goddamn i just love this show

the worst thing is i dont know how to just stop loving sherlock. like the episode itself i can get over but the entire show and these characters and what theyve gone through and the happiness and the love they shouldve gotten, that they deservedmeans so so much to me and i. cant just turn that off even when i feel so goddamn cheated

You can’t tell me Yakov wasn’t channeling his inner Dad when he:

-tried to stop Victor from running after what looked like was a train-wreck in the making.
-still drove him to the airport anyway.
-burst into a tantrum about how self-centered his son is on TV because he wouldn’t just listen and stay home.
-was totally leery of the Katsuki kid his boy Victor is head over heels for.
-insisted that Victor come home (before he makes a mistake and gets heartbroken by a one night stand offer.)
-sulked and ignored Victor like a dad who won’t budge over his unsavory opinions on who his son chooses to date.
-refused to spend dinner with Victor and this sketchy pole dancer and likely got annoyed that his son didn’t insist that he go
-could barely look his son’s crush in the eye even when he was his coach-for-a-day (“This guy? This guy is seducing my son?”)
-terribly awkward around his son’s boyfriend, especially after he realizes that he might not be so bad after all
-is probably now dreading saying his speech at Victor and Yuuri’s wedding, because it’ll be tough explaining how he’s actually warmed up to this anxious, bespectacled Japanese man his boy Victor is besotted with.
-is also probably spending every night working on that speech right now, word for word, and reluctantly asking Lilia for her opinion.

Why Clone Wars is the best thing ever:
  • R2 has literally murdered someone on screen and was covered in their blood the whole episode.
  • Space Godzilla.
  • Jar Jar and 3PO found Anakin’s cloak on Padme’s ship. I’ll let you put two and two together.
  • “Are your scopes…Jedi issue, sir?”
  • Embo’s frisby hat.
  • Ahsoka and Anakin snuck behind enemy lines by hiding under a goddamn box.
  • Grievous had his droids destroy a pirate ship just for the hell of it.
  • Mace and Jar Jar have actually been on a buddy cop mission together.
  • Two completely unrelated instances of zombies appearing. 
  • Obi-Wan had tea with an enemy general.
  • Five seasons later Maul had tea with a mandalorian terrorist.
  • Ahsoka’s first big mission was babysitting a slug.
  • Rex hitting his head on a pipe.
  • Blue Shadow Virus is literally the Black Plague. In SPACE.
  • Everything else. The whole show is a masterpiece.

ok just lemme say that people with bpd are capable of the deepest, most selfless form of love on this goddamn earth. like we love so deeply and we’re capable of going to incredible lengths to show this love and we care. we care so much. we will always care. 

Okay, so correct if I’m wrong, but…  

…aren’t sharp weapons…

…that are also guns….


…like…really, really dangerous? Like just straight-up stupidly dangerous? Like “Hey, lemme just use these guns as nunchucks WHOOPS I SHOT MYSELF IN THE GODDAMN FACE.” 

I mean, look at Blake:

It’s a sword. But also a gun?? But she also swings it around??? While continuing to use it as a gun???? She is literally swinging around arguably one of the most dangerous-to-use weapons ever conceived?????????

PANIC! AT THE DISCO {Sentence Starters}

  • “Feels like my heart is going to burst.”
  • “Heroes always get remembered, but you know legends never die.”  
  • “If you love me, let me go!”  
  • “Well, I never really thought that you’d come tonight.”
  • “Will you come with me or just leave?”
  • “Sometimes you’re better off alone.”
  • “If it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine.”
  • “You’re guaranteed to run this town.”
  • “I’m wrecking this evening, already, and loving every minute of it.”  
  • “But if you change your mind, you know where I am.”
  • “Show them all you’re not the ordinary type.”
  • “But they haven’t seen the best of us yet.”
  • “Don’t threaten me with a good time.”
  • “"Haven’t you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?!”
  • “Don’t try to sleep through the end of the world.”
  • “I don’t wanna save your reputation.”
  • ‘There’s nothing wrong with just a taste of what you’ve paid for.”
  • “And truth be told, I never was yours.”
  • “And being blue is better than being over it.”
  • “And isn’t this exactly where you’d like me.”
  • “Fifty words for murder and I’m every one of them.”
  • “Then the time for being sad is over.”
  • “These nightmares always hang on past the dream.”
  • “If I ever leave, I could learn to miss you.”
  • “Don’t think I’ve ever used a day of my education.”
  • “I love the things you hate about yourself.”

Jenkins in S3E4 - “And the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”

i’m going to be completely honest, never in my wildest fucking DREAMS did i think Victor and Yuuri would actually kiss, like, i thought MAYBE at the end of the series there’d be hints at a relationship but a FULL-BLOWN KISS??? IN FRONT OF EVERYONE????? AND YUURI DIDN’T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT….. AT FUCKING ALL???? i’m literally fucking crying Yamamoto-sensei & Kubo-sensei are too fucking good to us and im going to be thinking about this for the rest of my goddamn life

i just want to tell u all from the bottom of my heart: i love Victuuri so much and this show has saved my life

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RFA + Saeran with an MC who's still in college? :)

ohoo, this was fun!! i haven’t written for saeran before but it wasn’t as hard as i originally thought it was going to be! thank you for the request~


  • he’s also in college so like
  • study buds for life holy shit
  • actually so happy he’s not the only student
  • “see? i’m not the baby!”
  • yes he is
  • oh my god he’d randomly just show up at your school
  • “i just wanted to see my babe working hard!”
  • “you’re skipping aren’t you”
  • fuck she caught me
  • y’all would make breakfast together
  • tht’s my life goals
  • omelets everywhere
  • constantly late


  • omg he loves his hard working gf
  • probably shows up randomly in a goddamn limo
  • “that’s my baby!!!”
  • he’s so proud
  • shit did you just ask him for help
  • he can’t help i’m sorry
  • you get to tutor him sometimes tho
  • “when will you ever even use half of this in real life???”
  • he shouldn’t have dropped out
  • while he was getting that good kush and into bike accidents you’re over here getting these degrees
  • he’s so in awe
  • literally this is a new world for him
  • will stay up with you just to see your new grade pop up
  • fuck he’s so cute


  • she understands ur pain
  • shit ur crying over all ur work
  • me too bitchc
  • such a good motivator
  • mom instincts activate
  • she doesn’t want to overwork you but she just wants the best for you
  • makes sure you study
  • “i told you you’d do just fine”
  • [sobbing] u were right
  • refuses to let you stress and will totally give you massages wtf
  • i’m so gay
  • will actually pat your head when u get that good score
  • gives you coffee while you work and corrects things for you
  • fuCK


  • he went to a university abroad so
  • he’s so educated wow
  • that’s hot
  • but he will help tutor you when you ask him
  • professor han
  • jumin with glasses hahahah i’m no longer breathing
  • he will bribe your professors to get you that A
  • “no jumin that’s not necessary–”
  • “do you want more? i have–”
  • i appreciate it hon but please calm down it’s not a big deal
  • he’s the sweetest
  • professors are afraid of him
  • somehow you’ve been getting less schoolwork lately???


  • oh no
  • he absolutely would hack into their website and change your grades
  • “saeyoung– oh my god stop don’t do it”
  • he didn’t
  • but he’s actually really good at every subject??
  • a good tutor
  • but he needs to stop drawing the most extra things when you get 100 percent
  • you love him more than life itself but he explains things in the weirdest way possible
  • make him stop
  • but one day during a test you remember him jumping off the stairs to help you remember gravity
  • and it works
  • how could you forget him almost breaking every bone in his body
  • at least you aced it
  • he will fight the professor who marked you down because you didn’t indent far enough.
  • will always call you after an exam
  • “i already have my fingers ready to change your grade–”


  • he doesn’t really know much about school
  • he skipped a lot
  • mr edgelord incoming
  • no but he’s smart
  • like really smart
  • what the hell how
  • he hates history
  • and anything involving partners
  • and uh
  • he hates school in general ok
  • you’d probably force him to go to school
  • you need to be by him all the time
  • he’ll go crazy
  • “stop glaring at everyone”
  • “i’m not, i’m trying to look nice”
  • he just wants friends poor baby
  • look if he sees one more emo kid and asks them about the lord and savior you were going to have to take him home
i should have written this goddamn show
  • it’d be on hbo so swearing and topless people,,,, the anti game of thrones
  • confirmed gay merlin + morgana
  • bisexual gwaine + arthur
  • at some point gaius has a bong on his table and no one says anything about it
  • uther married morgana off to some nobleman and they’re best friends!! they love each other in a super platonic way and high five a lot and he helps with the nightmares and they just love each other okay
  • he’s also a knight in arthur’s inner circle
  • a little of gwen and merlin talking about boys
  • servants can read/write, but it’s at least explained
  • eric the stable boy™ (merlins ex boyfriend, season 2)
  • also merlin taught morgana magic and she’s not evil; she works closely with her brother as an advisor and a knight
  • there are dogs
  • a lot of platonic hugs and “i love you’s”
  • a different antagonist
  • gwaine kisses merlin at sometime like its normal (they’ve been seeing each other)
  • leon marries some awesome noblewoman sometime during season 3 and arthur is the best man and everyone loves her
  • ancient rome gets at least a mention
  • leon and his wife get pregnant
  • lowkey percival and gwaine are together
  • arthur and gwen talk after lancelot is in camelot for good and decide they don’t work
  • “wine and cheese club” they get drunk and talk about their problems; basically just gwaine and percival giving relationship advice to merlin and whomever
  • gwaine knows™
  • morgana blushes and smiles at cute girls
  • merlin has the mouth of a sailor
  • roman catholic church
  • mithian gets married and he’s a perfect gentleman who loves her and she’s so happy, (they stay in camelot for a few episodes)
  • sometime during season 4 they do monty python and the holy grail
  • sometime also during season 4, they’re in the woods and arthur is split from the group for some reason and bandits attack and he watches the whole thing and sees merlin using magic; he’s not angry, just hurt
  • arthur gives merlin ygraine’s ring + merlin is seen with it around his neck
  • “i bet you’d look cute grasping at the sheets of my bed” “no matter how many times you ask im not making your bed asshole”
  • arthur and gwen still get married and are best friends; although arthur is with merlin and gwen is with lance
  • gwen and lance have triplets!! and the triplets have four parents: the king, the queen, first knight and the king’s servant
  • sometimes merlin falls asleep in front of the fire and arthur has to carry him to bed
  • colin morgan in skinny jeans
  • ban on magic repealed
  • arthur suggests appointing merlin as court sorcerer and royal consort but merlin just smiles and says all he wants to be is his servant
  • epilogue where arthur/merlin and morgana and gwen/lance + all their kids!!! are having a picnic

I know future seasons of Skam will be goddamn amazing but i am not ready to let go of season 3. I loved season 1 & 2 but season 3 is so important. It’s so special. It is truely beautiful, no other tv show will ever be able to do anything compare to Skam this season. Isak & Even’s storyline is just so beautiful even writing this i am crying. I’m sad because next season we might not even get to see Isak & Even AT ALL :(

Applause to the Skam writers for doing an amazing job with season 3, and especially to Tarjei & Henrik for playing these two roles wonderfully, for bringing these two characters to life.

Argh, my emotions are all over the place right now. afksjfghhgiusrlg. Yes we have one more episode. But like STILLLL.

I just HAVE to say

I just finished watching tld, which took the largest emotional toll on me that an episode of a show ever, EVER has before. And as a loyal viewer and theorist, and a believer in John and Sherlock’s relationship…I will be beyond severely disappointed in mark gattiss and steven moffat if this show ends with sherlock holmes confessing his love to irene adler when we know that his first and most important priority (the person he’d destroy his life for) has never been anybody but john goddamn hamish watson (whether john always deserves it or not)

i cannot believe shadowhunters actually had a scene where the start of the scene was literally just a queer couple making out. like. that’s where we started. the camera pans over them softly kissing each other. that’s the top of the scene. that’s the beginning. they were showing us two queer men being tender and intimate. casually. casually tender and intimate. because they’re in a relationship and that’s what you do. we’re meant to infer that they have regular makeout sessions. because they like kissing each other. just kissing. soft sweet gentle outdoor kissing. that was the opening of the scene. not the culmination the opening

My Top 5 Ships
  1.  Stydia

This fucking ship. The goddamn slowburn. 90 episodes. We waited 90 episodes for them to become canon.

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      2.  Dramione

This is not canon and it’s not from a tv show but honestly I ship Draco and Hermione so much. I just love them together.

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       3. Bellarke

These two lovestruck idiots aren’t canon–yet. But they’re getting there and they are actually married.

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       4. Zutara

Ten years have passed since the A:TLA ended and I’m still salty they never happened. (Even though that was the original plan smh).

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       5. Faberry

You can say whatever you want but Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray are so gay for each other. Fight me on that.

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        + Bughead

It’s not one of my five because it’s still too recent and I have no clue where it’s going but they’re so cute and I love them so I had to include them.

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i’m watching ToQger and just

this show is fantastic, it’s full of positive messages and happiness. the only toku show i’ve ever seen that’s this positive is kamen rider fourze, which is another one of my favorites for exactly the same reasons. 

the fact that everyone is so happy and protecting people’s imaginations just really, really gets me. it legitimately makes me tear up whenever they save kids from monsters. just look at this.

look at this and tell me that isn’t the most precious goddamn thing you’ve ever seen. the ToQgers could have just ran off and fought the monster in their robot, but they stopped to make this kid’s dream come true.

super hero shows don’t need to be dark or edgy when they can encourage positivity in kids like this. my role models on TV growing up were nowhere near this level of positivity, and that’s why i love watching these shows. 

death note is so good. you guys, i forgot just how goddamn fucking good death note is. what the fuck. honestly it’s just legendary. i know L’s introduction by heart and it stil had me grinning like an idiot as i watched light getting publicly shamed on national television for about the hundredth time. the script is so well done. the voice acting is spot fucking on. i love light yagami so much and i’m still in awe at the sheer amount of development he goes through in the first two episodes. god, what an amazing show. holy shit.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved seeing excited Maggie and supportive Maggie (which I already knew because Maggie is literally the most supportive, amazing woman). But literally that’s all we’ve gotten to see? We’ve seen tiny glimpses of her. Like tiny glimpses. You know what else they all had in common? All involving Kara or Alex’s storyline and not an independent one of her own like someone deserves to have on a show where they’re a Main. Goddamn. Character. I fucking loved the little things we saw in this ep, but good god give me more than her just being a prop to Alex please. Please.