goddamn campers


OTP challenge with @rextexx​  Day 2 : Flowers 

we still do over part separately,so Rex’s fic has no relate with mine.

(I always have this headcanon about pyro plant flowers in the base~)

and please GO under the cut and read Rex’s short helmet party ffic!!!

it’s sooo lovely !I’m assure you it will warm your heart!!!


by @rextexx

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Me during the first half of this season of Glee: “This is BULLSHIT. Klaine can’t ever be happy. I’M SO DONESO WITH THIS DUMB SHOW.”

Me hearing Klaine sing a flirty duet together and knowing they’re gonna get back together pretty much next episode: “I LOVE LIFE! WHAT THE FUCK IS SADNESS?!? GLEE’S THE BEST!”

I’m such Klaine trash……