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Jimin Imagine/Scenario


Blurb: What happens when a sweet and shy boy suddenly appears and seems to take over your world? What secrets does he hold inside and will you ever be able to uncover them? In this tale of love, the supernatural, and cute as hell moments, you can find out whether or not you and Jimin are destined to be together.

Word Count: 10,435

Reader x Jimin

Theliel: angel prince of love.

BTW, this imagine is dedicated to @joah-rangie because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH  💜🖤 Have fun reading this fluff filled post!

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mystrade in thirty different AU settings (x):

  •   [27/30] Stranger Than Fiction AU

“Your hair. Your eyes. Your suit. Your goddamn tie!”

“Hello. My name is Mycroft Holmes.”

“I know.”

Mycroft Holmes one day starts to hear his life being narrated. Then he gets to meet Gregory Lestrade, who is writing the story and was about to kill its main character.

Loooooll I love that! I’m sure the first time Hanzo is forced to use his dragons around McCree, McCree’s startled beyond comprehension, and when he demands to know what that was, Hanzo casually explains, “They’re my spirit dragons,” and McCree’s all, “What????” leading Hanzo to confusedly inquire why McCree’s so surprised when his deadeye can’t be all that different, and McCree’s just like, “Are you outta your?? Goddamn mind???” 

Even though at that point, McCree makes it clear that there’s nothing magical about what he does and that ninja stuff is in a whole other league, Hanzo still doesn’t totally believe him–those rare times when he gets to watch McCree use his deadeye, he is certain he sees something there.

Ahhhh I’m glad you like him! And their meeting wasn’t accidental! After Overwatch disbanded and Hanzo started looking for a way to get a foothold in the criminal world, his priority was finding someone who a) had no affiliation with the Shimadas and b) didn’t know about his past affiliation with Overwatch. That basically eliminated Asia, Europe, and Africa, so he travelled to the Americas, which is where he learned about McCree. Since McCree’s surprisingly honorable as far as criminals go, and has a clear predilection for helping strays, he was sort of the perfect person for Hanzo to appeal to.

Didn’t Mean to Ruffle Your Feathers

A Ghoul Grumps AU fic ovo

In which Ross is so done with fucking goddamned Shamu

{this wonderful AU was created by the lovely @egobangin-in-the-house-tonight}

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pai-showdown  asked:

hi, do you have any teacher aus? please and thank you :)

(I love these AUs)

  • I’m the theater teacher and you’re the choir director and we’re collaborating for the first time for the fall musical get ready for sleepless nights, a starbucks bartering system, and an awesome show. (Bonus band/orchestra teacher helping with the pit)
  • biology and chemistry teacher rivalry/friendship
  • someone keeps taking the last muffin from the teacher’s workroom and luckily as the forensics teacher I know how to figure out who’s taking the last goddamned blueberry muffin
  • my classroom is across from yours and every time I look through the window of my door, you’re always wildly gesticulating but it’s really cute
  • awkward sexual tension between the band and choir teachers
  • we’re both professors competing for the same grants
  • bonding over dislike of the administration
  • our students ship us, the faculty ships us, you’re really cute and intelligent but when it comes to romance, you are so oblivious
  • you’re so far behind in grading papers that I think you’ve constructed a fort do you need a cup of coffee?


scruffymcwhiskers  asked:

I'm looking at your Classroom Gems AU and this is just some kinda freaky coincidence! Before ever seeing your AU, I made up a similar one myself. Elementary school environment, Jasper is a bully, Peridot has a secret crush on Amethyst, etc. Heh, guess you beat me to it then. Yours is pretty awesome, though. Good luck with it!

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I guess great minds think alike, huh? (though I would love to see yours <3)

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Did you ever write chapter six of brunch fic (or I think it’s called friends with benefits)? I’m in need

girl can i be expecting any new fics/ headcanons in the near future (specifically the brunch au)? bc i am legit in love w your writing and i don’t even have a tumblr so i’ve been going into google and typing in “bannanannabeth tumblr” on the daily just so i can make sure i won’t miss it when something comes out LOL

do you have any idea when the next part of the brunch fic au will be out??? i’m having percabeth smut withdrawals😬 if not do you know of anything i could read until then??

Hello I love you also have updated the 5th Brunch fic?? All respect and all, it’s just I caNT KEEP UP

Aaaaaahhhhhh I can’t wait anymore!! When are you gonna update the brunch fic?? I’m beyond excited! If you can’t give a date, could we just get a “between this time and that time” sort of thing?


i’m really sorry, i can’t give a date but i promise i’m working on it and it will be posted eventually

  • that really upbeat guy in your group that’s always optimistic and friendly with everyone
  • sometimes people get annoyed at how bubbly he is because goddamn boy it’s the apocalypse why are you so happy
  • but he just shrugs and goes ‘well everything else is shit so there’s no point in adding to the sadness’
  • you often admire that about him like when the two of you are out scavenging for food he’s always so enthusiastic and says stuff like ‘i hope we find a can of chocolate pudding chan loves that stuff’
  • and you’re just like ‘soonyoung we can barely find a can of beans how are we gonna find chocolate pudding’
  • and he smiles and says ‘you never know’
  • he avoids close contact with zombies as much as possible because although he sees the importance of surviving, he’s still pretty uncomfortable with killing zombies
  • basically the two of you are inseparable like if he’s on watch then you’re on watch as well
  • and one time while both of you were on watch your conversation turned really personal and you started to talk about your families and friends and your old lives 
  • “you know what i miss? tv and cellphones”
  • food, man, food how can you not miss the food like shit i’d do anything to have a box of pizza right now”
  • and then after a while you notice that soonyoung’s not saying anything anymore and you’re like wh at
  • and you see he has tears in his eyes and you’re so surprised because you’ve never seen him cry so you scoot a little closer and you’re like ‘hey hey are you okay what is it’
  • and he’s like ‘i don’t know i just really miss the world you know. like, the world before everything went to shit’ and then he’s sobbing into your shoulder and you’re holding him and rubbing his back 
  • “it’s okay, i miss it too, soonyoung”
  • after a while he calms down and you’re still cuddled together and neither of you have the intention to move and then suddenly soonyoung looks at you and he has this look on his face 
  • “but you know, i’m alright with what’s happening now. i mean, it’s still terrible but i’ve come to accept it. because if it wasn’t for this whole apocalypse thing i wouldn’t have met you.”
dirty little secret // d.l

You and Derek sit alone in the studio, his arm wrapped around you as he writes down lyrics with the other. You love watching him make music, it’s such a beautiful process, and he’s so goddamn talented. 

 You only get to have these moments with Derek when you’re alone, no one else knows you’re dating. Derek won’t even tell his friends. ‘I don’t want to ruin what we have.’ he says. Sometimes it’s okay, because you don’t want people to know, sneaking around can be fun. But it’s when you want to hug him, or hold his hand, or kiss him in public or in front of his friends that it’s a let down. 

Frankly, you’re tired, tired of being this secret that he keeps from everyone. You’ve known all of his friends for years, it would barely effect anything. You can understand if he doesn’t want to tell his fans, but his friends and family? 

“Derek?” You mumble, not really wanting to bring this up in conversation as you don’t want it ending in a fight. “Yes, lil mama?” He replies, lifting his head from the paper and dropping the pen, making sure his full attention is now on you.

  “I’m tired of being your dirty little secret.” You sigh, looking down to your lap to avoid eye contact. He removes his arm from your waist, and places it on your chin, pushing your head up to look at him. “Is this why you’ve been so quiet and distant? Because you want people to know about us?”

 "It’s not necessarily the fans I want to know, just your friends, family. I want to feel like this relationship matters to you, I want to feel like I matter to you.“ He’s shocked by your words as his hands move from your face to your hands, holding them gently in his own.

 "Ma, of course you matter, and of course this relationship matters. I’ve never felt like this about someone before in my life, and I love having you all to myself. I’ve never been in a relationship like this before, it’s all new to me. It’s not that I don’t want to tell the guys, and my family, it’s just that.. I don’t know how. There is nothing more I want to do then to show you off, you’re my girl, Y/N. I want the fans to know who you are, I want my friends to treat you how they treat me, I want to be teased for being so whipped on you.” You giggle at his words. “There’s that I smile I love so much. I’ll tell the guys tonight, okay? We can do it together.” He smiles at you, and squeezes your hands. “I’m sorry.” You whisper, looking down again. “I didn’t know.”

 He shushes you as he leans in and places his lips on yours, kissing you softly. You can feel him smiling, causing you to smile as well. “That’s my girl.”

anonymous asked:

I would like to say this holy shit goddamn I'd be DOWN with African American Yugi. (And straight up African Atem)

Yesssss I love that.

On a related note- ATTN Duelists, please feel as free to send me your ideas for the ‘POC Teens In America’ Yugioh AU as you do my other AUs. <3

Maybe if we get another together, we can inspire some people to make some America AUs that are as diverse as the country truly is. I mean, it’s definitely time for a new standard imo.

(and please don’t feel silly if your idea is to make your fave’s race/ethnicity the same as yours. representation is the core of the idea, after all!)

graecvs  asked:



gluten free yellin it is. ALRIGHT. 

  • u are a giant pain in the bahooky yOU KEEP FUCKING HURTING ME VIA AUS. every goddamn time i tell myself, Enough. No More, I Need To Stop W/ The J/ercy Aus and u bop into my ims like “hey binch…………j/ercy bread au how bout it” n suddenly i’m thinkin bout how they’re going to fuck in bread au or adopt 8 more neglected children
  • my god your cosplays are gorgeous and always so well done?? are we absolutely certain you’re not an actual shapeshifter???? your cheekbones give me actual face envy 
  • u send me pics of ur pupper when i am sad/distracted/at random and i love u for it? also let me rant abt stupid fandom shit and just. rant in general, and i appreciate it so so much. we’ve known each other about a year n tbh i consider u a close friend. I’m Love You<333
as a candle lit in the dark

based on this gif  by morgan aka thecanarie because it screams ‘soulmate au’ like nobody’s business.
notes: listen, i love me some soulmates au so this is a combo of many. so here, have some 'whenever you touch your soulmate you see a color’ au. also because i’m a firm believer in polyships, in this au one can have more than one romantic soulmate, and platonic soulmates, and they see different colors for each one of them. because why not.
also on ao3

Emma has never been a touchy person. Not in a ‘I’m touched’ kind of way, choked up watching Jack and Rose floating on that goddamned piece of wood, but in an actual touching people way. It’s not just because she’s learned the hard way how getting close to somebody can potentially mean heartbreak for her - and, in her case, it’s more like ‘surely’ instead of ‘potentially’ - but because it’s easier not to get her hopes up.

If she doesn’t hope, then she won’t break once the world starts swimming in colors after her skin and somebody else’s brush.

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anon prompted: ‘it’s 2am and i’m drunk and i need some goddamn french fries right now so open your fucking door’ AU. 

Sorry this took so long!

Kurt should have known that being an RA was a bad idea.

It was stupid Rachel’s idea. They’d been planning on moving in together after their first year in dorms, but after spending over three weeks looking at apartments that were either absolutely disgusting or absolutely out of their price range, she decided they should just be RA’s.

“Think about it, Kurt!” she said, “We won’t have to pay for room and board, we’ll have our own rooms and our own bathroom, plus this way we’re still on campus! It’s a win-win!”

It sounded like a good idea at the time, so they applied and then squealed a lot when they both got accepted to be RA’s. They were in the same building too, only three floors apart, so really they were basically living together anyway. Everything was going great until…

Well, until the school year started and Kurt actually had to deal with the students.

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Every goddamn day when I do random things like cooking or showering I come up with AUs and bother crackedverbosity with them.
They get crazier and crazier as I fall to the bottom of the fandom’s trashcan.
I’ll paste today’s here because it goes perfectly with yours:

« What if Hux and Kylo somehow procured a kid, and they live in some nice suburbs, and the kid has to make a project for science class.

At first, Kylo helps him/her out and they come back with SECOND PRIZE! Which makes Kylo pretty proud.

So Hux, being Hux, asks who won first prize, and it’s Billy. Linda’s kid.

Linda, who always brings the best pies at the neighborhood parties.

The next time there’s a school project Hux pushes past Kylo with his tool kit and makes a fucking nuclear volcano that shoots plasma or something and the school principal calls Kylo and informs him that there was a fire at school and that Kylo should come pick them up.

When he arrives, Hux and the kid are covered in extinguisher foam and Hux is throwing the first prize trophy in his face.

He’s not allowed to help ever again but he doesn’t care, his death volcano set Linda’s kid’s planetary model on fire. »

ambientmagic  asked:

Okay please tell me about the Seirin team in your Star Trek AU

I love star trek AU and I am so incredibly excited you asked about it, bless you

[Star Trek AU]

OKAY SO LIKE I’m actually kinda torn between stationing all the KnB kids on one ship or having multiple separate ships?  bc there are more chances for different, fun interactions with one big ship full of ballers but also I can shamelessly give characters the jobs they deserve if there are different ships.  currently I’m on one ship w/ everyone bc I started with the GoM, but maybe later in this silly space AU timeline they split up or get transferred or something.  who knows.  anyways, read this as if the Seirin kids are working on the same ship as the GoM kids.

  • Riko - [chanting: kick ass, go to space, represent the human race] there are SO MANY good jobs Riko could have bc she’s so fucking smart but I settled on placing her in tactical and security (another redshirt…yeah…)!  she’s pretty damn high-ranking and she coordinates a lot of the manpower and security teams (it’s not unusual to see her joining the team Kagami and Aomine are assigned to) and also she definitely runs some of the ‘voluntary’ training sessions that are held in the mornings to keep the crew members in shape.  she’ll be wearing command gold in a few years, but right now she’s reigning in red.
  • Hyuuga is an engineer and sometimes pilot (again, a redshirt.  r.i.p. Seirin) who specifically works with the shields and weapons systems.  because Starfleet doesn’t go around engaging in space battles if they can avoid it, he doesn’t typically have much to do, so Riko can get away with strong-arming him into helping her with any minor engineering problem she might have (he keeps telling her that he’s not trained to reprogram the holodeck to do the things she wants it to do but he then he goes ahead and does it anyways).
  • Kiyoshi works in medical, technically, (so he’s wearing blue, finally someone who isn’t a redshirt) but he works more as a personnel advisor/counselor than a doctor.  he has all kinds of obscure alien cultural knowledge and sensitivity training bc he has to be prepared to advise anyone employed by Starfleet regardless of species/culture.  he’s on the same shift schedule as Hyuuga so he makes sure they eat together all the time.  also, he totally has a bionic leg.
  • Izuki is That Science Guy™ (another blueshirt!) who is super excited about alien plant life.  he’s a botanist by trade and he spends most of his time doing lab work and testing soil compositions and things that his friends don’t really understand or think are very exciting, but he’s having a blast.  he has way more plants in his quarters than regulation allows but no one has ratted him out yet.  he and Hyuuga have been friends since the Academy and they graduated in the same year.
  • Mitobe and Koganei are just part of the general maintenance crew (redshirts) who get called to fix things like broken replicators and jammed turbolifts and faulty tricorders.  no one knows how long they’ve known each other, but they’ve spent to much time together that they operate 40% through shared memory and with their combined knowledge they can solve almost any minor malfunction.
  • Tsuchida works in the science division (another blue!) with Izuki, but he studies microbiology instead.  he’s in a long distance relationship with a girl he’s known since high school and he wakes up at completely ridiculous hours to call her once a week.  also, he’s almost guaranteed to catch whatever illness is circulating the crew.  you’d think that he’d have built up an immunity by now, but he gets sick almost every time.
  • Furihata is a botanist (a third blue, imagine that) who is ranked just lower than Izuki, so Izuki introduces him to everyone as his assistant.  He doesn’t get to do a lot of work with proper lab equipment yet, so he’s sort of a gofer for the senior botanists.  he does a lot of plant watering, repotting, sample collecting (well, he holds the samples after a senior botanist has picked them out on an away mission), and when he draws the short straw he has to go up to the bridge to deliver data to the science officer.  the first time he had to go up to the bridge, he tripped getting out of the lift and his PADD went flying and hit one of the other senior officers.  he may never recover.
  • Fukuda works in engineering (technically with Murasakibara on the warp drive) but like Furihata he does mostly grunt work because he’s very low ranking and inexperienced.  he gets assigned to the night shift way more than he probably should be, but he manages to eat breakfast with Furihata and Kawahara when they’re having dinner.  Fukuda does a lot of monitoring monitors and dicking around on his PADD bc the officers are all in bed and can’t tell him off for it.  he and Furihata and Kawahara all took the same required physical courses at the Academy so they all bonded through mutual suffering there.
  • Kawahara works in security (more with the criminal investigators than the guys who are more like bodyguards) and he’s slightly higher ranked than Fukuda and Furihata, which is something he holds over them all the time.  he doesn’t have very important duties in the criminal investigation department, but just being in the department means that whenever something major happens (as is inevitable if your plot is modeled off of Star Trek episodes) his friends immediately go to him to get the scoop on the situation.
  • Nigou is that alien dog with the horn and that’s all I have to say about him. 

/wheezes/ so that’s all the Seirin kids…dang there’s a lot of them…  I really love this AU though, so this was really fun!