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Okay, but the wardrobe in FFXII is just so fancy and colourful and even on the edge of silly, I just love that fashion, okay? I love it. I love the armour and the leather and the vests and coats and dresses and shirts and fucking sandals. I mean there is Dr. Cid with his overknee boots and frilly collar and then IN THE SAME GODDAMNED UNIVERSE we have Al-Cid with his nerdy sunglasses and Vossler’s ROYAL SOLDIER BEACH SHORTS and Basch with his chess board ornamental whateveritis breast plate and Gabranth’s and Rasler’s armour and Reddas'es PINK PANTS and Balthier with his rainbow rings and earrings and leather sandals like TELL ME THIS IS NOT THE COOLEST STUFF YOU HAVE EVER SEEN CRAMMED INTO ONE GAME AND INTO ONE GAME ALONE!!

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if it helps i have a fic that i've been calling "remortal AU" so consistently that even though the fic has a name i keep forgetting the actual name (and scrolling past the doc because i keep expecting it to be called remortal AU or something)(tree)

I mean? Whenever I have starting titles that I don’t intend to ever actually use I always end up getting attached to them and keeping ‘em? Or I just get too lazy to change them.

DC Characters ranked by how likely they are to appear in Batfamily art: 

Definitely: Bruce, Dick, Damian, Tim

Very Likely: Jason, Babs

Likely: Steph, Alfred, Selina 

Maybe: Kate, Harper, Clark, the goddamn JOKER, Talia fucking Al Ghul, the Bat-Mite, people I don’t even RECOGNIZE, BOOSTER FUCKING GOLD PROBABLY

Definitely Not: Bruce’s literal actual daughter Cassandra Wayne


The 100 Ladies Appreciation Week [x]- Day Seven- Favourite Cast Member

Marie Avgeropoulos- “I’ve got a potty mouth, absolutely. It doesn’t sound very ladylike. I call it the Thunder Bay accent.”

I’m relatively new to the Voltron fandom but I just want to point out that if you’re sending hate to other people because of shipping reasons, you are pathetic.

Yes, I know how it feels to fall-in-love with a ship and want to scour the internet for every bit of fanart and fanfiction.. it’s a great feeling. However, at the end of the day people need to realise that these characters are fictional. There is no need to tell people to kill themselves over a cartoon or harass them. 

Let people ship what they want as long as it’s not hurting anybody. 

this is going to be such a DUMB complaint but

i really hate the things hufflepuff is associated with, like coloring and glitter and how people basically associate hufflepuffs with children? hardworking, loyal, kind, and fair does not a goddamn infant make. Al Capone was defs a hufflpuff, he was quite fair, and kind - when people were hurt in the crossfire of his mob activities, he paid for their hospital bills or funerals, but to him he performing a necessary justice, so these casualties were unfortunate but unavoidable. and then there’s my fav quote of his: “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember.”

and it’s like hufflepuffs absolutely do not get enough credit

lets use a medieval set up as an example for a second. To run a kingdom, who do I want as my scribes, my historians? Ravenclaws. My lawyers and politicians? Slytherins. My knights and champions? Gryffindors.

Obviously an adviser from each house, but who would a people want on the throne? Someone who’s brave? Cunning? Intelligent?

Or someone who is fair, kind, and just?

just saying. someone throw down with me about hufflepuffs i’ll fucking fight you.