goddammit limits

Things to love about Orihara Izaya:
  • His fur coat
  • His black t-shirt
  • His black jeans
  • His smirk
  • He is Orihara Izaya
  • He is hot af
  • His silver ring
  • He is prettier than a girl
  • His crazy-ass laughter
  • His face
  • Him
  • His name is Izaya
  • He is smart af
  • He is independent
  • He is Orihara Izaya
  • He is actually really lonely but doesn’t show it (which makes you want to hug him and pat him on the head and say ‘aww.. there, there. I’m always here for you’
  • His nail filer
  • The fact that you just can’t decide whether you want to kiss him or slap him
  • His eyes
  • He is Orihara Izaya
  • He is a freaking parkour expert
  • He is also a freaking ninja, apparently, coz even parkour has its limits, goddammit!
  • He is insane
  • He is amazing at running away
  • He is Orihara Izaya
  • 99.9% of the things happening in Ikebukuro are his fault
  • He is the perfect partner for shizuo
  • Drrr wouldn’t have happened without him, since he creates trouble, which is the plot. If he wasn’t there, there wouldn’t be a plot, and the natural and supernatural would just live together in peace, thus there would be no drrr.
  • He is Orihara Izaya
  • His existence
  • I wouldn’t have found a perfect otp if he hadn’t been there (SHIZAYA, HELL YEAH!)
  • He has two younger sisters who are twins (TWINS!!!)
  • His sisters are cool af - one of them is badass af and the other is cool in an eerie, quiet kind of way
  • Akane met shizuo because of him
  • He is the most beautiful trash (yes. More beautiful than Tsukiyama Shuu)
  • He is Orihara Izaya

To be Continued…

How much smut is too much smut? The smut got too dirty for this particular story. Now I have to rip it out and start over. At least the story is complete, but I’m over the word limit, goddammit. I usually don’t do this. I’m not a temperamental writer. I’m really not a writer, I’m more of a non-writer who likes to write things. All in the name of seeing the same two fictional fuckers fall in love over and over and over again.

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I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist the dick jokes I guess

One of these days I hope to make a video that’s safe for work

hey let me present 2 u fellas my trashy agent Wade who makes out with everyone and once he made out with a sith who took his legs and now he has visible cybernetic legs (thanks for nothing u know who u are). Also roscoe owns like 80% of wade bc of fashion debts.
There’s so many things I wanna tell u guys about this asshole called wade but I’ll just have to post his lame ass background story another day !!

I Have like 3 more new art pieces of him and I’m very excited to finally post something here and show my second son ( ez nr1 ofc)

But yeah ladies and gents & everyone else are welcome to fill in a make out application and he will accept them all, thanks !! I’m serious.