goddamn badass

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: There's an unused Arceus event in Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver that involes a place called the Sinjoh Ruins and it shows a freaky montage of real-life pictures and Arceus literally creates one of the Creation Trio out of thin air. It literally takes you to the ruins just to show you its true power. It creates a baby legendary Pokémon before your eyes. It literally gives you a baby legendary dragon the size of a school. What the fuck. Why were the gen 4 games so goddamn cryptic but badass at the same time. You get a baby god as a reward for coming. The fuck
You were about to make a medical comment, Jim?

So, I was thinking about what a goddamn badass Leonard McCoy is.

Actually, I was thinking about drug shortages. I am a resident in the United States. The United States of America. First world medicine, folks. And sometimes - all too frequently - I have to revise the treatment plan of a healthy patient undergoing elective surgery because I do not have access to the ideal drug.

In other words, I compromise.

That’s a sickening feeling, friends. 

Which brings me back to Bones.

Bones, Chief Medical Officer on a five year mission in deep space, where no man has gone before. Bones, who cares so goddamn deeply. Bones, desperately filing requisition forms for medications that he has no hope of receiving in the foreseeable future. Bones, elbow deep in a unfortunate ensign that caught the wrong end of a blast in engineering, sweat dripping in his eyes, nagging thoughts of, “is his name Jason or Joseph?” Bones, mad as hell because medical takes another budget cut. Bones praying frantically to a god he doesn’t believe in, “oh, please, not again.” Bones, eyeballing a unknown species and making a quick judgment call, based on a hasty heart rate estimate and an eyeballed weight, the effective loading dose of a - probably - renal toxic drug. Bones, hissing at Spock to shut the hell up, all the while making his own calculations. Bones, who years after the mission has ended, bolts up out of a dead sleep in a panic of adrenaline, because endless nights of call have made gentle awakenings impossible. Bones, staring dumbstruck at Starfleet Medical’s supply rooms. Bones, dedicatedly carting his tiny medkit on his hip, facing an alien world with a tricorder and a few hypos. Bones, hiding in his quarters for days, pouring over all of the federation’s published xenophysiology records, searching for a connection, wondering where it went wrong. Bones replaying the day’s scene in his mind, fear still gripping his chest as Jim sleeps peacefully in the biobed. Bones alone in the field, performing a bilateral finger thoracostomy on a blue-lipped yeoman who reminds him a little too much of Joanna (if somebody does not write this fic, I will). Bones, fresh out of med school, feverently murmuring his oath with conviction and wide-eyed naivety. Bones blaming himself. Bones bitching about the unpredictability of genetically modified antimicrobials. Bones needing a goddamn drink. Bones, contemplating the nuances of therapeutic nihilism. Bones, forcing himself to meet Jim’s eyes as Jim officiates a funeral. Bones, calculating pharmacokinetics in his head. Bones, knowing there was nothing to be done, but dammit, what if? Bones, painstakingly documenting his every discovery, every treatment plan, every failure and every triumph, for the next generation of medical professionals. Bones in his office with his head in his hands. Bones, absolutely giddy and shaking with relief, “Don’t be so melodramatic; you were barely dead.”

Practicing medicine is terrifying. Every day, I am horrified at the thought that I will not be able to provide for my patients. I love my field with every breath in my body, but the responsibility is overwhelming, and sobering.

Disease and danger, indeed.

“By golly, Jim, I’m beginning to think I can cure a rainy day.

Yeah, Leonard McCoy. I think you can.

Let's rewiew episode 3

- They watch Netflix

- Veronica = badass

- correction: badass²

- Jughead. Eating. That. Ice. Cream.


- B & V

- Betty: feminism at it’s best

- this lipstick scene like what the fuck I hate Betty’s mom

- badass Betty, hell yeah

- never missing a good fight between grown ups

- #justice for ethel

- Jugheads awesome narrator’s voice man I love this guy

We got three books about a whole pack of guys trying to destroy one piece of Sauron’s bling. Meanwhile, back in the First Age at the height of Sauron’s power, Lúthien Tinúviel confronted him directly and beat the shit out of him with an awesome hound. And then she went on right to the stronghold of his master, Morgoth, and put that shithead and his whole goddamn army to sleep. Like, if she hadn’t fallen in love with a human and essentially convinced the gatekeeper of death that she should be able to live and die as a mortal, I don’t think anyone would have ever stopped her.

Lúthien was the biggest goddamn badass in Middle-earth.

you know what @ all you “feminists” who decided to be quiet when taylor swift was sued for $3 million by the old man who sexually assaulted her, yall are really missing out on what a goddamn confident badass motherfucker taylor swift is and i don’t wanna see any of yall saying a single fucking thing about her not standing up and kicking ass ever again, she just came for their lives

Astro Reaction To You Having Tattoos But A Sweet Personality

here you go <3 (this is in bullets)


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  • when he first met you he thought you were an angel
  • sweet personality, cute laugh, ummm you’re adorable ok???
  • he always thought you were cuddly teddy bears, kittens and puppies, unicorns, you know…
  • then when you went on the stage with your rock band he would be like
  • W O A H 
  • I  T H I N K  I  F E L L  I N  L O V E
  • so like backstage when you get off the stage he’s in awe at your performance
  • he compliments you incessantly like “omg you were so good” and “sTEP ON ME YOURE PERFECT”
  • and you just laugh cutely and he’s like (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • and then you two go on a date bc you think jinjin is rlly kyoot too
  • and on the first date you decided to show him your tattoos
  • you show him your favorite one which is a rose on your shoulder, a dragon on your neck, some quotes hidden on your body, and basically everything that means a lot to you and is your soul
  • and at first he’s taken aback bc he never thought you to be such an edgy person
  • but now that he knows he feels closer and more in love than ever
  • he’s t o u c h e d you showed them to him and he’s even considering getting a tattoo now too

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guess who got to watch wonder woman in all her 3D glory this afternoon

this girl


This might possibly be my greatest gaming achievement.

For those unfamiliar, Xcom is a difficult, tactical RPG notorious for what feels like unfair missed shots and implausible cirtical hits on your units–and that’s on Normal difficulty. Commander difficulty is the game’s hard mode. And what’s more, the optional Ironman mode locks you into a single playthrough and blocks any attempt at save scumming.

I am a slut for fan of Tactical RPGs, and Xcom has always been a favorite series; The sci-fi counterpart to my other favorite Fire Emblem.

Anyways, I’ve been playing this in short bursts every time I had 15 minutes of free time, since the expansion came out. It’s been a long slow crawl, but holy shit, I did it.

At one point, I thought I had lost it all. Three really hard missions back to back, the worst luck ever and a handful of critical mistakes, in which I kept losing my best units. Such, that at my worst, I was down to only four soldiers, only two of which weren’t rookies. I debated giving up the game then and there. But when I started the playthrough, I had resolved to see the game through the end, win or lose.

Somehow, slowly, I recovered from all that, took the advantage and beat the game. It was an uphill battle the whole way.

And through it all, I had one particular unit, a Templar. She was literally the sole survivor of all three of those missions–I felt compelled to change her codename to “Immortal”. (I wish I could get a picture of her, but being that it was Ironman mode I literally can’t load the file and go back to the soldier list screen to take a picture.)

Needless to say, the whole thing was a freakin adventure. And it’s possible that if you’ve never played Xcom you may not be able to fully appreciate the nature of this post (but thank you for reading anyway).

Goddamn, I feel badass right now.

Too gay to function