goddammit that started off so well.


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  • knowing yoongi he would spend a good deal of time procrastinating on his own feelings for you because he’s both unsure and worried (though, he won’t admit it) about telling you what he feels but at the same time he’s a very blunt person - just skimming around the subject would ultimately annoy him and so one day he’d just be super straightforward and be like;
  • “I like you as more than just a friend. You don’t have to answer me now, but I hope that you’ll be truthful.”
  • and tbh it’s kinda chic and courageous the way he just tells you and you’re impressed by his brave front (and so is bangtan even though taehyung spends like 5 hours imitating yoongi later and adding in exaggerations and yoongi would fight him but he’s too busy being happy because you said you LIKE HIM TOO)
  • so the first date is really relaxed and laid back it’s just a trip to the movies with a nice dinner after and like yoongi is his usual self and you’re kinda nervous and you’re like holy shit he’s so calm?? and collected 
  • but tbh he got his phone open to the group chat and he’s like ‘listen jin don’t ever use this as blackmail against me because i still have that pic of you in a cheongsam in case you do so help me out whAT THE HELL DO I DO’ 
  • and you don’t see it but yoongi keeps kinda tapping his fingers and shaking his leg because you two are in such close proximity at the movies and you’re just eating popcorn looking cute laughing at all the corny jokes and yoongi even in the dark light of the cinema can see your cute feature illuminated by the movie lights and he just
  • ok he really wants to like kiss you but jin’s text was like ‘act natural and don’t say anything too mean and blunt’ and yoongi’s like in his head like jin is right but also jin is wrong i just wanna tell them i wanna kiss them
  • but he holds back and at dinner you two just talk and you jokingly ask if he wants to do twenty questions on the way back home and yoongi’s like you know what sure
  • and like you ask each other basic stuff like your favorite color/ dream vacation/ what kind of animal do i remind you of kinda thing but then he’s like 
  • “what do you feel right now? like in this moment?”
  • and it’s so straightforward but you like gulp down the lump in your throat and you’re like “well,,,,i feel like the luckiest person on the planet.” and he kind of gets taken back and like his eyes drop to the floor cutely and he’s like “why?” and you giggle into your palm and you’re like “it’s embarrassing,,,” but yoongi slowly lifts his eyes to meet yours and he smiles and it’s probably the most gentle one you’ve ever seen on him and he’s like “i promise i won’t laugh” and you’re like “i,,,,feel lucky because im with you and…….i….know i want to be even closer to you …know….if that’s ok….”
  • and yoongi kinda doesnt answer for a moment and you get a bit scared but it’s honestly because he’s biting his tongue with happiness and he’s just at a loss for words until he’s like 
  • “i want you to know that i feel the same way.”
  • and it’s cute afterwords your dates don’t really get fancy even though jin is always like for godsake yoongi take them to like a play or at least a more expensive restaurant but you never mind just meeting up with him to go like to the grocery store since the dorms running low on food or eating street food with him on a busy saturday night like it’s the small moments with him that count for you
  • and once you two kinda become official you like spend a lot of time with yoongi in the studio because he’s breaking his back over lyrical writing and guaranteeing armys a fantastic album and like
  • you love watching him so focused and determined even though every now and then you have to be like “yoongi here is some water and some snacks no you can’t eat them later eat them now because i know you will forget”
  • tbh you and jin bond over feeding yoongi it’s cute jin’s like thank you for keeping my son nourished and you’re like ??? ok ofc
  • but taehyung and jimin always peeking through the cracked door to see if you and yoongi are doing anything ahem “adult” and yoongi threatening to throw his notebook at them or something because god they’re like kids
  • but also like when he’s got a little time to spare he goes over and you cuddle into his shoulder and he’s just like “i wish i could nap” and you’re like “i wish you could nap too so i could nap with you” and he’s like “our next date should be a nap.”
  • and it’s in this like innocent small moment that he leans over and pecks your lips ever so gently and you’re like ,,,oh and yoongi just kinda lazily smiles and closes his eyes and the next thing you know he’s knocked out on your lap but you’re like touching your lips like ,,,, goddammit min yoongi you cutie pie 
  • and skinship like yoongi starts off reserved but after this like after he falls asleep in your lap and wakes up to see that you’re calmly sleeping as well with your fingers entwined with his he gains the confidence to be more affectionate
  • and like a big cat he gets very cuddly when he’s tired just head rubbing against your shoulder and murmuring against your neck that you’re warm and like pulling you closer by the waist
  • but most of the other times just holding hands is enough honestly yoongi will never say it but just brushing his fingertips over your skin makes him so comforted because like you’re so warm and you’re all his like ,,,, wow
  • jimin: i think you should kiss them more often yoongi: i think cHiLDREN shouldn’t know about these things 
  • kissing is kinda limited to soft little pecks and yoongi isn’t the biggest fan of making out, he’s much more prone to kissing other places of your body especially your hands
  • he’d just love pressing his mouth to the back of your palm while working just like a habit of his
  • but when he does want to get a little more……intimate….his kisses can be very slow and calculating and every step is dragged out until you can’t take it anymore and take control by just grabbing his face and honestly like
  • yoongi likes this go-forward, dominate side you can have
  • but like it’s just for him to know about it has to be hush hush around the members even though when he comes in with a scarf wrapped around his neck taehyung is just like OOOO SOMEONE GOT SOME LAST NIGH-
  • and yoongi like thumps him on the head like shut it boy
  • also yoongi lives for massages like sometimes he’ll just plop down in front of you and be like “my muscles are dying please revive them” and you’re like omf are you ok and yoongi with his eyes closed is just like a muffled “no”
  • when they’re preparing for a comeback or tour yoongi can get extra moody and hard to read and there are days when he just wants to be alone and like you know not to bother him but the truth is even in those stressful situations like he wants to feel you cuddled in his arms 
  • like he needs your touch to calm himself down and like when he’s too tired to call you over like 
  • namjoon will be like: taehyung get yoongi’s phone and call you know who because yoongi looks like he might kill all of us 
  • when you come over in a rush, probably in some sweatpants yoongi just sees you and he opens his arms and you’re like “is it tough? the dancing?” and he just nods and like curls you closer to him and you pet his hair and just kiss his forehead
  • the rest of bangtan like quietly slips away but like afterwords tae, jungkook, and jimin aren’t gonna let you two live until jin pulls them away by the ear
  • and when you’re there for long hours like watching over him while he practices and you’re like dozing off trying to stay awake yoongi catches himself just looking at you because your sleepy, dreamy gaze is just so adorable 
  • jungkook in the back: hyung you’re drooling 
  • you honestly probably get texts complaining from the maknae line about how naggy your boyfriend is they’re always like “control him, he keeps getting grumpy about everything” and you call yoongi and like literally while you’re on the phone he’s like “taehyung i swear to god if you drink all the milk before i can have any im going to-” and you’re like “honey, let it go he’s a child” and yoongi is grumbling like “child or not, he can be such a headache” and you’re just giggling like don’t be mean ill buy you some milk after work and some snacks ok and yoongi is like this is why i love you
  • yoongi actually never wants to show you how good he is at basketball and you never know why and it turns out that he’s just kinda shy about his skills infront of you like he’s worried he’ll mess up and look dumb but one day jimin invites you over to watch a match and like
  • yoongi is so good he looks so happy and like he’s having fun 
  • and at the end you run over and you like lean up to kiss him and be like “you’re so amazing!!!” and the compliment makes him falter a little and hide his face behind his bangs but you’re like leaning over to wipe the sweat from his face and you two are having your cute moment on the court while jin is probably like namjoon get your camera out take a picture of this sweet moment omg look at yoongi’s smile this is like a mOViE
  • whenever yoongi is away overseas or something you make it a point to listen to his compositions, even the ones that haven’t been released because they remind him of you
  • and yoongi, when he has no motivation or inspiration and needs to compose, he just automatically starts thinking about you and everything about you that makes him love you and that just makes him want to write
  • honestly he has a notebook full of ideas that he’s gotten just because you inspire him you’re his lyrical muse it’s kinda cheesy but like ,,, it’s true he loves you so much
  • one time when yoongi was away on tour you got an email from jin and it was titled ‘photos of yoongi sleeping in weird positions’ and it made you almost fall out of your chair laughing 
  • yoongi likes seeing you wear his beanies,,,,he’s like you look cute and you’re like cuter than you and he’s like in your dreams lmfao
  • sometimes you’re like yoongi it’s been three days you need to go out in the sunlight and he’s like akhfgldens nooooo and you’re like yoongi if you go outside i will kiss you and he’s like ,,,, you already kiss me enough and you’re like Min YOONgi and he’s like uuuuuughhhh will you kiss me five times? and you’re like hmmm four and he’s like uuuughhhh but rolls off the couch and is like fine let’s go the things i do for your LOVE
  • he’d have a habit of like filming you,,,,like when you least expect it like you’d just be reading over something, tucking your hair behind your ear and when you look up yoongi’s there with his phone and you’re like !!!! omg yoongi and try to cover your face but he’s just chuckling like no no you’re cute
  • “my ideal date is us going to ikea, buying some really good blankets and pillows, going back home, and sleeping” 
  • i don’t think he’d be the biggest lover of like petnames or anything like that but i think he’d occasionally just hold you against him and be like “mine?” and you’d be like “yours.” and he’d press your foreheads together it’d be so great ,,, 
  • you and yoongi making sarcastic comments about tv shows as you’re laying on the carpet eating pizza out the box would probably be a regular thing for you two
  • also yoongi using your tummy as a pillow
  • and like yes being with him is cute and like not high maintenance at all but yoongi is a complex person with a beautiful and creative mind that sometimes drives him to want to be better than he already is but like ,,, there’s a limit and yoongi sometimes ends up blaming himself for mistakes that are ultimately out of his hand
  • and you’re like always stern about this you always let him now when too much is too much like being in the studio for over 48 hours straight or beating himself up over something he did at a fan sign or on a show that people were criticising him for
  • even though he’s stubborn and will argue with you about how no he’s wrong, like you don’t give up and in the end yoongi probably just hangs his head and you have to like hold his face in your hands and be like yoongi you can’t please everyone but im proud of you, bangtan is proud of you, please give yourself some credit
  • and yoongi doesn’t cry easily but he’ll just lean into you for support because hearing that validation from you makes him feel loved and sometimes that’s what he needs because otherwise he’d wear himself out to the bone trying to fix mistakes that can’t be
  • and out of everyone namjoon really thanks you for that and sometimes you and namjoon just go out so you can talk about yoongi and you thank him for taking care of him when you’re not around and namjoon is just like “im happy he finally found someone he never wants to be apart from. he used to be so lonely, but now he’s found you and you’re really his everything.”
  • and it’s true like yoongi hates noise and hates having too much company but like you are never a burden on him you are literally his shining light and like 
  • one day as you’re laying next to him, skin on skin, wish like the moonlight in the window he’s just like “seriously, i really don’t want anyone else but you.”
  • and you know it makes your heart melt and your knees go weak and you’re like min yoongi you have permission to wREck me but also like 
  • permission to have my heart forever 
  • like its so cute just you sitting with your legs over yoongi’s feeding him like cookies and he has those round glasses he likes to wear on and he got you a pair so you could match and you’re just comfy
  • like you’re his home and he’s your home and like 
  • watch his perfect face as he works and every now and then he leans in to let you kiss under his jaw and like 
  • it’s nice and relaxing
  • yoongi has the cutest bedhead in the world like you love when it’s all messy and you’re like don’t comb it i love it and he’s like ok and leans over to mess up your hair with his hands and you’re like yooNGI and he’s like look it’s cute on you two
  • you and yoongi the kinda couple to stand in the bathroom together and brush each other’s teeth or well like you’re brushing his teeth cuz he’s still very sleepy 

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Can you do a tiny Patten where he trips and the others are making him feel better?

Here’s some fluff to hopefully make it up to everyone! I know it’s been rough, but what better way to fix it than with cute Tiny Sides? And this prompt? A++ my friend. Also, AAYYYYY Analogical for kicks!

In theory, Tiny Patton knew that the ban on sugar, or more specifically, on him eating sugar, was a thing. There had been the Pixie Stix Incident, which Roman had sworn everyone to never speak of again, and then there was the time with the brownies and Momma Lo Lo’s prized Notebook…suffice to say that when Tiny Patton and sugar came together, it did not end well for anyone.

So, when he found Virgil’s candy stash, he was both very excited and a little nervous. Because on the one hand, CANDY! But on the other hand, he was definitely going to get into trouble. He really didn’t like upsetting Momma Lo Lo, but…Starburst would make it worth it.

He happily sat down and started unwrapping his newfound treasures, carefully picking out the pink ones first, then all the orange, then the red, leaving the yellow for last. A small mound of wrappers was piling up next to him, and he was just debating whether to dispose of the evidence or eat more candy when Roman walked into the room. Oh no.

“Sweet Cole Sprouse! Is that…candy you’re eating, Patton?!” 

“Nooooo…?” Patton smiled innocently, then bolted to his feet and ran as fast as his tiny legs could carry him. Which, apparently, was surprisingly fast. Roman dove for him but missed, and Tiny Patton was off and running down the hallway.

Virgil had just woken up and opened his door when a small blur of kakhi and blue whizzed past, followed by a shouted “CATCH HIM VIRGIL!” from Princey. Well. That was ONE way to wake up.

“On it!” Virgil darted after the child, who was way faster than usual. Jesus, did Roman dose the kid with speed?! He was just closing in when Logan swung out of his room. Oh shit!

First Patton crashed into Logan’s legs, then Virgil crashed into both of them. They all went down in a pile on the floor, with Logan as the unfortunate base of the pile. There was a soft “oof” and then everything was still.

“What in the name of sanity were you two doing?!” Logan huffed, his glasses slightly askew. Virgil could feel his cheeks flushing, he was too close, too close, TOO CLOSE, and he quickly climbed off, backing up to an acceptable distance.

“Patton was running through the halls like a maniac. I was trying to stop him. You okay, buddy?”

Patton blinked a few times, then his face slowly crumpled and he began to sob, reaching his hands out to both of them.

“I gotta owie!!! Momma, ‘Irgil!!! Owwwiiiieeee!” They both crowded close, their heads nearly touching as they examined the child. He sniffled and rolled up his pant leg to reveal a small scrape. Virgil quickly ran his hands over him, just to make sure there were no other injuries. 

“Now, Patton, you know better than to run like that. That’s how injuries like this occur. Come one, let’s get you cleaned up.” Logan tried to pick him up, but Patton reached out an arm and clung to Virgil’s hoodie.

“Want ‘Irgil too!” Okay, well, now his face was definitely on fire because he could not step out of Logan’s personal space. He glanced at the logical side and found a charming blush riding high on his cheekbones, too. Well, good. At least he wasn’t the only one feeling embarrassed.

“Okay, I’ll come along, too.”

They both worked in tandem, cleaning Patton’s scrape and putting the band-aid on. Logan’s cheeks turned a very interesting shade of red when Patton insisted he kiss it to make it better, but Logan dutifully obeyed. Goddammit, WHY was Logan so freaking CUTE?! 

They both took the hyper child back out to the commons, starting a game of tag to keep him occupied and help him burn off the sugar. Once he’d finally wound down, he insisted they both put him to bed. 

After the correct jammies were put on, and the right bedtime story told, Patton was snuggled down in his bed between the two of them. Pupples, his favorite stuffie, was in his arms. He was drifting off, listening to Logan’s voice reading the story while Virgil’s hand carded through his hair. 

Once Patton was asleep, they both crept as gently as possible out of the room. In the hallway, Virgil rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

“So uhh…sorry. About all of that. I should have locked up the stash in a better spot.”

“It’s fine, Virgil. You couldn’t possibly have accounted for Patton’s determination to get into places he shouldn’t be.” Logan offered one of his small smiles, and Virgil knew he was staring and he really needed to stop, but then Logan stepped a little closer and suddenly it was hard to breathe.

“I….had an enjoyable time this evening. With you. I would not be adverse to spending more time with you…if you would like?” There was something in Logan’s voice, in his eyes, that was definitely ringing all of Virgil’s “more than friends” alarm bells, but…

“You…want to spend time…with me?” Another step closer, oh god, there’s no way Logan missed the hitch in his breath or the nervous gulp he just involuntarily made and was it warm in here??? It feels warm in here!

“Most definitely.” Their faces were so close now, he could actually FEEL Logan’s breath on his lips. All he’d have to do was lean in just a little closer and…

Suddenly, Logan was backing away. No, don’t do that, come back! Virgil almost whimpered, leaning forward involuntarily to chase the other side, which made the slightly infuriating smirk on his face that much wider.

“Unless you don’t want to, of course. It’s entirely up to you.” With that, Logan turned on his heel and started walking to his room. Virgil blinked once. Twice. Looked down the hall and saw the door to Logan’s room standing open.

Yup, this was happening. And if this is what happens every time Patton gets sugared up, he’s never hiding his candy stash again. 

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i feel like today was a ; "too rough & i need some fluff"day. So could you maybe do a prompt?? The one where Stiles is colour blind and can't see Derek's Red Alpha eyes. But Derek doesn't know that so that causes sooo many misunderstandings. - just felt like i needed this today

I wrote this as fast as I could for you, nonnie (so I hope it doesn’t entirely suck). But I hope you are still up and awake to read it and that it makes you feel a little better anyway <3 *all the Sterek snuggles* 

“What do you mean I just asked him to marry me?” Stiles hisses, turning away from the seriously pissed looking werewolf.

“Dude, he flashed his eyes at you and you still approached him,” Scott says, eyes wide. “What did you think was going to happen during a pack recruitment ceremony?”

“I thought the point was to make friends!” Stiles yells, unable to help looking back at- Darren? Danny? Because in any other circumstances Stiles would be trying to convince- Darryl?- that letting Stiles climb him like a tree would be the best decision they would both ever make. Ever. “Wait, what do you mean he flashed his eyes? That doesn’t mean anything!”

“It does if he’s an Alpha.”


“But Alphas have red eyes…”


“But D- uh?”

“Derek,” says the- wow, Stiles really didn’t think it was possible for someone to look that pissed and blush at the same time. It’s kind of adorable, really.

Which. You know. Not helping.

“Right, Derek. Uh, thanks,” he says awkwardly, turning back to Scott. “Derek’s eyes aren’t red!”

“I’m right here you know.”

“Dude,” Scott says again, face serious as he takes hold of Stiles’ arm, turning him completely away from his apparent groom-to-be. Which is probably for the best because even though Stiles is aware he is freaking the fuck out right now, he can’t help but think Derek is kind of perfect. In a Carly Rae Jepsen crazy sort of way, maybe, but still perfect. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they-

“Look at me and tell me what colour my eyes are,” Scott says.

“What difference is that going to-” Scott’s eyes glow bright, cutting him off, and Stiles gulps.

Oh no.

“They’re a weird…beige colour?”

Scott sighs. “I knew taking that book from Deaton was a bad idea.”

Stiles frowns, realisation dawning on him a second later. Shit. The colour spell from this morning. “It was supposed to enhance my vision, not change it!” he cries. He had taken precautions, goddammit. Sure, it hadn’t been the easiest spell to start with and the book did kind of did state not to perform it alone, but Stiles had been so sure.

Well, fuck.

“Wait, does this mean you really didn’t mean to propose to me?” Derek asks then, his voice suddenly small, nervous.

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Imagine when Negan arrives at Alexandria, you are right beside Rick and Negan notices a resemblance between you and Daryl. Putting you side by side he realizes that you are brother and sister.

NSFW: Swearing

Hearing that your older brother had been taken by a man who had just finished beating two of your friends to death had been heartbreaking. You almost felt like you couldn’t breathe. Rick tried to comfort you but he was feeling so guilty, he was careful around you.

“What are we gonna do?” you blubbered, tears streaming down your cheeks, “Already lost one brother I can’t lose another! He’s all I’ve got!”

“Y/N we’ll get him back,” Rick said, stroking your hair, “Negan’s not gonna kill him.”

“Oh well shit that makes me feel better!” you shouted, “He’s not gonna kill my brother but god only knows what he is gonna do to my brother!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Rick said, “I screwed it up I know. But I’m gonna make it right again. I promise you that, Y/N.”

“How?!” you screamed, “We’re outnumbered, he’s made it clear that he’s willing to cross every line to get what he wants. He killed our friends in cold blood and took my brother. How the fuck can we make this right?! We are completely powerless!”

Rick hung his head, “I know. But we’ll make our way back to the top eventually.”

“Eventually?” you said, “Eventually isn’t good enough, Rick. I need my brother back here safe and sound. I can’t rest easy until I know he’s okay.”

“Well it just can’t be like that right now!” Rick exclaimed, “I’m not in charge anymore, Y/N!”

“Believe me, you’ve made that perfectly clear,” you hissed, “Just leave me alone, Rick. I don’t wanna be comforted I just wanna be angry for a while alright?!”

“Sure,” Rick muttered. As he turned to leave, he opened his mouth but closed it before saying another word and he hurried out of the room, leaving you to sob uncontrollably until your body ached.

Despite Rick’s attempt at reassuring you, you spent the next three days crying and praying for Daryl’s safety even though you weren’t one to pray. It was out of desperation.

On the third day, you finally rejoined the group, cleaning up and stepping out of the house. Rick offered you a smile and patted your back, “Good to have you back, Y/N. But sounds like trouble at the gates.”

“What do you mean trouble?” you said.

“Maybe you should get back into the house,” Rick said, “I’ll take care of it.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” you snapped, “Is Negan here? If he’s here I wanna see him!”

“Y/N I’m not sure that’s a good idea,” Rick said, “We don’t wanna piss him off. Right?”

You took a deep breath, closing your eyes and silently counting to ten. You were furious and wanted your brother back more than anything else in the world but Rick was right. As much as you hated to admit that given your current feelings on the situation, he was right. If you all wanted to avoid another brutal murder, you had to maintain your composure and play nice with Negan.

“Alright,” you spoke in a whisper, “I won’t say anything. Just let me see the guy. Can I do that?”

“Fine, you can come with me,” Rick said. Before you could follow him, he pointed his finger at you, “But not a word, okay? Because you tend to come off…aggressive. Comes with being a Dixon I suppose.”

“Cute,” you grumbled. You shoved past Rick impatiently to get to the gate but Rick immediately pulled you back, keeping you as hidden behind him as he could while opening up the gate for Negan. Rick was the first to see Daryl standing there with Negan’s men, covered in sweat, dirt, and his own blood along with a fresh black eye along with grimy sweats and old sneakers.

“Shit,” Rick whispered, squeezing your arm, “Y/N, you should really go.”

“I’m not going,” you shot back, trying to get a peek at Negan and his men over Rick’s shoulder, “What is it you don’t want me to see?”

“Nothing, just go,” Rick said. As Negan walked through the gates, his men following behind, you gasped at the sight of your brother looking broken and defeated.

“Daryl,” you squeaked, covering your mouth to keep more squeals and whimpers from escaping your lips. Negan leaned over to see where the noises were coming from and he smirked.

“What a cute little thing,” Negan said with a chuckle, “You look damn familiar though.”

“Gee, I wonder why,” you retorted.

“Y/N!” Rick snarled, lightly smacking you on the arm, “What did I say?”

“No, no, Rick,” Negan said, “No need. What’s your name?”


Negan looked back at Daryl, his finger trailing back and forth between the two of you. He burst out laughing for a long time while his men ventured deeper into Alexandria to start taking everything they could get their hands on.

“Holy shit!” Negan exclaimed, “You two are related aren’t you?! Come on, don’t you lie to me now.”

“Yeah, we’re related,” you said, crossing your arms, “Daryl’s my older brother.”

“Well shit!” Negan laughed, throwing his head back, “The resemblance is uncanny! Ain’t this a real kick in the crotch? Unfortunately, your brother is the help so you don’t talk to him and neither you nor Rick will have to cut anything off him.”

“You fucking-”

“Y/N goddammit!” Rick yanked you back to interrupt you, “That’s enough!”

“No!” you screamed.

“Hey, instead of rantin’ and ravin’ you could join your brother,” Negan said. You were no fool. You knew that if you went with Negan and Daryl today, he would offer the same treatment he was giving Daryl right now.

“No, we don’t want that,” Rick said, grabbing your shoulders, “Right, Y/N? Right?”

You stared at your brother, tears welling up in your eyes as Daryl shook his head slightly enough so that Negan’s men wouldn’t notice but just enough that you knew what he was trying to say. But you didn’t care. Daryl was alone and he wasn’t safe.

“Yeah,” you said, pushing yourself away from Rick and stepping forward, your shoulders back and your chin up, “I’ll go with you. Fuck it, what else have I got to lose?”

Negan snickered as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, passing his bat to Rick while he led you away, “Everything, Y/N. Everything.”

After all the houses were torn apart and Negan’s men finished taking all of your guns, it was time for you to leave with him. Daryl wanted desperately to stop you from making this decision but he couldn’t say a damn word. And Rick was so stunned he couldn’t even speak to you. It wasn’t until Negan was about to leave when Rick stepped in front of him.

“I was hoping you’d let Daryl stay,” he said, “And that Y/N wouldn’t have to go with you.”

“Not a chance,” Negan replied, “Y/N made her choice, didn’t she? Loyal to her family it looks like. I ain’t gonna stop her from doing that. Unless Daryl wants to plead their case.”

You weren’t sure if this was breaking any rules but you grabbed Daryl’s hand as he looked down at the ground. It was clear to everyone where Daryl wanted to be but it was also clear that he would never beg. It wouldn’t have made a difference anyway. Would Negan have even agreed to give up Daryl? Or was it just some test that Daryl could easily fail?

“Well, that settles it then, don’t it?” Negan said, “Let’s get outta here!”

Daryl led you over to one of the trucks and helped lift you up into the back after he’d climbed in. Negan came towards the back of the truck and he paused. Staring at the two of you, he placed his hands on his hips and started laughing again.

“What’s so funny?” you snapped. Daryl jabbed your ribs with his knuckles but that wouldn’t stop you. You wouldn’t go out without a fight. Daryl should’ve known that by now.

“It’s just…resemblance is damn uncanny,” Negan said, “How much is loyalty worth to you, Y/N? Because I just don’t think you understand what the fuck you’ve signed up for.”

“I don’t care,” you said, “I’m not leaving my brother.”

Negan shrugged, “Suit yourself, darlin’.”

The trucks started up and drove away from Alexandria. Daryl was quiet, staring at Rick as he got smaller and smaller until he disappeared from view completely. Once they’d been driving for a while, Daryl broke the silence.

“You should’ve stayed,” Daryl remarked.

“I couldn’t stay there knowing you weren’t,” you said, “I’ll go back when you can come with me.”

“It was stupid what you did,” Daryl said, “Negan finds your smartass comments funny now but they ain’t gonna be funny pretty soon. I don’t want him killin’ you because you’re stubborn.”

“I can’t help it,” you said. You rested your head on his shoulder, “You’re all I’ve got, Daryl.”

“I know,” Daryl sighed.

Daryl patted your head and something about that innocent, lighthearted gesture made you feel a little better. You found yourself smiling a little, “Everything will be okay, big brother.”

Big brother Daryl sounds adorable actually hahaha! Hope you like this and feel free to leave more requests!!

candyred-davekat  asked:

You thought it was Sleepy, but IT WAS ME, DIO!!! (4, 8, and 39 whenever you're able to! ^^)


4. First impression of each other? Was it love at first sight?

Need I remind you of penis ouija. Of KK and Dave’s first conversation period. Naw, these two were straight up fucking assholes to each other, and honestly I was first worried I wouldn’t wind up liking them at all when I got to John and Dave: Respond to Memo. As background, I was a bad™ fan coming in because I’d started reading Davekat fanfiction prior to actually getting through the comic. My friend and the goddamn fiend responsible for my current HS addiction was showing me all this cute stuff and I was just ‘huh! this is sweet,’ but because it was such a fucking long comic, I perused AO3 pieces to get a better idea before committing to anything. And the meteor fics I found were really nice, and before long I’d read like…god, at least five to ten, and it was just ‘what am I even doing I might as well read the damn thing at this point.’ 

And I did–and getting to their first interaction was a bit of a slap in the face with how goddamn hostile they were. I genuinely wasn’t sure if I’d end up enjoying the ship nearly as much as I thought I would because it was so unexpected from how fics had set stuff up, y’know? But I know my friend had good taste so I kept up hope and once they started befriending each other post-penis ouija, my heart was stolen. 

Basically, their first impressions of each other was just ‘wow what a fucking tool.’ Which, honestly, they were. Two thirteen year old boys with no idea how to handle their emotions were bound for a rocky beginning relationship, especially as they were rather blatantly crafted as foils. Karkat, wearing his heart on his sleeve with the anger management issues of a wet cat, and Dave, emotionally stunted and incapable of freely expressing himself without the safety of his ‘ironic’ cool-kid cover–it sure as hell wasn’t gonna be love at first sight because they’re clever enough to recognize the other’s 100% full of shit. But being able to see through one another’s facade was pivotal in becoming closer, at least from my perspective. There’s no way to hide and it forces you to come to terms with your own flaws, shortcomings, and problems.

Honestly, that’s part of why I enjoy their relationship so much–just how fucking unexpected it is. You think they’ll be with either Terezi or Jade, but it shows that first loves don’t always–don’t usually–pan out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find just as much if not more love in another person, even if it’s someone you least suspect. Kinda why I dislike ‘soulmate’ AUs cuz this factor is part of what makes Davekat so much damn fun. 

In short:

8. What do they like best about their partner?

Hoo boy, well there’s quite a many things. But ultimately, I think it comes down to the most fundamental levels of why they work so well together. For Dave, Karkat’s heart sleeve is reassuring as fuck. With KK, he never has to guess what he’s thinking, because Karkat is going to let you know what’s going through his mind, regardless of whether you wanna know or not. It can be infuriating at times, sure, but there’s never a guessing game, no speculation, no manipulation whatsoever. What you see with Karkat is what you get. He’s the antithesis to Bro, who Dave never understood because of his robotic nature and emotionless ‘irony’ shtick. Karkat overflows with emotions and Dave finds comfort in the fact that yes, this person is letting him know absolutely EVERYTHING he feels–with incredible passion and zeal–and there’s never a question that he loves or cares about Dave. 

For Karkat, Dave helps ground him and keeps him from overthinking himself into depression and anxiety. Dave’s got a good grasp on what’s legit and what’s shit, and can always be there to go ‘yo Karkat stop overthinking about XYZ we like you you’re okay.’ More than that, Dave gives KK the attention he craves–they give each other that, honestly. They crave affection and attention (they liked Terezi not just because she was one awesome chick, but cause she gave them so much attention) and having each other helps spread the love they desperately require. Affectionate lil shits like being reminded they have people that love and care about them, and damn if they don’t love that about each other.

39. Who initiated the relationship? Who kissed who first? When did they realize they were in love?

HOO boy… I go back and forth, but I think Dave would be the one to make the first move. KK would likely tell pretty fast that Dave had a crush on him, and his own emotions were vacillating like fuck as well, but would worry about fucking shit up so he’d play the waiting game. It’d be frustrating for KK on that front because it’d be so obvious, and Dave’s struggle with internalized homophobia would only exacerbate that frustration because ‘holy shit why do humans give such a shit about gender????,’ but he’d roll with it outta fear that his shit would poison their relationship. Cuz from post-retcon KK’s perspective, Terezi stopped paying as much mind to him for no reason he could discern other than ‘okay I fucked shit up goddammit,’ so he’s hesitant about everything.

Dave eventually strikes the courage and confidence to admit to KK that he likes him–and their first kiss doesn’t end so well because they’re both jumpy inexperienced fuckers. They end up smashing each other’s faces with the velocity of fifteen nervous-wreck hummingbirds, and Dave’s just ‘oh shit your nose is bleeding’ and Karkat’s torn between pain, annoyance, and hilarity, and finally gives into laughing his goddamn ass off because ‘wow we fucking SUCK at this holy SHIT.’ Both kids start laughing their heineys off until they’re rolling on the floor, and Dave gives him a much nicer/softer kiss when they’re laughing in each other’s arms. KK, the romantic lil shit, is touched, but is also just ‘okay yeah this is really nice and all but my nose is still bleeding let me up you ostentatious behemoth.’ They go and get him cleaned up in the bathroom and Dave finishes it off with a lil peck on the nose and goddamn KK’s heart swells like a balloon. 

Love is harder to determine as a ‘when’ because it was over a long period of time. It was one of those slow realizations, like ‘I really love being with this person and I could spend the rest of my life with them.’ Karkat prolly figures it out sooner, but Dave’s not too far behind.

anonymous asked:

first off: god you're so cool. you're so goddamn cool. i am in awe. i'm inspired by you to start an otome skeleton. ty. you're so cool goddammit. i hope your toddler's birthday went well and that moving doesn't have any problemos. i don't know how to tumblr but i just. love. looking at your blog. jfc it's so cool. i love seeing tidbits about your world that you've created and it's so goddamn great.

- LOL. Thank you so much! To inspire someone else to create something is the greatest compliment I can imagine!

Anonymous said to queenscrownvn:

this is the previous gushy person whoop whoop - okay; so who’d be most compatible with an MC who’s good at being a Queen, negotiations are a breeze and the best at keeping a poker face - but is prone to go through phases of whimsy - like touring all about the land and say it’s for inspections when it’s really because she wants to find out if the osiria rose is actually real or just a diagram in a book 

Anonymous said to queenscrownvn:

still gushy person (IM SORRY I CAN’T BE SUCCINCT) she’s fully aware that it’s dumb and kind of on a whim but has turned this flower expedition into an actual thing that seems relevant (y'know, the whole reconstruction of infrastructure shiding thang) and is immensely self aware and doesn’t take herself too seriously at all.

Hm… Combining the last two things you said, I think the guy who would be most compatible with this MC is probably Emry, though I could see her getting along really well with just about any of them. Emry really needs someone who can handle themselves - so that he doesn’t have to worry about them constantly - but who can also tell him to loosen up every once in a while. He would find her fits of whimsy very endearing and going along with them would force him to stop fretting long enough to enjoy them.

Teiran would probably be the second most compatible, as he’s very much in favor of spontaneity and enjoying the little things in life. Noah is as well, but I think between the two, Teiran would be probably laugh and think it was totally fine for MC to set aside her duties for a few days in order to tour across the land for some obscure flower… Noah would shrug, but MC’s appearance of negligence would bother him a little bit more. From his perspective, there’s having fun, and then there’s being irresponsible. For all of his own free-wheeling ways, he takes his own responsibilities pretty seriously.

Desmond would probably be the weakest match, but even he wouldn’t be bad, honestly. He would like this type of MC very much. The fact that she seems to be more of the whimsical, adventurous type - and he might thus end up seeing less of her than he’d want to - is really the only issue that would complicate their relationship. His duties keep him at the castle most of the time, so he wouldn’t be able to travel with her very often. Even aside from that, he’s something of a homebody, so the pleasure of MC’s company is really the only thing that would compel him to leave with her in the first place. He’d go with her whenever he could though, if it made her happy. :)

odiliaswan  asked:

What would it be like if s/o panicks to find her reading glasses missing and went crazy looking for these glasses only to find them stolen by Hanzo/Mccree/Reaper and wears them without telling them ?? Thanks~

Admin Ling swoops in and steals an ask like the hoe she is. (Also idk if I’m getting this prompt right?? if not just resend it and Queen will do it instead)


  • It was completely on accident he swears. He hadn’t meant to grab your glasses, but they always look so damn cute on you and he couldn’t resist
  • Yeeeaaaah, they didn’t look that good on him. Best put them back.
  • Except you were already tearing through the living space, shouting at inanimate objects and beseeching no less than six deities for help (including Dr. Ziegler and Captain Morrison but that was Not To Be Mentioned)
  • Was it wrong to think your fury was cute? Probably. Did that stop him? Not at all.
  • He feels bad about it honestly - you’re in such a panic that maybe if he pretends to help search and just slips it between the couch cushions or something, you’ll believe him and not - oh, say, eviscerate him with your glare?
  • He very good-naturedly helps you search and that’s honestly the thing that clues you in. That and the fact his half-open shirt reveals where he’d stuck your glasses into hide.
  • Sticking your hand down his shirt and taking charge is normally sexy as hell. The scolding he got afterwards? Wellll, not as much.
  • (BONUS) But boy oh boy did he make it up to you that night. Turns out, in the right situations, glasses look good on just about anybody.


  • Let’s be real, this guy totally stole them on purpose
  • He’s just always so curious about you - wanting to know every single reaction you have and every face you could possibly make - that resisting the opportunity was completely out of the question
  • He waits for a bit, watching your calm-at-first search escalate into throwing-the-couch-cushions-around-in-panic before he ever so calmly puts the glasses on and waits for you to notice
  • You don’t
  • He waits a little more, strutting around the room to get you to notice, but goddammit McCree your glasses are missing this is important those had Gucci rims you insufferable cowboy
  • He doesn’t know what Gucci is but you’re on the verge of tears so the gig’s up
  • He confesses and starts panicking when you cry from relief and hugs you to stop it, apologizing over and over
  • (BONUS) Those tears were so fake but they did con an hour long cuddle session so all’s well that ends well.


  • First off, he only borrowed them for reading some reports. Not at all for trying them on the mirror, nope. (Okay, maybe a little of that.)
  • When you first start searching for them, he actually doesn’t remember he’s wearing them and goes out to ask what the hell all the noise is about.
  • You pause your panicked search, turning to ask your beau for help, and then your jaw drops at the sight because oh my god Gabriel in glasses is so fucking cute
  • Cardiac arrest imminent - may the world remember you fondly
  • Reaper is very confused. There’s obviously something wrong, but you’re just staring at him in amazement. What, was there something on his face- oh. Oh.
  • Cue frantic explanations that he was only borrowing them real quick for some reports and - why are you laughing- he’s being serious right now- 
  • He gives up trying to explain and enjoys the sound of your laughter instead
  • (BONUS) You take them from his face with a smile and a cute peck on the nose and he blushes like the secret romantic sap he is
Once Upon a Time (ReaderxDean)

Request: Can you do one where Gabriel puts reader reader and dean in the movie sleeping beauty because he knows they like each other and instead of aurora and Phillip it’s dean and reader and like the part where she falls into a deep sleep and needs her true love to kiss her can her true love be dean? Sorry if it’s to specific!

Warning(s): fluff!

Words: 1837

Note: I don’t know how I feel about my writing in this one, but I love this request! This is  in Dean’s POV, and I wanted to add Charlie and Sam into this for some more detail. Requests are open! :) Oh and you should all check out Lana Del Rey’s take on Once upon a Dream because she is a goddess.

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Short Request: When SCM MC gets turned into a “little” animal


Your boyfriend’s voice tore through the mansion as he looked down at you. Of all days, today.
Ichthys had thought it was a great idea to turn you into an animal on your anniversary. That was most certainly going to be a disruption to the plans the two of you had made.
“He’s so going to get it.” Your boyfriend grumbled.


“You’re still so cute!” He said pleasantly, gazing down at you after the initial shock passed. He picks you up.
You had woken up beside him this morning after a long and intense night, curled up in his arms, a ball of silver and black fluff. Icy blue eyes blinked up at him from the husky puppy, the look in them suffocating with disappointment and longing.
“Sorry, __________.” He looked apologetic and sad. “I can’t turn you back. We can only wait till it wears off.”
You woofed at him.
“It’s okay, we can celebrate another way, right?” He hopped up off the bed, and snapped his fingers, pulling his clothes in from all corners of the room and putting it on. “Come on, we’ll go get you treats!”
He takes a cherry from the bowl on the table and pops it into his mouth. You woofed, wagging your tail for one.
“No, no, ____________, cherries are bad for little puppies!” He said, but you didn’t quite seem to notice your inhuman shape as you put your front paws on his leg and push your muzzle hungrily towards the cherries. “Awww, here!” Dui laughed and held you back, snapping his fingers. He gave you a dog treat. You turn your piercing blue eyes up at him, inwardly pouting at how he was actually trying to feed you animal food. “You still want human food, don’t you?” Dui looked thoughtful. “I’m sured Scorpio can spare some apples, don’t you think? Nah, never mind. He breathes apples. Maybe we can convince Teo to give us yogurt. Come on!” He beckoned to you and starts out of the room, you eagerly bounding after his steps.

He stared down at you.
“Do you understand me?”
The tiny pink nose twitched.
“I said, do you understand me? Goddammit.”
The rabbit - well, you - stared up at him dark little eyes, innocent and so adorable Scorpio felt allergic to the cute that flowed off of the little animal.
He bends down and scoops you into his arms, petting your snowy white pelt with a hand.
“Ichthys is going to pay for this.”
You nuzzled against his hand, nibbling absentmindedly on his glove. You really hated how you couldn’t be with him normally on your anniversary…
“Hey, woman!” He pulls his hand away and nearly drops you. You squeak and Scorpio, terrified, clings on as hard as he could, clutching you against his chest. You could feel his heart pounding in fear of dropping you, and he squeezes you hard. You give another squeak of complaint.
“Oh shush, not like I know how to handle a rabbit. Give me a break.” His words were scolding, but he couldn’t hide the apologetic tone in his voice and the flustered look over his face.

Your tail swished back and forth as you gazed up at him with wide, honey coloured eyes.
“Ichthys…” He growled under his breath as he squat down in front of you, narrowing his eyes at your tiny body. “A lion cub, huh? Not even creative.”
You playfully yowl at him. Leon reaches out and pats your head twice. Stiffly.
“Well then, what do you want to do?”
You bat at his hand, feeling a little down. It was your anniversary, after all. You desperately wanted to hold his hand, not sit here as a little pet and a god’s prank. Leon pets your head again and stands up. You whimper and pad up to him, putting your front paws on his boot.
“What’s the matter?” He asked, gazing down at you. “Are you hungry?”
You mewled softly again, sadly, and Leon sighs.
“Stop looking at me like that, I can’t do anything about it, okay?”
He sounded frustrated and angry with himself, and you rub against his leg as if telling him it was alright.
Leon grumbled again.
“Come on, let’s go. I’m going to punish Ichthys for the next two months for this.”
You gave a yowl and he picks you up.
“You agree, huh? He’s absolutely going to get it.”

“Are you feeling okay?” He asked gently.
Wide, pale eyes blinked elegantly back at him, and he reached out slowly to touch your head. You took a few steps forward, awkward on four legs, and push your muzzle into his hand.
“I’m sorry, ____________, I don’t know how to turn you back.” Huedhaut admitted, stroking you, the smooth orange pelt velvety under his touch. The fox kit looked downcast. “We can still go out for our anniversary if you’d like. Unless you’d rather stay here, which is fine too.” He tried to give you a reassuring smile.
Your heart ached at his expression, so patient and considerate despite the disappointment of all the plans being ruined. You brush past him as you trot to the door.
“You want to go out?” Huedhaut gazes lovingly at you. “Alright then, if you feel comfortable.” You flick your fluffy, bushy tail against his hand, and he smiles lovingly as he pets it. You lean into his touch, and the two of you leave his bedroom.

“You’re so tiny now!” Teorus chuckled as he gazed at you curiously. Your claws clutched his finger tightly. He stroked your head with a finger of the other hand, smiling adoringly.
“Aww, at least Ichthys has some taste in choosing to make you a bluebird.” He pets your head. “At least you’re not a goldfish, right?”
You chirp again sadly.
It was your anniversary! It was unfair! You didn’t want to spend the special day like this, in the shape of a bird. You wanted to hold his hand and give him hugs and go out for ice cream and everything. You chirp grumpily and Teorus seems to catch on.
“Oh ___________, it’s okay, we can celebrate when you turn back.” His gentle finger stroked your feathers.


Your boyfriend whined.
“That’s exactly what you deserve.” The golden haired god snapped.
Ichthys sighed and cuddled you tighter in his arms.
“Well then, __________, since Leon is being such a big prick, we’ll have to stay like this for a day.”
You purred irritably at Leon, pouting as much as a kitten’s face could. He stroked your golden tabby head gently and scratched at your ears.
“Come on, ____________, we’re not going to talk to Mr. Can’t-take-a-joke.” Ichthys kissed your head and cradled you in his arms, stomping off.
Ichthys lay on his back, petting you lovingly.
You were curled up on his chest, a purring weight that rose and fall slowly with his breathing.
“You’re so warm and soft. He smiled as he stroked your head.
You purred a little louder in response, your amber eyes - for once unreadable - fixed upon his face.
“Can’t wait till you turn back!” He grinned down at you. “We can celebrate tomorrow! Is that okay?”
You could only purr happily.
“Why, did you think we were just gonna let our anniversary pass like this?” Ichthys shifted you onto his lap as he sat up. The fluffy kitten curled up comfortably between his legs, not quite seeming to mind the spot you couldn’t even normally look at without blushing. “We can go out tomorrow and do everything and take a bunch of pictures and make Leon super jealous!” He stuck out his tongue and you rub your muzzle against his leg. “Awww no, _________, don’t do that!” He said quickly. “That’s gonna-“
You came to your senses and froze, staring at him with feline eyes horrified at your own behaviour.
“You’re so cute!” He smiles and picks you up, lifting your body off his lap. “You really need to stop being so cute until you turn back!” He nuzzles your face happily. “Mmm, cute kitty!”
You purr.


Thanks for the read!
Hope you enjoyed!

Emma's First Day of School

“So, uh,” Dean starts, thumbs drumming softly on the steering wheel. Everything’s already been brought up, and Emma’s arms are crossed as she waits for him to say goodbye through the window. “Call if you need anything. And I’ll - I’ll swing by in a month.”

“Can’t wait, Dad,” she says, sickly sweet.

He frowns. “Seriously Emma, just be fucking careful, you still don’t -”

“I know,” Emma cuts off. “Maybe if I got to finish my fucking training -” “Yeah, glad to know my death would bother you, kid.”

“Well mine didn’t seem to -”

“Goddammit Em-”

“Yeah well, whatever, we said goodbye, you can drive off, I’ll go be human since that’s what you -” “I am not having this argument with you-”

“Oh because you listened so well the first few-”

“ -again and will you stop fucking starting this in public when-” A Residential Advisor pops up in front of the car. He taps the window where the “twenty minute parking” paper is visible, and Emma and Dean’s both turn their scowls on him. “Time’s up, we need the space.” “Yeah, one minute,” Dean says. The RA is about to say something, but Dean could also moonlight as a serial killer when he gets a certain look on his face, and the kid’s eyes widen before he nods and steps back to doing whatever the hell RA people do, because it sure as shit wasn’t helping them move the boxes up three flights of stairs. Dean turns to her, sighs, face sagging and sometimes he still looks like he did two years ago, which mostly she’s okay with, but not exactly the last thing she wants to see before he ditches her.

“Call, okay? If you need anything, you can always call me.”

“I will.” She lowers her eyes, scruffs one of her boots on the ground and feels more like she’s five than she actually did when she was five (which only lasted about a hour and a half anyway.) “Not just if I get in trouble.”

When she finally looks up he’s smiling, eyes still sad but making an effort, and for the first time she regrets choosing California. “I’d like that, kiddo,” he says, and then the Impala is gone and Emma’s standing there trying not to cry.

The Model Series #60 Bumps in the Road Part One

Harry: You’d been working on the nursery for several weeks and it was finally starting to look the way you pictured it. You were hanging clothes up in her closet when you hear Harry pull up. “Hi baby!” You hear him call from downstairs and you groan, your back aching from hanging up little dresses. “Hi ba–OH” you double over in pain, gripping your stomach. “[Y/N]?!” Harry runs up the stairs to find you leaning against the wall holding your big belly. “Harry oh my god Harry there’s something wrong….oh my god!” You start crying as Harry picks you up and struggles to carry you towards the car. “It’s all going to be okay baby just just….just shh.” Harry grips your hand as he floors it towards the hospital. “Harry what if–” He cuts you off. “No. Don’t go there baby everything is fine.” You try to calm down and practice your labor breathing but your mind still fills with the worst possibilities. 

Louis: It had been a really shit couple of weeks and now this. Your Twitter notifications blew up as soon as it was announced–a huge deal Louis was orchestrating, organizing everything for at least two years, was not going to happen. You knew he’d be absolutely crushed–you’d never seen him so passionate about something other than his own music except this and now…. You waited up for him and when you heard the front door close quietly behind him, you knew. You didn’t even have to say anything, Louis immediately begins sobbing–the kind of tears you’ve never ever seen him express before. He leans against the wall, tears pouring out of his eyes and the effect makes you well up. You crawl over and wrap your body around his and the two of you stay that way for hours, no words spoken but all emotions felt. 

Zayn: “Goddammit Niall the fucking flowers and the CAKE don’t even get me started about the cake!” The sound of Niall’s laugh cuts you off. “[Y/N] babe you need to calm down! You’re getting married in a few weeks just breathe.” You nod and click off as Zayn walks in the door. “Hi babe okay so the caterer said….” You trail off when you see his face. “What’s wrong?” He pulls out a chair and gestures for you to sit, still avoiding your eyes. “Zayn Malik I don’t have the patience for any dramatic shit TELL ME what is wrong.” Your angry voice is only trying to cover up the fear rising in your throat. “Babe don’t get mad but….Perrie was at the studio when I was today.” You grip the table so hard you’re surprised it doesn’t break. “And….we kissed.” You aren’t stupid. You know all about Zayn’s cheating on Perrie when they were together, but he swore to you that it was all in his wild past–and he hasn’t cheated on you since. The thought still haunted you sometimes but you trusted Zayn. You’re left shellshocked–unable to form words. “[Y/N],” he reaches for you but you turn to leave the kitchen. Before you go, you take off your gorgeous engagement ring and place it on the table.

Niall: You anxiously wait in the doctor’s office, gripping Niall’s hand tightly, in your wheelchair with the IV attached to it. The pain is constant and almost too much to deal with so you desperately hope the doctor has good news about your test results. When he comes in you squeeze Niall’s hand and take a deep breath. “Unfortunately [Y/N] the cancer isn’t responding as we’d hoped to the treatment. It has also spread so…” You hold up your hand to stop him and turn to Niall. “Upstairs.” You manage and he understands perfectly. The rooftop has become your refuge when things get too hard so Niall wheels you up, using the specially-made card key not normally given to patients. Only when you’re on the roof do you begin letting the tears out, yelling your sobs into the wind. For the first real time since beginning your treatment the scary thought of death enters your mind and you can’t seem to stop crying, even with Niall kneeling by your wheelchair gripping your hands. You think about all the plans you had for your future, including even one day a big white gown and Niall in a tux and now….it seems hopeless to even dream about living past next Tuesday. 

Liam: “LIAM PAYNE AND [Y/N] [Y/L/N]’S SEX TAPE LEAKED BY PAYNE’S OWN MANAGEMENT TEAM–WATCH A TEASER OF THE TAPE BELOW!” You couldn’t believe the news when Modest called to tell you, you were fuming. And of course, the announcement that a worker for Modest had leaked it only brought the tape to the public’s attention again when you thought it had finally gone mostly away. “Are you FUCKING kidding?!” You hear Liam scream at Modest over the phone. “YES I’M GOING TO SUE! YOU’RE LUCKY I DON’T SUE THE WHOLE BLOODY COMPANY HOW DARE YOU?!” You go into the bedroom to escape his yelling and hear him come after you, having hung up the phone in a rage. “These fucking assholes….” He trails off when he realizes you’re crying. His features immediately soften. “Baby what’s wrong?” You wipe away the tears and lean into his strong figure. “I thought this was done and now here we go again! Our families have to deal with this all over again–it’s not fair!”


words: 1,118
Pairing: Reader x stiles
Warning: SPOILERS (includes content from 5x01 and 5x02!)
Summary/Request: Nobody believes stiles about his “Theo theories” but you, so you comfort him.

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anonymous asked:

how about bellarke and #4


Okay, it’s the third call from Clarke that he’s ignored, and it’s either she’s gonna be gloriously pissed, or eternally so. But he’s specifically told her to not bother him tonight - out of all the possible times - because tonight, he’s this close to catching the perp and he does not need any distractions - fuck - his phone vibrates on his dashboard again.

It goes silent before he can even reach for it and tell her (politely, because he’s past the ‘being rude because I actually really like you’ phase - and they’re actually together now) to stop calling. But he reaches for it nonetheless to at least send her a text when he pauses because there’s already one from her.

His brows shoot up in amusement when he reads what it says.

Clarke: What are you wearing?

He types back, pouring all the sarcasm he can muster into as little text as possible. 

Bellamy: My bikini - what do you think? I’m at work, Clarke.

Clarke: Well, that was the wrong way to start.

Clarke: Let me just redo that - how about you imagine what I’m wearing now?

He furrows his brows in confusion. Why?

Bellamy: Why would I do that?

Bellamy waits, now distracted, thanks to this woman.

Clarke: Because there’s these really soft panties that I found in the store today and I’m thinking maybe I’d try them on. Slide them up my thighs first - then feel them against me at last.

Holy shit - fucking - is she serious right now? He’s fucking working and she’s fucking sexting him and now he’s imagining her doing just that and he’s goddamned hard right now - fuck.

Bellamy: Clarke, stop this right now!

She doesn’t, of course, and ignores that particular message.

Clarke: I don’t know, I feel so turned on right now, maybe I’d just lie in bed in just these panties. It’s so hot anyway, there’s no way I’d be able to relax with a shirt and a bra.

Bellamy bangs his head on the steering wheel because goddammit just picturing Clarke sprawled on the bed wearing nothing but a flimsy cloth around her hips - well there’s the reason for the heat in his groin. (He also has a thing for when she gets off on her own, so there goes his sanity.)

He grits his teeth and types up a reply, his fingers tapping hard on the screen as if she’d be able to measure his lust just by doing so.

Bellamy: 30 mins.

Clarke: Hm too long. Better get this started then.

Bellamy: 20 fucking mins.

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Request: 250 and 141 With Peter Pan?


  1. 141. “I trusted you!”
  2. 250. “Please say something.”

Warnings: swearing

Peter fucked up. Majorly fucked up. He humiliated you in front of the Lost Boys. Told them one of your biggest secrets. You trusted him with it, trusted him to keep it between you two. It was something of your past that you told him about because he had told you something secretive. You would’ve gotten him back by spilling what he told you to the boys, but you didn’t. You didn’t want to stoop that low. 

What you did was just storm away from all of them, and you haven’t spoken to anyone since. That was three days ago. You hadn’t spoken a single word to any of the boys, especially Peter. you kept blowing him off, ignoring him. If he told you to do something, you wouldn’t do it. If he tried talking to you, you’d walk away. It was angering him. He thought he did nothing wrong at all. In his mind, he did nothing wrong. He thought you were being a typical girl.

“Come on, talk to me!” Peter pleaded. Though you simply ignored him, paying no mind to him. “Y/N, you’ve got to talk to me. Please.”

You still said nothing and continued walking. He got mad, and if this were a cartoon, his ears would have smoke blowing out of them because he was so angry. He had enough of your act; of your silly game. He was done with you ignoring him, done with you being a typical girl.

What he did was appear in front of you. By now, you were used to him doing this, so you tried to walk around him. But he grabbed you by the shoulders and pushed you against a tree.

“You’re talking to me, dammit. I’m done playing your stupid game.” He seethed, eyes growing dark. You kept your mouth shut. Peter got mad, drawing his fist back, and slamming it against the tree. That frightened you. You knew Peter well, you knew he wasn’t afraid to lay a harmful hand on anyone if completely necessary. You were scared he was going to hit you, but he never intended for that.

The yelp that left your mouth, your eyes squeezing shut, and your hands flying to shield your face was enough for Peter to calm down. His mean expression faded, his fists loosening. 

“I’m sorry. I promise I’ll work on my anger, but please… talk to me.” There was desperation in his tone, and you finally gave in.

I trusted you!” You started off. “Goddammit, Peter, I fucking trusted you. I don’t understand how you could betray my like that! How dare you. How fucking dare you! God, you irritate me so much! I don’t understand why I’m so drawn to you. You’re a fucking prick for Christ’s sake! I hate you!” 

This took Peter by surprise. He didn’t know what he did wrong. He’d no idea or recollection of steering you wrong. What did he do? Nothing, that’s what. Well, to him. 

Please say something.” Your tone was back to calm, but was still clearly annoyed and upset.

“I’m sorry? I don’t know. What do you want me to say? I don’t even know what I did wrong.”

You started fuming again. You pushed Peter forcefully away from you. He fell to the ground, surprised at how strong you could be. He saw the true anger in your eyes, the demon inside you. He didn’t know you could be so harsh.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Really? Are you fucking serious? I fucking trusted you with such a secret! I told you things that I’ve never told anyone else, and all you do if tell the whole damn island like it’s nothing. Oh, look, I’m the only damn girl on this island, I’m outnumbered, so let’s tease her until she fucking breaks! Well guess what, Pan, you fucking broke me.” You finished your spiel, walking away then without another word. 

Peter got up off the floor, hurdling for you. “Y/N, wait,” Peter grabbed your hand. You tried to yank him away. 

“Let go of me! I don’t want to talk to you! I don’t want to see you!” Your eyes were already glossed over with fresh tears. You were trying to hold them in until you were safely hidden away in your own little room.

Peter didn’t let go of you. Instead he stared, feeling terrible now. He knew now that exposing your secrets to the boys was an awful mistake. 

“Goddammit, Peter… I trusted you,” your voice finally broke. “I fucking trusted y-you. Was that part of your game? Getting me to spill my deepest secrets to you only to tell the Lost Boys later? Were your secrets lies? Do you not have a son? Did you make him up?” Tears flooded your eyes and pooled out.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. That was’t my intention at all… I just… I don’t know. I wasn’t thinking, please don’t cry! I don’t like seeing you cry. Please… I’m sorry.” His tone completely changed, matching his sincere look. He wiped your tears away, and that’s when you collapsed into him. You went limp, him holding you up for the most part. You face buried deep into his neck and you lightly hit his chest with your fist.

“Like sorry can f-fucking change things,” you sobbed. “You’re so despicable, Peter. Never once have I ever been so disappointed in you.” You continued to hit his chest, getting harder and harder with each punch. He finally held your fists so you could stop hurting him.

“Look at me,” he said. “I’m sorry. I really am. Get me back if you want. Tell them that I had a son that I abandoned for youth. Tell them that I actually helped create a child, but left him just so I could live here.”

You shook your head. “Don’t you get it? I don’t want to stoop that low, Peter.”

“Then have me be your servant. Your slave. I’ll let you get away with anything, I don’t care. Please, let me make it up to you! I’ll do anything you ask. You want or need something? I’ll get it for you. Please. Forgive me, Y/N. I cherish you too much for you to be mad at me forever!”

You sniffled, wiping your nose with the back of your hand. You got an idea then. He’ll let you get away with anything? The tiniest of smirks appeared on your lips. You wiped your hand on his sleeve, a quit giggle leaving your throat.

“You said I could get away with anything,” you voice was still croaky.

A smile appeared on Peter’s face. He looked so relieved. He hugged you with so much passion. “Thank you!” He exclaimed. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” He squeezed you. He buried his face in your hair, holding you close. He shut his eye, feeling so blessed that you might just forgive him.

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Can we talk about x factor larry and their crushes on each other and how gone they were for each other since the beginning pls

did you mean can we talk about my LEAST FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD!?!??!?! i hate this i really hate this because they were so disgustingly obvious and it’s so damn embarrassing. but here goes, let’s talk about this. or, i guess. let’s let some pictures talk about it for us. 

this is, like, classic kid-with-a-crush-on-the-playground behavior. 

why did these looks happen? how were they SO GONE for each other so quickly?? why do they want me dead and buried???? 

all they did was touch hands!!!!! and louis was so overwhelmed that he had to look away and he was already blindfolded goddammit!!!! and harry’s so pleased he can barely contain himself. why!!!!!!!

honestly, i’m liam, niall, and zayn in this. but mostly liam. 

basically, these two have been totally off the charts might as well be in space GONE for each other since the start. and not a single thing has changed

The Mona Lisa

Type: One Shot (fluff)

Pairing: Michael Clifford/Reader (first person)

Rating: Rated F-Word – because i like swearing

Word Count: 1,581

Summary:You run into someone unexpected at the mall.

A/N – I shit you not, I had this exact dream a couple days ago and I woke up after it all warm and fuzzy. I ended up writing down the key parts so I wouldn’t forget it and I have decided to share it with you guys because it is most definitely the greatest dream I have ever had. I refined and embellished it, obviously, but this is generally how it went. This is in first person and the female character is roughly based off myself (because it was me in the dream). Most of the dialogue is the same (aside from the italicized Michael thoughts) so if it seems a little weird just know that my brain came up with this shit while I was unconscious. I hope you don’t mind the lack of smut (i’ll be uploading an ashton smut soon and more stuff after that so don’t worry).

Also, I played around with P.O.V’s in this. I thought it was kind of cool.

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