and*Then…Or something like that please?

Victoria’s Secret

Derek x Reader

A drabble request where Derek Morgan finds out that Penelope calls reader thebigtittiedgoddess (she saw you in your undergarments) and asking Garcia which bras she likes that you try on at Vs and Derek Derek is curious to see.. Smut (or not if your uncomfortable

The Date

Spencer x Reader

Could you do a Criminal Minds fic? Like Reid x Reader something really cute? Maybe it’s like Reid’s first real date and he gets all awkward and nervous or something? (Idk I’m sorry if this is a bad request

Wanna Bet

Derek x Reader

can i request a drabble of you and morgan teasing each other seeing who will snap first on a case

No competition   part 2  

Derek x Reader

Can you make a multi shot drabble on the imagine where one of morgans fav bootycall (girl) joins the BAU, and reader (in love with Derek, derek is in love with her too) gets really jealous and quiet.. but reader looks hot everyday to challenge the bootycall??

Mardi Gras

Derek x Reader

Anonymous said Drabble request for the reader and Garcia going on a vacation during Mardi Gras to New Orleans. And they both hit on guys and get themselves into a lot of trouble ;) and Morgan gets super mad at Y/N but it’s his feelings talking… Fluff

Is it too late

Derek x Reader

I have a drabble request. I would like to read a story about the reader (temporarily) breaking up with Derek after he admits to cheating, but they get back together (imagine Garcia being supper pissed at Morgan after seeing you cry). I’ve recently called a break with my

7 minutes in heaven

Derek x Reader

Derek morgan x reader .. The team goes to a party (except hotch and rossi) and derek and reader have to do seven minutes in heaven and confess their love for eachother? (Reader makes first move by climbing into his lap & kissing him)Thanks 


Hotch x Reader

“I have waited so long for you to want me. If you don’t hold me tight I won’t believe you mean it, and that’s worse than never being held at all.” with hotch with a happy ending?

10 Seconds

Victoria x Spencer (Special request)

description: Veronica and Spencer are too shy to admit their true feelings to each other but with a little help from Penelope and Derek they are able to take the relationship to the next level.

I’m starting too

Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

Let me go

Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list


Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

I just need some time

Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

Is that what you want

Spencer x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

Shaking Hands With The Devil (1)

Supernatural AU

Genre: Incubi(incubus) Yoongi

Warnings: it might mention sex, but nothing further than that… for now

Check (my bae’s) @ahgasthetic moodboard

“My sin was not specifically this or that
But consisted of having shaken hands with the devil
The devil held me in his clutches
The enemy was behind me” Demien - Hermann Hesse

Part 2, Part 3

Of course existed a reason for some boy like Min Yoongi be so interested on you. Sister Marry told you that existed a reason for you to be what you are. Min Yoongi wanted you because you were a member of the he Huntress, and he… he was a fucking demon.

“Why are you running away now, sweetheart?” You heard his voice, but he was nowhere to be seen.

“How come I be the one who’s running away when you’re the one hiding in the shadows?” You hissed, trying to fade the fears.

“Already missing me, princess?” His voice was near this time and you got yourself ready. “So here I am” he whispered against your ear. And in a quick movement you went for his face, but he was quicker, and now you were pressed against the wall, he on your back.

“Why are you like this now? You’ve always been such a good girl, what changed, Y/N?”

“Fuck you!”

“Cursing now are we? Tsc… Tsc… You need a lesson, baby…”

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anonymous asked:

Okay, but now I kind of need to know your thoughts on Loki Volstaggson finding out the truth about his origins. (I know it's not your verse originally, but I love your headcanons, if that's okay?)

I would just end up repeating @portraitoftheoddity‘s headcanons about this that she told me verbatim, so this is a question really better directed at her. 

Because I don’t want to take credit for her great headcanons for this AU, which I’ve now adopted for my own and basically just end up going “ahhhhhhh” about. Or that’s what I did when she was sharing them, anyway.


Jimin Imagine/Scenario


Blurb: What happens when a sweet and shy boy suddenly appears and seems to take over your world? What secrets does he hold inside and will you ever be able to uncover them? In this tale of love, the supernatural, and cute as hell moments, you can find out whether or not you and Jimin are destined to be together.

Word Count: 10,435

Reader x Jimin

Theliel: angel prince of love.

BTW, this imagine is dedicated to @joah-rangie because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH  💜🖤 Have fun reading this fluff filled post!

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prince!taehyung + prince!jungkook

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

  • introducing the two biggest lil shit princes you will ever meet
  • prince jeon jungkook & prince kim taehyung
  • you see jungkook’s mom remarried tae’s dad and integrated the families together
  • both hailing from well-known kingdoms, they basically merged the countries together thru this act
  • it was a peaceful exchange
  • a lil backstory tho:
  • so the jeon family was actually well off in their country but they were neither rich nor famous per say
  • they had a thriving business in agriculture which was why other kingdoms often traded with their country and it was tae’s dad who actually wanted to meet the mastermind behind all the worthwhile crops and asked if he could have his agriculture cultivators (farmers) taught the same way
  • with like a conference and stuff
  • so jungkook’s mom was like “better yet how about i show YOU i don’t have time to hold a conference so have them come here”
  • and he was like “but-”
  • and she flat out like “sorry but it’s that or no deal i have a son to raise, work to manage, and i really can’t up and leave”
  • and lord he was so impressed by her that he actually went in place of them and learned as much as it surprised her she taught him with little complaint
  • soon enough they got closer and closer and those farming lessons became trips between the kingdoms to see one another
  • and well, he didn’t care that she wasn’t royal he cared that she was sweet, caring, spunky, and a woman he really, truly loved since tae’s mom and he proposed and yeah
  • so the jeon family moved to tae’s kingdom though jungkook was mostly uncomfortable with the change
  • taehyung was who gave him comfort and encouraged him to open up a lil bc tae is really harmless
  • and whatever the press said the kim family was like “ok and???????” basically shutting them down bc they didn’t care that the family they were integrating with theirs wasn’t famous or royal
  • parliament didn’t care either (they stopped caring long time ago lmao)
  • jungkook and taehyung bonded over time over their shared loss of a parent and gain of a new one as well as a love for laughter
  • even between the two boys who grew attached to one another and began a havoc spree
  • pranks are a big integral part of their daily deeds
  • nothing too serious bc they may be lil shits but they are in no way assholes
  • they know their duties and they know how to treat people right they just like to have a laugh and they like others to do the same also
  • once they got their stoic-faced butler to crack a smile after a plan of theirs had gone awry and they both ended up covered in whipped cream and that was probably as rare as the seven rings from lord of the rings ok
  • they’re sweet boys who love laughs and work hard when they want to
  • they both have experienced their losses but find strength in themselves and you

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anonymous asked:

I goddamn love your writing. Could u please do a soulmate au where the first words ur soulmate say are on your wrist and oikawa has "get off my dick, oikawa". The soulmate is female tho, she's just saying that as a snarky remark to whatever stupid thing oiks said to her first lmao. Please and thank!!!!

Lol, I displayed Oikawa’s dorky side in this one - because let’s face it, behind all that self-righteous persona, he’s a huge dweeb.

“Get off my dick, Oikawa!”

The words gave him pause, because at any similar phrase he would’ve shot back with another snarky remark. Probably something along the lines of how they surely enjoyed him on their dick. But there were two strange things about this situation that kept him with replying with those words:

  1. The one who spoke them was a girl he knew well.
  2. He had been reading those very words on his arm for years.

He turned, catching sight of her with a playful smile, a glint to her eyes, and her arms crossed over her chest. He instantly fell in love with the way she appeared so confident in that moment; his soulmate. And when she grinned at him there was no stopping the words that came tumbling out next.

“My god, kiss me right now.”

Now it was her turn for pause, her smile faltering as she stared at him dumbfounded for a moment. “What?” she finally choked out.

“Kiss me,” he repeated, body moving forward, hands reached out for her. She hesitated, body leaning forward a split second before leaning back again, her face lighting up red as Oikawa drew closer. Her hand pressed against his chest as his arms wrapped around her. It was rare for them to find their soulmate so young, yet here they were, finding each other in the middle of their usual snark.

“Oi, let’s talk about this first!” she found herself laughing as his lips pressed wetly to her cheek, “don’t be an ass!”

“Apparently, you like my ass,” he teased, smile gleaming widely at her. She hit him sharply on the arm, causing him to draw back with another laugh. He looked down at her softly, because this was definitely the start of something beautiful.

dumbluckycharm  asked:

Please please if it's not much could you draw that scene in Kimi No Na Wa when Mitsuha looks at her hand and Taki wrote "I love you" but Yatori version? Pretty please, I'm in love w/ your art 💜

oh hey it’s the scene that had me in tears

A Practice in Happy Memories

You always felt a little guilty whenever you performed magic in front of Credence. Despite his clear potential and strength in magical abilities, he was incredibly far back in terms of structure and discipline and therefore couldn’t readily concoct a decent spell to save his life. Not that he would; the poor dear was filled to the brim with worry over who he could harm or what he could damage, still recovering from that unfortunate day when he broke down into Obscurial form. 

But he was quite happy to watch you make objects float or transform one thing into another. And you, being his loving other half, were not one to disappoint. Sometimes after his lessons with Tina or Queenie, he would come back excitedly and ask if you were aware of or able to perform that day’s lesson as well. Sometimes, you would smile lightly and shake your head; but usually, you were capable enough. It was one day when he came back from his lessons, quieter than usual. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you please rec some yoonmin pinning fics (chapetered or not) I really like pinning to!! Thank you 😚

  • of heartbreaks and not-too-hidden solutions: jimin couldn’t breathe, then yoongi slipped into his life along with summer breeze.
  • tu me manque: jimin thinks they broke up because yoongi got tired of him, but a box of letters he finds underneath his bed tells an entirely different story. 
  • senses: yoongi wants somebody he can’t have (or so he thinks). 
  • limerence: yoongi’s new year’s resolution is to fall out of love. (jimin’s is quite different.)
  • i want to wake up (i hate this dream): he wants to kiss jimin. he wants to kiss jimin so fucking bad. when they’re out at night with the others, and the moon casts a silvery halo around his hair, yoongi wants to pull jimin to his chest, and bleed out everything he can never vocalise. maybe in another profession, another country, another lifetime, then he could have had jimin. but, for now, he must content himself with watching. 
  • caramel macchiato: yoongi found himself falling in love with the boy who always ordered the caramel macchiato 
  • the agony of the nearness of the distant: a completely ordinary monday night takes a turn to the unordinary when phography student min yoongi meets a genie and makes the stupidest (the best?) wish of his life. 
  • standing out of the line (that i’ll never cross): if he could have it any other way, yoongi thinks he’d like to meet jimin at an amusement park. at the same time, there is an infinite number of maybes in this world; of what could have been and should have been, if only it had been.so it doesn’t work out like that. (in this world, there’s a girl, and an infinite number of reasons why park jimin isn’t for him.)
  • secret affairs: jung hoseok is one of south korea’s most famous baseball-stars and his girlfriend, model kim hyeri, thinks he might be cheating on her. she hires private detective min yoongi to find out the truth - and little did yoongi know that he would fall in love with hoseok’s secret affair, an awfully endearing boy named park jimin. 
  • crossing distances: “do you want to drink coffee at my place?“perhaps jimin’s not the only one willing to make up for the lost time―and make the remaining ones count. 
  • late nights, red eyes: late nights like this always ended the same way; the seven of them pouring into bed as the sun came up, stars from the night dying down to nothing but a low buzz in the base of their skulls, eyes bloodshot and red, yoongi and jimin alone together. 
  • does he love me? (does he love me not?): yoongi will never know of the way jimin’s eyes light up when he keeps finding yoongi curled into a blanket-wrapped ball on the couch on his studio at four in the morning, snoring lightly. he takes no notice of how jimin sneaks his hand into yoongi’s when he thinks no one is looking. 
  • 난 니삐 모른다 (i only know you): fem!yoonmin all-girls’ high school au (aka i’ve read all female yoongi fics in this goddamn website and i really need more dammit) 
  • headlines: “i know it doesn’t seem so, but i will take care of you. i know that this is…it isn’t what you wanted but, i’m glad that it’s you okay?” yoongi explains and jimin feels bashful. really bashful, and slightly giddy. [jimin falls in love with his beautiful husband.] 
  • it’s your birthday but you’re my gift: yoongi celebrates 5 birthdays with jimin over the course of 20 years. (aka yoongi growing up with jimin only to realise he’s falling for his childhood friend). 
  • holes (give and take): every summer, yoongi goes to the beach.every autumn, he returns with a new hole in his head, but the old hole in his heart has healed a bit more. 
  • if you: jimin has a reputation as a bit of a playboy, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. his stoic roommate seems to be the only person who doesn’t believe the rumours. 
  • step lightly, fall gently: by meeting jimin, the whole course of yoongi’s future changed. it started with friendship, and ended with something more. 
  • we’ll be together at the end of life and creation: min yoongi is the ice queen of no-strings-attached until a smiling munchkin flings him forcibly from his throne by his heartstrings. vive la révolution.
  • smoke and mirrors: jimin went out for a night-time walk a few times a week, maybe just to see the man smoking outside. his life was suddenly not so boring, his routine not so strict, and the friendship with his room-mate not so great. 
  • a game of three (and won by two): yoongi was content owning his video games shop. the pay was steady, and he was his own boss; but it always came with a down side. it came with pretentious mothers and whining children and no it all teenagers; and park jimin showing up at the least convenient times.
  • chasing in circles: it’s a bed made for one and with the two of them tangled together in this crowded mattress, yoongi doesn’t know why he feels like there’s an empty space big enough for one more person.