goddammit toby

So several people in this post have pointed out that Twisted Fate can’t be Hanzo’s and McCree’s son because Jesse is already TF’s and Graves’s kid.  

In this really weird family au, I’m trying to figure out which is funnier, Graves and TF actually being Jesse’s parents, or Graves being TF’s outlaw boyfriend who Jesse doesn’t approve of.  Like, imagine Jesse just being like “Goddammit, Toby, I thought I raised you better than this!”

And TF is just goes, “Yeah, you raised me to think marrying an ex-yakuza was fine.”


goddammit toby fox

i don’t know if someone’s brought this up already, but apparently there’s a star in the sky called asterion, or beta canum venaticorum. it’s part of a constellation called canes venatici, or the little hunting dog. it’s not an extremely bright star, but in the olden times they counted it as a fixed star, that is, a star that was deemed important enough to account for a part in astrology

being part of a constellation of a hunting dog, the star is appropriately thought of to give whomever is born under it a keen, penetrating mind and a love of hunting, either figuratively or literally. but why would i talk about this in an undertale context? the whole game is about being a pacifist, not hunting or killing

well, the star has another name, actually

very fucking clever