goddamn he looks so tall

I'm Not Letting You Go

All around you people were huddled together. The heat only seemed to increase as people pushed and shoved their way through others, trying to get to an exit, or find a loved one, or figure out what the hell was going on. From where I stood, I could see the entire front entrance, the doors were closed of course, but I almost had a birds eye view of the grounds. And even in my little spot,  I could feel the heat from the people below me. This was miserable, and most of all frightening. Why would Jurassic World evacuate all rides and not just evacuate the island? What was the reason for the evacuation? Where the hell is Owen?

“HELP ME!” a scream from below pulled your attention first to the woman who was being attacked, then to the sky, to see the rest of the attackers. As the birds flew over head, reaching down to grab people or just leave scratches, more chaos ensued. I reached into my belt, willing my hands to stay still as I pulled out my gun. I was only permitted to use it in emergencies in the park, but this sure as hell seemed like an emergency. When I fired off my first round I discovered that I wasn’t the only one firing at the bird. I paused for a second to look back down. Below me a formation of men in uniforms had taken their stance as civilians ran past them to the doors. As I looked over the men I noticed one of them wasn’t in their uniform.

“Owen!” I shouted over the gunshots. Fucking hell, how did he end up here? That is him right, because I really need him to be alive. At the call of his name the man looked up in my direction. When his eyes met mine I could see the relief in them, the expression that most likely reflected my own.

“Y/N get down here!” He shouted back before another person fell to the ground under the vicious bird. He turned back to shoot at the creature just as I pulled back my gun and ran out of the small shop I was currently in. I rushed down the stairs and out the main entrance where Owen and the rest of the men were standing to see that the same bird that had been attacking that woman, had moved onto my fucking boyfriend.

“Oh hell no you little bitch,” I muttered as I raised my gun and made sure I had good aim on the bird and not the man under it. It inly took a few rounds for the bird to fall off of him, I couldn’t help but release a little sigh of relief as it did. Thank goodness they didn’t do anything stupid like give this thing indestructible skin or any other super powers it could use against us. I walked to stand at Owen’s side, offering him a hand up. He gently wrapped his own hand around mine, making my skin disappear under his before he stood up beside me. I almost frowned as I had to look up to see the man, he was just so goddamn tall. And very very good looking, but I was trying not to stare at his bulging arms and heaving chest as his arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me against him, one arm moving then after to lightly grasp my chin and tilt my head upward as he leaned down to put his lips against mine. I felt my eyes flutter shut as my hands went to grab onto his upper arms for some stability, his own lips kissing me roughly at an almost bruising force. But hey, from this guy, it was better than some things that have happened in the bedroom.

“You are never getting out of my sight again, got that?” Owen asked as he pulled back from the kiss. I nodded, reaching up to wrap my arms around neck as he hugged me back for a few moments. Of course due to the vicious man eating birds that are a total mood killer, we had to pull away soon, but at this point I didn’t care. I was with Owen again.

“I am not letting you go Owen Grady.”

He really does have a killer smile when he’s not grimacing.