goddamn i dont know

i was looking at the mspa wiki and

this fucking bit. this piece of knowledge gets me every goddamn time i remember it. we dont know how long dave and karkats snapchat streak is but its probably somewhere in the hundreds. for years these boys have been snapchatting each other every single day, without pause. FOR YEARS.

they fucking live with each other

they, presumably, as they both have the same job and spend their free time going on digs with jade and hanging out with mutual friends, spend just about all of their time together

what the fuck are they sending each other. do they snapchat each other while theyre in the same room? while the others in the bathroom? what are they even sending each other? what the fuck kind of content is being shared between these two ridiculous boys?

andrew didnt give me a fuckin davekat kiss but he did give me a canon davekat snapchat streak and im so fucking bothered by it, im so upset, what is going on, why are they like this. they fucking LIVE WITH EACH OTHER. what are they DOING. @ andrew i need answers fucking Please

im so frustrated with how leia was portrayed in the movies. im so frustrated with how leia gets treated in the fandom. blatant misogyny is seen as progressive or empowering, and like, step back for a moment! i know star wars is everyone’s favorite thing, we’ve loved it since we were kids, but even if you love hanleia, even if you love that leia killed jabba, can we admit that han pressuring leia was awful and not romantic? that her repeatedly being ignored when she said she was not interested is not a great quality? that leia being a fucking /sex slave/ is not somehow empowering, that the bikini is a disgusting symbol for how writers felt it was appropriate to treat her? leia was treated pretty awfully in the movies and that’s just the obvious stuff, not even touching on how her perspective is rarely given unless she gets to be “sassy”, when she has many of the same problems and complications that luke has, when she lost her entire planet and was never given time to show her grief? when she found out the man who had tortured her, always opposed her, was present and complicit in the destruction of her planet, was her birth father? leia is a strong character, to be sure, and that’s a good thing, but far too often she’s just pushed to the side, or made into a caricature of whatever is needed for han or luke or anyone to bounce off of rather than her own person. leia organa deserved better and we need to do better and actively be critical of how she was treated.

a cooking lesson for yall

iridescentblossoms  asked:

How did you learn to sew something as intricate as a wedding dress? And if you sew often what's your fave and least fave thing to sew?

Ah cosplay actually. I started off with you’re super simple ‘I CUT THE ARMS OFF THIS SWEATER AND NOW I’M RANMA’ [Ranma ½] and progressed to using patterns for my Renaissance Fair costume. Which consisted of the simple chemise (it’s a sack with holes for your head) and a GODDAMN CORSET although granted, it had no boning because I was like, 12, so there was nothing to push around at that point. (I DID however become the designated corset tightener for the other ladies. Because I was small but STRONG. Anyways, the picture if from about 3 years in when I had to borrow a new corset.)  

After that I moved to modifying patterns slightly to make a Lumpy Space Princess Ballgown, then modify the patterns A LOT to make what I needed for Iva [Karneval] and then a year later, a surprisingly short jump to me drafting a pattern for Homulilly [Madoka Magica], and then doing a full armor Al [Fullmental Alchemist] the year after that. 

This last year was pretty laid back for me with a group cosplay for Wagnaria/Working!!, although I am SUPER proud of the prop parfait I made. 

But so yeah, I kinda, am a perfectionist? Like, legit I take medication for OCD but sewing and crafts lets me channel it pretty well most of the time. Which then brings me to FAV and LEAST FAV.

FAVORITE THING IS EMBROIDERY. I love doing detailed embroiders. I made my grandmother a pillowcase for last Christmas and it took me MONTHS to get it all done, but I LOVED how it turned out. 

LEAST FAVORITE THING IS DRAFTING STUFF FOR OTHER PEOPLES BODIES. Which means yes, this wedding dress is hell for me. Because when its me sewing for me, I can pin stuff to myself and tell how well it fits and where I need to tighten things and can work myself into a frenzy. But when I’m sewing for others, I’m constantly having to break out of my flow to check things against them, since dressmaker dummies are only so accurate (especially when you’re dealing with a WEDDING DRESS).

Uh. Yeah. I know how to do audio, not pictures on tumblr, so I muddled pretty hard on getting these pictures in.

In the continual parade of misinformation regarding why some of us spell magick with a k, “it can only refer to Thelema!!!” is a special kind of wrong and stupid. I mean, Crowley refers to other traditions using that exact same spelling but don’t let not having read his work stop you from spouting bullshit you found on yahoo answers i guess


per•fect    (adj., n. ˈpɜr fɪkt; v. pərˈfɛkt) 

1. Conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type: a perfect gentleman.
2. Being without defect or blemish: a perfect specimen.

Synonyms: Kuroo Tetsurou, flawless, impeccable.


dont fucking remove my captions.
mikey’s kinks/sex includes: 

 bullets/revenge mikey:
-v submissive
-your needs come first
-“holy fuck
-shower sex

 black parade/dd mikey:
-name calling
-pinning you up against the wall
-hair pulling
-constant teasing
-a l l the butt touches
-power complex
-“answer your goddamn phone, i dont care if i’m fucking you. let them know who you belong to.
 -whispered “i love yous” after sex
-he makes sure you always finish first.

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important: why were the first words you said to frank "holy shit"

oh geez okay here we go

SO my best friend callie and i went to see frank and the cellabration like,, last february i think? and she is OBSESSED w him so the whole concert we were sticking more to the back towards the merch table so that when frank started greeting people we’d be the first ones. so fast forward to end of concert, callie and i have a great spot in line to meet him, kinda just waiting for him to show up. one would think, you know, he’d just show up behind his table?? but frank goddamn iero fucking appears out of NOWHERE (i still dont know where he came from) and had to weave through the line to get to the table. so frank is standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME. and the first thing i say?

“H O L Y S H I T” i said, directly to him,, i thought he would just pass by. But the dude turns around, LAUGHS AND WINKS, and then continues to his table.

And thats the story of how i cannot filter my stupid self around celebrities :^)
(if you read this far good for you im terrible at telling stories)

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@siayd: You're not a furry if he has no fur. 😌

link: im not a furry if he doesnt have fur
zelda whipping out several staples sheets of paper: actually according to this research sharks are technically scalies , which fall under the general furry category so youre still a goddamn furry
link: honestly if you died i dont know if id really care very much